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The iCare Software podcast channel is full of informative and helpful content that covers a variety of topics related to childcare center management. This is a great resource for child care, preschool, daycare, afterschool, and other early education professionals who want to learn more about best practices in the industry, or just keep up with the latest news and developments.


Mastering Calm: 10 Key Strategies for De-Escalating Dysregulated Students
In this session presented by Pam McNall, she focuses on equipping educators with practical, trauma-informed approaches to manage students who are experiencing emotional trauma. Emotional trauma in students can manifest in various ways, often leading to challenging behaviors in the classroom. The session aims to address these challenges with empathy and effectiveness.Listen now and discover:A review of Trauma and Trauma-ResponseDescription of “de-escalation” through the lens of traumaTop 10 Tips for De-escalationThe Attachment & Trauma NetworkFor more information contact or visit
55:28 3/22/24
Childcare Tax Q&A with Daycare Accounting Pro
An ever-changing financial landscape means childcare providers need to understand tax laws and regulations. Get an insider's look at the complex world of taxes for childcare providers by joining us for this informative webinar. During this tax Q&A session, Daycare Accounting Pro addresses the unique tax challenges childcare providers face.For more information contact or visit
54:44 2/22/24
Streamline Childcare Management for a More Productive Year
The new year brings an energy to do better, including at work! Taking care of kids comes with a lot of responsibilities, but they don't have to wear you down.  Start the new year fresh and feel excited about 2024.  In this podcast presented by Cynthia Parker, she gives you ideas and motivation to simplify tasks, reduce clutter, and find more time. These are simple, practical ideas about:Identifying systems that can work for YOUSimplifying your processes such as registration, billing and hiringTaking care of YOUFor more information contact or visit
41:03 2/1/24
Mastering Staff Hiring and Retention in Childcare Centers
In the dynamic world of childcare centers, the biggest challenge faced by 67.37% of providers is hiring and retaining skilled and passionate staff. Staffing issues can lead to decreased quality of care, frustrated parents, and increased operational costs.In this podcast Cynthia Parker delves deep into the heart of the issue and present innovative solutions that incorporate cutting-edge childcare management software.For more information contact or visit
49:47 10/25/23
Creating the Best Childcare Program for your Childcare Center
Are you ready to elevate your childcare center to new heights of excellence? Listen this podcast presented by Cynthia Parker as she delves into a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge features designed to enhance efficiency and communication within childcare facilities. Learn how iCare Software empowers parents and caregivers with an intuitive, user-friendly experience, fostering trust and engagement. For more information contact or visit
35:37 8/24/23
Tax Savings Strategies for Daycare Centers
Running a daycare center can be a rewarding endeavor, but managing the financial aspects of your business can sometimes be overwhelming. One key area that daycare owners often overlook is tax planning and savings. With the right strategies in place, you can significantly reduce your tax burden and increase your profitability.In this podcast, David Encarnacion from Daycare Accounting Pro guides you on how you can reduce your taxes and succeed at it.For more information contact or visit
43:12 7/13/23
Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts - Strategies for Promoting Your Childcare Center
Listen to this podcast with Joni Levine of Child Care Lounge, where you will learn how to create a compelling mission statement and possible tagline for your childcare program that accurately reflects your unique approach to childcare. She also provides you with specific strategies for promoting your program, including social media marketing, referral programs, and open house events.For more information contact or visit
33:44 5/24/23
Empowering Children's Development
Children develop at their own pace. However, when children's development or behavior appears to be outside of the normal range of development it can be difficult to determine what to do next to ensure that the child is provided the most appropriate care and support. Early intervention/special education can make an enormous difference in a child's success.Listen to this session presented by Cynthia Parker from Nion Early Education where she discusses:·         Documenting children's development,·         Communicating your concerns with parents,·         Understanding the evaluation process for EI and public school special education.
