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This podcast is all about giving a voice to Black-Owned / Black-Led Nonprofit Organizations and Businesses. This is the only platform that provides Nonprofit Leaders and Business Owners an opportunity to share what they're doing and how they're impacting our communities. We help listeners discover the information they need, so they can get the assistance they need. Learning to story behind our featured business owners helps our listeners learn what's available and where. There's thousands of organizations and businesses that offer all kinds of services, but we know nothing about them. We're here to change that. Get your pen and paper and get ready to hear about this awesome information and let's grow together!


A Conversation About Child Support, Special Needs Children, Divorce and More
Miriam Rhoden-Shedden has been an attorney since December 2016. She is barred in Jamaica, Vermont, and Maryland and will be starting the process of becoming barred in DC in February 2024. Since 2022, she has handled family law cases and recently started handling landlord and tenant matters. She firmly believes that knowledge is power and it is her objective, as well as mine, to impart as much information as I can so people are empowered.   During this conversation we discuss the following topics:  1. What happens if your child(ren) are taken by the state? Resources for low income parents;   2. With aging parents, what can you do to handle their affairs if they become incapacitated;   3. How can parents legally make decisions for their special needs adult children;   4. Do grandparents have any rights to your children?;  5. How can fathers ensure that they are a part of their children’s lives when the mother is withholding access;  6. How does custody impact child support in Maryland?  and more! Miriam's contact information: Email: Phone: (301) 223-0155 Family Law Court Forms (Maryland) (If you're in a different state, Google "pro se forms" and enter your state) Information for future lawyers:  (This is for the P.G. County Area) Law Link Student Internship Program - Podcast website:
67:00 3/4/24
Why You Need a Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney - ASAP!
Ep. #82 - This is a topic that has become near and dear to my heart because it's something I'm currently in the process of doing. Many people in the Black community have lost MILLIONS because we were never taught about wills, probate, trusts, power of attorney, etc.  The lack of this knowledge is why gentrification is happening in Black neighborhoods all over the United States. Well, I want to help us know better so we can do better. And please...please pass this information on to your loved ones, especially your children! We Discuss: What's the difference between a will and a trust? What is probate? How can it be avoided? How do I find an attorney? What should I look for? How much does it cost to do a will or a trust? Are online wills okay? Legal? And much more! In this episode, I am having a conversation with Attorney David Harty, who specializes in Estate Planning.  He has been practicing law for more than 40 years. He served as a judge for several years and quite frankly, he knows his stuff! For the last 20-plus years, he has focused on estate planning and we're fortunate to have him still serving; especially "our" community.   If you want to contact Mr. Harty, his email is My Exit Plan - The Workbook was written by Rhonda D. Green This book is so well put together that I decided to become an affiliate so please purchase using this link! The link to purchase is  The link to the YouTube video featuring Mr. Harty - It's a must see! If you want more information about me, visit  
83:11 1/17/24
How to Get A Job With The Federal Government
Ep. #81 - As a senior HR professional in the Federal Government, Dalton Grisham will help you land your dream job and take your career to the next level. He has helped clients like transform their resumes, hone their applications, and improve their interview skills to dramatically increase their odds of landing their dream job! Dalton's website - (How to use the code: You have to listen to the episode to get it! Once you've done that, got to his website and go to "Get Started" and complete the information. On the line that says "Referral Information", enter the code indicated in the podcast conversation.  HURRY!  He's only accepting 15 people initially. He may open it up again later so be sure to stay connected.) Everything you need to know about me and what I do can be found here:
37:50 12/18/23
How To Build Wealth Through Life Insurance
