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The Social Network
Adapt Deez, a brand new season of GateCrashers, is dedicated to appreciating media adaptations in all their many forms! From the classic book-to-movie adaptations to the many iterations associated and in-between, episodes of Adapt Deez will focus on a specific property and its (officially licensed) adaptations. Not simply a recounting of the differences and similarities between each adaptation, Adapt Deez aims to highlight the ways in which each iteration shines and how its individual media-specific properties—such as film scores, casting, and packaging—elevate the material and affect the way each work is received.  In today’s episode, Amanda, Amir, and Jon discuss the Academy Award-winning movie The Social Network. The film—which received eight nominations at the 83rd Academy Awards, including for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for leading man Jesse Eisenberg, and won for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing—released in 2010 from Sony Pictures, and was directed by David Fincher. The screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin, and was adapted from The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal, a work of narrative nonfiction by Ben Mezrich that was published in 2009 by Doubleday. The Social Network tells the story of the founding of social media service Facebook in 2004 by Harvard college students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Andrew McCollum. Focusing primarily on the relationship—and fall out—between Zuckerberg, played by Eisenberg, and Saverin, portrayed by Andrew Garfield in what would become his international breakthrough role, The Social Network spans several years from Facebook’s inception to the depositions between Zuckerberg and Saverin, and Zuckerberg and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Armie Hammer/Josh Pence), twins and fellow Harvard students. If you think that sounds dry, just wait until you witness Amanda, Amir, and Jon’s dramatic reenactments of iconic scenes—we guarantee you’ll be just as riveted by this biographical drama as we were more than a decade ago.  
60:02 4/17/24
Adapt Deez, a brand new season of GateCrashers, is dedicated to appreciating media adaptations in all their many forms! From the classic book-to-movie adaptations to the many iterations associated and in between, episodes of Adapt Deez will focus on a specific property and its (officially licensed) adaptations. Not simply a recounting of the differences and similarities between each adaptation, Adapt Deez aims to highlight the ways in which each iteration shines and how its individual media-specific properties—such as film scores, casting, and packaging—elevate the material and affect the way each work is received.  In the first episode of the season, Amanda, Patrick, and Jon discuss the book Holes by Louis Sachar, which was published in 1998. The Newbery Medal-winning novel follows 14-year-old Stanley Yelnats who, following a false criminal accusation, is sentenced to 18 months at Camp Green Lake, a juvenile correctional boot camp in Texas. Stanley imagines a picturesque, lakeside facility, at which he’ll participate in classic character-building activities. But when he arrives, he learns that Camp Green Lake is located in the middle of a dried-up lake bed; it hasn’t rained there in over 100 years; and instead of swimming and hiking, Stanley must dig a hole while baking away in the unforgiving desert sun. Holes was adapted into a feature film of the same name by Walt Disney Pictures in 2003. Directed by Andrew Davis—with a script written by the author himself—the movie stars film industry greats such as Sigourney Weaver, Patricia Arquette, Jon Voight, Dulé Hill, Henry Winkler, and Tim Blake Nelson. It was also the motion picture debut of Shia LaBeouf, who played Stanley. The novel is still taught in middle school classrooms and the movie’s end credit song—”Dig It” by the D-Tent Boys—remains just as iconic today as it was when we first heard it on the Disney Channel more than 20 years ago.  
73:04 4/10/24
Minor Threats
It’s the season finale of Capes ‘N Cowards, and we saved the best for last. Today we’re talking about Minor Threats, the delightfully diabolical comic from Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Scott Hepburn that ignited an all-new universe. The series follows five D-list supervillains who try to stop a rampaging superhero called the Insomniac from tearing their city apart. After the Insomniac's sidekick, Kid Dusk, was killed by his nemesis, the Stickman, the Insomniac was thrust into the pursuit of vengeance, and the only way for our heroes- I mean, villains- to put an end to it is to kill the Stickman themselves. The story features an imaginative twist on the familiar archetypes and tropes of comic books, all from the perspective of the kinds of characters usually stuck at the bottom of the food chain. Can’t get enough caped capers? Good, because this episode has an all-new audio drama from the world of Minor Threats. Hear the triumphant ascension of two misfit nobodies, B.A.C. and Parvus Canus, who use their respective masteries over whiskey (as well as other fluids) and dogs (under forty pounds) to seize a new future together. It’s truly a beautiful tale.
