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Welcome to the HowToBBQRight Podcast with Malcom & Rachelle Reed. Here we talk all about our weekly YouTube recipes, what we’re grilling at the house, tips and tricks for grilling and our competition BBQ contests.


Sam’s Club Meats, Brown Butter & The SECRET to Grilled Lamb
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to cut y’all a deal (00:12)! We got down on the GE Profile Indoor Smoker last week: here’s our thoughts on it (01:12). Malcom and I had a BLAST on the ‘Shootin the Que’ podcast with Heath Riles (04:34)! Malcom charred up a KILLER lamb (05:52), using the ingenious oval designed Primo Ceramic Grill (12:51)! Next time you’re cooking up a rack of lamb, ditch the mint sauce and whip THIS up instead (18:36). Looking for a new grill to add to your arsenal? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered (25:25)! What are our FAVORITE midnight snack recipes (26:10)? Can you marinate chicken for TOO long (28:49)? Malcom’s Bang Bang Turkey recipe might be the BEST way to cook wild turkey EVER (30:50)! We all love butter, but here’s where its cousin margarine REALLY comes from (33:37)! Why is brown butter the best kind of butter (37:12)? This is how you smoke a pork butt over hot coals (39:58)… How should you go about cooking a top tip sirloin roast (44:04)? Is Sam’s Club meat actually high quality (46:54)? This is how you thaw out a 12lb brisket (51:03). You just can’t beat those dang colossal dogs (53:11)! Malcom cooked up a NEW SPIN on a CLASSIC meatball (57:13)! Finally, we’re gearing up for a new Let’s Get to Cookin’ community giveaway and a weekend FULL of cooking new recipes (1:03:00)!
68:09 4/19/24
American Wagyu, Best Sausage Casings & Testing the GE Indoor Smoker
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to cut y’all a deal (00:12)! What is the GE Indoor Smoker, and what the heck are we grilling on it today (00:57)? Malcom threw down some delicious American Wagyu this last weekend (05:36), and GrillGrates new product helped us get the job done (12:57)... To go along with our weekend of perfect steaks, I whipped up a QUICK & EASY spinach artichoke dip (15:05)! Here’s the REAL reason why some peppers are hotter than others (17:18)... Malcom’s talked a lot about Primo Grills, but here’s how it ACTUALLY feels to fire one up (19:41)! Looking for a new grill to add to your arsenal? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered (23:18)! When you’re looking to make your own sausage, here’s the casings you should consider before you do it (25:03). How long can you hold a rack of ribs for after you smoke them (30:14)? How was the food that came off the Indoor Smoker (32:07)? The catfish king is throwing down some catfish this weekend (34:04)...  
38:07 4/12/24
Buccee’s BBQ, Jerk Chicken Sandwich & The Best Ballpark Foods
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to cut y’all a deal (00:12)! There has been some more drama in the BBQ social world (00:50)... Why won’t we be at Memphis in May (04:30)? There’s nothing quite like turning and burning some boneless skinless chicken thighs (08:16), and top it with some calypso sauce and pineapple slaw and you got yourself a killer jerk chicken sammich (23:49)! Malcom has some new ideas after that chocolate cobbler went viral (31:10)... Looking for a new grill to add to your arsenal? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered (35:27)! Chesapeake’s in Gatlinburg might be Malcom’s new favorite steakhouse (36:15), and there’s just something about Buccee’s brisket that just hits different (42:21)! Baseball parks around the United States are all competing to have the best food, and here are some of the craziest ones (48:12). What is the best way to reheat a pork butt (57:20)? How long is it safe to reheat and eat leftover BBQ (59:39)? Can you add raviolis to a seafood boil  (1:01:10)? You asked, and we answered: here’s Malcom’s TOP injections for competition cooking (1:03:10). Finally, we close out with gearin’ up for a weekend of cookin’ and plans for a crawfish care package (1:06:19)!
