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I Strenuously Object!, a riveting legal podcast brought to you by the Pittsburgh law firm Flaherty Fardo Rogel & Amick, is now in session. Be prepared for a mix of legal information, legal news, insight and analysis and obscure pop culture references, all served with a healthy dose of irreverence.


What's the difference between a "fact" witness and an "expert" witness?
In a previous episode of the podcast attorney Bill Rogel mentioned the term "Fact Witness". One of our attentive listeners noticed and sent in this question, "Aren't ALL witnesses FACT witnesses?"In this solo episode partner Bill clarifies this somewhat baffling legal terminology of the courtroom, using examples from the hit movie My Cousin Vinny. What is the difference between fact and opinion in the eyes of the court?When is opinion allowable?And why was Mona Lisa Vito such a great witness to help Vinnie Gambini's case?
18:34 4/3/24
Bill Rogel Wins Motion For Homeowners Right to Appeal 2023 Property Taxes - Even if Previously Litigated
In this episode of I Strenuously Object, partners Bill Rogel and Nicole Amick discuss a recent case involving an Allegheny County School District's motion to prevent property owners from continuing 2023 appeals if their case was previously litigated. The case stemmed from an ordinance of Allegheny County counsel which allowed all property owners to re-appeal their property assessments since the ratio was lowered. The taxing entities argued that property owners should not get two bites at the proverbial apple to lower their taxes. After hearing arguments by Flaherty Fardo's partner Bill Rogel, Judge Hertzberg ruled in favor of the property owners and allowed the county ordinance to stand and allowed property owners to reappear their taxes even if they had already negotiated the assessment in question. The implications of the case are significant and a huge win for property owners in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. To have Nicole Amick review your property tax issues please contact here to set up a free
13:09 3/2/24
Understanding the Certificate of Merit and How it Can Make or Break Your Medical Malpractice Case
In this episode of I Strenuously Object, we answer listener emails, this time concerning medical malpractice cases and their challenges. Why is it harder to find a lawyer for a medical malpractice case compared to other injury cases? What is a certificate of merit, and why do you need one for your medical malpractice case?Should you or should you not continue treatment with the same doctor that you are suing for malpractice?If you have questions about your particular medical malpractice situation please contact Flaherty Fardo here...
20:02 2/19/24
A Man Wanted To Sue His Wife Because Their Baby Was Ugly
In this episode of CASE or NO CASE, our intrepid hosts discuss the case of a husband who sued his wife for fraud after their child was born and he deemed the baby to be too ugly to be his. Bill and Noah, with the help of the always outspoken guest of the show, Ron Meyers, explore the legal implications of the husband's claim and whether it constitutes a valid case. The conversation delves into topics such as spousal tort immunity, misrepresentation in marriage, and the possibility of seeking annulment or damages.Can you sue your wife for producing an ugly baby? Listen and find out!
23:03 2/9/24
Why You Need to Appeal Your Allegheny County Property Taxes NOW!
Property tax specialist Nicole Amick talks about the changes happening in Allegheny County and why right now may be the best time to appeal your property taxes. Nicole and partner Bill Rogel discuss millage rates, the new 54.5% CLR and how Flaherty Fardo might be able to save you money!To schedule an exploratory conversation CLICK HERE... email Nicole at
27:01 1/9/24
Is Rudy Giuliani's $148 Million Defamation Verdict Fair?
Two election workers who former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani had falsely claimed had participated in voting fraud were recently awarded a cumulative sum of $148 Million.Is this a fair settlement?How does this amount compare to personal injury settlements in which a person has lost quality of life or lost life itself?In this episode, partners Noah Fardo and Bill Rogel discuss the Giuliani case, the problems they have with it, and the many questions that the verdict brings up in their lawyerly minds.If you have questions about a legal situation that you are facing please contact our attorneys here...
26:09 12/22/23
Case or No Case: Should teens injured while trespassing be able to sue?
Two high school kids climb onto a parked train car and get burned from the high tension power lines. Their families sue the train company. Do they have a case?In this episode of the podcast, partners Bill Rogel and Noah Fardo are joined by layman opinionator and friend of the podcast (the Godfather/Everyday) Ron Myers to discuss attractive nuisances and the liability of of those trespassed upon.If you have a question about your particular situation, make an appointment to talk to an attorney here...
