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A look at establishing a lifestyle of healthy living in a return to the natural ways we were designed by God to live while also looking at Biblical truths that establish a holistic approach to spirit, soul and body.


Winter: Kidneys at the Center
It is crazy how much we don't know about our own bodies. It is amazing when we return to how ancient cultures understood what we are still trying to learn. In this episode, we learn just how crucial our kidneys are to, not just how our body operates, but also to how we process emotion. We find out that, just like everything, there are layers to all that we can understand about our kidneys and our inner-most self. Just how important are the kidneys? Where does fear hang out? Have we been using a popular term of affection wrong all this time?
25:11 1/13/24
Winter: Warm and Energetic Kidneys
We learn more about our kidneys as our winter series continues and the importance of not overworking them in this season. We find out that our brains, bones and tissue all benefit from healthy kidneys while getting a reminder of the danger of sugar. What is brown fat? Why do we need a scarf? What kind of exercise should be done this time of year?
28:21 1/6/24
Winter: Protect Your Kidneys
With winter comes cold and with cold comes overworked kidneys. Ms. Karon takes us into the importance of our kidneys and why we should make sure our diet is helping these vital organs operate at their best. She points out that we get lots of energy from our kidneys and that they could be considered our batteries - so, keep them charged. We also learn about the emotions that are tied to our kidneys and what connection the kidneys have with our hearing. We are reminded yet again about the dangers of sugar to yet another important part of how our bodies work. Keep warm and enjoy this foundational episode for our winter series introducing you to the crucial kidneys.
26:21 12/30/23
Spleen: What is it Good For
We have been in the lungs because of the fall season, but we do a little short time travel (fittingly on Back to the Future Day) to bring you some remarkable information that most in the western world do not know. MIND BLOWING EPISODE ALERT! We have all heard about how the spleen is basically useless. Medical doctors are quick to remove it. In this episode, Ms. Karon shares with us what she has discovered about just how important the spleen is to our holistic health. There is so much to learn about what this crucial organ does for us that we won't ruin it for you by including the details here - listen to the episode and share it with your friends, but, be prepared to have your mind blown.
27:56 10/21/23
Lungs: Be Gone Flem & Mucous
We take a look at some of the ways to prevent and even get rid of those pesky fluids called flem and mucous. Ms. Karon points out some of the foods that are good for this battle and even gives the recipe for "the shot." We also take a look at some of the other things connected to flem and mucous issues that you may not have thought of before.
30:12 10/14/23
The Lungs: Strengthen the Immune System
In our lungs series we continue to encourage ways for us to strengthen the immune system as prevention is the best "medicine." Ms. Karon gives some more insight on the power of Vitamin D while also sharing benefits of vitamin K2 and vitamin A. Do you remember that our immune system is an army? We learn that the thymus gland is the traning camp for our army. We also talk about zinc and find out why sometimes we need to "mega dose" if we have quality, food-based suppliments.
30:43 10/7/23
The Lungs: Keys to Better Recovery
We take a look at recovering once things catch up to us. Specifically in regards to COVID and other flu-like viruses, we need to have a strong immune system so that we can recover quicker and better. We need the right, food-based suppliments (not synthetic) and Ms. Karon points out that our food/diet is not enough in today's world. We learn again about the importance of sleep and the negative effect of sugar. We touch on natural vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, garlic, vitamin D (complex), vitamin K2 and more as ways to strengthen our immune system for our battle against invaders.
28:54 9/30/23
The Lungs: Respiratory and Immune System
We take a look at how our respitory system is impacted by a certain virus and Ms. Karon shares with us how the immune system works while also pointing out a discovery about one of our natural barriers that she recently realized does more than expected. We also get a warning against some of the things that have become common place in our world to "fight" against sickness. 
24:51 9/23/23
The Lungs: Gut Health and the Fall Feasts
In this episode Ms. Karon sets the foundation for our Lungs series as we transition into the Fall season. We take a look at how the eastern mindset views the connection between our lungs, large intestines and emotional health. We also learn a little bit about how the Fall Feasts of the Biblical calendar connects to our holistic health in this season as well.
28:34 9/16/23
Heart Health & Gut Health
This week, we take a look at the connection between heart health and gut health. Ms. Karon highlights the importance of gut health and shares with us that there is a distinct connection between the health of our heart and the small intestines. We learn that SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) can effect many of us due to overuse of antiacids and impacts our micro biome balance. We also get tips on intermittent fasting and that digestion loves bitter.