67:46 4/5/24
Wild Game Cookoff, All The Easter Food & Best Woods for Smoking Meat
  Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to cut y’all a deal (00:26)! Malcom had a BLAST down at the Beast & Brews wild game cookoff (01:22), where the guys whipped up some KILLER wild boar bacon (05:50), and some DELICIOUS drinks to go with it (10:50)! When you're cookin' up a burger, how do YOU like it cooked (16:46)? Here's some of the secrets of WHY your pellet grill goes ablaze during your cook (22:16)... Easter is HOPPIN' in fast this weekend (24:13)! Can you inject a pre-smoked ham (27:20)? Malcom loves smoking crab legs on the pellet grill (29:50), and here's how he does it (36:10)! Looking for a new grill to add to your arsenal? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered (38:14)! Here’s how Malcom sources wood for his smokers (39:02). Is making your own charcoal worth the long process (44:55)? Can you REALLY taste different flavors of wood, when smoking meat (47:48)? Malcom doesn’t recommend smoking a strip loin like a brisket… but here’s how you should be smoking them (50:52)! This is the difference in smoking a brisket for a competition versus smoking a backyard brisket (52:41). What is rib bacon (54:52)? Would Malcom recommend a Pit Boss or Recteq Pellet Grill (58:24)? What’s up next at HowToBBQRight HQ (1:00:13)?  
66:11 3/28/24
Resting Meat, Easter Sides & Family Dinner Pork Loin Recipe
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to cut y’all a deal (00:28). Tyler got himself a BRAND NEW Primo (02:30)! What’s the difference between an aioli and mayonnaise (04:56)? When you’re reverse searing meat, do you need to let it rest in-between sears (09:55)? The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is going down in Memphis (13:29)... Malcom got his first gobbler this past week, and he fried up some Bang Bang Turkey for Buck Junkies (17:20). Malcom’s new Family Style Pork Loin recipe (20:29) went GREAT with his Mashed Taters (30:32) and the Whiskey Glazed Carrots (32:45)! Looking for a new grill to add to your arsenal? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered (35:58)! What’s there to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan (42:55)? Join the Let’s Get to Cookin’ Community for future giveaways (51:26). What’s a ‘Smoke-a-Fried’ Deviled Egg (52:35)? Malcom think Braised Pork Shank has gotta be delicious (57:58)... What does Malcom think about Blue Plate’s ‘Sandwich Spread’ (1:00:52)? Malcom is cooking his first contest of the year this coming weekend (1:04:37)...
68:21 3/22/24
Talking All Things Cooking Ribs
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank to cut y’all a deal on some KILLER grills (00:15). It’s almost time for grilling season… which means it’s time to talk ribs (01:34)! Malcom’s done PLENTY of sweet ribs, but he couldn’t BELIEVE how good Gyro Hero is on them (07:30). HexMill sent Malcom some grinders, and he’s been feeling REAL fancy (08:50). I want to know how well the Primo Grill handled charring up those ribs (11:20)...  What should go in your rib wrap (16:48)? Since Greek style ribs were such a hit, Malcom might have to take a crack at a Mexican style rib next (25:45). When you’re in search of a rack of ribs, here’s how to spot the BEST ones at the store (30:40)! The Butcher Shoppe has a new brand of rib that is OUT OF THIS WORLD (33:40)! Looking for a new grill? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered! (38:01). Our “camping” trip was nothing short of a success (38:38), and Malcom got to shake off his rusty propane grill skills on some burgers (40:45)! Blue Plate Mayo is the superior burger condiment (45:43). Here’s the REAL story behind the infamous Thousand Island Dressing (50:14). This is when you HAVE TO smoke a brisket hot and fast (53:36). Finally, we close out with gearing up for our Easter Community giveaway and a weekend of grillin’ & chillin’ (59:52)!
