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Get Ready For A New Season
In this last episode of Blue Collar Culture, Ryan Englin and Jeremy Macliver express their gratitude to everyone and talk about their upcoming projects.
17:18 5/3/23
Get Out Of The Weeds & Act Like An Owner With Adriane Woodrum
Join Financial Coach at Business Development Resources, Adriane Woodrum, as she shares why owner involvement is always crucial in securing business financials.
19:45 3/15/23
Why Your Current Marketing Sucks With Brittany Murphy
Marketing strategies can dictate either a triumphant success of a business or a tragic waste of resources. The worst part is that most businesses with poor marketing decisions don’t realize they are doing something wrong until it’s too late! That’s why in this episode, Ryan Englin and Jeremy Macliver talk to Brittany Murphy, a Partner at One Thing Marketing. She explains how to revamp your website and reinvent your marketing by discussing the psychology behind it. Brittany also breaks down creative ways to promote your business to successfully convert your target market into loyal customers. Tune in and learn how to level up your current marketing tactics to yield the most desirable business results!
27:10 3/1/23
The WSR Is Your #1 Growth Tool With Bryan Kaplan
Everyone wants to drive their business to success. Good thing we have so many tools at our disposal that could help us achieve that. But what is the best one out there? In this episode, Bryan Kaplan of Construction Consulting shares his wealth of knowledge in explaining the number one growth tool that drives many organizations to success: the Weekly Status Review Meeting (WSR). He also reminds us that your people want to know that you have a plan for them, so set that roadmap. This episode is filled with buckets of wisdom on recruiting, onboarding, and retention, so tune in to know more!
23:47 2/15/23
Innovate Your Business In Two Steps With Carla Johnson
What really is innovation? And what does it take for an innovative idea to be formed? In today’s episode, Carla Johnson shares how a business can effectively innovate in two steps! Carla is a global keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and a recognized marketing and innovation strategist that has worked with Fortune 500 brands. Tune in and learn from the expert herself what it really takes to innovate today!
34:33 2/1/23
Steward Your Business To Growth With Justin Carrol
If business leaders take good care of their employees, they will most likely return the favor by performing at their best. This healthy reciprocation leads to a rewarding company culture and significant business growth. In this conversation with Justin Carrol of P1 Service Group, he discusses the importance of looking after your team even beyond the workplace. He talks about the power of bringing a sense of belongingness to your team, giving them a chance to voice their concerns and be more comfortable with their everyday tasks. Justin also shares how they hired a personal finance coach, a dietician, and a life coach to serve their employees, giving everyone additional knowledge and improving staff retention as well.
26:41 1/18/23
Working With And Not Against Each Other With Sue Dyer
Did you know that construction is the only industry in the United States that, for 53 years, has decreased in productivity points every year? That is happening because they tend not to depend on one another. Construction needs to be built in a high-trust environment if you want success. Join Ryan Englin as he talks to the author of the #2 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Book, The Trusted Leader, Sue Dyer. Sue is also the host of the Lead With Trust podcast, where she talks about high trust equals high performance. Learn why a trusting environment is crucial for success, especially in construction. Find out how you can change your mindset if you are afraid and don't trust your team. Know that it only takes one individual to change the whole environment. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
35:39 1/4/23
How To Be A Present Entrepreneur With Jordan Abaroa
Sometimes your business ends up consuming more time than you would like. It's hard to be a present entrepreneur – one that balances being an entrepreneur and a provider of the family. But it's not impossible. Finding time for those family vacations and those business meetings are key to a successful life. The most important impact that you will ever make will happen within the walls of your own home. Join Ryan Englin as he talks to the founder of The Present Entrepreneur, Jordan Abaroa about balancing work and family life. Jordan helps liberate entrepreneur dads who want to gain more time with their families. Learn why your value is not tied to money as the provider of the family. Discover how to use time blocking effectively so you can have energy throughout your day. Find out some key assets you need in both your business and personal life. Start being the best entrepreneur dad/mom out there today!
