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We aim to discuss topics relevant to professionals within the Hotel, Travel & Leisure sectors. Whether you are in a Revenue Management function, Reservations, Front Office Operations, Digital Marketing or Sales, we hope the topics discussed will be of interest and either answer some questions or prompt some more.


Price Optimisation: The What, The Why and The How (Demo Time!) 48:31 05/18/2022
Is The Hotel Revenue You Generated Making it to The Bank? 40:37 05/17/2022
Independent Hotels Can Blaze a Trail to The Commercial Strategy Role 34:42 04/20/2022
Who Are We: Userguest - in conversation with Hicham Benyebdri 30:13 04/13/2022
Hotel Forecasting in The New Normal - Has Anything Changed? 34:37 04/11/2022
Who Are We: Franco Grasso Revenue Team - in conversation with Franco Grasso 21:52 04/11/2022
Is Revenue Strategy Just a Pipedream for Most Hotels? 52:47 04/06/2022
Howsmyrate "Who Are We?" - In conversation with Kris Glabinski 24:31 03/31/2022
How Design Can Drive Revenue and Profitability in a F&B Outlet 34:40 03/29/2022
Value of Unified Decision Data for Revenue and Digital Marketing 42:32 03/28/2022
The Marriage of Revenue Management and Marketing 37:14 03/18/2022
Strategic Solution Partners "Who Are We?" - In Conversation with Bill and Jacqueline 22:00 03/16/2022
Thoughts to Drive Hotel Direct Bookings Both Now and Future 35:58 03/03/2022
Why the Way Hotels Forecast is Wrong and Outdated 43:04 02/10/2022
Thinking of Becoming a Revenue Management Consultant? 44:53 01/27/2022
Hotel Technology: Fear of Change or Fear of Missing Out 50:28 01/24/2022
Hotels Must Evolve Fast - It Will Be a Tough Future Otherwise 23:15 12/09/2021
Current State of Business Travel in the German Market and What Future Might Hold 44:11 12/08/2021
Marriott Branded Hotel? Tips and Advice to Drive Commercial Impact 31:10 11/30/2021
Hotel Benchmarking: Coffee Time Chat with Peter Brauer and Henrik Karlsson 39:17 11/09/2021
Let Us Be Clear Revenue Managers Do Not Create Demand 19:38 10/28/2021
Marketing Audit: Not Exciting But Crucial To Your Budget 30:16 10/26/2021
Meetings & Events: To Sell or Not Sell? Now That Is A Question! 35:59 10/20/2021
Get Predictive: Moving Beyond BI and Forward Looking Data 34:42 10/13/2021
Hotel Group Business: Where the RM and DoS Butt Heads Unnecessarily 20:01 09/20/2021
Why Hotel Marketing Needs to Move Beyond ROI and ROAS 43:15 07/30/2021
German Hotel Market Update, Group Business and Changing Compsets 44:15 07/15/2021
Beonprice and Juyo Analytics Announce Exciting New Partnership 21:40 07/14/2021
The Hotel Mindset: Is It More Like Nokia or Apple? 53:25 05/21/2021
7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them 58:43 05/13/2021