63:01 3/15/24
Tomahawk Ribeyes, Primo Grills & St. Patrick’s Day Recipes
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank to cut y’all a deal on some KILLER grills (00:13). I’m trying to stir up some drama in the grilling world (01:26). Be on the lookout when you’re buying olive oil (14:18)… Primo Ceramic Grills swung by the smokehouse to unveil their new mega sized cooker (21:15)! What the heck is the difference in a Cowboy Ribeye and a Tomahawk Ribeye (25:05)? I pick Malcom’s brain all about gettin’ down and dirty on the BRAND NEW Primo XXL (27:52)! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner (32:05)... Here’s some of our FAVORITE ways to use Blue Plate Mayo for recipes at home (34:53)! I ask Malcom about that old pastrami recipe we have on the channel (37:27). Blackstone has a new PELLET GRILL (43:04)? Here’s the BEST ash bucket on the market (47:00)... Y’all ever been to micro wrestling (48:57)? How would Malcom cook Chuck Roast Blade Steak (50:56)? What’s coming up in the 'Let's Get to Cookin’ community (59:09)? Malcom and I are gearing up to go “camping” - our way (1:00:30).   
67:55 3/8/24
BBQ Mops, Searing Meats & BBQ Beef Short Ribs Recipe
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to give y’all a discount (00:17)! Malcom was NOT ready to leave the Bahamas (01:32). There’s something that just hits different with that Short Rib Mac & Cheese (04:39). Malcom wanted to try out something a little different (12:30). This is Malcom’s favorite ceramic grill to cook on (19:11)… I tried to make Birria in the crockpot (19:55), and I found some really good store-bought Birria sauce (26:30)! I’ve got an idea for a Grande Gringo style spin on a CLASSIC pot roast recipe (30:20)! When should you be using a BBQ Mop when smoking meat (32:00)? Malcom uses this much broth when making gumbo (40:00). Should you be using GrillGrates on your pellet grills (42:37)? It’s National Employee Appreciation Day (46:00)! This recipe used to get Malcom a lot of chicken checks in the competition barbecue circuit (48:07). Are pellet grills the BEST way to get crispy chicken skin (52:21)? Easter and Spring Break are right around the corner (55:45)...
59:49 3/1/24
The BEST Roux for Gumbo, The Price of Crawfish & Malcom Reacts to Guga
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our Super Bowl, Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras week (00:31). Will HowToBBQRight do a collab with Guga (03:25)? Are tomahawk steaks worth the price (12:39)? Malcom goes into detail about the importance of roux in gumbo (16:33). Via American Test Kitchen, I want to know what Malcom thinks about making roux in the oven (19:22). Can you cook raw chicken in your broth while making gumbo (26:42)? We’re taking our Blue Plate Mayo to the pool in the Bahamas (32:47). What is a ‘Paczki Dog’ in Detroit, and how can you get lucky in New Orleans (34:06)? Malcom has been known to turn into a big money baller to get what he wants (37:07)... Is it crawfish season yet (38:51)!? What’s better: crawfish, crab legs, shrimp, or lobster (44:48)? These are the BEST vacuum sealers on the market (50:10). We’ll be out next week for our annual HowToBBQRight Research & Development Conference on the beach (1:00:53).
62:08 2/16/24
Best Game Day Food & Malcom’s Gumbo Recipe
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I anticipate the upcoming BIG game (00:38). What is EVERYONE cooking for the Super Bowl, according to Google (04:22)? These are the BEST party dips to make for the Super Bowl (08:22). What makes Caramelized Onion Dip so much better than French Onion dip (09:08)? What is a wing board (16:10)? These are the ‘TOP 5’ wing recipes for gameday (17:40). According to Malcom: Should you dip wings in ranch or blue cheese (23:30)? When you’re whipping up some Superbowl Snacks this Sunday, make sure you’re choosing Blue Plate (25:32)! The quality of meat going in your dishes really does matter (26:52). What are our plans for Mardi Gras, Superbowl, and Valentines week (30:40)?Using extra succulent lump crab in your crab cakes makes a huge difference (34:20). What are some signature dishes for Mardi Gras (46:40)? This is Malcom’s go-to Gumbo recipe (47:13). From the Let’s Get to Cookin’ Community: What is Malcom’s go-to steakhouse in the Mid South (59:45)? Looks like Malcom’s got a whole week of Valentine’s Surprises lined up just for me(1:02:12)...
65:23 2/9/24
Wild Game Meats, Smoking Hot and Fast & Do Beans Belong in Chili?
