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How To Keep Your Customers Shopping (Even In A Recession)
Keeping customers coming back to shop with you is so much easier and cheaper than marketing to and attracting a constant stream of new customers.  In this episode, I'm sharing how you can dig in and really understand both your customers and the value you bring to them that will keep them shopping with you when they may be tightening their belts or limiting their spending.
37:27 09/23/2022
No Brainer Sales Strategies
If I told you the exact formula guaranteed to sell more products, would you implement it?   You're probably thinking "hell yeah", but I know the answer is, 99% of you won't.   But, I'm still going to share it anyway.   The only catch - you've got to let me know what you implement and the results you get.   Deal?   ps - I'll also share with you WHY you won't implement it, and it's got nothing to do with time or money. (send me a DM, email, or FB message - we read them all!)
35:31 09/15/2022
Scaling A Family Business Into Australia's Biggest Party Store - Dean Salakas
Want to know how to turn a family business into a multi-million dollar business, and the country's largest online store in your industry, well, that's the story you want to hear, right?  And doing it with NO outside investment - that's certainly an achievement. One that Dean Salakas is happy to share, so you can do it too. ** There are 9 strategies I use when helping retail/e-comm businesses move their stock fast so they can reinvest that money into new business. Head over to to know exactly what those 9 strategies are and how I use them.
58:20 09/08/2022
Why Your Staff Aren't Doing What You Want - Daniel Murray
You've been there, right? You've asked someone on your team to do a task, you come back and check...and it's not done. Why oh why won't people (aka, our staff) just do as they're asked? The fact is, you need your team. You can't grow without them. But if you've ever felt frustrated and like it's just easier to do things yourself, you NEED this podcast episode. For today’s Bringing Business To Retail podcast, Daniel Murray will help you understand why your staff do what they do. HINT: it's probably NOT the reason you think. He’ll show you a completely different perspective that builds an intentional culture for your staff to be the team player that you (desperately) need.
55:21 09/01/2022
Are Your Suppliers Doing This - Masha Titova
  Would you rather buy from a supplier who makes a lot of effort to send customers your way AND make it easier to sell their products...or one that just takes your money? If your suppliers aren't helping you grow, it might be time to move on and find new ones. Adaptability and profitability go hand in hand as the landscape changes for retailers and ecommerce store owners. So having the most suitable suppliers to help you is more important than ever. In this week’s episode, Masha and I discuss not only her journey with her luxury lingerie brand Titov, but how she's actively working with her retailers when it comes to marketing. Masha Titova is a Designer, Founder, and Consultant in the luxury retail space. After working for companies such as Marc Jacobs and Kanye West’s Yeezy Brand, she set off to create a luxury lingerie brand called TITOV. Her vision focuses on lingerie that is comfortable, but still sexy. Pulling from inspiration from her own life living in major cities, she’s able to cater to a unique customer with one-of-a-kind designs. During her time receiving her MBA, she began helping companies launch as well as joining the board of a non-profit, MPerfectly. In her spare time, she is a mentor at her alma mater and is a teaching assistant for Scott Gallaway’s new company, Section4.
57:57 08/25/2022
Decoding Gen Z - Kim Zorn
Born into the Internet era and raised on social media there's no denying Gen-Z will have a pivotal impact on the retail industry. In collaboration with the National Online Retailers Association, in this episode of Bringing Business To Retail, I'm joined by Kim Zorn the Global Performance Director at youth fashion label Princess Polly where we Decode Gen-Z. With a background in marketing and digital media in the UK, US, Asia, and Australia Kim oversees over 20 organic and paid media channels for Princess Polly and has been tasked with optimising and scaling existing channels whilst working on global expansion.
35:59 08/18/2022
A Natural Approach To Sales By Tapping Into Your Soul Language - Lisa Dadd
Do you struggle with how to sell your products? Do you find yourself giving discounts to people who don’t ask for them, or feeling like you HAVE to put in extra items when someone orders? I’m sure you’ve got great products, so imagine if you (and your team) could be sales ninjas AND be completely authentic. Find out how to tap into your Soul Language with Lisa Dadd.
50:33 08/11/2022
If You Haven't Done This Yet, I Guarantee You Are Losing Money
Wondering why your sales seem ok, BUT there seems to be less money in your bank account? Find out why and how to fix this fast.