30:22 9/9/23
The King, The Heart pt. 9
We take a look in this episode at another hidden reason for heart attacks and discuss more on the importance of lactic acid and oxygen to the heart. Ms. Karon talks about the difference in arobic and anaerobic, we also learned more about sugar's impact on our health as well as how we need to limit adrenaline along with so much more. We encourage you to subscribe so you don't miss any important episodes and also to go back and check out some of the other entries in this series and others.  
27:07 9/2/23
The King, The Heart pt. 8
As we continue to talk about ways to keep our heart healthy, we get into one natural remedy that seems to be a miracle for more than just our heart - garlic. Ms. Karon gives insight on all the benefits of this great equalizer and even shares how garlic water should be part of your daily routine. We also learn about the hidden reasons for heart attacks, how ph balance effects oxygen and the list of foods from Numbers 11 that were a main stay in the diets of Israelites. This is another must-listen episode for the care of your heart.
26:24 8/26/23
The King, The Heart pt. 7
This is another mind-blowing episode in our The King, The Heart series as we learn more about what we thought we knew on how our body uses water and the importance of electrolytes. Ms. Karon examines popular statements about water that we have considered true over time like the need to drink eight glasses of water per day while also taking a look at what sports drinks are really doing - hint, it's not hydration.
29:19 8/12/23
The King, The Heart pt. 6
Electrolytes, electrolytes, electrolytes. We continue in our discussion on the importance of electrolytes and their importance to our heart during the summer heat. Of course, they are important year round, but in the heat of the summer when our physical hearts are most vunerable, we need to pay even closer attention to the minerals that make up the crucial electrolytes that our body (and our heart) needs. Ms. Karon shares about calcium, magnesium, potasium and sodium in this episode as well as some of the important vitamins that remind us why we are always reminding ourselves about a holistic approach to health. We also find out that we may be under a misconception about our water intake.
27:39 8/5/23
The King, The Heart pt. 5
We transition into more of a discussion of the physical heart in part 5 of The King, The Heart. We discuss the recent heat of summer and how that plays into the importance of taking care of our heart. We learn that the heart is quick to respond if it has what it needs. We get insight on how our culture has progressed to too much inside, air-conditioned living which has caused our bodies to not regulate heat the way it was designed. Ms. Karon points out that we are too busy eating things that are not real and our very real body is reacting accordingly. We talk electrolytes, electrolytes, electrolytes and you should share this episode with your friends.
26:26 7/29/23
The King, The Heart pt. 4
Episode 123 of Return to New Life with Karon Lacefield is part four of our The King, The Heart series. We get a reminder on the connection between the physical and spiritual heart. We learn that choices count more toward dictating our health than genetics more times than not. We get a crash course in epigenetics. Ms. Karon reminds us again that stupid food is a bad choice. We also cover the importance of movement, choice and balance as well as how getting our best health into our lifestule is simple, but not easy.
29:10 7/27/23
The King, The Heart pt. 3
The King, The Heart part 3 points to a bit more on the Hebrew mindset in regards to our spiritual heart while talking about two men from Scripture as examples including David (a man after God's own heart). Ms. Karon shows us that the physical heart follows the spiritual heart and that the first step to heart health is to let God have it. We are reminded that taking good care of the physical heart allows us to live out our soul's purpose here on earth and guarding our spiritual heart means we will live eternal. Return to New Life can be found on your favorite #podcast platform and also airs Saturday mornings at 10am (central) on the Box 2 Radio Network in central Kentucky.
25:35 7/15/23
The King, The Heart pt. 2
In part two of our The King, The Heart series we finish up on some of the different approaches to understanding the heart from an ancient Chinese medicine mindset as well as the Hebraic mindset. Ms. Karon shows us that when energy is blocked - that is when there is pain as we touch briefly on the physical side of things, but also learn that there is more to the heart than the physical circulation of blood.
23:26 7/8/23
The King, The Heart pt. 1
We begin a new series in this episode of Return to New Life as we take a look at The King, The Heart. Ms. Karon will give us foundational information on some of the different approaches in history to the heart. In our holistic approach, the first few episodes of this series will focus on the spiritual side of our heart and how that impacts the physical heart as we continue. The summer is the time to really take care of our physical heart, so, understanding the spritual side is important to that goal.