Ep. #80 - At Your Family, Your Legacy, Whitney Thompkins is your family’s life insurance advisor. After gaining invaluable experience working alongside a successful producer who was catering to a high net-worth, mature clientele, Whitney found her calling in sharing her wealth of knowledge with young families. In the midst of building her own family, she witnessed firsthand the critical importance of making informed decisions from the very beginning. She is now taking what she learned and sharing it with her community, and she’s sharing it with us. Listen as she breaks down how important it is to have life insurance, and how $100 a month can lead to generational wealth! Her Website - (All of her social media connections are on her website) Everything you need to know about me and what I do can be found here:
52:25 10/22/23
Estate Planning 101 – w/Attorney Shakisha Morgan
Ep. #79 - As an educator, licensed attorney, and connector, Shakisha has been privileged to speak with individuals, families, co-workers, community groups, and conferences full of people from all walks of life. She speaks on topics such as estate planning, multi- and inter-generational wealth building, Black wealth, business planning, heir’s property, and servant leadership. Shakisha’s Website – Shakisha’s Instagram - The Legacy Counselor IG Page - Shakisha’s Podcast -   Kim’s Podcast Website – Kim’s Podcast Instagram - Other Resources Connect with Black attorneys nationwide  - Article about Allen Iverson – (It was $32 Million),former%20CEO%20Paul%20Fireman%20was%20with%20the%20brand Link to Part 1 – My Exit Plan – Are You Prepared? -
83:35 2/25/23
My Exit Plan – Are You Prepared?
Ep. #78 -  What if you suddenly passed away? Does your family know what to do? If your loved one passed, would you know what to do? Rhonda Green serves as the Funeral Services Manager at First Baptist under the leadership of Pastor and Mrs. John K. Jenkins Sr. She has coordinated services for the White House, Prince George’s County Police and Fire Departments, politicians, and local celebrities. She also educates church members and the community on how to get their house in order in preparation for their final days. This episode will help you get your final affairs in order so when you leave this world, your final wishes will be done the way you want. Website – Instagram - @myexitplanmep Facebook – First Baptist of Glenarden Website - Podcast Host Info – Kimberly Holmes Podcast Website - Twitter - IG - Facebook –   NOTE: If you want to attend the Exit Plan Symposium in Person or Virtually, be sure to follow us. I will be sharing the link to use to watch on my FB and Twitter page. This event is FREE and open to the public.
49:36 2/17/23
When Your Nonprofit or Business Needs A CPA
Ep. #77 – Do you know if or when you need a CPA? If you’re not sure, this episode will help. You can also learn how to avoid making financial mistakes. Chérie (The Little CPA) is an AICPA 40 Under 40 Black CPA, a Tax Manager at a national financial services firm, and creator of The Little CPA. As a Tax Manager, she works with the firm's Not-for-Profit and Estate Planning Practice to help provide accounting, tax and consulting services for nonprofits, high-net-worth estates, trusts and gifts.   Website: IG, TikTok, FB - @thelittlecpa Find a Black Accountant: My contact info: Website:
59:34 2/2/23
For Black Women Who Are Fat. Fine. Confident & Getting Fit
Ep. #76 – Ashley Redwood is the beauty and brains behind the “Trap Cardio” fitness and wellness brand. Trap Cardio is a dance fitness class that mixes strength training with cardio to the hottest hip hop, Afrobeat and Caribbean tunes. Ashley gets very candid about her story as a fitness and wellness coach and her challenges as she balances life as a Black woman, a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur.  Somehow, she manages to keep smiling and encouraging others through tears, disappointments, and setbacks, and she still comes out on top. She is the personification of being a winner & Never Give Up! Website - IG - YouTube -   Black Nonprofits and Businesses Podcast - The Nonprofit – Black America Cares –
66:31 1/12/23
Why Pregnant Black Women Need a Black Doula