35:54 08/04/2022
How To Put The Fun Back Into Your Business - Kris Ward
Ever felt like your business is not fun anymore? It's the reality for so many business owners once they get past those first 18 months - 2 years. I call this the "business honeymoon phase". Imagine if you could get to the spot where your business supported your life instead, of consuming it. Find out how in this episode. After the loss of her husband, Kris Ward returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist.  She was relieved that her business had not only survived her absence but was growing. Now, Kris has completely changed the landscape for entrepreneurs by sharing the successful practices that allowed her absence.  Kris is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy.  
48:03 07/28/2022
Easy Ways To Customise Your Marketing
Want tips on how to simplify your marketing? This is for you! In this episode, I'll take you behind the scenes as we work through the problems that retailers, just like you, are facing when it comes to maximising your marketing without having to maximise the time you spend on it. >> We're busy putting the finishing touches on not one but TWO huge events. TRA Live is coming to Melbourne in September 2022. We are beyond excited to be finalising our VIP packages and guest presenters. If you have a golden ticket you can book your space >> HERE
33:19 07/21/2022
I Pushed the Reset Button - Here's What It Looked Like
Getting Covid has been a game changer for me. It actually helped me push that reset button. It was scary but join me as I walk down memory lane and see how is it going so far.  >> We're busy putting the finishing touches on not one but TWO huge events. TRA Live is coming to Melbourne in September 2022. We are beyond excited to be finalising our VIP packages and guest presenters. If you have a golden ticket you can book your space >> HERE 
43:49 07/14/2022
How Developing Your Own Product Line Can Boost Sales - Nicole De Larzac
Nicole De Larzac is a product development and marketing coach who helps (predominantly female) entrepreneurs launch and scale their product based businesses. This makes her uniquely placed to share her experiences and knowledge around white labelled brands and introducing self-branded product lines that are guaranteed to boost sales and diversify your income streams. Without reinventing the wheel! The benefits to promoting your own branded products are significant and far reaching with benefits that reach far beyond boosting the sales within your business. If you've ever considered promoting your own branded products or need any kind of convincing your own product line is a great idea, you won't want to miss this episode. We're busy putting the finishing touches on not one but TWO huge events. TRA Live is coming to Melbourne in September 2022. We are beyond excited to be finalising our VIP packages and guest presenters. If you have a golden ticket you can book your space >> HERE
57:57 07/07/2022
Diversifying Your Income Streams - Guy Naselli
The key to creating wealth in your business is to minimise risk – discover this often-overlooked strategy that most business owners never use. Guy Naselli will let you in on one of my most favourite diversification strategies. Guy is a Director of NSL Property Group offering outstanding performance and productivity in all facets of the property including but not limited to, vendors, purchasers, landlords and prospective tenants. Guy understands the vital elements and relationship between performance, productivity and profitability for all parties in commercial real- estate transactions. >> You can reach Guy at >> We’re heading to Reed Melbourne on July 30-August 3. To grab you free retail strategy session, jump over to and book your place today.
40:01 06/30/2022
How To Create An In-store Shopping Experience With Your Ecommerce Store - Tim Bucciarelli
Online shopping has never been more popular. With its growth, customers are expecting more and more. One important aspect to look at is how can you translate an instore experience to the virtual world of shopping. In this episode, Tim Bucciarelli will be giving us tips on how we can let our customers feel like they are shopping instore but right in the safety of their homes. From the early days on an Apple IIe, to engaging in the nascent internet via AOL, to composing college papers on the first Apple Macintosh model, Tim has always been interested in technology and the ways it can make our lives more efficient, more entertaining, and more connected. His varied career path includes working in satellite communications, web development, specialty food and eCommerce business management. All of this informs the work he does today - helping businesses make the best decision for their eCommerce operations. When there's a fit between their needs and the services Tim offer, Tim starts on the journey of ensuring their digital technology investments by delivering the desired returns. >> We’re heading to Reed Melbourne on July 30-August 3. To grab you free retail strategy session, jump over to and book your place today. >> Check out our to get access to our stock management masterclass.
52:41 06/23/2022
Marketing Lessons I've Learned From Owning An Airbnb
I love properties. And I’m always on the lookout for my next one!  Just like with your products, putting up your business as an Airbnb needs some marketing to get noticed and booked. So let me share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned from my landlady adventures.  >>Here are the review tools I personally recommend, loox and okendo.  >>If you want to take a quick getaway, check out my beach house here.  >> We’re heading to Reed Melbourne on July 30-August 3. To grab you free retail strategy session, jump over to and book your place today.
