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The Bite-Sized Gospel with Aneel Aranha

Aneel Aranha is an author, preacher, and evangelist who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You can find a huge selection of his reflections, articles, sermons, songs and other resources on his website This daily podcast brings you very short messages of hope and encouragement for these difficult times.


John 15:1-4 — Abiding in the True Vine
In John 15:1-4, Jesus calls himself the True Vine, teaching that abiding in him is the key to spiritual life and fruitfulness.
03:41 4/17/24
John 14:28-31 — Jesus' Obedience
In John 14:28-31, Jesus demonstrates his love for the Father through his willing obedience, even in the face of Satan's attack, setting an example for us.
03:25 4/16/24
John 14:27 — The Peace of Christ
Discover the profound peace that Jesus offers in John 14:27 - a peace unlike the world's, that can calm our fears and anchor our souls.
03:02 4/15/24
John 14:25-26 — The Teacher
Discover the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in teaching and reminding us, as promised by Jesus in John 14:25-26, and how this guides our Christian journey.
03:29 4/14/24
John 14:22-23 — Love and Obedience
Explore the profound connection between love and obedience that Jesus reveals in John 14:22-23, and discover the joy and blessing that comes from obeying him.
03:18 4/11/24
John 14:18-21 — Indwelling Presence
Discover the profound promises of Jesus in John 14:18-21: his indwelling presence, eternal life, and the path to experiencing him more deeply.
03:25 4/10/24
John 14:15-17 — The Spirit of Truth
Discover the incredible promise of the Holy Spirit in John 14:15—17— our advocate, helper, and the Spirit of truth who dwells within us.
03:05 4/9/24
John 14:12-14 — In Jesus' Name
Discover the astounding promise and power of praying in Jesus' name in John 14:12-14 and how you can experience it.
03:15 4/8/24
John 14:9-11 — Seeing the Father
Discover the profound truth Jesus reveals in John 14:9-11: to see him is to see the Father, for they are one.
03:08 4/7/24
John 14:5-8 — The Way, the Truth, and the Life
Explore the depth and exclusivity of Jesus' claim in John 14:6: "I am the way and the truth and the life."
03:00 4/4/24
John 14:1-4 — A Home in Heaven
Find hope and comfort in Jesus' promise of a place in the Father's house and his pledge to return in John 14:1-4.
03:49 4/3/24
John 13:36-38 — Misplaced Confidence
Witness the poignant exchange in John 13:36-38, where Jesus predicts Peter’s denial. This is a story of human frailty, grace, and redemption.
03:00 4/2/24
John 13:31-35 — The New Commandment
Discover the new commandment Jesus gives in John 13:31-35: to love with a sacrificial love, even in the face of our own failings.
04:11 4/1/24
John 13:27-30 — Into the Darkness
Explore the chilling moment of Judas' betrayal in John 13:27-30, and its profound lessons about spiritual darkness, faithfulness, and God's plan.
02:51 3/31/24
John 13:21-26 — Love Beyond Betrayal
Reflect on the emotional depth of Jesus' final moments before betrayal in John 13:21-26, exploring the transformative power of forgiveness and love in the face of deception.
03:47 2/12/24
John 13:18-20 — Dealing with Betrayal
Learn how Jesus' unconditional love and forgiveness can transform our perspective on betrayal and heal our relationships.
04:05 2/11/24
John 13:12-17 — Servant Leadership
Uncover Jesus' profound lesson on humility and service in John 13:12-17, urging us to lead by serving others with love.
03:37 2/8/24
John 13:6-11 — Foot Washing - 3
Exploring the profound symbolism of Jesus washing the disciples' feet in John 13:6-11, revealing lessons in grace and humility.
04:07 2/7/24
John 13:6-11 — Foot Washing - 2
Uncover the profound lessons of humility and spiritual cleansing in John 13:6-11, reflecting Jesus' teachings of grace and commitment.
04:06 2/6/24
John 13:5 — Foot Washing - 1
Jesus' act of washing the disciples' feet in John 13:5 teaches us about humility, service, and breaking down barriers of pride.
03:25 2/5/24
John 13:2-5 — Two Different Hearts
Unveil the depths of Jesus' humility in John 13, a guiding light for humility and servant leadership in faith.
03:15 2/4/24
John 13:1 — When The Hour Comes
Uncover the profound meaning of John 13:1, revealing Jesus' mission, His unwavering love, and the essence of the Gospel.
03:05 2/1/24
John 12:44-50 — Light or Darkness?
Gain insights into Jesus' teachings about faith, his divine mission, and how they guide our choices towards a life of righteousness.
03:38 1/31/24
John 12:42-43 — Do You Compromise?
Explore the tension between seeking human approval and authentic faith in Jesus through a reflection on John 12:42-43.
03:11 1/30/24
John 12:37-41 — Are You Hard Hearted?
Unveiling the struggle of belief in miracles and prophecies. Understanding faith beyond sight and the role of the heart in belief.
04:16 1/29/24
John 12:35-36 — Children of Light
Unveil the deep symbolism of light and darkness in life through Jesus' teachings. Embrace guidance, truth, and spiritual enlightenment.
02:56 1/28/24
John 12:32-34 — Lifted Up
Uncover the dual meaning of "lifted up" in Jesus' teachings, revealing a profound blend of sacrifice, glory, and universal salvation.
03:43 1/25/24
John 12:31 — Prince of the World
Unveiling the dual nature of divine judgment and Satan's role in Christian theology, revealing hope and victory in Jesus' mission.
03:32 1/24/24
John 12:27-30 — God’s Approval
Explore Jesus' humanity and divine mission, understanding his vulnerability and the significance of seeking God's approval.
04:19 1/23/24
John 12:20-26 — Sacrificial Glory
Uncover the profound insights of Jesus' mission and discipleship, highlighting his paradoxical path to glorification through sacrifice.
04:42 1/22/24

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