In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we are BACK for Season 7 (00:17)! Malcom got invited back down to Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Butchery (02:07), and even got to throw down some unbelievable wild game (08:40). We’ve been waiting five years to finally get this new co-host (14:47)! Malcom and the guys put on their first class at the new smokehouse (15:48), and Mark from Swine Life can cook a mean Creme Brulee (26:18)! Malcom wants to know how much Blue Plate Mayo I used over the holidays (28:48). Malcom wanted to send a message in his latest YouTube recipe (29:50)... Why didn’t Malcom use beans in the Bonafide Chili recipe (36:51)? You can’t serve chili without some Fire Chili Crackers to accompany (42:20)! What is Malcom’s favorite, go-to chili recipe (46:25)? I took my first crack at smoking up a brisket, and here’s how it went (47:50). We want to see y’all’s favorite wing recipes in The Community (52:49)! What’s the benefit to smoking meats HOT and FAST versus LOW and SLOW (54:04)? Here’s the secret to cooking the perfect Hog Jowl (57:54).
64:31 2/2/24
Smoked Duck, Tips to Smoking the Best Prime Rib & Tri-Tip
In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we have FINALLY reached the end of season 6 (00:21)! I pick Malcom’s brain about his “Holly Jolly Tri-Tip'' recipe (02:05). If you’re cooking a prime rib for Christmas this year, here’s some tips you NEED to know (10:55). Has Malcom ever smoked a DUCK for Christmas dinner (14:40)? I get the scoop on ALL of what Malcom’s cooking up for me this Christmas (17:03)... I’ve seen plenty of kitchen gadgets, but this one might be next on my Christmas list (22:49). Everyone loves getting food gifts at Christmas, but does anyone ACTUALLY like fruit cake (26:12)? Here’s a recipe for those braver than us to give a shot (28:30). I give the spill on my TOP SECRET holiday cheese ball recipe (32:52). What are Malcom’s favorite drinks to kick off the holiday season (38:28)? We’ve seen many of marinades in our time cooking, but this one is a little… spotty (42:01) Finally, we close out with answering some of YOUR Christmas cooking questions (44:56), and what Malcom’s gearing up to cook here on this holiday break (55:12)!
61:56 12/15/23
Holiday Cooking Guide: Prime Rib, Ham, Gifts & MORE!
In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re wrapping things up here at HowToBBQRight HQ (00:22)... Head on over to the Let’s Get to Cookin’ Community to enter our giveaway (01:27)! What is some of the best food to eat around Christmas time (03:10)? Malcom gives the scoop on his go-to holiday prime rib recipe (09:00), but once you’ve got that prime rib ready to roll, what sides should you serve with it (13:45)? This new take on my sticky bun recipe sounds delicious (18:08)! Malcom is gonna have to try to pastrami some ribs, soon (20:03)... Should you be eating more seafood around Christmas time (22:20)? My cold spinach dip recipe is a staple around our house for the holidays (27:14). This is my truth about the Memphis in May BBQ competition (29:52)... Give out Double-Smoked Hams for Christmas (36:50)! These are the best gifts to buy that BBQ man in your life (46:48). What’s up next for HowToBBQRight HQ (47:30)?
55:06 12/8/23
The “Memphis in May” Problem, Open Fire Cooking & BEST Holiday Party Food
In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, how was Malcom’s Thanksgiving celebrations (00:20)? He LOVED watching the Egg Bowl… me not so much (07:08). At Deer Camp, Malcom and the Buck Junkies were THROWING DOWN on their new Breeo fire pit (09:05), and Mark whipped up some crazy marbled pork chops (15:22)! What’s going on with Memphis in May 2024 (22:40)? Should we do a HowToBBQRight BBQ Fest, instead (30:36)? Malcom really does make the best Blue Plate Blue Cheese dip (33:38), and I want to know what holiday party food he’s serving it up with (37:19). What foods are we reaching for every holiday season (45:50)? There are only TWO episodes left in Season 6… how are we planning to close out the year (55:50)?