30:11 12/21/22
$50,000,000 Per Year In Revenue In Only 2 Hours Per Week With John Akhoian
The biggest myth in the home service industry is that owning your business is going to make you rich. That isn't the case because there are so many people that own their businesses and are far from being rich. Being a business owner is like being a generalist. You're doing payroll, running calls, doing estimates, and doing it all. You need to delegate some work to specialists that can do that. The key to growing your business is consistency. Don't do it once or twice, but actually become so consistent that you're doing it over and over and over again. How I Grew My Residential Service Company To $50,000,000 In 9 Years -
21:57 12/14/22
Keep 12% More Revenue With This One Trick With Kyle Hunt
Did you know that you can keep more revenue without changing prices or cutting costs with just one trick? Kyle Hunt says that the most important thing you can do for your business is knowing your numbers. By doing so, you can maintain up to 12% more of your profit than if you just kept your numbers up in the air. Kyle is the owner and podcast host of Remodelers On The Rise, where he coaches and trains remodeling contractors on how to generate more profit, understand the numbers, and make better decisions to win in the game of business. Tune in to his chat with host Ryan Englin and get practical tips and action items that can improve the way you do business and bump up your profits through better financial understanding.
30:00 11/30/22
Double Your Close Rates With Zac Garside
What if we told you the secret to doubling your close rates starts with that first phone call? That's right! Your business's customer service representatives have a bigger hand in crafting a positive customer experience and driving more sales than you think. Here to share his vast insight on the matter is Zac Garside, CEO of Power Selling Pros. Zac and his team have honed in on training CSRs to deliver a wow experience so that when the homeowner meets their technician, they cannot help but say yes. In this episode, he highlights the impact of customer service calls and shares tips on how to help your reps do their job well. Zac shares a ton of value in this episode, so grab your pen and take notes on what you need to do to improve your sales.
26:07 11/16/22
Date Your Clients With Mark Young
We all have relationships that we get into that require communication, setting expectations, and commitment and the employee-employer relationship is no different. Today's guest has identified parallels and creatively conceptualized a metaphor between dating and building client relationships. Mark Young is the CEO of Ryze Agency and author of Date Your Clients: Building Professional Equity from Life's Worst Personal Strikeouts. In this episode, he chats with host Ryan Englin about the essence of every human relationship and how understanding this can help your business. Mark shares that relationships, regardless of their context, follow predictable patterns. Using the concept of dating, he outlines practical strategies for engaging and communicating with clients to foster healthy and positive relationships. Listen in on their chat to learn all about it!
35:10 11/9/22
Inspiring Your Team To Connect With Your Mission With Tony Martignetti
If you want to inspire your team to work harder and better, you need to give them a mission that they align with. Make them know that they are creating meaningful work. No one wants to do something without any greater purpose behind that. As a leader, it's your job to want to make sure that you understand your people. Start having honest conversations with them because that is key to inspiration. Join Ryan Englin and Jeremy Macliver as they talk to Tony Martignetti, founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching. Listen in as they talk about how you can inspire your people as a business owner or leader. Know how you can have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Discover how you can give your employees a meaningful mission today!
29:53 10/26/22
Only 100 Pennies To Transform Your Culture With Alex Freytag
As a business owner, you want to create the best possible work culture for your employees. One way to do that is by being transparent on the financial side of things. Start educating your employees about the business and what makes and doesn't make a profit. Because when employees have the right information, culture just gets better on all fronts. Join Ryan Englin and Jeremy Macliver as they talk to Alex Freytag about sharing financial information to transform your culture and cultivate your workforce. Alex is the expert EOS implementer at EOS Worldwide. He is also the author of Profit Works, a book that teaches you how to maximize your company’s potential. Learn how to simplify incentive plans, improve profit, and develop culture. Start becoming a business leader of tomorrow!
29:39 10/12/22
Building a Team of Service Technicians Who Can Sell With Chris Fresh
If you're struggling to get more sales and want to increase your business's revenue and profitability, you've come to the right place. Joining us on today's episode to share tips on how to build a team who can sell and scale your business is Chris Fresh, Founder and CEO of The Plumbing Sales Coach. We will talk about things that transcend the service industry and will impact any business you have. From how to differentiate services, communicate with customers, create culture, and market your business, it all starts with having the right people. Listen to this episode and get ready to take some notes on different strategies you can use to grow your business.