47:33 4/19/23
Playful Ways to Engage Kids and Toddlers Using Balls
Did you know that a single ball is all it takes to support a lot of learning opportunities for young children? In this podcast, presented by Cynthia Parker, (M.Ed.) from Nion Early Education she discusses:• How balls support children's learning and development • Fun ways to use balls with children • Explore ways to introduce play with the ball • How ball play can be used to help children learnFor more information, contact or visit
39:00 3/15/23
Are you ready for Tax Day?
In this podcast by David Encarnacion from Daycare Accounting Pro, he shares information and tips on how to organize your childcare business and personal tax records — and why it makes preparing a complete and accurate tax return easier. He also shared tips on how to avoid errors that lead to processing delays and increase in taxes owed.For more information contact or visit
58:40 2/22/23
Caring for yourself as a Childcare Provider
You're a childcare provider, which means you run your own business. You understand the importance of taking care of yourself to avoid burnout. Caring for children is hard work and takes a lot, but because it's such important work you don't want to stop, but if you don't take care of yourself, who will?In this webinar with Joni Levine of Child Care Lounge she brought an unique experience filled with information and tips on how Caring for yourself as a Childcare Provider and how to avoid burnout and how to care for yourself while caring for children.For more information contact or visit
34:05 2/9/23
Building an Effective Insurance Program for Schools & Child Care Facilities
Developing an effective insurance program for your childcare facility involves coverage that protects your business against the many risks faced in this industry.In this podcast with Andrew Massie from Plastridge Insurance,  he shares information and what you need to know about: ·         Property Coverage, ·         Different Liabilities, ·         Workers Compensation,  ·         School / Childcare Facility Insurance Market Update.For more information, contact or visit
46:22 1/25/23
Simple Tax Strategies That Will Lower Your Tax Liability
The tax season is almost upon us, and this time is always quite stressful for everyone. Daycare owners face several unique challenges that are unlike those most other small businesses face. However, there are ways to lower your tax burden, and a few simple tax strategies that will lower your tax liability. In this podcast David Encarnacion from Daycare Accounting Pro shared information and tips on:• Choosing the proper Business Entity type for your center. • What is self-employment tax and how does it affect you? • Solutions on avoiding self-employment tax. • Specific tax strategies to lower your tax liability.For more information, contact or visit
45:23 1/19/23
Creating an Engaging Early Childhood Curriculum
Creating a curriculum that is engaging, developmentally appropriate and well-rounded takes time and intention. However, it does not have to be overly complicated!In this podcast hosted by Cynthia Parker (M.Ed.) from Nion Early Education,  she discussed:What a developmentally appropriate curriculum meansEnsuring curriculum is hands-on and flexibleHow to use webbing to create rich, interconnected curriculumFor more information, contact or visit
47:29 1/11/23
How to Prepare your Childcare Business for Tax Season
As an early childcare provider, you are constantly busy running your business. But in addition to managing the day-to-day operations of your center and providing quality care for your families, you must also prepare for tax season.Have you ever wondered what you need to know to prepare your childcare business for tax season?In this podcast David Encarnacion from Daycare Accounting Pro shares information and tips on how early childcare owners can reduce their bookkeeping costs and time and focus on more important things – keeping kids their top priority.David also discussed:·         How to pay less in taxes·         The importance of bookkeeping and how to do it the right way·         How to avoid pitfalls with your payroll·         Shows commonly missed childcare program deductions and strategiesFor more information, contact or visit
63:14 12/1/22
Discover the Benefits of Getting a CDA
The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential is an achievement that any ECE educator can be proud of. In this webinar recording hosted by Jennifer Pasteur from Prosperity Childcare Training Network, she discussed how early childhood educators can get their CDA Credential, and how to help their entire staff obtain their credentials.She also discussed:What the benefits of becoming a CDA are for teachers and students, and how you can use those benefits to showcase your practice as a leader in early childhood education.What it takes to obtain a CDA and offer strategies for growing your program effectively with utilizing United Way built resources that align with the standards of the licensing body for your state.Providing information on state licensing requirements, such as training hours and type, educator preparation courses, Part C eligibility, and much more.Finally, she also covered how to use the information from this webinar to help you reach out to local hospitals and medical centers in your area to create collaborative relationships that can benefit both organizations while meeting their individual needs.For more information, contact or visit