60:18 12/1/23
Talking Turkey with Meat Dave BBQ
In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve got a SPECIAL guest hanging out with us today (00:17)! Dave’s been cooking up some ideas to mix the best of BBQ and Comedy all in one package (04:47). Dave gives his insight on his comedy origin story and how it all began (08:12).. There were ALL KINDS of shenanigans going on during the comedy cruise Dave is back from (18:42)! Dave spills some of his SECRET RECIPES from his first OFFICIAL BBQ contest (23:22)! We get the spill ALL about some of Dave’s killer seafood recipes from his younger days (34:59) What kinds of grills is Dave taking across the country while he’s on tour (40:00)? Instead of marketing a T-shirt or a Hat, Dave’s selling a rub that you can use for EVERYTHING (42:00)! Dave reminisces on his memories from his scenic BBQ tour and all of the AWESOME BBQ cooks he met along the way (49:00)! On top of managing his tour dates, Dave is constantly keeping everything in line at home being an AWESOME dad (52:40)! With Thanksgiving on the horizon, what does Thanksgiving look like for Dave (56:36)? We might be some BBQ enthusiasts but we’ve sure had our fair share of grill catastrophes (1:02:27)... We took a dive into Dave’s grill setup on the road, but what does the home patio look like (1:06:08)?.. Finally we close out with some future plans for a HowToBBQRight comedy show (1:12:28)!   
78:07 11/17/23
Thanksgiving Turkeys: Thawing, Brining, Smoking & More!
In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, it’s almost TURKEY TIME, y’all (00:26)! We’re dropping some Thanksgiving Care Packages over on the 'Let's Get to Cookin’ community (08:00)! When should you start buying your turkeys for Thanksgiving (08:40)? What’s the best brand of turkey to buy (12:50)? The turkey may be the face of Thanksgiving, but the SIDES are where it’s at (17:57)! Which is better: Stuffing or Dressing (21:05)? How many days do you need to thaw out your turkey (26:34)? I pick Malcom’s brain about the do’s and don’ts of brining a turkey (30:31). When and what should you inject your bird with this year (35:39)? Is it okay to stuff AND smoke a turkey (43:54)? How long should your turkey be left in the pit (49:54)? How long can you hold a turkey for, after you cook it (51:23)? Can you dry brine a turkey (54:54)? Finally, we close out with Malcom’s final tips for you to make the BEST Thanksgiving turkey you can this holiday season (59:36)!
65:06 11/10/23
The BEST Burgers: Smoked, Grilled or Flat Top Griddled?
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I went to Oxford to see the Rebels play (00:40). Malcom wants to know how old is “too old” to trick-or-treat (03:40), and we had another cold weather chili weekend (04:48). Malcom and Mark are cooking up another basics video for YouTube (06:30). I want Malcom to spill the beans about that Brat Burger (08:30)... THIS is why you don’t want to overwork your burger meat (16:59). This is the BEST tip to making burger patties (21:25). Malcom can be a little extra in the grocery store (25:05)... What is the BEST CHEESE for cheeseburgers (28:03)? What are the differences between grilled, smoked, and flat-topped burgers (30:22)? Should you be glazing your burgers (31:40)? What are slug burgers (33:33)? This Texas BBQ Festival is where it’s at (37:49). We discuss and answer community questions about party coolers, resting meat, and more (39:42)! This is the best cooler used for resting meats (40:13). How long can you rest a brisket for (43:06)? Should you separate the point from the flat when smoking a brisket (45:43)? What competition tricks can you use for catering large events (47:42)? This was the BEST BBQ Sandwich, ever (56:00). This is what’s coming up at HowToBBQRight HQ (57:49).
59:28 11/3/23
Tips and Tricks for Smoking Ribs & Competition Lifestyle feat. Swine Life BBQ
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I bring on Mark from Swine Life BBQ to talk rib magic (00:24)! We discuss our series, “Basics to…” and our upcoming videos (01:31). Malcom and I went to Royal Oak HQ for their invitational (02:35). Everyone else was showcasing meats… Malcom was showcasing Bullfrog (04:22). How has Mark been doing in competition cooking (07:20)? What should you look for when buying ribs from the store (16:07)? Let’s debate spare ribs vs. baby back ribs (19:18). You have to adapt recipes depending on what you’re smoking on (21:26). What are the BIGGEST differences between fresh versus frozen ribs (24:00)? The 3-2-1 Rib method is outdated (29:43)… There is such a thing as TOO MUCH smoke (32:06). Mark does not use binders on ribs (35:20). Seasoning is a wonderful asset in the cooking world (38:22)... What is the perfect ratio of meat on the pit (40:40)? How would Malcom and Mark cook their perfect ribs (44:40)? Is texture an important factor to ribs (53:18)? Mark gives his final thoughts and major tips on cooking ribs (57:41). Check us out on our H2Q community and upcoming videos (1:03:24)!