Ep. #75 - Dominique Jones is the owner and CEO of Mom’s Advocate & Maternal Advisor (M.A.M.A.). As a Black mother of three young girls (ages 3 months, 2 and 4)  she knows firsthand how scary pregnancy, birth and the thought of motherhood can be. Listen as she shares about M.A.M.A.  Mom’s Advocate and Maternal Advisor (M.A.M.A.) is a full spectrum virtual birth services company. They're committed to serving mothers and families across the nation, advocating for improved maternal outcomes and providing support services, from pre-conception through motherhood. Website - Instagram - Facebook Group Video - And Then She Was Gone - Kira's Story (Part 1) - And Then She Was Gone - Kira's Story (Part 2) - Article about Kira Johnson – Husband of Woman Who Died After C-Section Speaks About Black Maternal Health While Raising His Boys Alone How to Find A Black Doula -,they%20provide%20services%20for%20pregnant%20or%20breastfeeding%20moms. The Black Nonprofit and Business Podcast Website - Instagram -
48:04 12/12/22
A Black-Owned Home Improvement-Window Screen & Patio Repair Company
Ep. #74 – There used to be a time when it was easy to find a handyman or a repairman who could fix just about anything. Times have definitely changed, however, there is a new business that can help you if you need your window or patio screen repaired. Anthony Holland started this business as a way to bring in some extra income and to stay busy. If you have torn, missing or unappealing window screens in your home or business, UPGRADE your curb appeal & keep pesky insects OUT by replacing or repairing your screens. They provide ON-SITE services once you make an appointment. Website - Facebook - Instagram - Book Mention – A.G. Gaston and the Making of a Black Millionaire –( Black Titan) Podcast – How I Built This - Host Website -
51:30 12/3/22
Starting A Black-Owned All-Natural Juice Bar
Ep. #73 -  Bradford and Crystal Usher developed a love for cold-pressed juice, and understanding the benefits that it could have on the body. That it could serve as a remedy. In 2019, they created Juice Remedy, a Health and Wellness company that offers delicious; nutrient-filled juice, Sea Moss and other products that will help remedy your life.  Each individual remedy is made with all-natural fruit and vegetables and LOTS of love! Website - Instagram - Facebook -   Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast Website - Instagram - Facebook -
40:49 11/19/22
He Gives FREE Haircuts!
Ep. #72 –  Empowering Cuts was founded by Joshua Santiago in 2017 to use his talent of cutting hair by paying it forward to individuals that couldn’t afford it. Having an understanding that homelessness doesn’t just reside in his hometown of Philadelphia he travels the country providing free haircuts for individuals in dire need and from that, a nonprofit organization was birthed.   Website - IG - The young lady Joshua picked up on the highway Nonprofit Website - IG - Honorable mention: Shirley Raines Website - IG - Increase Your Income – eBook Soon-to-be-released! Website -
47:03 11/2/22
How to Get Grants
Ep. #71 - Grants Works helps organizations, businesses, and municipalities identify, acquire, manage, and comply with government and foundation grants. Grants Works was founded by Patrice Davis, a grant management professional with 15 years of direct experience. After 10 years in the advertising and marketing industries, she changed careers and became adept at managing the complexities of government grants in various professional roles at national and local nonprofit organizations, a top research university, and as a federal employee. Website: Facebook: Instagram: @grantsworks Podcast Website: Podcast Instagram: @black_nonprofits_biz_podcast Nonprofit (Black America Cares) Website: Be sure to stay connected on all social media sites! Link to Walmart Grant - Additional support for nonprofits from Walmart -
62:59 10/24/22
Black, Single, and Raising Kids
Ep. #70 - Kids driving you crazy? Trust and believe you are not alone! I normally talk about nonprofit organizations or businesses but someone posted something on FB about how she and her children (adult children) were relating. The topic hit home for a lot of people so we decided to have a conversation about it. I'm speaking with Romona Williams who's a single mother, and Tony Nix, a single Black dad.  The purpose of this episode is to discuss how we can best relate to our children in a way that they'll hear our hearts. Yes...they'll be a little venting too, after all, we're only human, but we want to find solutions that will benefit both us and our kids. Be sure to check out Episode #69. It's a discussion I had with Rashawnda James, a licensed therapist to discuss growing up with toxic parents and how to survive the trauma of this situation. This is actually a FREE therapy session and highly recommended.  Romona Williams and Tony Nix are both on Facebook. Find all info about the podcast at Green Elephant Ad Upcoming Project How anyone can go from being on welfare to earning over $100K WITHOUT a degree!  
