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The LoCo Experience is produced and sponsored by LoCo Think Tank - and sometimes others! Our mission is to uncover as much business education as possible while getting to know the founders and leaders of amazing organizations. You'll feel like you really know our guests after each episode, and if we're doing our job well, you'll learn business principles and tips from them along the journey and be both inspired and entertained. Episodes feature a range of local and regional business and community leaders as guests in a conversational interview format. The more interesting the journey, the better the experience!


EXPERIENCE 82 | Seth Silvers on Podcasts
Seth is the Founder and Owner of Story On Media and Marketing.We went over industry analytics, best practices, and how to create a podcast as a small business. Seth also shared about the podcast movement conference where he interviewed Mark Cuban as moderator for one of the big keynote sessions!If you're interested in the podcast industry, you will learn a lot and Seth has a lot of insider knowledge of that industry. So tune in and enjoy!Check out Story On Media and Marketing💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
96:33 09/26/2022
EXPERIENCE 81 | Tom Lucero on Politics
Tom Lucero is a political consultant and he's formed an organization that helps aspiring leaders of any political persuasion. They go through a leadership journey thats prepares them for the field of politics.Tom grew up in a longtime political family. His grandfather was the head of the democratic party in New Mexico. Tom was actually one of the first conservative people to come out of his family! Tom has been a part of a number of businesses, including a couple of startups that just about got to the finish line, we'll say.  You learn as much from failure sometimes as you do from success! In this episode, you'll learn especially a lot about how politics in Northern Colorado work.💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
138:42 09/19/2022
ANNOUNCEMENT | We're now including video!!
We have revamped our recording studio to record videos! Subscribe and watch the video recording of episodes on our YouTube Channel: The LoCo Experience💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
02:26 09/14/2022
EXPERIENCE 80 | Allison Seabeck, Executive Director of The Warehouse Business Accelerator
Allison is a returning guest from the first season, (# 41), where she shared her journey in becoming President of Prosci, and eventually, Executive Director of the Warehouse Business Accelerator.  In this episode she shares more about her (and Prosci's) area of specialty, change management, and she shares an abundance of tips and best practices in that field.And...we talk about her journey of becoming a LoCo facilitator.  Allison has recently become a facilitator for the Next Level Catalysts chapter; she shares more about peer advisory and her why in that area and her passion for connection and collaboration.  Allison's a great gal, love to have her on any time - I learn so much - and so please enjoy my latest conversation with Allison Seabeck.💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
79:00 09/09/2022
BONUS #6 | August 2022 Blog - Where Do You Get Your Energy From?
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
18:47 09/09/2022
EXPERIENCE 79 | Tom Tonkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Sales Conservatory
Want to be better at sales? - give this one a listen!  Tom Tonkin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sales Conservatory, and he also has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior.   Tom takes us through a true-life tale of growing up the son of a diplomat in various South American countries and how he started getting into music - which at one time, he planned as a profession.In this episode, we talk a lot about sales principles, and his marriage of the principals learned in sales and music at the Sales Conservancy.  We talk also about his influences and experiences that led him to believe their sales training approach at Sales Conservancy would get better results, and the research he's done to back it up. We get into plenty of faith, family politics conversation along the way, and Tom shares a lot of principles that our listeners are looking for when it comes to how can we better connect with others.  How can we help them?  How can we understand them? And more especially how can we be sincere?  Tom's research took him deep into sincerity versus authenticity and spoiler alert - sincerity wins out!  Look for Tom's book coming out soon, titled Sincerely Yours, and thanks Tom for being on the show and I hope you all enjoy this program.