30:59 12/12/23
Allegheny County Elections, Rockey vs Innamorato - The Big Fight Over Reassessment
Should Allegheny County reassess your property?It's become a hot button issue in the county executive race. After backlash against the last assessment 11 years ago, the county executive candidates are divided.On this episode of I Strenuously Object, our intrepid trio, led into battle by the Queen of Tax Appeals, Nicole Amick, argue the pros and cons of reassessment.Topics discussed:What are the candidates' proposals?Do we need a reassessment?Does a reassessment automatically mean a tax increase?Why are millage rates going up?What is the homestead exemption and how could it help those on a fixed income?How has the Philadelphia plan worked and should it be applied in Allegheny County?Before you vote, listen to this very informative episode of ISO.
42:40 10/5/23
Is AI going to be your next lawyer?
Is Artificial Intelligence coming for your job? What can humans do that AI will never be able to do?Join partners Bill Rogel and Noah Fardo with special guests founder Shawn Flaherty and podcast producer Mike Pulcinella for a discussion of the future for attorneys and creators in the age of AI.Topics discussed:The current abilities of Artificial Intelligence.How much of a risk is there for plagiarism or outright fabrication of false information?Will lawyers be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?Will AI develop ethics or will it learn to "lie"?What are the implications of AI for jury selection?
46:22 8/14/23
"Dr. Roxy" the Live-Streaming TIKTOK Surgeon Loses Her License
Texting while driving?? That’s nothing!Hold her beer…Dr. Roxy the TIKTOK doc, is going to perform “distracted surgery”.On a brand new “I Strenuously Object” podcast, attorney Bill Rogel and “Founding Father” Shawn Flaherty discuss the legal ramifications of the Ohio plastic surgeon Katharine Roxanne Grawe who had her medical license revoked because she was live-streaming her operations on TIKTOK and had made surgical errors to three patients while doing it.Known as “Dr. Roxy” to her many fans, Dr. Grawe had been previously ordered by the Ohio medical board to stop live-streaming while operating, but had continued to broadcast her surgeries despite the warnings.The controversy raises several questions:Did all her patients know they were going to be on TIKTOK while unconscious?What is the “standard of care” when it comes to medical malpractice and how was it violated here?Should ALL surgeries be recorded as a matter of course to help settle med mal lawsuits?And…Should Dr. Roxy lose her license permanently?If you have a question about a medical malpractice claim of your own please contact us here
31:31 7/24/23
BREAKING NEWS! "The Logjam Persists!" Allegheny County Tax Assessment Delayed...Yet Again!
BREAKING NEWS! The City of Pittsburgh School District has appealed the STEB ratio decision, continuing the reign of frustration in Allegheny County as property owners must endure yet another delay in 2022 property tax appeals.FFRA Tax Appeals specialist Nicole Hauptman Amick is on top of the situation as usual and in this episode of the podcast breaks down for us what's happening, what it all means and lets us know if there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.
13:23 6/29/23
Allegheny County Tax Reassessment Changing Again!
If you are a property owner in Allegheny County you need to hear what Flaherty Fardo's resident tax assessment "Queen" Nicole Hauptman Amick has to say about:The STEB ratio recalculationCan people who settled 2022 appeals refile in 2023?A prediction about the millage ratesWhy a reassessment would be a good thing.What will be the ratio for 2024?Will a reassessment mean higher taxes for everyone?And what we can learn from Nicole's personal tax appeal story!CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TAX ASSESSMENT REVIEW
28:03 5/31/23
5 Things We Want To Tell the Jury...But Can't!
The rules of trial by jury are many and complex. And most of those rules exist for good reasons.However, there are some rules that make lawyer's lives more difficult and a few that really get under our skin.So here they are, the 5 things we really, really want to be able to tell the jury, but are not allowed.
32:55 5/15/23
HOT NEWS! Allegheny County Property Assessments - May 2023 UPDATES
Bill Rogel lobs the questions and Nicole Hauptman Amick fires back with answers to:What's the latest news on the CLR?How bad is the backlog of hearings?How long should property owners expect to wait for a hearing?How many appeals are schools filing this year?And finally, the question we've all been wanting to know..."Why male models?"
