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Where’s the Grief is a weekly podcast about loss and grief in everyday life that somehow manages to be consistently funny, surprisingly insightful and easily absorbed. It’s a show that isn’t afraid to face some of the most difficult questions of what it ultimately means to be human, while finding the ever-present comedy in our day-to-day truths, and some of the things we all fear. In each episode, host Jordon Ferber interviews comedians, actors, writers, and others who have experienced tragic loss—not just of loved ones, but of jobs, homes, security and familiarity—and are making their way through to the other side. Ferber himself is no stranger to grief, having lost his younger brother to a car accident at the age of 21. Drawing on his own experience, as well as his 20+ years of work as a standup comedian in NYC—which can be tragic, in and of itself—Ferber brings insight, pathos and humor to his role as host. All the while, exhibiting camaraderie with his guests, putting them at ease and making the show surprisingly enjoyable for listeners.


Comedian John Moses
In this episode I talk to my good friend comedian John Moses! John's father Ken managed to live for 18 months after being given a terminal diagnosis that was much shorter. Now a year after his passing, John is starting to process his relationship with his dad, and finding ways to let his new perspective make him a better man and father. We also talk about how letting go of resentments and being present can be helpful in fostering family connections. Follow john on Instagram @ComedianJohnMoses
62:03 3/22/24
Author Deborah Kasdan
In this episode, I talk with Author Deborah Kasdan about her book, "Roll Back The World - a sister's memoir." After being diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young adult, Deborah's sister Rachel lived most of her life in and out of hospitals and institutions. Now 20 years since her death, Deborah felt the need to tell Rachel's story, to honer her memory and her life, and to help erase the stigma and fear we have of mental illness.  We talk about the importance of community, as well as hightlight the fact that even though we've come pretty far from what mental health resembled in the 70's and 80's, we still have far to go.  Go to to find out more, and to get the book! Follow Deborah on IG @DebKasdan
62:34 3/4/24
Comedian Micah Walsh
In this episode I talk with comedian and fellow grief podcaster Micah Walsh! After his father Kevin died, Micah found an outlet for his feelings in starting his own podcast with comedians talking about grief and loss, "I'll Greive You With This." We talk about how helpful it can be to talk about the hard topics with other people who understand, and who are not afraid to make jokes about an otherwise stressful and devastaing proceess.  Listen to "I'll Grieve You With this!" @IllGrieveYouWithThisPodcast @Micah_Walsh  
61:14 2/9/24
Comedian Ray Gootz RETURNS!
Happy New Year! In this episode, I had an incredible conversation with my good friend and comedian Ray Gootz! Ray was one of my very early guests on the show (Episode 11),  just one month after both his mother and Aunt died. He was among the first people I knew who was doing comedy material about his losses right away, and I was in awe of how open and raw the jokes were. It's been 8 years since then and we talk about all the losses Ray has endured since then (His father, another aunt, his virginity, among others) as well as all the things he has gained. We also talk about our love of movies, comic books, and how most Disney movies are about the grief over the death of a loved one. Follow Ray Online! Ray on TikTok Ray on IG Check out Gootz's Wrestling Pod!  
