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The Someone To Tell It To Podcast

We started Someone To Tell It To in 2012, and all along, our philosophy has been to listen. Because our mission is to "cultivate meaningful connections through compassionate listening and train others to do the same," we thought it might be best to highlight both aspects—listening and training—in a podcast. Both listening and training continue to catalyze this global listening movement where Someone's voice is being heard, Someone is being reminded that they matter, and Someone doesn't need to feel alone in whatever they are facing in life.We are so excited to share these rich conversations with you. Please subscribe to hear each new episode as soon as it's released!


Being Believed In 64:59 04/26/2022
Bringing Our WHY to Life 68:24 04/12/2022
Listen Courageously 55:56 03/29/2022
Quieting and Listening to Ourselves 55:55 03/15/2022
Listening Provides Our Hope 50:25 03/01/2022
The Cultures We Create 51:13 02/15/2022
I Am A Dreamer 53:20 01/31/2022
Making Others Feel Brilliant 62:10 12/14/2021
Use Empathy-Based Listening In Intense Conversations 47:39 11/30/2021
S4 Ep7: Being Heard is So Close to Being Loved 50:21 11/17/2021
6: Craving Connection 58:42 11/03/2021
5: I Am Because We Are 61:43 10/19/2021
S4 Ep4: Understanding is the Way Forward 48:02 10/05/2021
S4 Ep3: ...So We Can Hear Something New 50:09 09/21/2021
S4 Ep2: To Be Alive 61:12 09/07/2021
S4 Ep1: Our Reflections 52:14 08/24/2021
S3 Ep17: Nothing Equals Love 65:00 06/22/2021
S3 Ep16: Trust: An essential ingredient to building great relationships 54:11 06/08/2021
S3 Ep15: Their Lives are a Testament 30:14 05/25/2021
S3 Ep14: Living Authentically 59:25 05/12/2021
S3 Ep13: Cultivate an Engaged, Inspired, Productive, and Profitable Team Culture 52:55 04/28/2021
S3 Ep12: Moving Outside Our Comfort Zones 62:27 04/13/2021
S3 Ep11: An Asset to be Valued 59:05 03/30/2021
S3 Ep10: The Best Way to Understand People 50:32 03/17/2021
S3 Ep9: Human Beings First 47:54 03/02/2021
S3 Ep8: The Components of Healthy Friendships 56:42 02/16/2021
S3 Ep7: "It Is What It Is" 48:15 02/02/2021
S3 Ep6: The Necessity of Belonging 67:25 01/20/2021
S3 Ep5: Listening Changes Us 59:26 01/05/2021
S3 Ep4: I Listen, Therefore You Are 89:14 12/15/2020