36:38 06/16/2022
What Makes A Good Ecommerce Product Description - Christopher Melotti
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Have you tried asking yourselves why 5 times before buying a product? Why do I need this? Why do I want this? Why would it be helpful for me? Why am I attracted to this? Why will I spend my money on this? These are just sample questions that you can ask before purchasing something. And as business owners, sometimes we tend to forget this simple approach. By also asking these questions, we get to understand our customers better and be able to target them with better product descriptions. Christopher Melotti is a well-established and renowned Australian Content Marketing and Copywriting Professional who lives by the motto, "Continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show." Catch Christopher and Salena talk about how simplicity is key to understanding your customers and bridging your products to them! >> We’re heading to Reed Melbourne on July 30-August 3. To grab you free retail strategy session, jump over to and book your place today. >> Check out our shop page to get a copy of our business builder workbooks.
52:33 06/09/2022
What To Do When Your Sales Are Down
Sales is important in running your business.  But just like seasons, businesses go through cycles. Sometimes it’s up up up! Sometimes it’s down or just slooooow. I’ll be sharing some scenarios and quick tips as to how to tide you over the slow season. Come join me in this episode and keep on learning how to scale your store!
39:25 06/02/2022
Which of your little darlings should you kill off - Michelle Kvello
Michelle Kvello has a personal love of driving entrepreneur success because early her career she realized there was a need for founders to have access to good commercial and strategic financial support. Often the health and hygiene compliance work was sorted and they had the clever tax advisors involved, but the missing piece of the puzzle was the partnering support to help the business really grow. She is the founder of Lantern Partners with the vision of being that partner. Since its launch, they have worked with a range of companies, large and small, including traditional retail and ecommerce. Their specialty is helping businesses understand their financials, offering strategic and commercial finance advice, and providing hands-on support to ensure they achieve their goals. Growing a business is exciting! And it’s in those acceleration stages where she loves to work with founder CEOs to take their business to the next level. Let’s listen to Michelle as she advises us on how to keep our focus on growing your business and money altogether. Who doesn’t want money right?
50:50 05/26/2022
What's Your Number?
When starting out in business most people don’t have a big goal in mind. Instead they prefer to play it safe by staying small.  Before long they’ve convinced themselves their big goals are out of reach.  But what if I asked you to think BIG for a moment and tell me your magic number. The amount of money that would make you feel like you’d really made it in business. Would it be $500,000? $1,000,000? Maybe $50,000,000. You’re only limited by your imagination! In this episode we’re going to dive into how to find your magic number and what you need to do in your business to make it a reality. Here’s the secret: it’s not as hard as you might think. And it’s 100% achievable. Even if your dream number is crazy BIG! Don’t let playing small stop you from reaching your number. I can’t wait for you to join me.
09:05 05/19/2022
How Optimising This Tiny Part Of Your Website Can Make Millions​
This week's episode comes to you from NORA (the National Online Retailers Association). I'm joined by Paul Erskine, Head of Digital and Data Delivery for Strandbags Australia and Alex Luscombe, Head of Customer Success at We don't often get to see behind the scenes of enterprise-level retail businesses and as independent retailers, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking the big end of town has all the answers. This panel discussion sheds light on the fact that no matter what size your business is, retailers are all going through the same problems. In this episode, we discuss what's working in eCommerce and what's not. How to test and measure, what metrics are the most successful. I know you'll come away from this episode with at least one little tip you can take away and implement in your business and start seeing results from, right away. >> We're heading to Reed Sydney in April. To grab your free retail strategy session jump over to and book your place today.
66:42 03/30/2022
Why Your Shopify Isn't Converting Like It Used To - Anna Tillotson
If you operate your eCommerce store through Shopify it's a given you'll have questions about the rollout of the new Shopify 2.0 upgrade. Do you need it? What will it do? How do you do it? How long will it take? And most importantly will it improve my business? In this episode, I'm joined by Anna Tillotson from Shopify design and build agency, House Of Cart. Together we'll walk you through everything you need to know about upgrading to the new Shopify platform and the enormous benefits it will have for your business. For more click here
38:01 03/23/2022
Where Has All My Money Gone?