26:29 9/28/22
Get Your Employees To Care As Much As You Do With Dane Sanders
We all know that not every job will be our dream job. But that doesn't mean we can't find ways to love our current jobs. But how can leaders help employees love theirs? That is what Dane Sanders, Co-Founder and CEO of Tell Me Your Dreams, speaks about today. Dane helps business owners build cultures their teams love. At Tell Me Your Dreams, Dane interrupts the burnout cycle by helping employees achieve their dreams and promoting self-discovery, personal responsibility, and meaning at work. In this episode, Dane talks about how leaders can become strong and awake and get employees to care as much as they do.
27:17 8/9/22
Old School Thinking is Causing Your People to Leave
Employee retention has always been an issue, and recruiters aren't solving the issue. The COVID-19pandemic only accelerated the retention problem that companies are facing today. So how can managers reduce unnecessary employee turnover? That's the question today's guest, Cara Silletto, will answer. Join Ryan Englin as he talks to Cara, the President & Chief Retention Officer of Magnet Culture. She helps reduce turnover by bridging generational gaps. The way people work has changed. Millennials are very different from the baby boomers. It’s a myth that they're lazy; they are leaving because managers are not communicating with them. Learn how to help solve the retention problem today!
35:03 8/3/22
The 5 P's Of An Amazing Business With Pete Mohr
There are a myriad reasons for business failure. As an entrepreneur, you have to acquire the knowledge and skills to run your business smoothly. Things are very unpredictable, and your plans may not succeed, but you still have to keep going. You must also be aware of factors affecting your products or services. What are the key elements of a successful organization? Join your host Ryan Englin as he dives deep into a conversation with Pete Mohr about the 5 Ps of an amazing business. It's time to equip yourself with strategies proven to scale your business up, reduce your frustration, and create more freedom!
27:54 7/20/22
Recruit Better & Sell Better With A Brand Story With Philip St. Jacques
The marketing and branding of your company impacts so much more than just sales. Marketing for existing customers, new customers, and technicians are all connected. In this episode, Philip St. Jacques of WorkWave explains the importance of building your brand story in the recruitment process. Join host Ryan Englin as he chats with Philip about why businesses should invest in marketing and branding and how advertising your culture externally help attract top talent into your organization.
22:17 7/6/22
Change Your Results With This Single Shift with David Taylor-Klaus
Work-life balance isn’t as simple as separating work from personal life. Balancing both aspects of your life would only be successful if you learn how to make them work together. David Taylor-Klaus shatters the very concept of work-life balance for us in this conversation with Ryan Englin. David discusses how a single shift in a leader’s mindset can lead to a series of changes in themselves and their employees that will benefit how they balance their work and their lives. Work culture is dependent on the company’s leader. Leaders make a huge impact by providing motivation. It is a chain of positivity. Listen in and learn how this shift takes place in practice!
28:02 6/22/22
Why Marketing Should Run Your Hiring Process With Jason Piasecki And Richard Witham
When talking about a company's hiring process, the HR department comes to mind. If you face some challenges when acquiring and retaining people, perhaps you need to try a refreshing strategy. Featured in this episode is Jason Piasecki, a Partner and the CEO of Revel. He discusses the benefits of letting marketers run your recruitment process. Joining him is Richard Witham of Motion Dynamics Corporation, who shares how Jason and his team helped them set up this unique hiring process. Together, the two talk about the fruits of their partnership and how they stay on top of the rapid workflow.
29:37 6/8/22
Attract Talent With The TikTok For HVAC With Aaron Salow
Finding and attracting good people in the trades is a challenge right now. New technology is emerging, and today’s guest has figured out how to use it to solve this problem. Aaron Salow is the Founder/CEO of XOi Technologies, which helps contractors overcome the skilled trades gap using tech and data. He joins Ryan Englin to explain the gap and how their tool enables you to solve the problem. Aaron talks about the importance of incorporating tech in trades and the value of hiring and training younger technicians to make sure your business endures the changing times. Stay tuned!
23:34 5/25/22
Blue Is The New White With Josh Zolin
It's no secret that there is a labor shortage in the trades and it’s no secret that a lot of the younger generation has turned away from it. There are so many things stacked against employers right now that make it a lot harder for them to make the next generation excited about getting into the trades. The CEO of Windy City Equipment, Josh Zolin, thinks this is mainly a result of the societal norms pushing the perception that blue-collar jobs indicate a lack of success. In his book, Blue Is the New White, Josh emphasizes how some of the most lucrative jobs out there are blue-collar jobs. Josh joins Ryan Englin in this episode to discuss how there is more than one path to a stable career and a great financial future. Success doesn’t always have to mean a college degree and Josh is here to clear that trade misconception.