65:30 10/27/23
Grilling Tips and Tricks, Bacon Grease & Smoking Beef Jerky
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about storing (01:00) and vacuum-sealing leftover chili (01:20). How was Malcom's experience at Oktober Fest for the BBQ Battle Finals in Cleveland (06:09)? Malcom lights the grill to start the cook-off… (10:35). This is Malcom’s kind of meat smorgasbord (14:21). I found the best cheese grater in the world (18:24). Why is cutting against the grain important (23:54)? DON’T try this Blue Playe Mayo Pie (32:20)… When cooking baked beans, should you add your bacon raw or parcooked (36:46)? I want to know what Malcom adds bacon grease to, to make it better (40:47). This is how Malcom makes his own smoked beef jerky (42:50). Smoked beef short rib wagyu recipe is on the way (49:32)… Malcom is heading back to Royal Oak for the Invitational (53:32)! Malcom and Tyler are having a catastrophe in fantasy football (56:59). Check out our HowToBBQRight Community and upcoming recipes (1:00:13)!
61:11 10/20/23
Memphis BBQ, Delicious Eats in Dallas & The Best Ways to Eat Chili
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom is performing a ceremony in Cleveland, MS (00:39). What is Memphis-Style BBQ (03:35)? How should you handle your sauces and condiments when storing and using them (06:00)? Malcom talks about Memphis BBQ cooking and seasoning (09:15). Malcom and I tried to go see Taylor Swift in Minnesota (11:58), and we just came back from doing business in Dallas (19:45). THIS is Malcom’s go-to Pulled Pork Chili recipe (26:35). What makes a soup a chili (31:30)? This is Malcom’s BEST chili dog recipe (36:08)! Malcom does not vibe check with mayo on chili (40:02)... There is an overnight pellet grill brisket in our near future (47:07). Malcom discusses high-quality brands of meat, and how to get the best cuts (50:45). What’s coming up at HowToBBQRight HQ (57:15)?
61:10 10/13/23
World Championship Squirrel Cook-off, Open Fire Cooking & Party Ribs
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about his upcoming rib demo in Cleveland (00:49), and all the food he got to devour at Mossy Oak’s live fire cooking event (05:22). This chef actually made Wild Boar meat delicious (08:22)... We got a Breeo Fire Pit for The Smokehouse (17:25). Malcom had a BLAST helping judge the World Championship Squirrel Cookoff (21:59)! Is wild iguana meat secretly delicious (30:20)? The best part of the squirrel cookoff may have been the hot squirrel eating contest (32:47). Malcom made a guest appearance on MeatEater’s “Bear Grease Podcast” (41:06), and he realizes he is in the wrong business (42:06). What have we been smoking up at The Smokehouse with Swine Life BBQ (44:31)? This might be Malcom’s new favorite way to smoke a rack of ribs (46:29). We are going to VidSummit 2023 to learn and improve our content (54:00)! The ‘Let’s Get to Cookin’’ Community is the place to be (58:58)...
61:19 9/29/23
Competition Cooking Tips, Catfish Essentials, & Making a Healthy BBQ Sauce
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about competition cooking, but first Malcom talks about his upcoming Oktoberfest rib demo (02:09). How has competition cooking changed, and what types of recipes and tips can you do at home using competition style techniques (04:03)? Do THIS to make competition style chicken at home (09:17). Malcom LOVES Brazillian steakhouses a little too much (14:34)... This is Malcom’s go-to recipe for frying catfish (20:40), and what he needs at the table to eat it (25:20). Malcom gives his tartar sauce recipes using Blue Plate Mayo (27:50). What is an “Airline Chicken” breast (31:30)? Should we remove all the sugars and oils from Killer Hogs “The BBQ Sauce” (36:43)? Malcom is headed south for a “Live Fire” Cooking event (47:06). What’s coming up next at HowToBBQRight HQ (53:40)?