70:00 2/28/24
Mystery Men
We are back with another adventure in our Capes 'N Cowards season! Last week we brought you the adventures of The Venture Bros. but this week we return fully to the worlds of superheroes. On today's episode, we are covering one of the weirder superhero films, we are talking about Mystery Men. Mystery Men is a film loosely based on Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot Comics. It follows a group of misfits, weirdos, and outcasts from the superhero world of Champion City. The team is "lead" by Mr. Furious and features the Shoveler and the Blue Raja. As the world turns quickly turmoil, this group of weirdos has to find more like them to make a team to save the world. These aren't the cream of the crop but more like the heroes you call when everyone else is busy but they've got the heart to save the world. The film has one of the most impressive cast lists including Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, William H. Macy, Greg Kinnear, Claire Forlani, Kel Mitchell, Paul Reubens, Janeane Garofalo, Wes Studi, Geoffrey Rush, Lena Olin, Suzy Izzard, and Tom Waits. The cast is stacked with absolutely incredible talent and features a handful of cameos that still blow me away. Who decided Michael Bay would play a frat boy supervillain? I just want to shake their hands. Cid and Dan talk about the film at length. Cid gives their thoughts on what the film is trying to capture. They also get into how the film has aged but more so how it was ahead of it's time. As the superhero film craze gets closer and closer to bursting, it's the best time to take a look back at Mystery Men which satirized these films before they even existed. If there was any film that was released before its time, it is Mystery Men. It sits in a place before the superhero craze changed film forever. Make sure to check out our past episodes including the first episode of the season which covers The Boys which you can see a lot of inspiration from this film in.
60:56 2/21/24
Amy Jo Johnson and Matt Hotson Talk Power Rangers: The Return
I have been a Power Rangers fan since before I could even read. I grew up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The first film was one of the first films I saw in theatres. I never really expected to end up interviewing one Ranger let alone many. But today's episode features our second original ranger, Amy Jo Johnson aka the original Pink Ranger Kimberly. Amy was kind enough and enjoyed our interview enough to call her co-writer Matt Hotson as soon as we wrapped our interview to make him jump on. Together they have written a new comic from BOOM! Studios called Power Rangers: The Return which you can get now anywhere you get your comics. Power Rangers: The Return brings us back to Angel Grove years after the Power Rangers have disbanded. We see a much older version of the Rangers and friends that we knew from the show. The Rangers haven't done their teenagers with attitudes thing in years. A few members get together after a memorial for a fellow Ranger. Things from there get hectic and that quiet life that Kimberly thought she finally had will be slipping through her fingers. Amy Jo Johnson has done much since her Power Rangers days which includes directing and becoming a singer/songwriter. We discussed creating art from all the different angles that she has a hand in. We discuss the co-writing process at length with each writer but at separate times. It's an interesting interview to listen to to see how each side of a duo works and sees the other in the process. Amy also talks about how writing a comic has been Matt's dream for some time. We get to hear how happy she was for him on the day of release then we get to hear it straight from him. We discussed putting art out into the world but it was very exciting getting to hear on the day that someone's dream came true.
41:18 2/20/24
The Venture Bros.
GO TEAM VENTURE! We are back for our second installment in our Capes 'N Cowards season. This season is a celebration of stories where unlikely characters have to rise to the occasion of herohood. In that vein, today we are taking a look at The Venture Bros.! We watched the first two seasons of the Adult Swim cartoon to see who may want to check this one out. The Venture Bros. is an adult animated television co-created by Chris McCulloch aka Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer that aired on Adult Swim for 7 seasons. The duo ran the show with their unique vision and inspirations that are clear throughout the entire series. The show follows Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, his bodyguard/father-figure/secret agent Brock Samson, and Dr. Venture's two teenage fraternal twin sons Dean and Hank Venture. Through the series they get into all sorts of satirical pulp adventures with heavy emphasis on science fiction, superheroes, and other things that influenced the show. Jordan joins Dan once again to talk about a show he has wanted to cover forever. Jordan reveals his origins with the series which are very similar to those we have heard in the Evil Dead episode from GateSlashers 2. Dan talks about his only experience with the show before this episode and how it includes electronic cigarettes and New York City Comic Con.
