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The Extremis Publishing Podcast

Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Scotland, specialising in arts, media and culture non-fiction. Join us as we chat with our authors, talk about new books, and discuss all things writing. (Some episodes may contain adult language.)


“Learning My Living” by Gaye Manwaring 22:12 08/04/2022
“The Grocer’s Boy Gets Down to Business” by Robert Murray 35:21 07/01/2022
Modes of Writing with Joy Hendry 24:41 06/01/2022
Writers Talk About Their Work with Julie Christie 20:07 05/04/2022
Five Favourite TV Shows with Colin M. Barron 33:27 04/01/2022
“Secrets and Mysteries of the Heart 200 Route” by Thomas A. Christie and Julie Christie 28:20 03/02/2022
“Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge” by Murray Cook 22:43 02/03/2022
Burns Night Special 33:01 01/05/2022
“A Very Spectrum Christmas” by Thomas A. Christie 33:59 12/07/2021
Indigenous Wisdom and Environmental Sustainability with Joy Hendry 34:17 11/03/2021
Scottish Traditions of Halloween 40:39 10/05/2021
Five Favourite Films with Murray Cook 26:17 09/02/2021
"An Affair with a Village" by Joy Hendry 29:20 08/03/2021
“Waiting in the Wings” by Gaye Manwaring 20:19 07/01/2021
The Great Scottish Road Trip with David M. Addison 23:07 06/02/2021
Writers Talk About Their Work with Ian McNeish 24:43 05/05/2021
Five Favourite Books with Colin M. Barron 25:14 04/01/2021
“The Anvil of Scottish History” by Murray Cook 24:30 03/03/2021
“The Grocer’s Boy Rides Again” by Robert Murray 40:07 02/03/2021
Five Favourite Films with Thomas A. Christie 31:13 01/05/2021
A Brief History of Christmas in Scotland 26:10 12/04/2020
“From Dumyat to Mont Blanc” by Ian McNeish 28:29 11/04/2020
“Exploring the Snow Roads” by David M. Addison 32:11 10/01/2020
"Travels in Time" by Colin M. Barron 33:05 09/03/2020
“Contested Mindscapes” by Thomas A. Christie 22:43 08/03/2020
Extremis Publishing Fifth Anniversary Special 23:44 07/03/2020
“Travels Through Time in Italy” and “Travels Around Sorrento” by David M. Addison 20:20 06/01/2020
Five Favourite Films with Colin M. Barron 38:49 05/04/2020
“The Heart 200 Book” by Thomas A. Christie and Julie Christie 27:59 04/02/2020
Five Favourite Books with Robert Murray 34:17 03/02/2020