16:11 5/8/23
Case or No Case? Buffalo Wild Wings, the man who was not dead, and a knee vs a life
In this episode of Case or No Case, Noah and Bill deliberate on several items in the news, the overriding question being "Do these plaintiffs have a case?"• Buffalo Wild Wings boneless chicken wings were found to not actually contain wing meat. Do we have a case?• A man is declared dead by EMTs but then is found to be alive. Does he have a case? Does his temporarily grieving and then overjoyed family have a case?• And finally, we compare two verdicts, one for the death of a college student in a hazing incident and another for medical malpractice regarding the knee of a football player, Philadelphia Eagle Chris Maragos. How do juries value a knee vs a life?
43:26 4/13/23
The Thrilling Conclusion to the Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Accident Trial
With the latest celebrity trial of the century coming to a close, Noah and Bill ask the eternal question, "What have we learned?"Why are live=streamed celebrity trials such a s**t show?Are tag-team lawyers in Utah a thing?And who is King Morgan?
18:03 3/31/23
We review Gwyneth Paltrow's ski accident far
The trial has barely started and the ISO gang already has plenty to say about it!Using their considerable experience as litigators, Noah and Bill evaluate the opening arguments, rate how they think the judge is handling the courtroom, score the results of the trial so far and explain what the "old person" defense is and why it's likely to be used in this trial.And we've only just begun!
27:04 3/25/23
Yes It's TRUE! 2022 & 2023 Allegheny County Tax Appeals Are Open!
It's never happened before! The appeal period for 2022 has officially reopened. That means we can help you appeal both 2022 and 2023 tax assessments.And what THAT means is that you may have an opportunity to get a refund for taxes you've already paid!On this episode of the podcast, FFRA's tax appeal maven Nicole Hauptmann Amick explains the details of this unprecedented event, discusses a little about how the tax appeals process works and whether you should seek a reassessment.The deadline is 3/31/23 so schedule a FREE consultation now at
10:07 2/8/23
2023 Might Be The Best Year Ever To Appeal Your Property Taxes in Allegheny County!
In this episode The Queen of Tax Appeals, Nicole Hauptman Amick, brings her expertise to the podcast to discuss the latest breaking news about the 2023 tax reassessment.This has never happened before! The 2022 appeals window is reopening, making 2023 the best year ever to lower your property tax.Noah and Bill ask the questions you need to ask and Nicole gives the up-to-the-minute answers you need to know.Contact us at to arrange your FREE consultation.
17:33 1/17/23
The Best Legal Movies of ALL Time - PART 2
If you listened to Part 1 of our legal movie game show you know that the score is tied 1 to 1 between Bill and Noah.With three rounds to go it could be anybody's game,The rules are as follows:Noah and Bill each present to the court a movie with a legal theme.They then give their opening arguments, hoping to convince “we the jurors” that theirs is the best legal movie of all time.Opening arguments are followed by a rebuttal, a spirited debate and tons of movie clips in this tournament bracket-style competition.Classic movies are up against more contemporary films, comedies battle dramas, and along the way the guys break down why their movie deserves to be called the best of all time.Ten movies will be presented but only ONE can be the best of ALL time.Play along with us, and maybe learn a thing or two about courtroom procedure, cross examination techniques, and what to never say to a judge.
76:40 12/14/22
The Best Legal Movies of ALL time! - PART 1
What are the best legal movies of ALL time?I Strenuously Object Podcast takes a break from our recent string of heavy topics to have a little fun with a game show!Noah and Bill each present to the court a movie with a legal theme.They then give their opening arguments, hoping to convince “we the jurors” that theirs is the best legal movie of all time.Opening arguments are followed by a rebuttal, a spirited debate and tons of movie clips in this tournament bracket-style competition.Classic movies are up against more contemporary films, comedies battle dramas, and along the way the guys break down why their movie deserves to be called the best of all time.Ten movies will be presented but only ONE can be the best of ALL time.Play along with us, and maybe learn a thing or two about courtroom procedure, cross examination techniques, and what to never say to a judge.