67:22 2/14/24
The Boys
GateCrashers is back with Season 6! With our return, we are switching new a new release format. From here on we will be releasing the show in seasons! Each season will have its unique theme with episodes and content reflecting that theme. Our first season is called Capes 'N Cowards. We will be taking a look at different superhero-style universes that we think are worth checking out! This season will include The Boys, Venture Brothers, Mystery Men, and Minor Threats! We begin this new season by kicking off with The Boys with Dan and Ethan. Ethan had never watched or read any of The Boys before we began preparing for this episode. We can promise that he will never be the same after this diabolically and rather... milky show. Dan was practically raised by Garth Ennis comics so he has been very excited to finally get to a fantastic adaptation that we think is worth your time to check out. The Boys follows a group of unlikely non-superpowered individuals as they do everything they can to get their brand of revenge against The Seven and Vought. The superheroes of this world are unlike any other because they are mostly the worst humanity has to offer with corporate backing. There is also a lot of Billy Joel so that is a huge plus for any show. The show's first 3 seasons and the spin-offs are available for streaming on Prime Video. Join us as Dan talks about all of The Boys skins in Call of Duty and we try to stay on topic as we talk about this week's topic. Be sure to leave us a review on any platform where you listen and subscribe. Those both help us tremendously find new listeners to help them find things that could bring them joy like it brings up.  
66:12 2/7/24
GateSlashers 3: V/H/S
GateSlashers is back baby! This year though, we needed a new slasher. We kinda sent ours through a portal into the multiverse last year. Luckily, Dan had a box of slasher audition reels on VHS tapes in his office that Jake stumbled upon in Dan's absence. So this year, Jake and Ethan are trying to find the show's new slasher. It goes as well as you assume. But because we already broke out the VHS Player, we are also finally covering the V/H/S franchise! Join Jon, Ethan, and Dan as they talk about one of the consistently wildest anthology horror film franchises out there. They discuss every short from the first film to the newest in the V/H/S line. There are several very big horror names who started in the series before they got a chance to tell their own stories solo. Dan also opens the show by talking about the absence of the podcast as of late due to mental health and absolute burnout. We also announce how the show will be changing next year to combat that but to also put out better episodes on a more consistent basis! We will be movie to a season format in 2024. Each season will revolve around a theme to include different movies, games, comics, and all sorts of stuff that you may enjoy that falls under those theme umbrellas. We really hope you like the change so you can get more GateCrashers in 2024. Don't worry though, you will still get GateCrashers 4 next October if the team survives next year. It's still up in the air especially after you hear the tapes of this year's special.
81:20 10/31/23
James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds Talk Dracula
Dracula doesn’t suck. I’m sorry to start off with a pun about vampires but not really. Skybound has been killing it recently with getting huge IP comics with incredible creative teams. When they announced that they had the licenses for the Universal Monsters, I almost had to pick my jaw off the floor. But when they said James Tynion and Martin Simmonds were going to be unearthing Dracula, my jaw did hit the floor. You may know the team from their incredible series The Department of Truth where they tackle all sorts of conspiracy and cryptids. But now this dynamic duo has moved onto telling their version of the story about the biggest vampire of all time in spectacular fashion. I had the chance to chat with them about opening up the tomb of Dracula to adapt the story for comics.  Dracula is a showcase of why horror thrives in comics. Tynion’s masterful scripting is on display in this issue with some truly incredible scenes to introduce us to the characters. Some of the dialogue had me giggling, which is very important to me in a comic. I have read most horror comics that have come out in the last few years and I was shocked how much I was flipping through this issue of a story I knew very well over and over. Tynion brings a unique flair to everything he works on and this is no exception. But as you’ll hear in this interview, Martin Simmonds design and color palette take Dracula to a higher plane. There is a masterful use of sepia tones to emulate the black and white nature of the film itself but with vibrant thematic splashes of red through the issue. The design and emotional displays from Renfield are some of the strongest artistic elements I’ve seen in a horror comic. The use of Dracula's eyes in the story drives home the power of the vampire which we get into Simmond's artistic inspirations about in this interview. We discuss both the colors and the character designs at length in this interview about their Dracula series.
