Show cover of Extension Calling: advice for the farm, garden, and home

Extension Calling: advice for the farm, garden, and home

Your source for research based information for the farm, garden, and home. These mini-trainings will give you easily digestible, timely information on topics ranging from soil health to pest management. If you are a lifelong learner looking to improve your health, the health of your farm or garden, or simply better understand our food system, tune in. We bring Extension education to your pocket in 30 minutes or less. We welcome your feedback! Share your thoughts and ideas at: Recorded by Karen Cox of WVU Extension ( and Dan Lima of OSU Extension ( If you would like a transcript of an older show, please ask. Programs and activities offered by the West Virginia University and Ohio State University Extension Services are available to all persons without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, political beliefs, sexual orientation, national origin, and marital or family status.


Managing wildlife pests and tree health 29:14 08/07/2022
Dear o' Deer! 27:06 07/31/2022
Hay, how well do your grasses grow? 24:16 07/24/2022
Do rainy days ruin hay? 29:13 07/17/2022
Identifying and Controlling Autumn Olive 29:09 07/10/2022
Poison Hemlock -Should you be worried? 28:39 07/03/2022
Scouting for fall armyworm and other pests 28:21 06/19/2022
Forage Quality 28:19 06/12/2022
Soil: nature's multivitamin 29:22 06/05/2022
What is Forest Farming 28:42 05/29/2022
Preventing Pests from Becoming Problems 27:10 05/22/2022
Reducing Stress When Handling Livestock 27:34 05/15/2022
We got the beets 27:53 05/08/2022
Conserving Soil with Cost Share 28:22 05/01/2022
Sweeten Your Summer with Sweet Corn 27:42 04/24/2022
Muddy Pastures Mess with Sustainability 27:54 04/17/2022
Do's and Don'ts of Spring Lawn Care 29:11 04/03/2022
Is Your Water Safe to Drink? 28:32 03/27/2022
Spring Precautions, Asparagus and Rhubarb! 28:55 03/20/2022
Managing Fruit Tree Diseases 28:48 03/13/2022
Biosecurity Keeps Animals Safe 28:47 03/06/2022
Spotted Lanternfly Update 27:25 02/27/2022
Effective Frost Seeding and Good Grass 26:07 02/20/2022
Fundamentals For Funding Farming 28:59 02/13/2022
Common Diseases of Leafy Greens 28:06 02/06/2022
Check your roots 27:40 01/30/2022
Keep the family together, keep the farm alive 31:32 01/23/2022
Food safety plans are a step toward farm sustainability 29:01 01/16/2022
Planning Considerations for Raised Beds 28:21 01/09/2022
Calculating Input Costs and Output Values to Get Down to Profits 28:36 12/26/2021