77:05 1/8/24
Writer and Performer Colin Campbell
In this episode I got to talk with Writer and Performer Colin Campbell about his Book, "Finding the Words," as well as his solo show, "Grief: A One Man Sh*tshow." After both of his kids, Ruby and Hart were killed by a drunk driver, Colin had a deep need to express his grief, first by writing jokes about his grief and his loss, eventually turning it into a one man off-broadway production. A brutally honest approach to his pain, Colin manages to connect through his need to grieve publicly, with no punchlines pulled.  With nowhere to perform the show during the pandemic, Colin continued to find an outlet for his struggles, writing a book designed to share the amazing stories of Ruby and Hart, and the lessons they helped Colin and his wife learn in their lives moving forward. With writing prompts, as well as  tips and ideas on how to create new rituals, each chapter of "Finding The Words" explores a different theme all too familiar to most grievers.   Learn more about Colin, as well as Ruby and Hart, and get the book at Watch Colin's solo show, "Grief: A One Man Sh*tShow" at Follow Colin on Instagram @colincampbellwriter
66:49 12/12/23
Author James G. Robinson
In this episode I talk to Author James G. Robinson about his book, "More Than We Expected - Five Years With A Remarkable Child." When his son Nadav was born with a congenital heart defect, James and his wife understood that thier lives would be more difficult than most. When Nadav died at 5 years old after complications from heart surgery, James managed to focus on the stories of strength and resiliance that his son taught him. In 2017, his article “Road to Recovery” was featured in the NYT Travel section. Detailing a road trip his family took after Nadav's death, it eventually inspired James to write "More Than We Expected", and allowed him to continue to talk about Nadav's life, and to share his story. We talk about how important it is to keep memories alive, even when they can sometimes be painful. We also talk about how great it is to connect with others through shared trauma, and the flicker of recognition that embodies the human spirit.  Find out more about the James at GET the book on Amazon  Check out Jame's NYT Article, "Road To Recovery" Follow James on Instagram @MoreThanAMemior
81:12 12/1/23
Comedian Kaytlin Bailey
In this episode, I talk with comedian and sex worker rights advocate Kaytlin Bailey about life after the death of her father just over a year ago. Already a performer and activist before her Father Joe developed dementia, and ultimately cancer, Kaytlin helped her father write his memiors about his life and career in the US Army, and spending as much time as she could before it was too late.  We talk about how having mutual respect for differing opinions and perspectives can help nurture a solid relationship, and allow us to stand up for ourselves even when going through an emotional time.  Kaytlin is the Founder & Executive Director of Old Pros, a non-profit media organization creating conditions to change the status of sex workers in society. Host of The Oldest Profession Podcast, she is also the creator of Whore’s Eye View, a 75-minute mad dash through 10,000 years of sex worker history. Get Joseph Bailey's book "A Soldier's Story" Follow Kaytlin: Instagram: @oldprosonline | @kaytlinbailey Twitter: @oldprosonline | @kaytlinbailey
71:52 11/14/23
Author Alexandra Wyman
In this episode, I got to talk with Author Alexandra Wyman about her book, "The Suicide Club: What To Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death." We talk about the importance of community and the various ways we can find support and create connection outside our immediate families. Alexandra has become an advocate for suicide prevention, helping to change the ways we talk aboout it, and how we can all instill love and hope to those around us before any suicidal ideation takes hold.  Learn more about Alexandra at Alexandra also has her own podcast called "The Widows Club" Listen here!
70:22 10/25/23
Author Dawn DiRaimondo - Surviving Sibling Loss
In this episode, I talk with clinical psychologist and author Dawn DiRaimondo about her book, "Surviving Sibling Loss: The Invisible Thread That Connects Us Through Life And Death." Dawn was already a therapist when her brother Michael was killed while deployed in Iraq. Finding few resources and liturature about sibling loss, Dawn decided to write the book that she had wished existed when she was newly bereaved, incorportating interviews and insights from interviews with other bereaved siblings alongside her own experience.  Follow Dawn and get her book at her website, (or get the book directly from Amazon!)  
68:54 10/7/23
Comedian Christy Miller
In this episode, I got to talk to Comedian Christy Miller about how she's been faring after the death of her mother Shirley.  Christy has always been a comedian who pulls no punches in her act, and she came by her sense of humor from her mother, always pushing the bounderies of what was deemed appropriate. Having opened for Andrew "Dice" Clay as well as Paul Mooney, Christy has always been the type to not care what other people think, often using humor to process heavy topics. We talk about how great it is to have family that embraces our career choices, and how important it is to surround ourselves with people who get us and let us make terrible jokes in the face of devastating events. Get Christy's Album, "Brually Yours"  Follow Christy on IG @ChristyMillerComedy Follow Christy's YouTube Page! 
