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As Australian women in business, we struggle with a lack of support or connection with others sharing our same journey. We need to debrief with other female entrepreneurs who get what running a business is like. Fridays at wine o'clock join fellow female entrepreneurs Mikala, Gemma and Dora as they speak about strategies of running a business, life, levelling-up and feeling empowered. But, most of all, keeping it real. If you're an Australian female entrepreneur, then this is the podcast for you.


Ep: #87 Building Business Relationships
Business relationships have the transformative potential to shape your success in ways you can't afford to ignore. Here's the truth, collaboration equals power. Because with support, your business can take advantage of crucial opportunities that might otherwise slip through your grasp. Join the inspiring entrepreneur Olivia Carr alongside the dynamic Gemma as they dive into the incredible potential of solid business relationships. And how they can propel your business to unprecedented heights.
42:48 11/24/23
Ep #86: Understanding the Real You
Do you get frustrated with yourself? And with those around you? It maybe because there are parts of you that you haven't gotten to really know and understand. What if you could get to really know yourself? And lean into and embrace your uniqueness? In this episode Amy Pettingill and Dora chat about how we are all unique and how beneficial it is to understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves and how we are different strengthens our connection to self, personal lives, business/career, our whole life.
22:58 11/17/23
Ep #85: Navigating Eco-Shame
In this episode, we delve into a topic that can affect many of us deeply: eco-shame. Join Mikala as she chats with Sustainable Living Facilitator, Milca Perez, to explore the complex emotions surrounding our efforts (or lack thereof) to protect the environment. We tackle questions that help us understand why we feel this shame, how to overcome it, and ways to transform this guilt into actionable change.
49:32 10/27/23
Ep #84: How to Become Fadeproof
Join Mikala as she chats with Professional Communicator and Personal Stylist, Suzy Cooper, and they delve into the concept of becoming "Fadeproof" and how to regain confidence in your personal style.
55:53 10/18/23
Ep #83: Writing with Confidence
Have you ever been faced with a white page, too nervous to write? Or maybe you dread writing that you don’t even attempt it, sending it to the end of the to do list? What if you could write confidently, how would that feel?
23:05 9/29/23
Ep #82: LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity for Business
In this episode, we dive deep into the world of LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in businesses. Our special guest, Liv Hogarth, is a passionate advocate and expert in fostering inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and respected. We explore what it truly means to have an LGBTQIA+ inclusive business and why it's not just a buzzword but a genuine commitment to equality and respect. Liv sheds light on common misconceptions and why inclusivity is vital for businesses of all sizes.
53:41 9/15/23
Ep #81: What's in a Name? Naming Your Brand for the Long Game
Naming your business can be a real pain in the neck. It's tough because you want something that stands out, sticks in people's minds, and rolls off the tongue. We get it. Join Mikala and Bec Hughes in this episode and pick up some handy tips for naming your business.
62:31 9/1/23
#80: Failure & Change
When staring failure straight in the face, it can be terrifying, with all your hard work down the drain. But what if there was a way to look at things differently, and actually turn it around into something that feels lighter and more positive? In this episode Dora chats to Nicki Trappitt where they talk about how to overcome failure in business to start again.
26:43 8/18/23
#79: Living the Laptop Lifestyle with Sally Watson
Have you ever dreamed of taking your business and family on the road? So many of us start our businesses so we can experience the freedom and the ability to choose when, how and where we want to live and work. In this episode Mikala chats with Career and Business Coach, Sally Watson, who took the leap and travelled around Australia for six months in a caravan with her husband and kids, while still running a successful business.
38:55 8/7/23
#78: Business and Parenting with Kate Toon
It can feel relentless trying to run a business and be a parent. It may like feel your neglecting your business or not paying enough attention to your partner and kids. But is such a thing as being a good parent and running a successful business? Kate Toon definitely thinks so and chats with Dora about her business journey, parenting and that dreaded parent guilt. She ask talks about how to talk to kids about your business, and what not to say. They talk about why there are never enough hours in the day along with setting business hours and expectations. Tune into this episode and learn how to run a successful business whilst being a good parent.
30:31 7/21/23
#77 Stop Wasting Money in Business
Are you assessing where you’re spending money in your business? If not, you could be making the mistake of wasting money. Discover how constraint and comparison play a huge part in overspending money. If you want to save money in your business, this episode is for you.
27:26 7/7/23
#73: Master Your Business Finances
Join Mikala and seasoned profit and wealth guru, Ruth King, as they delve into the world of business finances. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your own side-hustle, understanding and taking control of your business finances is crucial for long-term success.
39:22 6/23/23
#75: Is AI Writing Smart-ificial?
Your guide to everything ChatGPT and what it can really do for your business.
28:03 6/9/23
#74: Managing Grief and Business
Grief sucks. There’s no doubt about that. It’s a challenging emotion to feel and can completely cripple you. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve still got your business to run. In this episode, you’ll discover tips on how to navigate grief while running your business. So you can give yourself grace and space while still managing your business.
29:15 5/26/23
#73: Building Resilience in Business
Resilience means coming back. It’s like an elastic band. No matter how far you stretch it, it will always come back. And it’s the key to being a successful entrepreneur. Join Mariam El Houli and Gemma, and they discuss what resilience is and how to build it so you can run a successful business.