14:09 10/25/23
Daniel Warren Johnson Talks Transformers
Growing up, Transformers was always something I thought was cool but didn't really look into other than some figures. My closest understanding of the characters and the franchise was based on the Michael Bay films which I stopped seeing after the third installment. So I went into Skybound/Image's Energon Universe with no expectations except the ones I had for Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer. But from the first page of their debut Transformers first issue, I was hooked. It's an incredible new start for the Transformers and we got to sit down with Daniel Warren Johnson to discuss it. Daniel Warren Johnson's storytelling is often larger than life and bombastic with Spicer's incredible coloring. But beneath the art and incredible fight scenes, there are always relatable themes that have connected with me very personally. Transformers #1 is no exception. The human characters of the story have a really gripping introduction which I can only see blooming more as the story goes on. It's an incredible reintroduction to these characters that is an accessible jumping-on-point for people unfamiliar with the franchise. You have a comic about giant transforming robots in disguise as cars, but you have a story of loss, war, and friendship that drives the story home more than any other major IP comics out there right now. If you haven't read the first issue yet, stop reading this and go pick it up. I was lucky enough to sit down with Daniel Warren Johnson and talk about his storytelling methods. We also got into talking about the figures of Transformers and how he poses them for his art. But Daniel is also a huge wrestling fan so we end our conversation by setting up the ultimate AEW tag teams for Optimus Prime and Starscream. Make sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you can!
20:25 10/19/23
Brian Michael Bendis Chats Craft, Creating, and The Ones
When I discuss comics with people who started reading earlier I did when it comes to Marvel Comics, they normally talk about the legendary writers they grew up with like Chris Claremont, Jimmy Starlin, and other writers who defined Marvel Comics. But I started reading comics in the late 00’s so the name that always comes to mind when it comes to character-defining writing is Brian Michael Bendis. The first Spider-Man comic I read was Ultimate Spider-Man #1 so to say that Bendis holds a special spot in defining my comic experience is an understatement. And I got to interview him. Listen as Brian Michael Bendis and I talk about his series The Ones available now from Dark Horse Comics. The first volume dives into a group of characters who were all “the one” at some point in their lives. It’s an incredibly funny story with one of the funniest iterations of Satan I have read. If you love Bendis’ humor, this is that but off the leash of big 2 comics.  We get into a discussion about the way books he works on do their crediting pages with the artists being co-creators. Bendis talks about how he approaches working with artists to create original series such as long-time collaborator Michael Avon Oeming. Brian talks a bit about his love of the craft while citing some things he loves to get into the nitty-gritty of. He talks about character backstories and the such that he works out off the page and just how deep he gets into those. I also had to ask about Green Goblin in Ultimate Spider-Man. We discuss the reasoning for making him into a monster which has a very interesting idea behind it. I also got a chance to ask a unique question about siblings! Brian's brother Jared is someone I follow on TikTok whose content about tabletop games brings me a lot of joy. I didn't realize they were brothers until recently so we chat about that as well! Follow Jared here!
39:12 9/11/23
Kelly Thompson Talks The Cull/It’s Jeff!
In this episode, we interview a creator I’ve wanted to speak with for quite some time: Eisner-winning comics writer Kelly Thompson! You may know her from her extensive work at Marvel (including a fifty-issue Captain Marvel run and the creation of Jeff the Land Shark), her creator-owned titles Black Cloak and The Cull at Image, or her upcoming Birds of Prey run for DC. Kelly’s work covers a very wide range of tones, from goofy misadventures to dramatic explorations of trauma and grief, and as you’ll hear, she likes to mix and match a variety of influences to create some truly unique stories. Our conversation begins with a focus on The Cull, which recently saw the release of its first issue. The series sees Kelly reunite with artist Mattia De Iulis, who she previously collaborated with on Jessica Jones: Blind Spot and Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter. Described as “Something is Killing the Children horror vibes mixed with The Goonies-style adventure”, the series follows five teenagers who go off to make a short film at a creepy rock by the ocean… only one of them isn’t being honest about why she really chose that location. It’s a spooky, character-focused drama with weird monsters, and there’s a lot of diving into the creative process in this interview. Next, we talk all about Kelly’s breakout character at Marvel, Jeff the Land Shark, who will receive both a third batch of It’s Jeff! Infinity Comics on Marvel Unlimited, and a print version of the second wave of It’s Jeff! comics this Fall. This conversation covers everything from the drastic evolution of Jeff’s look over the past few years to common misconceptions about Jeff (he’s not a baby, just a little guy!). Kelly also talks about some of the directions that West Coast Avengers (the series Jeff originated from) could’ve gone and the untapped potential of comics for kids. It’s a fin-tastic time!