73:38 9/14/23
Comedian Christopher Wagner
In this episode, I talk with Comedian Christopher Wagner about the different ways he dealt with the death of his parents. We reflect on how much more difficult of a time he had after his mother died than his dad. Chris was somewhat estranged from his father for a period before trying to mend the relationship as time ran out, and we talk about how hard it can be to lose someone just as you feel like you've re-gained them.  We also talk about alternative mental health therapies, including psychodelics and ayahuasca, and the perspective shifts that allow us to forgive and heal. Follow Chirs on IG @ChrisWagnerd
54:06 9/5/23
Author Kelly S. Thompson
In this episode I talk with author Kelly S. Thompson about her book, "Still, I Cannot Save You." Already an award winning non-fiction writer when her sister Meghan died, Kelly turned her story into a memoir about the difficult parts of sisterhood and family bonds that is both heartbreaking and uplifting. After battling childhood cancer, Meghan's adult life was fraught with drug addiction before motherhood pressed her to clean up and re-establish the sibling bond that she and Kelly shared before it was too late.  We talk about how not all sibling relationships are easy, and the different ways we can forgive ourselves and others for past resentments. We also talk about the healing power of writing and the strength it takes to ask for help. Follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyS_Thompson Learn more about Kelly and where to get the book at
76:24 8/22/23
Comedian and Author Jason Roeder
After the death of his mother Phyllis, comedian Jason Roeder turned to what he knew best to help cope with the loss, along with the amount of free time he suddenly had due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. A comedy writer by trade who has been published by The New Yorker and The Onion (among others), Jason managed to write a parody grief book that turns many of the tropes and cliche's of grief and mourning on its head, helping to highlight the absurdity of the human existence.  Jason's book, "Griefstrike! The Ultimate Guide to Mourning" provides a number of ridiculous scenarios that poke fun at the structures and rituals we associate with death, alongside footnotes from his own life and experience that remind the reader that all good jokes come from real places, especially those about pain and suffereing.  Get the book and follow Jason online at and on Twitter @jasonroeder
59:17 8/8/23
Comedian Adam Mitrani
In this episode I got to sit down with Comedian Adam Mitrani to talk about how he's been coping after the death of his brother Rueben. We talk about how isolating grief and loss is, particularly for those who have lost siblings, as well as how difficult it can be to write comedy material about such a devastating and far reaching experience.  We also talk about the importance of community, connection and the power of music. Follow Adam online on IG @AMitrani Follow him on Twitter @AMitrani717
69:58 6/7/23
Author and Financial Planner Donna Kendrick
In this episode, I talk with Author Donna Kendrick, about her book "A Guide to Widowhood – Navigating the First Three Years." After her husband Greg died by suicide, Donna shifted her financial planning skills to help newly bereaved widows and widowers. We talk about how important it is to integrate our loss so we can move forward, especially when we are literally integrating people in our lives. Follow Donna online at or on IG @widowandwisdom
76:10 5/11/23
Michele Benyo - Founder of Good Grief Parenting
In this episode, I talk with Michele Benyo, Founder of Good Grief Parenting. When Michele's son David died of cancer at just 6 years old, his sister Deanna, then 3 said, "Mommy, half of me is gone." Already a teacher of early childhood development, Michele shifted her focus. Realizing how much support her daughter was going to need after this loss, Michele began teaching and coaching other bereaved families how to best support thier surviving children.  We talk aboout how parallell set similar the journeys are for both parents as well as sibliings, and the unique challenges that losing a sibling brings. As a bereaved sibling myself, I am so grateful that there are others out there who are advocating for us, and making sure we have the tools we need to manage our own grief. Follow Michele and find out more at
67:23 4/18/23
Author Mark Chesnut