33:57 11/10/22
How to celebrate your students’ unique culture and traditions
Different families celebrate in different ways and at different times of the year. To promote a classroom environment that is welcoming and supportive, teachers should consider how to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of their students' traditions. In this webinar recording hosted by Cynthia Parker from Nion Early Education, she shared:• Ways to reflect on program's Holiday Celebration policy • New ways to obtain information from families to learn more about their culture and traditions • Ways to reflect families' culture and traditions into the classroom in a more equitable wayFor more information, contact or visit
47:02 10/26/22
Time Management for Directors
If you’ve ever worried about being overwhelmed with running a center, this podcast recording is for you! Joni Levine of Child Care Lounge shares a unique experience filled with information and tips on how Childcare Directors can manage their time efficiently to be more effective and productive.For more information, contact or visit
35:24 10/13/22
Developing Support Plans for Individual Children's Needs in Your Program
In this podcast, Cynthia Parker speaks about how you can develop support plans for children in your classroom. Creating a support plan that recognizes the child's individual needs sets them up for greater success.  This process will include:-          Documenting children's behavior-          Choosing specific strategies to meet a child's needs-          Using a team approach to maximize success For more information, contact or visit
44:44 9/15/22
How to Effectively Manage your Classroom
This podcast recording is designed for all levels, from brand-new teachers to experienced educators who want to improve their skills. It provides several strategies to develop good classroom management habits. These strategies are easy to implement and will definitely help give you a successful start to the school year:- Build positive relationships- Implement an engaging curriculum- Design an appropriate environmentFor more information, contact or visit
45:18 9/1/22
Start the School Year Right with Childcare Software
There is no time to waste if you want to prepare your enrollment and billing operations for an efficient school year. You need to have a plan to summarize your registration process, do accurate and timely payroll, hire good staff quickly, track student progress, keep parents informed, and so much more.Listen to this podcast to learn:·         How you can organize your entire center with one system·         Simplifying your processes such as registration, billing, and hiring·         Gaining back more time in your dayFor more information, contact or visit
39:05 8/11/22
How to Improve Safety at Your Childcare Center
Safety needs to be a priority in early childcare centers. There are a wide variety of steps that centers can take to ensure that children's environments are safe to play in and that children and staff are safe from intruders.Listen to this podcast to learn how to ensure parents understand your efforts to keep their child safe, the policy and procedures families and staff follow to establish a safe community, and technology options that can provide additional security for children and staff. 
41:38 7/21/22
Successful Communication within your Childcare Center | Cynthia Parker
Effective communication is the foundation of a positive work environment. It is much more than simply what you say. A more personalized approach will ensure everyone receives information within your childcare center.In this episode, we look at the key elements to support you in finding the best approach to communicate with your team effectively, the different types of communication and also understanding the different types of communication styles, and Cynthia will share some communication tips
48:54 6/9/22
Attracting and Retaining Staff in Childcare Centers | Cynthia Parker
One of the most common issues when running an early childhood education center is high turnover rates - typically around 30% of staff members leave or are laid off annually. This makes focusing on other essential matters difficult because you constantly have to hire and train someone new every few months.To attract and retain staff, you need to make an effort to keep your employees happy and motivated from day one and then they'll be more likely to stay for longer.For most businesses, keeping their best employees is a top priority. And if you're a childcare center, offering comprehensive child care benefits, employers can create a positive work environment that helps keep their staff happy and engaged. In this podcast, we discuss why employees resigned, how to attract and retain an early childcare workforce, and selecting the right candidate for your team.
46:28 6/9/22