Retail can be a lonely business and in my experience the people who move their business forward, scale, grow and become hugely successful are those who have a bunch of people in their corner. In this episode I'm taking you behind the scenes of one of 1:1 clients coaching calls so you can see what happens when people surround themselves with other people and start taking action - not just thinking about it! Growing is not done alone and I'm super pleased to be able to help you on your journey. If you're in Australia and heading to the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney jump on over to and book a 1:1 strategy session with me or one of my team to talk about how you can get clear on what you need to scale and grow your retail business. For more click here
55:11 03/17/2022
To Do Something Great You'll Have To Leave Something Average Behind
It's no secret being an entrepreneur can help you connect with some amazing people. However, it can also be really hard on friendships. People you used to confide in and connect with suddenly have no idea what you do, they question your choices or are threatened by your success or income. When your business becomes tightly intertwined with your private life it can feel like nobody really shares the same interests as you anymore. Before you know it life has become very lonely. In this episode I'm sharing how my friendships and personal connections have changed over the years I've been in business, some steps I recently took to put myself back in the friendship game and how I've come to realise to do something great you sometimes have to leave something average behind. I can't wait for you to join me! For more click here
21:44 03/10/2022
How I Increased My Revenue By 50% In 12 Hours
If you're most like business owners who have built a team around them you'll have staff or contractors to deliver key outcomes for many of your business pillars. Perhaps you have a bookkeeper or accountant, you probably have a team of sales staff, and maybe work with a buyer or agent to source your stock. However, for lots of retail CEOs Marketing is your self-appointed domain. Whilst you can balance your two roles you're undoubtedly saving yourself the expense of two wages. But how much is your business losing when you suddenly find you don't have time to complete all those marketing tasks you have on your plate? In this week's episode, I'm sharing an experience I had recently that enlightened me to just how much money I was missing out on by not bringing on extra staff to help me and the rest of our team deliver some very important KPIs and how I worked to bring on new staff before I could afford it. For more click here 
40:20 03/03/2022
Dealing With Customer Conflict
In this episode Nate Regier, CEO, co-founder and owner of global leadership advisory firm Next Element, shares with me how conflict doesn't have to be a negative experience but an opportunity to take the energy missing between what your customer wants and what they're experiencing and use it to create more positive interactions. Stick around til' the end to hear me doing some Angry Customer roleplaying!   For more click here
44:44 02/24/2022
If You Don't Want To Sell, Then Its Time To Close Your Business
How many times in the past month have you gone browsing for things you don't actually want to buy? Probably not many. The reality is when consumers go shopping they generally have a problem they need solving and though they may not know exactly what it is that will do that, if they're putting the energy into finding a solution they're going to get their money out if they find it. In this episode, I'm exploring why it is retailers are continuously telling me they hate selling to their customers and how their fear of taking other people's money is stopping their business from thriving. If you're ready to go from salesperson to solutions person and nail your sales targets you'll want to join me. For more click here
23:52 02/17/2022
This Is Why You're Not Hitting Your Revenue Targets
I'm guessing you've often asked yourself how you can make more money. But have you ever asked yourself why you're not making the kinds of sales or generating the levels of revenue you need to make your business truly successful? You probably believe the answer lies in simply increasing your social media traction or aiming for a bigger marketing budget - after all, that's what all the big guys are doing. In this episode I'm sharing why neither of those strategies are a magic fix and what will actually help you hit your revenue goals. Tune in to discover more about busting out of poor shopkeeper mode and what actions you need to take to really boost your sales. For more click here
28:29 02/10/2022
Opportunity or Shiny Object?
The start of the year is always a flurry of exciting new ideas; goal setting, planning, list-making, and if you're a good CEO it will also involve eliminating things out of your business that just aren't working for you. When you clear out the old, you open yourself up to new opportunities. But how do you know if those opportunities are going to help you transition or grow? Or if they are just another bright shiny thing to distract you from the real work you need to be doing? In this episode, we're digging into the most effective ways you can assess new opportunities and make sure you invest time and energy into those that are going to bring you closer to your goals. For more click here
33:22 02/03/2022
How To Generate Hot Traffic - Chase Clymer
What happens when you spend your day doing something you love but it just doesn't bring in enough to pay the bills and put food on the table? In this episode, I'm joined by designer and digital marketer, co-founder of Electric Eye Agency and the former bass player from the band City Lights, Chase Clymer. Using his creative experiences Chase has become an expert in helping eCommerce brands scale and grow and market to their dream customers. Join me as we chat about building the perfect marketing funnel based on attraction and conversion and why ignoring your customer pillar will stop you from going next level with your marketing. For more click here 
54:56 01/27/2022
This Is Why You're Losing Customers To Competitors
Nobody wants to think their customers are shopping with someone else, especially after all the time and effort you've put into attracting them to your store. But the reality is, they probably are. Promoting that you are unique or offer great customer service or stock only quality products simply isn't enough to cut it in today's competitive market. You need to be offering something with more impact if you want to attract and keep a loyal customer base. In this episode, I'm sharing why your customers are shopping with your competition and the number one thing you need to do be doing differently to stop it from happening. For more click here
19:29 01/20/2022