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419 Brian Clarke September 11th Attack Survivor
Imagine being in the World Trade Center during the attacks of September 11th... imagine the plane hitting your floor. Listen to the incredible story of Brian Clarke 
54:00 6/11/24
418 Mark Kannmacher Talkin Turkey
Have a listen to how Mark Kannmacher was able to go from an Industrial Arts teacher to the turkey king of Clark County 
47:35 6/4/24
417 Brandy Renshaw Levee Warrior
Have a listen as I talk with deep Southern Illinois Farmer Brandy Renshaw. She recounts what it was like growing up, on a farm, with a mother suffering from paranoid schizophrenia
51:23 5/28/24
416 Joe Silar Sap Suckin Entrepreneur
This is just a great interview with a crazy entrepreneur farmer  Listen as I talk with New York Farmer Joe Silar  
50:27 5/21/24
415 Mary Kutter Devil's Money
Has social media helped the "average farmer" get an audience? It has completely changed the music world.  Listen as I talk with Mary Kutter an independent artist that just hit #5 on the ITunes country chart  
45:13 5/14/24
414 Leeza and Cody Kostka dairy to beef
What would you do if you had a one million gallon slurry tank on your farm that wasn't being used? swimming pool... Listen as I talk with Leeza and Cody Kostka, first generation beef farmers from Wisconsin
47:17 5/7/24
413 Todd Hays keeps his cool
Has hot tempers ever affected your farm or ranch??? How do you deal with it? Listen as I talk with Missouri Farmer Todd Hays about his farm and how they don't blow their top.
53:00 4/30/24
412 Avery Davidson The TWILA Saga
You may know him as a TV host, but I think he's the funniest guy in agriculture. Listen as I talk with Avery Davidson 
51:35 4/23/24
411 Natasha Lewis a Woolly Situation
Have you ever used a spinning wheel? Listen as I talk with Natasha Lewis of Big Rock Illinois about how she turned an 8 acre farm into a successful business 
48:31 4/16/24
410 Belle & Emmy Dallam grow everything
Pretty cool interview of a family farm, that was able to bring their 2 daughters back by processing their own milk and making their own ice cream. Have a listen to sisters, Belle & Emmy Dallam 
51:15 4/9/24
409 Quick Dick McDick
Hold on tight... i interview the best beard in agriculture Quick Dick McDick
48:05 4/2/24
408 Some Girls and a Mural
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
46:40 3/26/24
407 James Pieper Skip Generation Farmer
Are skip generation farmers becoming more numerous? Did the 80's farm crisis cause this phenomenon? Listen as I talk with @JamesPieper10
48:57 3/19/24
406 Andy Holloway Texas Wildfires
Listen to Andy Holloway talk about the devastating wildfires in the Texas Panhandle that have burned over one million acres.  Donations for the Texas wildfires can be sent to: Canadian Volunteer Fire Dept. PO Box 300 Canadian TX 79014 Checks written out to: State Rancher Wildlife Relief Fund
52:00 3/12/24
405 Common Ground is not that common
Would you purchase insurance to protect your farm rent cost, based off of commodity prices? Listen as I talk with Chris Baumann and Brad Belser from @Common_GroundIO
48:14 3/5/24
404 Janet Adkison the voice of ag
How important is it to have farm broadcasters that completely understand the agriculture culture? Listen as I talk with Janet Adkison 
50:29 2/27/24
403 Kaala Clarke Runway Model to Island Farmer
Imagine hanging out with folks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire and then returning to take over the family farm in Hawaii Listen as I talk with Kaala Clarke about her life as a fashion model and becoming a 2nd generation farmer
49:17 2/20/24
402 Stuart & Natalie Beam Skip Generation Farmers
How many landlords do you have? Stuart & Natalie Beam navigate over 40 landlords Listen to how these North Carolina "skip generation" farmers are living their dream. 
50:27 2/13/24
401 Will Brinkley the Tarheel Farmer
"It's hard to make a living when someone else prices your product" Listen as I talk with Will Brinkley the Tarheel Farmer His goal is to send every bushel off his farm with value added dollars attached 
46:34 2/6/24
400 Taylor Sumption Oatmeal King
Question: are you team Oatmeal or team Cream-of-Wheat Frustrated by low commodity prices, South Dakota farmer, Taylor Sumption decided to cut out the middleman and create his own oatmeal. 
45:34 1/30/24
399 Austin Williams 90s Rap Mashup
Have you heard the song 90s Rap Mashup by Austin Williams? Listen to how a country boy navigates the Country music industry?
52:40 1/23/24
398 Scott Gaffner Scoot On Around
Who is better? @Starbucks @TimHortons @scooterscoffee Listen as I talk with farmer Scott Gaffner who also owns a Scooters 
49:19 1/16/24
397 Ashlee Pitzl the NewsHound
Is there a bias in your local news? Listen as we get a "behind the curtain" peak with Ashlee Pitzl
49:16 1/9/24
396 Chad & TeNeille Gripp keeping dreams alive
What opportunities have you seen that allow farm kids be able to return to the farm? What about owning spray drones? Listen as I talk with Chad & TeNeille Gripp about their business Sweetwater Technologies 
52:24 1/2/24
395 Chris Wiley staying positive
He was homeless and going though chemo, but worked his way to a very successful ag career today Listen as I talk with the always positive @chriswileyGA
55:27 12/26/23
394 Emily Hartzell Rogers powering through
Lots of Iowa jokes in this one... most of them I didn't get Listen as I talk with Emily Hartzell Rogers, who wasn't afraid of her stage 4 cancer diagnosis, because she knows the anatomy of a cow 
53:11 12/19/23
393 Grant Miller smashing combines
Who is the most interesting person in agriculture? I would love to hear who think... Listen as I talk with Grant Miller as he talks about: combine derbies, being in Playboy, growing wheat for Hasidic Orthodox Jews... and so much more 
47:49 12/12/23
392 Russel & Brandy Johnson border ranching
What's the oddest thing you've found on your farm/ranch? Listen as I talk with Russel & Brandy Johnson, they had an Apache helicopter crash on there's
49:07 12/5/23
391 John Kowalchuk staying positive
How has John Kowalchuk been able to stay so positive?
52:02 11/28/23
390 Eric Brittle and Brian Foley can't hunt
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
49:42 11/21/23

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