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An interview show from your friends at Smashing Magazine. Drew McLellan and Vitaly Friedman talk to design and development experts about their work on the web, as well as catching you up with the latest news and articles at Smashing Magazine. Suitable for cats.


What is Service Design? with Lou Downe
We’re talking about Service Design. What is it, and how is it different from what we’d normally consider user experience design? Drew McLellan talks to expert Lou Downe to find out.
47:13 1/30/24
What is a Tech Union? with Ethan Marcotte
We’re talking about Tech Unions. What part can unions play in a modern tech workplace? Drew McLellan talks to Ethan Marcotte to find out.
34:44 10/17/23
How do you run a grassroots conference? with Alex Older
We’re talking about running grassroots conferences and meet-ups. What does it take to organise a small industry event for your community? Drew McLellan talks to WDC’s Alex Older to find out.
44:13 9/26/23
What is a Headless CMS? with Alvin Bryan
We're talking about headless content management systems. What are they, and how do they differ from more traditional systems? Drew McLellan talks to Alvin Bryan to find out.
33:30 8/1/23
What is The Transitional Web? with Chris Ferdinandi
We're talking about The Transitional Web. What is it, and how does it describe the technologies we’re using? Drew McLellan talks to Chris Ferdinandi to find out.
45:58 7/11/23
What is Design Management? with Slava Shestopalov
We ask what is a Design Manager? What does it take and how does it relate to the role of Designer? Vitaly Friedman talks to Slava Shestopalov to find out.
52:09 6/13/23
What is Web Platform Baseline? with Rachel Andrew
We’re talking about Web Platform Baseline. What is it, and how can it help determine your browser support policy? Drew McLellan talks to expert Rachel Andrew to find out.
46:50 5/18/23
How Do You Design a Design Process? with Mei Zhang
We're talking about the process of design. How do you build a process to enable your best work? Vitaly Friedman talks to designer Mei Zhang to find out. 
40:08 5/2/23
What is Design Storytelling? with Chiara Aliotta
We're taking a look at design storytelling. What is it, and how can it help us shape digital experiences? Vitaly Friedman talks to Chiara Aliotta to find out.
46:26 4/18/23
What is CX Design? with Debbie Levitt
We ask what is Customer Experience design, and how does it differ from User Experience design? Vitaly Friedman talks to expert Debbie Levitt to find out.
56:04 3/21/23
What’s the key to a great keyboard? with Marcin Wichary
We ask what’s the key to a great keyboard? Is this essential part of our daily toolkit easily overlooked? Vitaly Friedman talks to expert Marcin Wichary to find out.
58:06 2/21/23
How has the design industry changed? with Veerle Pieters
How has the design industry changed? Is technology making our work easier? Vitaly Friedman talks to veteran designer Veerle Pieters to find out.
60:03 2/7/23
Is Technology Making Us Redundant? with Tejas Kumar
We ask is technology is making us redundant? Will we all soon be replaced with AI? Vitaly Friedman talks to Tejas Kumar to find out.
49:21 1/24/23
What are User Journey Maps? with Stéphanie Walter
We're talking about User Journey Mapping. What is it and how does it help us build better digital products? Vitaly talks to expert Stéphanie Walter to find out.
52:15 11/17/22
Can HTML emails use modern CSS? with Rémi Parmentier
We’re talking about HTML email. Do we still have to design like we would for IE5? Vitaly talks to expert Rémi Parmentier to find out.
55:31 9/20/22
How do you become an NFT artist? with Yiying Lu
We ask how do you go from running a creative studio to designing NFTs? Vitaly talks to artist Yiying Lu to find out.
55:23 9/6/22
What’s the Value of a Design System? with Ben Callahan
We ask how do you prove the value of a Design System, and how can you pitch it effectively to stakeholders? Vitaly Friedman talks to Ben Callahan to find out.
50:40 8/23/22
Can you change a UX dinosaur? with Marko Dugonjić
How can you affect change to UX design in large organisations stuck in their ways? Vitaly Friedman talks to Marko Dugonjić to find out.
43:42 8/9/22
How do you ship a billion dollar idea? with Paul Boag
We ask how you ship a one billion dollar idea? Vitaly Friedman talks to Paul Boag to find out.
55:19 7/12/22
Is Sass still relevant? with Stephanie Eckles
We ask if Sass is still relevant in 2022 and if it adds any value modern CSS workflows? Vitaly Friedman talks to expert Stephanie Eckles to find out.
32:51 6/28/22
Why does accessibility matter? with Sara Soueidan
We ask why accessibility really matters, and why is it so important to get it right? Smashing’s Vitaly Friedman talks in depth to Sara Soueidan to find out.
48:30 5/31/22
Who is Elliot Jay Stocks? with Vitaly Friedman
We ask how one man can go from designing websites for local bands to heading up Google Fonts Knowledge. Smashing’s Vitaly Friedman talks to Elliot Jay Stocks to find out. 
44:45 5/17/22
What is Responsible JavaScript? with Jeremy Wagner
We’re talking about Responsible JavaScript. What does it mean for code to be responsible, and how should we approach projects differently? Drew McLellan talks to expert Jeremy Wagner to find out.
55:07 2/22/22
Is The Web Dead? with Chris Ferdinandi
We’re asking if changes to best practises over the last year have negatively impacted the web. Is it all downhill from here? Drew McLellan talks to expert Chris Ferdinandi to find out.
56:30 11/30/21
What is Astro? with Matthew Phillips
We’re talking about Astro. Will this modern static site builder launch you into the stratosphere? Drew McLellan talks to developer Matthew Phillips to find out.
37:23 11/3/21
What is DevOps? with Jeff Smith
We’re talking about DevOps. What is it, and is it a string to add to your web development bow? Drew McLellan talks to expert Jeff Smith to find out.
52:43 10/19/21
What is Designing for Safety? with Eva PenzeyMoog
We’re talking about designing for safety. What does it mean to consider vulnerable users in our designs? Drew McLellan talks to expert Eva PenzeyMoog to find out.
48:10 8/10/21
What is Chakra UI for React? with Mike Cavaliere
We’re talking about Chakra UI. What is it and how can it help with your React projects? Drew McLellan talks to expert Mike Cavaliere to find out.
45:00 6/29/21
What is Image Optimization in 2021? with Addy Osmani
We’re talking about Image Optimization. What steps should we follow for performant images in 2021? Drew McLellan talks to expert Addy Osmani to find out.
63:06 6/15/21
Why is my React app slow? with Ivan Akulov
We’re talking about React performance. What factors slow our React apps down, and how can we fix it? Drew McLellan talks to expert Ivan Akulov to find out.
47:42 6/1/21