71:06 8/23/23
Deep Diving into Minor Threats With Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Scott Hepburn
With the trade paperback of Minor Threats: A QUICK END TO A LONG BEGINNING hitting shelves today, it's a great time to listen to co-creators Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Scott Hepburn dig into the series. Minor Threatologists Quinn and Dan sit down with the team to really do a deep dive into the first volume of the series and the world blooming from it. You can pick the book up now anywhere you buy your comics! We also spend a LOT of time talking about Shit Eater. Just like a lot of time spent on one weird background character called Shit Eater. I hope you are ready for all the shit-talking you can handle. Minor Threats is a series that focuses on crooks and criminals in a superhero world. But we aren't talking about the A-Tier villains like your Jokers and Green Goblins. We focus on those C-listers who get an issue or two before the hero foils their plot. The series focuses on those types of characters to flesh out what that world looks like. How do you function in a world where the villains above you are gods and monsters when you simply have cool toys? Patton, Jordan, and Scott talk about the construction of their world on iconography that are familiar and distinct but with their own unique flavor brought to the page. We talk with the team to break down some of the most iconic pages from the series and what went into their construction. Scott gets the chance to break down the flow of his art in the series. We discuss the visualization of powers. Minor Threats often walks the line of humor and trauma in the series, a topic Patton and Jordan unpack with certain characters in the series. Stick around to the very end for a spoiler-filled discussion about the end of the series and what it means moving forward for the Minor Threats universe.
43:26 7/12/23
Indiana Jones
On this week’s GateCrashers podcast, the gang is here to talk all things Indiana Jones in their usual chaotic way. So join Ethan, Jake, Jon, and RJ as they dive into the man in the hat’s adventures. Before they move into a free-ranging discussion on all things archaeology, the gang first talks about the history of Indiana Jones, from its very first beginnings to the forthcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. For instance, did you know the idea for Indy was first pitched to Steven Spielberg by George Lucas while the latter was hiding out with his friend in Hawaii to what he expected to be the catastrophic debut of his newest film Star Wars? Or how about Tom Sellick almost playing Indy before his duties on Magnum P.I. pulled him away, leaving the door open for Harrison Ford to take on his most iconic role? (That’s also why Chip & Dale from Rescue Rangers are dressed up as Magnum and Indy, fun right?) The gang then moves on to dig into each of the films in-depth. They chat about Raiders of the Lost Ark being one of the great movies, Temple of Doom’s… um, issues, The Last Crusade’s constant rewatchability and how we all love it maybe even more than Raiders, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’s undeserved reputation and how it’s actually a lot better than most give it credit for. They then close out with their hopes for Dial of Destiny as they get ready to say a final goodbye to one of cinema’s greatest icons. Just in case it’s not clear what we covered, here you go: Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull And if you want more Indiana Jones goodness at GateCrashers, check out Jordan's retrospective series on the original films.
100:26 7/5/23
A Conversation with Chuck Tingle
On this episode, we are joined by a very special guest. As a site that celebrates sincerity and creates things that are sometimes a bit outside the box, this interview is something special. This author creates art that is unlike anything out there with a full heart untainted by irony or anything of that matter. Today, we are speaking with the one and only Chuck Tingle. Get ready buckaroos because this is one of the best interviews we have done! Chuck Tingle is a self-published Hugo award-nominated author whose titles include Space Raptor Butt Invasion, The Physical Manifestation Of Wurdle Pounds My Butt As A Slightly Frustrating But Ultimately Rewarding And Meditative Daily Routine, and many other titles. But Chuck has ventured into the world of publishing to get his first traditionally published work out to all of the buckaroos through bookstores and more. This is the first time you can pick up Chuck's work in a traditional bookstore so please be sure to support him and queer horror by preordering it here and calling your local library to make sure they get a copy as well! Chuck Tingle's book is called Camp Damascus which revolves around a young girl's journey of self-discovery in Neverton, Montana. Which is a "god-fearing" community that is built around a megachurch and a conversion camp called Camp Damascus. I don't want to give too much away about the story in a quick summary here but I will say once I started reading, I couldn't put it down other than to get a few hours of sleep. But I woke up at 6:00 AM like a child rushing downstairs on Christmas morning to finish it. It treats the camp like a monster just under the surface like Jaws, which Chuck speaks about in our conversation. It is one of the best pieces of queer horror that I have ever gotten the honor to read. I truly hope you give this book a chance because it's unlike any other horror I have read. This is the first time you can pick up Chuck's work in a traditional bookstore so please be sure to support him and queer horror by preordering it here and calling your local library to make sure they get a copy as well! Preorder link:
44:02 7/3/23
Fallout: Winter of Atom Interview
Today is a first for GateCrashers! We are sitting down with the lead designer and editor of a tabletop roleplaying game. We are discussing the newest campaign for the Fallout TTRPG from Modiphius Entertainment. Dan is joined by Donathin Frye, Lead Designer on Winter of Atom, and Jacky Leung, Designer/Developer and Editor on Winter of Atom. This latest campaign book for Fallout: The Role Playing Game is looking to offer an experience more intense and in-depth than anything seen previously, and at the forefront of that experience are the titular Children of Atom. Main quests will keep your attention as you square off against the Last Son of Atom, a megalomaniac seeking to convert everyone to the Children of Atom, while side quests will offer up chances to explore the world and hunt down better supplies. And true to the source material, terrifying monstrosities will be waiting around every corner.  Donathin and Jacky help break down what goes into creating a book like this. They talk about things like the collaborative nature of building a campaign with a group of designers and how much work goes into each mechanic. We discuss the new winter mechanics that come to the Fallout universe. The group also dives a bit into the story elements of the campaign and what it holds for seasoned Fallout TTRPG players and newcomers alike. We discuss the specific flavor of Fallout and what the process is like to get things approved by Bethesda to fit into the canon of the series. Dan also gets to ask about what went into adding some of the new settlements mentioned in the game book and how settlements play into the campaign as a whole. The pair also explain the best place to start with the TTRPG to get your feet wet with the specific 2d6 roleplaying system that the series uses to make the game more cinematic.
50:14 6/21/23
Maeve Fly Author CJ Leede Talks Horror
I never thought I would walk away from a book with fears that revolve around eggs and Werewolf Bar Mitzvah but CJ Leede really made it her mission to scar me forever. Maeve Fly is the first novel from Leede and she comes out of the gates with an instant classic. I took as long as I could to read the book because I didn't want it to end. It brings a feminine spin to a story with a lead inspired by American Psycho. It makes the Sunset Strip in California a character all of its own while balancing an interesting story of a girl struggling. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you're looking for a horror that blends sex, violence, and Disney princesses with a bloody harrowing finale, Maeve Fly IS the book you need. I had the chance to chat with the author about Maeve Fly. We got the chance to talk about the inclusion of the theme park and her relationship with it. We also took some time to discuss what makes a good Halloween song which is a very important element of the book. CJ Leede actually made a playlist for the book which I suggest you give a listen to while you read. CJ talks about sexuality in the book and how that so often crosses with the genre of horror. She discusses the importance of the strip to the story and how she experienced it all as a shell of itself during the height of the pandemic.
30:45 6/2/23
10 Years of Youth: A Record by Citizen
On todays episode Cid and Jake talk about the record Youth by the band Citizen for the records 10 year anniversary. The pair talk about the records mature take on a break up the singer had. The content of the songs often tries to find answers to the why in the singer’s heartbreak and what his ex-girlfriend felt during that time as he seemingly asks her how she feels. It dives deep into the complex emotions that an older teen and or young adult would feel in the end of a relationship. Theres angst but tempered with a maturity and quest for insight and understanding into ones own emotions as well as determining those of the partner. It tackles how as we age we begin to be able to examine relationships and while breaking up sucks, can leave emotional attachments lover who you are no attached to, a ghost that haunts you as you watch them move on with their life. The sound of the record hits with a good blend of emo and grunge with hints of pop punk and post hardcore here and there. Citizen, currently consisting or Mat Kerekes, the vocalist, Nick Hamm, the lead guitarist, and Eric Hamm, the bassist, was formed in 2009 in Michigan and Ohio. The band has had several members come and go such as many drummers, which Kerekes plays for the records but not live.  