27:57 7/1/23
Soul Purpose Pt. 2
As we wrap up a quick look at our soul purpose in preparation for our heart series, Ms. Karon reminds us that our soul is tasked with changing our heart. The state of the world we see today is the result of unchanged hearts. Disipline begins in the soul and is needed to get the heart in line. We will see how the soul then drives the supernatural heart which in turn impacts our physical heart. Listen in to learn more about our soul purpose.
27:24 6/24/23
Soul Purpose Pt. 1
After an eight-part series on the liver, Ms. Karon revisited the soul to take another look at the importance of taking care of the soul's house. She reminds us that short term health and wellness goals like fad diets don't really serve a purpose and that discipline is what really sets us free. Karon also points out the selfish nature of only worrying about the appearance of health. Listen in as we learn that the soul's purpose is to restore what has been lost and that we should have a sooperative work between the spiritual and physical.
24:04 6/17/23
The General, The Liver pt. 8
We wrap up our series on The General, The Liver by going over fat soluble vitamins and discuessed important correlations for other aspects of our health for this crucial organ. Be sure to check out the whole series and subscribe to the podcast for more great info for your journey to new life.
28:57 6/10/23
The General, The Liver pt. 7
We continue in our series The General, The Liver by going over what is good and what is bad for one of the most crucial organs in your body. We take a look at key fat soluble vitamins along with where you can get some of the recommended foods that make things easier on your liver. There is a lot of depth to yet another episode on the importance of your liver. "Take care of your general and your general will defend you."
24:23 6/3/23
The General, The Liver pt. 6
Ms. Karon continues our list of good herbs for the liver adding this week Dandelion, Tumeric, Ginger and Sour Kraut while also giving us a wonderfully hydrating drink recipe before we ran out of time for this episode. We discuss how we need to redfine weeds in most cases, how dandelion fights cancer, miracles aren't always miraculous, tumeric improving metabolism and much more. Karon reminds us that pain is always informative and shouldn't be gagged.
29:51 5/20/23
The General, The Liver pt. 5
As we have learned so far, the liver is the general and very important. We continue in our series focsusing on this critical organ by adding to the good herbs for the liver. Ms. Karon takes us through some that we have covered in previous episodes, but adds cilantro, radish and milk thistle to the list by discussing what each do in their efforts to help the general, the liver.
25:07 5/13/23
The General, The Liver pt. 4
After we spent an episode to explain to all the things that make life hard on the liver, in part four of our series The General, The Liver we go into an extensive list of what our liver can use to perform better. Ms. Karon also points out the importance of the gallbladder in how the liver functions.
28:02 5/6/23
The General, The Liver pt. 3
In part three of this crucial serise - The General, The Liver we take a look at all the things that make our general work harder than it should. Ms. Karon points out that it isn't just things that enter our body through the mouth that we should worry about. We also have to be concerned about things that enter through the nose and the skin. The skin is our largest organ and we tend to forget that. This episode is important to this series to remind us what we should be removing from our lifestyle to help the liver, but be sure to come back next week for the good things to have in our lifestyle that help the general of our body. Subscribe, download and share with your friends.
27:47 4/29/23
The General, The Liver pt. 2
We talk about the meaning behind the Hebrew word for the liver in part two of our The General, The Liver series. Ms. Karon gives insight into the importance of how this impacts our understanding of the liver and a glimpse into the glory of God. We talk about cholesterol and the myths surrounding it, how different vitamins are vital to liver function and what could be causing a clogged filter in your body.
26:29 4/22/23
The General, The Liver pt. 1
The General, The Liver pt. 1 To begin a new series, Ms. Karon takes us through the importance of the liver, the general of the body. We learn that the liver is one of the most important organs that we have to the point we joke that maybe we should tell our family that we love them with all of our liver. We talk face mapping, emotions in the liver, eye health and even touch on the deeper meaning of the liver in the Hebrew language.
25:34 4/15/23
Creation is full of second chances. Our bodies were designed to be in function, but our choices create disfunction. Ms. Karon takes us through some information about how The Lord's wellness is definitely better than the world's "whatever" and reminds us, "If health is what you want, health is what you can have." It all comes down to choices. We also talk briefly about the liver and it's importance to our lifeforce to set up the next few episodes on the subject.
26:52 4/8/23