78:36 9/1/22
Help! My Mother/Father is Toxic!
Ep. #69 -  Rashawnda James is a licensed therapist, self-care coach, speaker, and content creator. She has achieved success in helping women prioritize their self-healing and be their unapologetic selves. Rashawnda owns her own story of emotional disconnection and unhealed trauma that has led her to advocate for women to step into their own story, feel empowered, and experience an aligned, beautiful life. Rashawnda is the creator of the Affirm and Align experience, a coaching program designed to provide the tools necessary for healing. She is the content creator for free mental health videos educating others on the importance of self-care, journaling, and healing. Website - IG: @rashawndajames Youtube - Rashawnda James - YouTube Daughters of Toxic Black Mothers Facebook Group – Black Nonprofits and Businesses Podcast Contact Info: Website – IG: @black_nonprofits_biz_podcast Twitter - Facebook - eBook –
93:26 8/18/22
He Builds Barbershops and Hair Salons
Ep. #68 – Robert Cradle is the Founder of Rob’s Barbershop Community Foundation.  Rob started out as an owner of a barbershop in Odenton, Maryland. In fact, he was the first Black man to open a barbershop in that area. As the shop grew into a successful establishment, Rob discovered there was a homeless shelter close by with individuals who couldn’t afford his services. So he decided to use his shop as the groundwork to build a community friendly human service organization. Rob eventually closed his shop and focused his efforts on starting an organization that would allow him to expand his dedication to serving the community. He works with clients of residential, transitional, emergency housing facilities and public schools and builds barbershops and hair salons in their facility. He also builds dog grooming stations. Rob’s Website: Rob’s Facebook - My Website - Podcast IG - The eBook -
62:49 8/11/22
Black People and Yellowstone Park
Ep. #67 – If you're Black, have you ever been to Yellowstone Park? Do you even know about it? Taylor Bland is a Conservation Nation Fellow. (You’ll have to listen to this episode to learn what that is). As a Black woman in a White-male dominated field, she wants to give people from underrepresented communities someone to look up to, and go to if they need a pathway into this industry. Taylor is dedicated to helping wolves in Yellowstone National Park in Montana. She started out volunteering for the Wolf Project, but is now getting paid to do what she loves. As a Technician for the Yellowstone Wolf Project and Conservation Nation Fellow, Taylor conducts public outreach and education, tracking and monitoring wolf packs, observing wolf behaviors and helping park visitors see wolves. She is definitely a role model and mentor to younger people who are interested in a career in conversation. Connect with Taylor Facebook - IG - Magazine Article - Conservation Nation - Connect with Podcast Host Facebook - IG - Twitter - Upcoming eBook -
48:35 8/5/22
How This Multi-Millionaire Started His Companies, Beat Cancer and is Winning in Life
Ep. #66 – At the age of 48, Harold Leffall was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was extremely shocked and devastated because earlier that year, he witnessed the death of two of his younger friends due to cancer. Scientific evidence proved that the consumption of diet sodas, high fat dairy products (consisting of cheese that he loved a lot), fried foods, processed meat, and added sugars, and even microwaved popcorn, all contained cancer-causing agents. Listen as Harold shares how he was able to beat cancer through changing his lifestyle, and is now helping others do the same. Harold has been featured on Good Day Charlotte, Good Morning Chattanooga, Black Enterprise, Best Self Atlanta and Entrepreneur magazines and authored four books: Brother CEO, Living from Within, I AM ENOUGH and Juicing 101. He is the Founder/CEO of Good Living Now, a health supplement company based in Charlotte, NC.  Harold’s Info YouTube - Facebook - Instagram – TikTok - Link to order products - My Info Website - Facebook - Instagram - Gotta new eBook launching soon! How I Went From Welfare to over $100K! Without a Degree!!! Website - Instagram -
69:00 7/30/22
How Her Nonprofit Got Celebrity Sponsors, 9K+ IG Followers & More!