150:14 09/05/2022
Experience 78 | Daniel Treat - Photographer, Philosopher and Video Creator
Daniel Treat is a photographer and video creative working with Nexus International.  Daniel and his wife were my wedding photographers, and he's lived a very interesting life, recently returning from the Republic of Georgia, where he spent a portion of his growing up years - and was briefly a national TV star during his youth!  This episode is a thoughtful one, with lots of learning on culture and philosophy and the journey of life.  Tune in and enjoy this conversation with Daniel Treat! 💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
116:37 08/29/2022
Experience 77 | Joshua Emery, Co-Owner of Emery Counseling
Josh Emery is a Therapists, Coach, and Co-Owner of Emery Counseling in Fort Collins. Emery Counseling offers a variety of counseling specialists in Northern Colorado. We talk about Josh's journey, which included a career focused on finance and then developed into Emery Counseling. We also discuss the topics of mental health, wellness, clarity, values, and focus.I had a great time during this podcast, so tune in and I hope you enjoy it!
119:00 08/22/2022
Experience 76 | Tim Washburn, Founder and Owner of Integrity Technologies and Computer Doctors
Tim Washburn is the Founder and Owner of Integrity Technologies and Computer Doctors. He has an inspiring story about pursuing a life of entrepreneurship and becoming a technology leader in our community. We talk about Bitcoin and the evolution of cryptocurrencies in our economy. Tune in for a great conversation and I hope you learn something new!*Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality is lower. We apologize, but it's still a great listen!  💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
92:56 08/15/2022
EXPERIENCE 75 | Brian Bauer, Founder & Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation
Brian Bauer is the Founder and Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation here in Fort Collins. The Abundance Foundation is a nonprofit that supports men and women in rehab or programs to engage sober living.This is a story of Brian's own path into dependence on alcohol and his inspiration for the company. We discuss personal topics like substance abuse and he has a strong message to be heard.Brian can be a role model to anyone who struggles with some sort of addiction, so I hope you'll tune in and enjoy it!  💡Learn about LoCo Think TankThe Abundance Foundation Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
135:55 08/08/2022
EXPERIENCE 74 | James "Pigeon" Fielder, CSU Political Scientist, Game Designer, and Crisis Consultant
James Pigeon Fielder, a longtime Military Intelligence Veteran now serving as a Political Science Professor at Colorado State University. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of Mobius Worlds Publishing.  We discuss the essentials of crisis management and the conflicts happening in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the larger Middle East. We also learned a little bit about the role playing games industry. This is a fun conversation with a highly intelligent and interesting man. Tune in and I hope you love it.💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
137:45 08/01/2022
BONUS #6 | July 2022 Blog - Liberty from Liberty
In this month's blog, I’ll be examining recent global events, and local truths, and boiling down a topic I’ve written about many times before.  Liberty - freedom plus virtue. Not the freedom to do what you like, the freedom to do what is good.  The big philosophical question since Aristotle has been “what is good?”  And there are a lot of differing opinions about the answer these days. But I’m here to find common ground, and discuss how we can best know what is good, and that starts with the perspective and feedback of others, because none of us can be good alone on an island.  Well maybe we could be good alone on an island, but that would be because there are no other people there - tempting us, or making us jealous, or stealing our food or our mate…but I digress, and I hope you’ll read on.💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
12:01 07/29/2022
EXPERIENCE 73 | Ginger Graham, Owner of Ginger and Baker
Ginger Graham is the Owner of Ginger and Baker. They are one of the finest cafes in town that also serves as a steakhouse and bakery. Our conversation journeys through a high-impact career that culminated in her becoming CEO of a medical product company known as Advanced Cardiovascular Systems. We then discuss her transition moving to Fort Collins and building her own cafe. Ginger is a highly intelligent, remarkably humble, and incredibly kind person. She can be an inspiration to many young women in the world, so I hope you'll tune in and learn something new! 👋🏻 Check out Ginger and Baker on: Instagram Facebook🥧Learn more about Ginger and Baker💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
116:09 07/25/2022
Experience 72 | Zach Schroeder, Co-Owner of Poudre Sports Car LLC
Zach Schroeder is the Co-Owner of Poudre Sports Car LLC, which has been is business for over 50 years now! They specialize in European sports cars and Zach is a master Porsche technician and a race driving trainer. We talk about Zach's childhood and how he developed his passion for sports cars, working with his father at a young age. We also talk about the origins of the company, challenges he went through, and go into some personal topics as well. Zach has a an inspiring story about taking over his fathers business and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did! Learn more about Poudre Sports Car LLC 💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
107:39 07/18/2022
EXPERIENCE 71 | Kathryn Higgins, Founder & Silencia Cox, CEO of Motherlove Herbal Company
 Kathryn Higgins and Silencia Cox are the Founder and CEO, of Motherlove Herbal Company. They create organic products for herbal remedies, specifically for pregnancy and breastfeeding. We talk about Kathryn's early inspiration for her business, combining her father's medical background and her mother's herbal background. We also discuss the funding, how you get something like this going, and what the values and principles are of the company. These two are an inspiring pair of women and I really appreciated having them on the podcast today. Tune in and I hope you learn something new! 