49:19 11/8/22
The Alex Jones Billion $$$$ Verdict: Did The Jury Get It Right?
In this episode of I Strenuously Object the guys tackle the difficult topic of the recent Sandy Hook defamation case in which Info Wars’ infamous red-faced loudmouth Alex Jones was ordered to pay nearly a billion dollars.This discussion leads our intrepid attorneys down a legal, moral and philosophical rabbit hole as they wrestle with subjects such as, the limits of freedom of speech, the difference between liability and damages, the difference between compensatory and punitive damages and the monetary value we can place on suffering.Bill and Noah are joined by our “jurist in residence” the Ex-Godfather, “Everyday” Ron Meyers, who adds his passionate, non-lawyerly opinions to the proceedings, all in an effort to answer: “Did the Alex Jones Jury Get it Right?”.
46:39 10/24/22
Breaking Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice News! plus Mailing It In!
Game changing Medical Malpractice News for Plaintiffs in Pennsylvania. If you have been injured by a doctor or in a hospital, make sure you know the new malpractice guidelines as to where you can file your lawsuit. This is Good news for plaintiffs and can significantly increase your right to recovery. Malpractice trial lawyers Noah and Bill discuss the breaking malpractice news, particulars of this rule and the effect to Plaintiffs across the state. This new law could increase jury verdicts and settlements significantly.Also, we have our inaugural “mailing it in” segment, where we answer questions from you, the listener. This week our question comes from Adam G who asks, “If superheroes like She Hulk Attorney At Law were real, how could that change the legal process?”
21:46 10/15/22
Breaking Good News! Allegheny County Property Assessment Update 9/1/22
Good News for Property owners who pay attention and want to lower their property taxes.Property Tax Appeal Expert Nicole Amick is a featured guest on ISO to help explain the September 1, 2022 breaking news in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania that should help thousands lower their property taxes.The ISO crew breaks down:What the changing law means for property owners in Pittsburgh?When can an owner appeal?What do they need to know to lower their property taxes?and What does it mean to those who are in the appeal process or have already been appealed?The bottom line is that the breaking news is good news for many property owners in Allegheny County, but they need to pay attention.
21:30 9/10/22
Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer
Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is the most important decision anyone injured can make. The right injury lawyer can literally mean millions of dollars of difference in your case.If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, it is imperative that you pick the right personal injury lawyer, and trust us, not all lawyers are the same.On this episode of I Strenuously Object, with special guest, Injury Lawyer Shawn Flaherty, the ISO crew share and break down the most important questions to think about when choosing a personal injury lawyer. These include, how do I find a lawyer? Should I call who I see on TV? Are all lawyers the same? Do all injury lawyers offer free consultations? Do all injury lawyers work off of contingency agreements? Do relationships matter when hiring a personal injury lawyer? And perhaps most importantly, how to tell if your new lawyer actually has the time to work on your case. Even the best lawyers are useless if they don’t have time to actually help you.You only get one chance at a lawsuit. Don’t hire the wrong personal injury lawyer or it could cost you millions. The ISO podcast is here to help!
27:50 8/4/22
How to Prepare for a Deposition
A deposition can win or lose a lawsuit, and yet many parties and witnesses are not properly prepared for their deposition.In this episode of I Strenuously Object, Noah and Bill invite founding partner Attorney Shawn Flaherty to help create the single greatest podcast ever recorded to help witnesses preparing for their deposition.If you are facing a deposition you should be nervous, and if you are not prepared you will not do well testifying. This podcast should help you.3 lawyers with over 75 years combined experience explain the fundamental do’s and don’ts in depositions including, go slow, only answer the question asked, if it can be answered in 3 words instead of 7, use less words; be careful about your appearance; let it be silent; how to handle objections, and why treating a deposition like you are being asked a question in a funeral home makes total sense.You can seldom win a case in a deposition, but it is very easy to LOSE a case in a deposition.If you need to know about preparing for a deposition in a personal injury or medical malpractice case, you better listen to this.
