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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

This podcast is all about giving a voice to Black-Owned / Black-Led Nonprofit Organizations and Businesses. This is the only platform that provides Nonprofit Leaders and Business Owners an opportunity to share what they're doing and how they're impacting our communities. We help listeners discover the information they need, so they can get the assistance they need. Learning to story behind our featured business owners helps our listeners learn what's available and where. There's thousands of organizations and businesses that offer all kinds of services, but we know nothing about them. We're here to change that. Get your pen and paper and get ready to hear about this awesome information and let's grow together!


How to Reverse High Blood Pressure & Diabetes! 106:43 06/12/2022
Help For Black Fathers – This One Is for You! 58:00 05/24/2022
How to Help Heal and Prevent Alopecia and Hair Loss 64:10 05/10/2022
How She Started A Transportation Company 61:21 04/27/2022
Should Black Americans Vote? For Who and Why? 83:44 04/08/2022
Reparations For Black Americans Will Happen! Here's How... 77:36 03/19/2022
WANTED!! Black Men On A Mission 59:11 02/24/2022
Young Black Men Running A Successful Transportation Business 44:53 02/11/2022
Black Fathers Helping Black Children 43:09 01/28/2022
We Need MORE Black People In Tech! - Here's Why 53:14 01/13/2022
Helping Youth In Africa Through Basketball 55:23 12/17/2021
A Former NFL Player Wants To Create Change By Becoming A Sheriff 52:32 12/03/2021
How To Raise Thousands for Giving Tuesday 2021! 34:01 11/06/2021
She Builds Websites for Nonprofits & Makes $10k A Month On the Beach! 39:43 11/01/2021
How To Handle Losing A Spouse When You're Young & Black 26:06 10/18/2021
Black Youth Are Earning $100K Right Out Of High School! 59:26 09/29/2021
Help With Your Health - Know Your Benefits, Rights, Etc. 57:00 09/20/2021
Saving Our Young Black Men - STOP the Shooting! 35:23 09/15/2021
Helping Ex-Offenders Successfully Re-Enter Into Society 39:49 07/21/2021
Get Funding, Grants, the PPP Loan & More For Your Nonprofit 50:07 05/11/2021
How Black Men Deal With Pain, Loss & Grief 53:32 04/15/2021
Nonprofit News in Nashville! 46:08 04/07/2021
Help For Senior Citizens 36:37 03/21/2021
Lights! Camera! Action! – A Nonprofit That Helps Aspiring Actors 27:04 03/06/2021
Helping Texas | Feeding the Homeless | Helping w/Domestic Violence 32:10 02/27/2021
Helping Our Youth - Stopping the Violence 24:51 02/11/2021
She Was Homeless & Incarcerated & She Started A Nonprofit 54:07 02/03/2021
Get Training That Can Change Your Life - The Training Source 38:59 01/28/2021
The New President & Finding Your Purpose 43:51 01/21/2021
Black & Armed - Black People - Prepared to Protect 61:46 10/21/2020