Ep. #65 – Art of Discovery (AOD) – Founder, Tamika Melvin Art of Discovery’s mission is to empower youth to discover their talent by educating them through creative art programs and services.  They offer a variety of programs, ranging from, Creative Writing & Screen Writing, Life & Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Music, Singing & Dancing, Graphic Design, and more! ​- Artistry has a proven track record to be a powerful tool for creating positive social change. - AOD works with the community instead of for the community. Website: IG: @artofdiscovery22 Tamika’s IG: @litqueenmek Honorable Mentions: Indi Felder IG: @indifelder Shontel Greene IG: @shontel_greene Podcast HostWebsite: IG: @black_nonprofits_biz_podcast eBook: Nonprofit Website:
51:51 7/22/22
Helping Youth With Self-Confidence, Yoga, & Mental Well-Being
Ep. #64 - Choose to DO, Inc. builds confidence and esteem for underserved black youth 12-17 years old, to embrace healthy mental development by introducing them to applicable skills and resources that foster socioemotional well-being. This organization was founded by Dozie Oheri who is currently the CEO.  She started Choose to DO, Inc. because of her experience as an educator, as a caregiver and from personal growth and development. Through her experiences listed above and through Choose to DO, Inc., she has made it her job to empower our youth. I also speak with the first intern I’ve had on the show. Her name is Sha’nya Meade and she shares a little of what it’s like to be an intern working for a nonprofit. And if you’re in need of an intern for your organization or business you definitely want to tune in because we talk about that process as well. So sit back and relax and let’s get into this awesome conversation! Website: Facebook: YouTube Channel: Instagram: @choosetodoinc Kim’s eBook – From Welfare to 6-Figures – Website : Podcast Website – Nonprofit (Black America Cares) Website – Be sure to follow me on all social media sites!
49:37 7/15/22
How to Reverse High Blood Pressure & Diabetes!
Ep. #63 - Heru Ofori-Atta is the founder of Herbal Results Industries.  His company manufactures and distributes Olive Leaf Extract, Moringa and Cilantro, CBD and Vitamin D products.  Herbal Results has achieved success in reversing a wide range of serious illnesses including High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, Prostate Cancer, Breast Tumors, Fibroids, Epileptic Seizures, Kidney Failure, Herpes, Eczema and more.  “Olive plant leaves (Olea europaea L.) has been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Website: Facebook: How Bro. Heru Makes Money With Stocks - Everlasting Life Restaurant - Run From the Cure – Chef Babette Davis – Instagram - @chefbabette People and Products to Google/Research Vitex Quercetin Dr. Jessica Rose (COVID) Dr. Pierre Kory (COVID) Dr. Paul Marik (COVID) Dr. Mary Newport (Dementia and Alzheimer) Lena Cup (for women) All Natural Pads
106:43 6/12/22
Help For Black Fathers – This One Is for You!