In this episode, I talk with author Mark Chesnut. Already a travel writer, after the death of his mother Eunice, Mark channeled his grief into a touching end-of-life memoir called "Prepare for Departure," emcompassing his relationship with his mother as well having to confront his own feelings about love and death. We talk about how impactful it is to be able to be of service, but also how imortant it is to maintain our sense of humor when remembering the stories that shaped us. Follow Mark online and get the book at Follow Mark on Instagram @Departure_Level
72:28 3/28/23
Author Sherry Walling, PHD
In this episode I talk with author and mental health advocate Sherry Walling! 6 months after the death of her father, Sherry's brother died by suicide. Already a mental health professional, Sherry found that her own need to express herself was through movement and connection. Her poetic book, "Touching Two Worlds" was also turned into a aerialst show focused on how we grieve with movement and performance.  Find out more and get the book at Follow Sherry on Instagram @SherryWalling
59:19 2/14/23
Sibling Loss and Hiking Safety Advocate Chelsey McHale
I got to talk with Chelsey McHale, a fellow member of The Compassionate Friends (TCF) support group that I attend. After her brother Clint died while out mountain hiking, Chelsey actually started a TCF sibling support group in her town, AND managed to get new safety signage put up where Clint died in order to help make sure future accidents can be avoided, while also having a spot to visit and honer her brother.  We talk the stupid things people say, how to create healthy boundries with difficult family members, and the importance of staying true to ourselves when no one else seems to acknowledge the struggle that dealing with loss brings.  
88:03 1/11/23
Filmmaker, Dancer and Arts Therapist Adriana Marchione
In this episode, I talk with interdisciplinary artist, documentary filmmaker, teacher, and arts therapist Adriana Marchione. Already a therapist and dancer when her husband died, she ultimately found ways of expressing her path towards healing by incorporating that which she was already involved in. Her film, When the Fall Comes, is about her process of grief using art and dance after the death of her husband Eddie. Her new documentary, The Creative High, shares compelling artist stories of addiction and recovery. We also talk about the importance of the creative process, and the healing that can come from letting oourselves feel the pain to move through it. Follow Adriana at See the Film at  
64:23 12/6/22
Comedian Erin Lok
I got to talk with comedian Erin Lok about how comedy helped her cope with all the anxiety and stress that the pandemic brought, as well as the larger difficulty of life after the death of her father. We talk about the importance of letting ourselves express our emotions, as well as the catharsis that a little bit of levity can bring. Follow Erin online at or @erinlokcomedy on IG!   Follow ME @WheresTheGrief Email me
90:08 11/16/22
Grief Specialist and Hypnotherapist Silke Herwald
In this episode, I talk with grief specialist and hypnotherapist Silke Herwald. Silke was already a therapist dealing with  the ways our unconsious copes with grief and trauma when her sister died of cancer, giving her work new meaning.  Silke created the Grief To Love program that helps women find hope after loss. We talk about how important it is to find ways to speak out about how we're doing, to remember our loved ones, and to stay connected to the people around us. Find out more about Silke and her work at Follow Silke on IG at Follow her on Twitter at Don't forget to rate/review the show!  
69:19 10/18/22
LIVE From the TCF Conference in Houston Texas!
Oh Boy! Once again I got to attend The Compassionate Friends National Conference, this year in Houston Texas!  The Compassionate Friends is a self help support group that provides resoources to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings. In this episode, recorded in August 2022 at the TCF Conference in Houston, I sat down with Barbara Hopkinson to talk aboout her book "Faces of Resilience." Find out more about what Barbara does at And of course, this years "blooper reel" of the madness that comes when we are getting our best work done. To find out more about what TCF does, or to find a local chapter, visit
50:34 10/7/22
The Legend of Russell Ferber - Tales from MSG, Cooking with Bobby Flay and MORE!
