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An interview show from your friends at Smashing Magazine. Drew McLellan talks to design and development experts about their work on the web, as well as catching you up with the latest news and articles at Smashing Magazine. Suitable for cats.


Is Sass still relevant? with Stephanie Eckles 32:51 06/28/2022
Why does accessibility matter? with Sara Soueidan 48:30 05/31/2022
Who is Elliot Jay Stocks? with Vitaly Friedman 44:45 05/17/2022
What is Responsible JavaScript? with Jeremy Wagner 55:07 02/22/2022
Is The Web Dead? with Chris Ferdinandi 56:30 11/30/2021
What is Astro? with Matthew Phillips 37:23 11/03/2021
What is DevOps? with Jeff Smith 52:43 10/19/2021
What is Designing for Safety? with Eva PenzeyMoog 48:10 08/10/2021
What is Chakra UI for React? with Mike Cavaliere 45:00 06/29/2021
What is Image Optimization in 2021? with Addy Osmani 63:06 06/15/2021
Why is my React app slow? with Ivan Akulov 47:42 06/01/2021
What is VisBug? with Adam Argyle 51:24 05/18/2021
What is The Future of CSS? with Miriam Suzanne 50:58 05/04/2021
What’s Next For HTML Controls? with Stephanie Stimac and Melanie Richards 55:01 02/09/2021
What is The State of Web Performance? with Harry Roberts 81:45 01/26/2021
What is Machine Learning? with Charlie Gerard 48:18 01/12/2021
Review of The Year 2020 59:38 12/29/2020
What is GraphQL? with Eve Porcello 41:23 12/15/2020
What is Product Design? with Chris Murphy 66:32 12/01/2020
How Does Netlify Dogfood The Jamstack? with Leslie Cohn-Wein 43:00 11/17/2020
What is Eleventy? with David Darnes 49:15 11/03/2020
What is TypeScript? with Stefan Baumgartner 53:29 10/20/2020
What's new in Vue 3.0? with Natalia Tepluhina 50:01 10/06/2020
What Is RedwoodJS? with Anthony Campolo 47:40 09/22/2020
What is SVG Animation? with Cassie Evans 39:22 09/08/2020
What is Next.js? with Guillermo Rauch 44:17 08/25/2020
What is Serverless? with Chris Coyier 56:23 08/11/2020
Are Modern Best Practices Bad For The Web? with Chris Ferdinandi 61:16 07/28/2020
What is Gatsby? with Marcy Sutton 44:11 07/14/2020
What is CUBE CSS? with Andy Bell 51:37 06/30/2020