Ep. #62 -This episode is just in time for Father’s Day! We’re celebrating all fathers on June 19, 2022. Shon Hart is the Executive Director of InvolvedDad, a married father of three, a premier keynote speaker and a leading authority on fatherhood. He brings over 10 years of collective work experience managing and leading fatherhood initiatives. He serves on various boards whose focus is empowering and making a difference in their communities. As Executive Director of InvolvedDad, Shon supports and trains practitioners, government agencies, and researchers on how to ensure fathers contribute to the healthy well-being of their children.  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL DADS! Involved Dad Contact Information Website - Shon’s website - Instagram - @shonhart_ Twitter - @shonhart17 Facebook - Breaking myths about black fatherhood this Father’s Day - Affidavit of Parentage – What is it? Bad Dad Rehab Movie - Secret to Success / S2S Podcast with Eric Thomas - Interested in sharing about your nonprofit organization or business? Visit our website at
58:00 5/24/22
How to Help Heal and Prevent Alopecia and Hair Loss
Ep. #61 - Tashiek Hawkins is a Hair Expert and the owner and founder of “Covered Care Hair Loss Center”, a trusted leader in Hair Loss solutions. She specializes in Cranial Prosthesis, Hair Replacement & Hair Restoration services. She also provides care and support to Veterans & Patients experiencing hair loss from medical conditions or treatments. Join us as we discuss alopecia and other causes of hair loss. John Tucker was gracious enough to be a part of this conversation and represent the men who’ve experienced living with alopecia. He’s from the DC Metropolitan area and has an impressive career working at Catholic Charities. During this conversation John mentions his daughter, Janelle who specializes in creating health and wellness products. Tashiek Hawkins  Facebook: Instagram: @coveredcare John’s daughter’s Product Information. Her name is Jannelle Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @livinabundantly103 Melanin for Sale Increase melanin levels: What to know Black America Cares Volunteers Email: Website:
64:10 5/10/22
How She Started A Transportation Company
Ep. #60 - LaKeeMora “Lucky” Orphé is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL! After years in the dental and dental teaching fields, she decided a few years ago to take a break and try rideshare. After 3 years of working for others, she has decided it’s her time! She decided to start her own transportation service. Her company is affectionately named for her childhood nickname “Girlie” given to her by her younger brother Grayson. Now that Girlie Transportation has arrived…she has combined her love of driving and seeing new places with great conversation. Phone: 202.938.7875 Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: @girlietransportationllc Honorable Mention: Comedienne Mo’Nique Instagram: Howard University Small Business Development Center DC SBDC Lead Center at the Howard University School of Business Our nonprofit website:
61:21 4/27/22
Should Black Americans Vote? For Who and Why?
Ep. #59 ElevateHer, Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization created and led by Black women that trains and deploys Black and Latina women to deliver culturally and linguistically competent public and community health services to their communities. Valarie's heritage is rooted in a family full of African American preachers, teachers, and entrepreneurs, with parents who were Mississippi-tried civil rights advocates of the 1960s. She brings her relentless pursuit of justice for humanity to her work on behalf of women, children, and Black communities around the world. Websites: Elevate Her - Being Well While Black - Being Well While Black – Twitter - @blackbeingwell Find Your Representative - – Elections Calendar - Register to Vote – Congressional Black Caucus website - Learn About the Congressional Black Caucus - Other Mentions: Stacey Abrams Book – Lead From The Outside (available on Amazon) Mahogany Books – (Black-Owned Bookstore) - How to Find Upcoming Bills - Article about possible child marriage - Article about Ketanji Brown Jackson ruling against Black workers - Black Nonprofit & Business Pages Facebook - Instagram - @black_nonprofits_biz_podcast Twitter - @ThePodcast4Us
83:44 4/8/22
Reparations For Black Americans Will Happen! Here's How...