Russell Ferber died in a car accident on July 6th, 2002, at the age of 21. This podcast was borne out of my need to continue talking about my brother and how I have managed to keep going without him.  In this episode, I (along with my parents) interview a number of people who actually KNEW Russell to share stories of his indominable spirit. We talk with Denise Fraser, who taught both Russell AND Jordon in elementary School; Steven Schnitzler and Betsy Becker - two people who worked at MSG and helped Russell gain access to the Knicks; Bobby Flay and George Morone, two world renowned chefs that Russell worked for along with Carolyn Beard, Russells baking partner while in culinary school; and we finish up talking with Morgan and Geoff, two of Russell's best friends. I tell some incredible Russell stories on the podcast from time to time, and finally I get to share some from the people who were actually THERE! (This episode is comprised of interviews that aired as part of the 15th Annual Russell Ferber Foundation FUN!draiser online in August of 2020) Check out to find out more about what our foundation does, when our next FUN!draiser is, and how to donate! Follow @RussellFerberFoundation on Facebook AND IG. Follow @WheresTheGrief on IG and Twitter
78:48 8/31/22
Author Edy Nathan
In this episode I talk with author Edy Nathan about her book, "It's Grief - The Dance of Self Discovery Through Trauma and Loss." We talk about how she has found comfort and purpose in confronting her grief. After the death of her partner and then her mother, Edy has learned how to help others navigate the difficult new roles we find ourselves in our new normal. We talk about the importance of community, and the power of a good pair of matchiing shoes. Get the Book, and Follow Edy online at Follow her on Twitter @EdyNathan1 and Instagram @EdyNathan Follow ME on social media across all platforms @WheresTheGrief  
67:55 8/18/22
Author Jane Enright
In this episode I talk with Author Jane Enright about her new book "Butter Side Up, How I Survived My Most Terrible Year & Created My Super Awesome Life."  We talk about how important it is to recognise when things go our way, and how to maintain a positive outlook in the face of traumatic events. After a year in which both she and her partner suffered traumatic brain injuries, Jane lost her best friend to cancer, and amazingly turned her story into one of inspiration. In sharing her story of how she's managed to shift her perspective over time, she's created opportunites to connect with herself and others.  Follow Jane at and Get the book wherever books are sold, or through Follow ME @WheresTheGrief on TWITTER and IG!
73:05 7/11/22
Comedian Glen Tickle
In this episode I talk with Comedian Glen Tickle (his real name!) about his comedy special, "Good Grief; A Comedy About Loss And Being Bad At It." After the death of his brother Mark, Glen started writing jokes about his grief as a way of processing his own emotions, and ultimately turned it into a full hour of comedy. We talk about the importance of leaning into our grief, and how cathartic is is to expose our rawness to an audience. Follow Glen across all platforms @GlenTickle (on IG and Twitter) Find all his standup clips and dates at Follow ME @WheresTheGrief on IG and Twitter!
79:01 6/20/22
Angela From Crafting Comedy Cart
In this episode, I talk with comedian and yarn artist Angela Eh who runs the Comedy Crafting Cart, as well as a weekly streaming series called "Crafts and Laughs" on her IG and YouTube channels. After the death of her partner, who was also a comedian, Angela has relied heavily on her ability to connect and create. We talk about the importance of having places and people to vent to, and the power that comedy brings in helping make sense of the unimaginable. Follow Angela on Instagram and elsewhere at @craftingcomedycart  
69:24 5/26/22
Author Allison Ballenger
In this episode, I talked to Author Allison Ballenger, whose book "One More Year" is a childrens book inspired by her own childhood. After the death of her brother Scott, Alliison was inspired to write a book that helped to keep Scotts essence a part of her life, as what she describes as a "story-telling, song-singing, life-loving, magic-maker. " Go to to follow Allison, or to get the book!
69:53 5/19/22
Author Judy Lipson
In this episode I talk with Author Judy Lipson about her book "Celebation of Sisters - It Is Never Too Late To Greive." Judy lost her younger sister Jane to a car accident at 22 and nine years later her older sister Margie at 35 to a twenty year battle with anorexia and bulimia. Realizing that Siblings are often the forgotten mourners, Judy began finding ways to keep her sisters memories alive.  Get the book and find out more about Judy at
65:00 5/5/22