55:20 9/22/23
Making Fast Food at Home, Maintaining Your Grill & Best Chain Restaurants
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom’s coming down with a bad case of the man cold (01:31). How did Malcom do on his sports betting this week (03:53)? He might put Chick-fil-A out of business with this “Better-than” Honey Pimento Sandwich (06:31). What are Malcom’s best copycat restaurant recipes (12:51)? We debate whether Krystal’s or White Castle burger is better (18:09). Ain’t nothing in this world like Waffle House’s griddle hashbrowns (19:08)... What are Malcom’s favorite fast food restaurants (21:11)? I can’t believe Malcom picked this as his favorite chain restaurant (25:23)! Malcom has been experimenting with tailgating recipes, lately (27:24)... Follow these steps to maintain your pits (43:40). Pork Belly Tacos sound amazing (48:17). What’s coming up at HowToBBQRight HQ (52:17)?
53:17 9/15/23
Reverse Seared Tri-Tip, Smoking Frozen Meat & Baltimore Pit Beef Recipe
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I announce our winners for our “Feed a Family” campaign (00:58). Every holiday is Malcom’s favorite holiday (01:56). What’s cookin’ at deer camp (04:14)? Malcom talks about his reverse seared tri-tip (08:03). What kind of wild game cooking is happening this season (10:05)? You have to try these Steakhouse Baked Beans (15:16)! Should you be using the foil boat method when smoking brisket (18:55)? This ain’t your regular ole tiger sauce (25:32)... What exactly is pit beef, and how do you cook it (29:45)? Which is better - roast beef or baltimore pit beef (38:20)? Can you smoke both a whole pork butt and chicken together (39:09)? What are beef chuck short ribs (41:02)? How do we cook our beef balls (43:06)? Sage seasoning is NOT good on BBQ (48:21)... How long do you have to smoke the meat that’s been in the fridge (52:00)? It’s finally NFL season, and that means more delicious football cookin’ (56:27). Check out our BBQ community, socials, and recipes (59:08)!
59:57 9/8/23
Experimenting with Sous Vide, Best Tailgate Recipes & Labor Day Weekend
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, it’s the LAST WEEK to donate to our Palmer Home fundraiser (01:28). Fantasy Football has OFFICIALLY begun (03:25)! Malcom did something he NEVER thought he would do (05:50), and this is why it’s important to remove fat before sous viding (09:12). I talk about the BEST creamy horseradish sauce (15:54). Are tri-tips better sous vide or smoked (16:37)? Old Hickory pits make the best old school smoked meat flavor (18:15). These little ham biscuits are to DIE for (24:15). Buy those little French Onion dip packs at the store, and do THIS to amp them up to 100 (25:40). These Hot BBQ Wings were some of the best wings I’ve ever had (28:53). Malcom’s ‘Tailgatorade’ will keep you going all game day long (35:02). THIS is the BEST tailgate food, ever invented (40:20). How would Malcom grill at a tailgate (47:18)? Walmart now carries disposable cutting boards (53:43)! Dove Season, Labor Day and start of College Football.. ALL in one weekend (55:38)! Going to the grocery store can be an event… (1:00:45). Check out our BBQ community, future giveaways, socials, and recipes (1:03:00)!
64:04 9/1/23
Fantasy Football Recipes, the Best Sandwiches of All Time & What is the BEST City for Eating BBQ?
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our ongoing podcast room changes and our Palmer Home “Feed-a-Family” campaign (02:05). What is the #BetweenTheBuns contest (04:40)? This guy made a Pork Butt with GREEK flavors (08:16)... Is a Connecticut or Boston Lobster Roll better (13:28)? What is Malcom’s GOAT sandwich recipe (20:16)? Why are pellet grill wings so good (21:28)? Malcom considers himself a dip kind of guy (24:10). It’s time for Malcom’s annual Fantasy Football draft party (26:57)! What is the best wing dipping sauce (33:09)? This is why I hate 7-Layer Bean Dip (36:01)... There’s NO WAY these are the best BBQ cities in America (37:28). Do defroster plates ACTUALLY work (45:18)? This is Malcom’s ‘Hot Take’ on smoking briskets (49:55). Malcom isn’t as good as he used to be at Madden (58:01). Check out our BBQ community, socials, and upcoming football recipes (1:00:05)!