91:48 07/11/2022
BONUS #5 | June 2022 Blog - Are You Speakin' My Language?
In this month’s blog, I’ll be examining communication habits – both my own and those I see in others – and unfolding what I find and understand as best practices.  The title that came to me this month is Are You Speakin’ My Language, and I’m going to hone in especially on:How can we best ensure clear understanding in our daily communications and interactions?What are the essential elements of clear agreements? – How can we have not only understanding but also commitment to a mutually beneficial outcome?
14:32 07/06/2022
EXPERIENCE 70 | Patrick & Janay Soukup, Soukup Real Estate Services, Olympic Medalist
Patrick is the Owner of Soukup Real Estate, a real estate firm here in Fort Collins and Janay is a two time Olympian with a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. We talk about Patrick's journey in real estate investment management and his business Soukup Real Estate. We also discuss Janay's experience in the Olympics and illustrate the challenges she went through.  They have an inspiring story about hard work and building relationships in life. I had a a great time with these two and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 
109:55 07/04/2022
EXPERIENCE 69 | Ann Hutchison, President & CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
Ann Hutchison is the President and CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, which advocates for business solutions in our community. Ann graduated from UNC with a communications degree and a speech degree.  We discuss what the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce does and how they catalyze positive change for businesses.  We also go over topics like talent development, transportation, and leadership in Fort Collins. Ann is great understander of complex challenges and also an inspiration to every young leader, especially young woman. I really enjoyed my conversation with Ann, so I hope you'll tune in and enjoy! 
63:09 06/27/2022
EXPERIENCE 68 | Beth and Peter Bostwick, Founders of Ready Touch, You Can Choose, & Mainn
Peter and Beth are the Founders of, You can Choose, Ready Touch, and their newest venture, Mainn, is a business connection software device. Ready touch was their first and most successful business so far and it was a software company that scaled up over the period of 10 years. You Can Choose is a book and a philosophical pathway for entrepreneurs to really understand themselves. They have a great journey and you're gonna see a couple of just smart hardworking people that took a lot of time and a lot of effort to build something really spectacular.
113:24 06/20/2022
EXPERIENCE 67 | Clint Jasperson, Wealth Advisor and Partner of Purpose Driven Wealth at Thrivent Financial
Clint's the Co-Owner of Purpose Driven Wealth at Thrivent. They have three offices, in Windsor Colorado, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Durango Colorado.During our conversation we talk a lot about building a business in the financial services industry. What I found interesting is that Clint has built a team of advisors that work together but they also compete against each other, as well as the general marketplace. We also talk about Clint's life during college and the things he struggled with while growing up. During his youth, he went through the tragedy of loosing his father which made him become the kind of leader he is today. It's a wide ranging conversation and we talk about all kinds of things from economics to faith, to the best financial practices. There's a lot here for everybody, so I hope you'll tune in and enjoy this episode with Clint Jasperson.
