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Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health is an award-winning podcast on a mission to make the mental health of young men a top priority… Did you know suicide is the #1 killer of people aged 15-44 and accounts for three times as many deaths in men as it does women? A major factor influencing these shocking statistics is men being made to feel isolated and like no one understands them… That’s why we’ve created a platform for young men from all walks of life to share their stories and open up about what they really go through, because it’s shows we’re not alone. We‘re inspiring men to take pride in their personal journeys, speak up and stand together in breaking the stigma that men don‘t talk…and we want you to join us!


Half A Leg, Twice The Man with Seb Steel 50:22 08/05/2022
You Only Get One Chance At Life with Chance Ndume 91:30 07/29/2022
Changing Black Mental Health with Thomas Drew 64:19 07/20/2022
Postnatal Depression for Dads with Dave Edwards 39:55 07/17/2022
Losing Mates In The Mines with Cam Taylor 41:56 06/30/2022
Black, Gay and Living By Example with Marcellus Enalanga 37:52 06/16/2022
Growing Up Muslim Before and After 9/11 with Aussie Artist, Abdul Abdullah 46:27 06/06/2022
Had It All, Lost It All, Found It All Within with Cain Dover 89:14 05/31/2022
Going Wrong and Making It Right with Steve White 39:48 05/27/2022
Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health on Fresh 92.7 Radio with Callum MacPherson 06:28 05/19/2022
Speaking in Tongues and Losing God with Tom Tilley 68:25 05/11/2022
You Can #talk2mebro with Jack Brown 59:14 05/01/2022
The Boy and the Devil with Tim Conlon 47:20 04/19/2022
Becoming Who I Needed with Suicide Survivor, Matt Caruana 43:30 03/16/2022
Steroids, Not All It’s Jacked Up To Be - with Jaxon Tippet 46:00 03/02/2022
Losing Your Parents and Gaining Purpose with Ryan Waite 58:48 02/23/2022
More Than Muscle with Ex-pro Bodybuilder, Murray Calcutt 49:48 02/12/2022
To Be A Trans Man with Zac Cannell 52:29 02/07/2022
Gone But Never Forgotten with Nicholas Bloom 42:42 01/31/2022
Young Blood Philosophy - The Stars 00:42 01/20/2022
Young Blood Philosophy - Fate 00:41 01/16/2022
For Those Who Can’t with World Record Holder, Brendan Walsh 47:52 01/14/2022
Young Blood Philosophy - The Rarest Quality 00:48 01/02/2022
Young Blood Philosophy - Path to Paradise 43:22 12/28/2021
I Am Not What Happened To Me with Extreme Sports Athlete, Damien Rider 76:33 12/16/2021
Creating Yourself with Corey Boutwell 58:27 12/10/2021
News Not Noise with The Daily Aus 42:58 12/01/2021
Porn to Purpose with Matt Sinkovitz 42:03 11/23/2021
This Is The Revolution with Dr Zac Seidler 58:09 11/12/2021
Young Blood Philosophy - Don‘t Wait To Be Happy 01:00 11/05/2021