61:01 8/25/23
Talking Brisket feat. Swine Life BBQ
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I introduce a “special guest”, Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ (00:19). We discuss Mark’s extensive competition bbq season (02:20), and what he and Malcom’s BBQ competition bucket list consists of (05:53). Malcom and Mark discuss brisket techniques and tips like (08:28): where can you get a good eating brisket (13:07), the BIGGEST issue that ruins a brisket (16:01), competition vs. home-smoked brisket (21:42), learning something new every time (27:48), and using beef tallow to amp up their briskets (32:00)? Is Mark’s favorite mayonnaise - Blue Plate Mayo (35:05)? He did whip up some pancakes with mayo, recently (38:00). What do you do with burnt ends (38:44)? Come join our #BetweenTheBuns Community Competition (42:35)! What are Malcom and Mark’s PERFECT brisket cook (45:55)? Buc-ee’s briskets are a game changer (52:58). Make sure y’all checkout our Palmer Home “Feed-a-Family” campaign (54:47). Check out Swine Life BBQ’s socials & youtube (56:28)!
57:35 8/18/23
Royal Oak HQ, Fast & Easy BBQ Recipes, & the BEST Smoke Bacon Recipe
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our Palmer Home’s “Feed a Family” campaign (00:59). Malcom and Tyler discuss their experience at Royal Oak’s headquarters in Roswell, GA (03:24). What are BBQ Chicken Littles and firecracker sauce (06:42)? Malcom talks about his favorite sliders (12:33), and how he made skirt steak tacos (17:02). Is this the BEST restaurant in Georgia (28:00)? We made the BEST homemade “Whataburger” patty melts (36:27). Malcom has a bunch of drinks that will "get you back right" (42:25). THIS is the BEST smoked bacon recipe ever (46:45)! Joey Chestnut is the KING of meat sweats (53:01). We answer and talk about some community questions (56:55). Check us out on our socials and website for recipes (1:05:46)!
66:29 8/12/23
Grilling in Bad Weather, Best Steakhouse in the South & the “Smoking on Main” Experience
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our Palmer Home “Feed a Family” campaign and its prizes (01:34)! How was our experience at the Collinsville “Smoking on Main” event (02:44)? What are Pork Steaks (04:45)? The Saint Louis BBQ Society competition was fun until a crazy storm blew through (08:58). Malcom had the opportunity to try S.T.A.G. Beer (11:40)! What is a horseshoe sandwich (14:50)? Does BAD WEATHER affect your smoke on the grill (19:31)? Humidity AND altitude both have an affect on grilling (23:14). What are the BEST & WORST cookers for lousy weather (29:55)? We answer some Q&A from our Let's Get to Cookin' community (32:18). These are the 'TOP 5' Steakhouses in the Mid-South (36:55). What’s coming up this week (45:55)?
52:34 8/4/23
Deep Sea Fishing, Baked Potato Hacks & Red Snapper Recipes
Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I are back from our midseason break. We’re starting it off by discussing our Palmer Home “Feed a Family Campaign” (02:08). We caught some BIG fish during our deep sea excursion (05:13). Red Snapper in the Air-Fryer is DANG GOOD (09:52)! What are snapper throats (13:16)? What are the differences between home-grown tomatoes versus store-bought tomatoes (23:00)? I’ve been experimenting with chicken thighs on the pellet grill (31:40). Malcom was a kid in a candy store at the new butcher shop in town (35:03)... Malcom reveals his new baked potato hack that changes the game (37:18). Are tomahawk steaks a waste of money (41:19)? The art and science of seasoning and coloring a steak (43:58). What’s coming up this season (51:36)? Follow our H2Q community for future contests and plans (56:39).
59:41 7/28/23