159:30 06/13/2022
EXPERIENCE 66 | Jeremiah Klingman, E-commerce Expert and Co-Founder of Roam & Tribe Fitness
Jeremiah is a relatively recent transplant to the Fort Collins area from relatively rural Maine, where he developed a couple of businesses with partners.  So he's an e-commerce veteran.And so he's looking for his next adventure as he's become a real estate investor and interested party in crypto markets and different things.  we go through his whole business journey, what it takes to create an e-commerce business,  and starting with when he was really a high school student hustling, um, buying things for cheaper than he thought he could sell them for and lots and things.And then eventually realizing that. The proper margin that he would need to build an enterprise. He needed more margin. And so, building a brand became his focus. And so, uh, there was several attempts, some failures, but a couple of big successes. Jeremiah is under 30 years old. I can't remember his exact age, but he's a very young man and has a couple of successful exits already under his belt.And you'll learn a lot and really enjoy time with an interesting and personable young man. So I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.
112:09 06/06/2022
EXPERIENCE 65 | Aaron Everitt, Real Estate Expert, Entrepreneur, and Philosopher
My guest on today's episode was Aaron Everitt, a long time friend of mine, a realtor in Northern Colorado, as well as the founder of InMotion and the owner of a delivery service provider here regionally. And so this is Aaron's third time on the podcast and it's because we just enjoy each other's company and conversation and having philosophical discussions.And so we talk about. About a lot of things. We talk about literature, the evolving world of education. Uh, we talk about the legacy project, which is a project that his father initiated that he supported, um, really teaching civics in a different way, kinda to local leaders. Um, we talk about real estate, of course, um, particularly the difference between.Developing and doing business in Wyoming, particularly Sarah did Wyoming versus Fort Collins. And, uh, we also talk about interest rates and catching up to the home market. If you're a first time buyer or somebody just getting qualified in a hot market like today, um, we spend some time on the misinformation board that had been announced at that time and not yet shut down, uh, as well as talking about.But could that he released a couple of years ago, um, careless in the care of God. And so it's a wide ranging conversation. Um, it's a long conversation and we, uh, enjoy each other's company as well as some fine bourbon. So hope you enjoy and tune in. Thanks.
110:00 05/30/2022
BONUS #4 | May 2022 Blog - Relationship Vitamins
This month, I’m reflecting on a pair of conversations I’ve enjoyed recently on The LoCo Experience podcast, with a pair of married couples - Miles and Val Kailburn of Old Town Media, and Wally and Miriam Veigel of Wally’s Speed Shop.  Interestingly, in both cases the business was started by one of the partners, and as it grew and needed more support - the other partner joined the business and helped take things to the next level.  Both pairs exhibit strong relationships made even stronger through the galvanization of a business journey, and shared joy in having created an enterprise to be proud of.  Now, I’m sure they’ve had their challenges, and perhaps like myself and my honey bear, have sought professional assistance in repairing a strained relationship.  And there is no judgment in it - in fact I think it’s smart and wise to know when you need help.  However, the notion on my mind this month is not so much intervention when there is something broken, but prevention of relationships being strained - an ounce of prevention instead of a pound of cure, as the old saying goes.  Relationship Vitamins is my title this month, and I’ll be exploring the small habits we can build to prevent straining our most important relationships - at home, at the office, at school, and everywhere.  
10:49 05/27/2022
EXPERIENCE 64 | Miles and Vallene Kailburn, Founders and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Old Town Media
My guest on today's episode were Miles and Vallene Kailburn, Founders and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Old Town Media located in Fort Collins. Old Town Media is the company that built my first website for my food trailer.  Bear's backyard grill way back at the beginning of LoCo Think Tank.They've come a long way. We didn't really get into it, but they've won so many awards like Top 200 private companies, Top 100 women-owned companies, Best of Colorado, and many more, as well as a lifetime of service through Rotary Club, and volunteer boards.We talk about their families growing up, where some of their motivations came from, their technical skills, both non-college graduates, and how they built their skills the old-fashioned way.We get into the full journey here and learn a lot about their style of marketing and who they really try to support and how they do it. It's more than just a marketing agency. It's really becoming a consultancy about business practices, supply chain, revenue enhancements, and product offerings.Old Town Media is one of our anchor media companies here in Fort Collins. And I was really honored to spend this time with Val and Miles. We've been Rotarians and even exchange student hosts at the same time. So it was nice to reconnect with these two and you can hear that we're having fun.So I hope you'll join in and listen and learn.