26:26 8/4/22
Tax Appeals for Dummies. The Best Tax Appeal Episode Ever in Allegheny County to Help Lower Property Taxes. (W/ BREAKING ASSESSMENT NEWS!)
Part 2 of our Tax Appeals series, this episode is NOT for Dummies, but does explain in the simplest terms the entire tax appeal process in Allegheny County, PA.A self-proclaimed “greatest podcast ever recorded on tax appeals”, this simple to understand (yet entertaining) tutorial walks property owners through the entire Allegheny assessment appeal process and offers the strategies for fighting these tax appeal cases.Rock Star Tax Appeal Attorney Nicole Amick guides listeners through the first level BPAAR hearing and the second level BOV hearing and teaches the best way to defend school district property tax appeals, including what NOT to say or do.Our team of experts break down the best secrets for winning your tax appeal, including why property owners should almost never attend the first level hearing on their own, and keep your damn mouth shut.We also explain why you do not have to answer questions from the County, and never, ever let anyone in your house.Stay tuned toward the end of the podcast for "Breaking News" about Allegheny County property assessments that could change the rules of the game for everyone.Nothing dumb about this episode, except maybe us for giving away all of our secrets for free.
49:06 6/2/22
The Godfather of Tax Appeals. How to Lower Your Property Taxes in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Want to lower your Allegheny County property taxes? Make them an offer they can’t refuse!Special guest Ron Myers a/k/a The Godfather of Tax Appeals, began started handling tax appeals in 1997 as a non-lawyer and brings a completely different approach to understanding and winning tax appeal cases.Everyone wants to lower their property taxes, but exactly what you need to do is not as obvious as you would think.In this episode, Noah and Bill (with guidance from the Godfather) offer clever hints and secret tips for property owners that have been used for years to lower property taxes, even in some cases, when they should not have been lowered.Finally in this episode is a discussion that may sound boring, but might be one the greatest tricks to lower property taxes ever, a/k/a the common level ratio (CLR).Few property owners may understand it, but once they do, they will have the key weapon to actually seeing property tax relief.Don’t pay more than your fair share of property taxes. Listen to some of these secrets from the pros, and save money…and live happy!
36:13 6/2/22
The Assessment Chaos - Why Allegheny County Needs a Reassessment Now. The Assessment System is Wrong and Unfair to New HomeOwners.
The Allegheny County property assessment system is in complete chaos. Many experts believe it is one of the most unfair property tax systems in the country.Allegheny County, PA has not had a reassessment since 2012, and recent homebuyers are being appealed at record numbers. More than 10,000 appeals this year.People need to understand how to defend against the chaos, and keep their property taxes low. The current system is unfair because it discriminates against both recent homebuyers and the poorest neighborhoods.In this episode, Widely Recognized as one of the premiere tax appeal attorneys in Allegheny County (and Buffalo Bills season ticket holder) Attorney Nicole Amick is our featured guest and joins us to help explain the property tax appeal process and why a much-loathed reassessment may actually be the best, fairest (still bad) option in Allegheny County.If you want to help defend yourself against unfair tax appeals, while also understanding the flaws in the current assessment system, and ways in which they can be fixed, this is a must-hear episode.The system is ‘Out of Order’ Counselor, and our panel experts explain what needs to be done to fix it.
49:46 6/2/22
Doctors on Cocaine. Substance Abuse in Healthcare. How Patients Can Help Protect Themselves and Their Loved Ones.
“Say Hello to my little friend!” Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in America with an estimated 400,000 people killed each year by the negligence of doctors and other healthcare providers.In this episode, Medical Malpractice Trial Attorneys Noah Fardo and Bill Rogel discuss the staggering statistics of deaths caused by medical errors and also discuss the taboo issue of substance abuse in the medical profession, a high-pressure field with ready access to drugs.Our special guest, Ron Myers, an experienced patient advocate, joins and shares his personal experiences where doctors almost killed his loved ones. But for his advocacy, they may not be here today.His advice, while unpopular and controversial as it may sound, saves lives. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from serious medical errors.We discuss the life saving advice of asking the right questions, reviewing and understanding your own medical records, and having a patient advocate present to help.If your doctor is on drugs, it’s time to say “goodnight to the bad guy.”
43:14 6/2/22