Ep. #58 - Marcel Dixon joins us to share why he's challenging James Clyburn for his seat in South Carolina in the 6th district. He's running on a reparations platform, and wants protected status for Black Americans, land allotments etc. Mr. Clyburn’s term ends on Jan. 3, 2023, however he is running for re-election. Marcel has always been known for being bold when it comes to speaking against structural injustices and impatient when it comes to implementing solutions to solve problems that persisted for too long.  He believes we deserve better, and you deserve to have someone you know will truly fight and speak up for you. He promises, if we help send him to DC, he’ll do just that. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Register to Vote: South Carolina Election Office: YouTube Videos Clip with Marcel confronting Jim Clyburn (1st 15 min) - Caroline speaking Gullah and English - Gullah Geechee Food Traditions - Articles:  Cost Of Racism: U.S. Economy Lost $16 Trillion Because Of Discrimination, Bank Says U.S. Economy Lost $16 Trillion Because Of Racism, Citigroup Says : Updates: The Fight Against Racial Injustice : NPR 8 Successful and Aspiring Black Communities Destroyed by White Neighbors  
77:36 3/19/22
WANTED!! Black Men On A Mission
#57 - There is a need for more Black men to be involved in education as teachers, mentors and volunteers. It’s not enough just to be Black and a man, you must also have the heart, intelligence and integrity to impact lives. I’m proud to say I’ve connected with a man who works with Black men who are doing exactly that. They possess all of the above traits and are impacting lives daily. Any community is a mixture of families, businesses, and interconnected networks, but strong communities begin with the presence of strong families. As men are protectors of their homes and families, they are also protectors of the community. Get connected with support & resources to assist you with your teaching, mentoring, volunteering and even your fatherhood journey. Website: Facebook: Instagram: @indemand313 Twitter: @indemand313 Black-Owned Business Ad Signature Only Cleaning Service - Phone: (202) 845-3254
59:11 2/24/22
Young Black Men Running A Successful Transportation Business
Ep. #56 - Boss Transport & Family Services was started in 2006 by CEO Williametta Woods. They began by qualifying for and maintaining contracts with Fairfax and Loudoun County in Virginia. Their goal is to continue to expand and serve the general public across the United States. With only $3000 in the account, her son George took over the company, and they’re now not only expanding their services, their revenue has grown to nearly a million dollars! After focusing primarily on transportation, they are also planning to have services that can assist people with needs inside of their home.   ​They are a company designed to help make the lives of older adults and people with special needs living in the United States, easier and more comfortable. They provide ambulatory transportation, wheelchair transportation, stretcher, and concierge services. They also offer specialized transportation for people with non-emergency medical needs in the greater Washington metropolitan area.  Boss Transport carries a fleet of sedans, SUVs, and wheelchair-accessible vans, stretcher vans - guaranteed safe, clean, and on time. If you need to arrange for transportation, please call 703-256-6166 Boss Transportation Contacts: Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: Black-Owned Business Ad: Moms Advocate and Maternal Advisor (M.A.M.A.)
44:53 2/11/22
Black Fathers Helping Black Children
Ep. #55 – Don Adams is the founder of Finding Fathers Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community association of student members and business leaders that help to create more awareness and support for fatherless children and their families. By building a community of support for fatherless children through dynamic networking strategies and creative partnerships, they look to support those affected by the negative results that being fatherless can have on a child, family, community, and society.  Website: (Links to their social media pages are available on the website) Black-Owned Business FREE ad Royalty's One Stop Shop – Royalty’s One Stop Shop ( Movie mentioned: Claudine, released in 1974 YouTube link: They're Dragging Out the 'Absent Black Fathers' Myth Again. Can We Give it a Rest?  Link:
43:09 1/28/22
We Need MORE Black People In Tech! - Here's Why
Ep. 54 - Rashad Morton is the founder of Black Tech Networks. He believes there is a desperate need in our community to help train people and provide career assistance for people getting into tech, so he started a nonprofit dedicated to supporting a network of mentors helping more Blacks transition into the technology industry and be successful. We know finding the right path in tech is hard and getting real advice is not always easy. This is where Black Tech Networks will allow you to meet with professionals in the industry to get career advice and training for a fast-growing field with unlimited opportunities. Website - Twitter - @coolcap_12 LinkedIn – YouTube Video - How I went from help desk to AWS certified Devops engineer! Article – “What it’s Like Being A Black Man In Technology” - Resource for Blacks in Technology Stomping the Divide - Blacks In Technology Black Business – Brakes and Rotors (Donavon Brown Sr.) Website - Instagram -
53:14 1/13/22