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Midnight Cuddles

The cutest podcast about business leadership with heart. Join artist and founder Kwame Ferreira, as he tries to navigate and explain the world of art, startups and eco-activism to his six year old daughter Wylde.


Mother and daughter
Kwame and Wylde are on a journey through East Africa to record the heartbeats of the last two remaining Northern White Rhinos. How do you explain to a child what humans are doing to our tree of life, our cold and hot wars and what we need to do to make sure there will be no worries - hakuna matata.
11:40 5/20/22
Humming home
Kwame paints a glowing picture of Northern hearts with prose and music for his daughter, Wylde, and talks about teams on a mission. Like the messages humans sent on a tiny spacecraft called Voyager 44 years ago which were symbols of our world at that time, we need to preserve our world for future generations. Our mission is to rewild and reconnect with nature and each other.
12:00 5/19/22
One week on, one week off
It’s all about Heart - Kwame introduces us to his 6 year-old daughter, Wylde, as he explains the mission he is undertaking at his busy design studio, Impossible. 
07:10 5/18/22