27:31 5/12/23
#72: Managing Curveballs and Business
Life throws things at us that we can’t control. As business owners, we need to figure out how things will happen in our businesses if we can’t be in them. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dora, Gemma and Mikala, who’ve had many curveballs thrown at them in the past year. They all had to pivot, plan and reshuffle without sacrificing their businesses. Learn what happened and how they pivoted and still managed to run their businesses.
30:20 5/3/23
#71: Living Your Best Life with Natalie Moore
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and just going about living life, without truly being happy? That can be a thing of the past when you tune into who you are, what stage of life you are at and truly connect with yourself.
21:04 4/14/23
#70: Weightloss and Business with Corinne Crabtree
Believe it or not, weight and business struggles have many little-known similarities. But in this episode, you’ll discover secrets that will support the growth of your business so it feels healthier. Join Gemma, Mikala and special guest Corinne Crabtree as they discuss the parallels between successful weightloss and business strategies.
46:58 3/17/23
#69: The Wisdom of Horses with Pam Poole
Horses (or any pet for that matter) can be beautiful, non-judgemental, steadfast creatures. They can provide us with non-judgmental love and acceptance and teach us a lot about relationships and ourselves. In this episode, Mikala chats with Life Coach and Equine Assisted Learning practitioner Pam Poole, about the ways in which we can learn so much about ourselves through our interactions with our pets.
52:31 3/1/23
#68: Clean Living with Karen Tan
Do you wonder what’s in the products you use and the effect on your health, mood, and body? Did you know many toothpastes contain sugar and our bodies are absorbing that every time we brush our teeth? In this episode, you’ll learn about the effects toxins have on your health, immunity, skin, and mental health. And how to start living a cleaner (or low tox) life for improved health, mind and of course business outcomes. You’ll also hear from Karen how her health improved dramatically after removing toxins from her environment and how she started with baby steps.
24:49 2/22/23
#67: Turning Imposter Syndrome into Your Super Power
As women in business we're all too familiar with that little voice in the back of our heads. You know the one: "You shouldn't be here..." "What do you know?" "You're not good enough!" In this episode Mikala chats with Business Mindset Coach, Christine Corcoran, about how we can embrace this voice and use it to our advantage. They also talk about self-care routines, CEO rituals and the beauty of embracing failure in your business. This is not an episode to be missed!
54:18 2/3/23
#66: The Alchemy of Business
We’re all a work in progress, both in our lives and our businesses. Business was traditionally built on the patriarchy with a strong focus on the what and the how. As female business owners, if we can tap into our feminine energy and focus on the why then we can become truly connected to what we do. And when you believe in what you do, believe in the change you want to see and believe in who you can help. You never need to sell – you just speak your truth and organically attract clients Join Mikala and special guest Laura Belcher as they discuss the secret to feeling calm, focused and in integrity with your business.
55:01 1/27/23
Special Episode: Discover Your True Voice
Join the Work Wife Wine Time family as we go back in time and revisit one of our first episodes in memory of Gemma's cousin and special guest, Angela Lumicisi, who recently lost her brave and difficult battle with breast cancer. In this episode Gemma chats with Angela about how she used the COVID lockdowns to launch a new business and help women discover their true voice and communicate with confidence.
31:29 1/20/23
#65: Business With Kindness
Do you spend a lot of time online? Mindlessly scrolling while your life and time floats away? Are you finding your mood and vibe isn’t what it used to be, or what it could be? In this episode you’ll learn how to look after yourself and others online. We spend a lot of time online so using it with boundaries and mindfulness is key for self-care. Learn all the tips and tricks during this episode with Marie Nadal Sharma from Friendly Digital.
24:17 12/9/22
#64: Burnout and Stress
In this episode you’ll the difference between burnout and stress. What good stress is? And what tools can help with managing stress and giving us a sense of calm and peace. Bianca McKee shares for 4 Ps: purpose, play, passion and peace and how these can energise your life and business. There’s even a free meditation to help you feel grounded and calm.
27:49 11/25/22
#63: Sanity Saving Systems
Clients – tick! Income – tick! Time and space to breathe, plan and scale your business… Not so much! In this episode Mikala speaks with Systems Implementation Engineer, Khadirah Muhammad about ways in which we can use systems, automation and technology to give ourselves the precious gift of time in our businesses.
46:53 11/11/22
#62: Your Cycle, Your Business
In this episode you’ll learn more about your cycle and how that affects your life and in turn your business. It’s important to know when to pause, and when to hit go so you can effectively grow your business. Awareness of your cycle can really help with this.
24:28 10/28/22
#61: Honour Your Clients & Yourself
Serving clients in an online environment (in this new COVID-altered world) provides certain challenges for body work therapists and practitioners. In this episode Mikala chats with Dana Dobrota, a body psychotherapist, about how therapists and practitioners can explore the online world and provide a valuable lighter-touch support service for clients while still ticking all the clinical and duty of care boxes. We also talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves while still serving our clients and businesses.
46:28 10/7/22
#60: Owning Your Creative Process
Your creative process is unique to you, your business and your clients’ needs.
25:01 9/28/22
#59: Business With Menopause
Menopause is something all women experience. But have you ever wondered how it might affect you in your business? You can experience energy level shifts, mood changes and lethargy. In this episode, join Gemma and Melissa MacGowan as they discuss how to navigate menopause and your business.
37:56 9/2/22

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