110:45 05/23/2022
EXPERIENCE 63 | Wally and Miriam Veigel, Owners of Wally’s Speed Shop
Wally and Miriam are the owners of Wally's Speed Shop in Loveland, CO. Wally's Speed Shop is a hot rod restoration shop, for early six-volt and up to late-model vehicles providing full customizations for a variety of clients.He started in 2016 in a 1600-square-foot shop and now occupies a pair of buildings totaling 16,000 square feet.  Miriam joined the business really formally in during COVID season when she gave up her existing work and has really become a right-hand person to Wally. They have a great relationship both in the office and at home.If you love cars and you love people, you'll love Wally and Miriam.
136:56 05/18/2022
EXPERIENCE 62 | Nicole Armstrong, Jenny Strange, & Shawn Keefer, The Leadership Team at The Matthews House
New Episode with Nicole Armstrong, Jenny Stetson, and Shawn Keffer the Leadership Team of The Matthews House, a nonprofit organization in Fort Collins, serving all of Larimer County. Nicole is the Executive Director, Jenny's the Operations and Development Director and Sean is the Experiential Education Director. This was my first three guests podcast!We get into what the Matthews House does, who they serve, success stories, and the why behind it. We discuss development of new programs over time that this organization has continued to do and how they innovate and find new ways of helping families escape poverty, and help children escape neglect and abuse. Each of these three has a passion-filled story about their why of being a part of this organization. I hope you enjoy this episode. I had a lot of fun with these three and I hope you learn a lot about the Matthews House and choose to become a volunteer or supporter.  
136:05 05/09/2022
EXPERIENCE 61 | Dr Eric Holsapple Founder and CEO of LC Real Estate Group & Founder and Lead Facilitator of Living In The Gap
Eric Holsapple is the Founder and CEO of LC Real Estate Group & Founder and Lead Facilitator of Living In The Gap.  He's been involved with real estate here in Northern Colorado since the early nineties, he has a Ph.D. from CSU that he got when moving back here to Colorado. He started implementing mindfulness practices into his firm at an early stage. We spend a lot of time talking about his business journeys, certain real estate projects, principles, and things like that. We also talked about mindfulness, meditation, being aware, and really how principles are so useful in our businesses and our families, and our homes. 
80:20 05/02/2022
BONUS #3 | April 2022 Blog - I Too, Am An Authoritrian
Current events have had me noodling on the topic of authority, particularly where it intersects with culture, responsibility, and with Liberty. Like most of my writings, this has developed as an internal conversation shared here with you all.Where to start with this one. So many options, why not start with Will Smith?
19:29 04/29/2022
EXPERIENCE 60 | Becky Ezzel, Founder of Smart Book Business Solutions
Becky Ezzel is the founder of Smart Book Business Solutions, it is a bookkeeping service for small business owners, especially those under 20 employees or so.She's grown her team to be 10 employees strong and they have 170 clients thereabouts in Northern Colorado. She found herself a single mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old and a five-year-old with a job that was awesome and satisfying, but didn't really allow her time to be a mom as much as she wished.She was encouraged to launch her business properly. And she's grown ever since, mostly through referrals from her very happy clients. We talked about her growth plan, and how she developed her team and values.
99:05 04/25/2022
EXPERIENCE 59 | Suzanne Miller, Welcome Coordinator at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce & Founder of Do A Liz Thing
My guest was Suzanne Miller. She is the Welcome Coordinator at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. She's a wife and a mom and a grandma, and she's just a really neat lady.We talk a lot about leadership at every level, even if you're not the CEO or the president of a company, how you can still be a leader within the organization.  Suzanne is the founder also of a movement called Do A Liz Thing and it stems from the tragic loss of her daughter.
85:14 04/20/2022