27:03 5/11/22
Bulletproof Your Business With These Five People With Tersh Blissett
Without these five crucial people, you can’t bulletproof your business. Ryan Englin welcomes Tersh Blissett, the Founder of Service Emperor and Host of the Service Business Mastery Podcast. To make your business succeed, you need to have these five as your best friends: bookkeeper, insurance guy, lawyer, banker, and mentor. To make this strategy work, you need to have accountability. Take the time to check on them to see what they do daily. If you want to learn more about bulletproofing your business, you’d want to listen to this episode.
35:59 4/20/22
A Better Way To Pay Techs With Ellen Rohr
“If you got into the trade because you love the trade, then that is a big plus, but the money is a whole different ball game.” That’s one of the biggest things that Ellen Rohr learned after a long and fruitful career in the service business. Ellen went from a plumber’s wife to one of America's top experts on making big money, but the journey wasn’t easy. She got involved in her husband’s company after her husband’s partner died. Ellen thought she knew enough about business to run a plumbing company, which almost caused them to lose their business. Through the help of mentors, she was able to craft a sound business plan together. In this episode, she shares her tips to help you earn more money and grow your service company business. She also explains the things you should carefully consider when paying your techs. Listen in for some timeless wisdom and actionable business tips from one of the industry’s best!
40:22 4/6/22
Control Your Mindset And Control Your Cash With Rachel Marshall And Bruce Wehner
Sustainable business growth takes time and a lot of effort. You have to focus on the key concepts that are critical to your organization. How do you know what strategies you need to formulate and what areas to develop? In this episode, Rachel Marshall and Bruce Wehner, the founders of The Money Advantage, share the importance of solving the right problems through developing the mindset to achieve great things. Most business owners are looking at short-term goals, but you have to look at long-term plans to increase revenue. Tune in to know how to take control and build your wealth!
36:58 3/23/22
Trevor Rappleye: Improve Your Hiring With One Simple Video
Looking for creative ways to improve your hiring? This episode has the answers you need! Trevor Rappleye is the CEO of and He helps brands create inspiring monthly videos that drive sales, franchise development, and recruitment. Trevor joins host Ryan Englin to debunk myths owners have about creating marketing videos for their company. No, you don’t need a $100k budget or a professional film crew to get started. Tune in as he shares tips for creating recruitment videos to attract top talent.
26:16 3/9/22
Al Levi On Finding Great Techs... Is It Possible?
Is it possible to find great technicians these days? The short answer is yes! You just need to reach out in different ways. A lot of the techs today are Millennials and Gen Z and they will not do anything until they know why. Once you bring them in as an apprentice and teach them why they will be the best employees ever. Join your host Ryan Englin as he sits down with the CEO of The 7-Power Contractor, Al Levi. Al will talk about how to recruit and train apprentices. He will touch on the box org chart system and the power of process manuals. Learn how to staff up so that you can find great techs. Al always says, "You want to always be recruiting, always hiring, always orienting, always training, and always retaining.” Learn what it takes to recruit good talent today!
36:16 2/23/22
Partner For Growth - How Private Equity Can Increase Your Cash With Jesse Gee
D you want to increase your cash? Look for private equity partners. Ryan Englin & Jeremy Macliver welcome Jesse Gee, the Manager at G-K Industries. Jesse talks about how private equity partners give you access to capital. Plus, they bring a level of sophistication that drives your business to create better results. To make good partnerships, you need to have solid people and processes. If you want to learn more about how private equity can increase your cash, you may want to listen to this episode. Tune in!
33:25 2/9/22
Double Your Business With Only 30 Minutes Per Day Of Training With Austin Clark
Ryan Englin and Jeremy Macliver are back to hear some secrets from Austin Clark, CEO of Moxie Pest Control of Arizona, on how you can double your business with only 30 minutes of training per day. Moxie Pest Control has grown so much in the span of one year and is expected to double in value even further. Austin shares how luck and his work ethic transformed his view on business and what other factors affected his success. Curious about what he has to say? Tune in to find out.
20:37 1/26/22