66:10 5/24/23
The Front Bottoms: Talon of the Hawk
GateCrashers' Music May-hem special continues with this 3rd installment, where Dan, Jake, and Gabrielle get together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the The Front Bottoms' fourth album, Talon of the Hawk, released May 21st, 2013. CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes discussions of heavy topics such as drug use, alcoholism, mental illness, and more. Their second studio album with Bar/None, Talon of the Hawk speaks of friendships lost, ex-girlfriends, unexpected twists in life, depression, addictions, and coming-of-age themes that also reverberate throughout the rest of their discography as common denominators, but achieving its own specific tone to set it apart from other projects from the band. Dan, Jake, and Gabrielle go through the 12 tracks of the The Front Bottoms album in a more relaxed and less personal manner than previously seen in the The Wonder Years episode, reflecting Talon of the Hawk's own style as a more energetic approach to the heavy subject matters it deals with. With straightforward lyrics and a stripped-down sound, the group discusses the nature of the genre and the band, which aims to feel under-produced and naturalistic with stylistic choices such as out-of-tune vocals. The Front Bottoms are a folk punk, midwest emo band from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Brian Sella and drummer Mat Uychich, and counting with various touring guest artists throughout their career. Beginning in 2007, after Sella finished his first year of college, the band has now seven studio albums under their belt and has become one of the most successful bands in the midwest emo genre. Be sure to stay tuned for more music episodes! If you like the track-by-track breakdown of iconic albums, please be sure to give us feedback! If people enjoy this, we will continue to tackle more genres and artists to have conversations about the music and lyrics.
76:08 5/17/23
The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation
Today's episode is caked in stale beer, sweat, and Eagles memorabilia, as Dan and Jake talk about The Wonder Years record The Greatest Generation for its 10th anniversary. We are kicking off a series of 4 episodes for something we are calling "Music May-hem" where we are doing track-by-track conversations about 4 albums. We are kicking the month off with one of the defining Philly pop-punk scene behemoths, The Wonder Years. A band that has defined the music scene for over 10 years now. Jake and Dan go track by track to have a conversation that is longer than usual. They dive deep into their personal connections to the music and lyrics. The brothers get personal about the themes explored in the music such as stability, anxiety, and a lot more heavy topics that The Wonder Years cover with their music. It is a very raw and emotional episode so it's really worth checking the album out before listening. CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes discussions of heavy topics such as drug use, alcoholism, mental illness, suicide, and more. The Wonder Years tackle the themes of depression, anxiety, and insecurity with this record as our hosts take a track by track approach, with Dan even writing all of his notes down physically to just connect with the music and not a screen. Both hosts bring their our meaning and understanding from the work of one of the Philly scenes biggest pop punk bands. They look at just what the lyrics allude to and how relatable it is for those with similar experiences with difficulties. Be sure to stay tuned for more music episodes! If you like the track-by-track breakdown of iconic albums, please be sure to give us feedback! If people enjoy this, we will continue to tackle more genres and artists to have conversations about the music and lyrics.
85:42 5/3/23
Kids vs. Aliens
AITA for planning and recording an episode of a podcast last minute because I loved Kids vs. Aliens so much? My brother and co-host seem to think I am. Just kidding! But only like half kidding. On this week’s episode of the podcast Dan and Jake decided day of to talk about the film Kids VS Aliens! Kabooooooom!!! And the prototype of the film, “Slumber Party Alien Abduction” from the compilation film V/H/S 2. They agree on a few things that heroine and older sister, Sam, was the best character. That the aliens just love puking and causing a big old ruckus. And that the true enemy of the film is not those fun-loving aliens themselves but rather a shitty gaslighting asshole human! The "Kids", in Kids vs. Aliens, Greg, Miles, and Jack gave the audience such great lines like “send them to hell and tell em Jack sent ya” amongst other absolute bangers. The film is a fun time with. a cool set design and a sword-fighting heroine but doesn’t feature the worst cinema crime of killing a dog for dramatic effect, which is how the prototype short so just be mindful of that. Feature length film = good fun film featuring no dogs. Short film= bad and heart breaking in a bad way because of the dog. (The prototype rules, Jake was just big mad about the dog.) Dan and Jake talk about some other stuff such as Total Drama Island, Comedy Bang Bang, and more but it circled back to Resident Evil again like last time. So there will probably be an episode on that franchise eventually cause they can't shut up about it. Dan also has reviews for Dead Island 2 and the new Power Rangers Special so be on the lookout for those!
53:39 4/19/23
Loaded Up and Truckin into Hell’s Paradise
On today's episode Dan “the Manga Man” McMahon gives a manga life update as he shares his journey updates which include learning about AMVs. Jake was told chaotic and decides to go full trucker with a stache. The brothers embark on a journey to Hell’s Paradise, the hit manga series as its anime just debuted on Crunchyroll! In the episode, they talk about how ninjas are cool and so is dope imagery! Hell’s Paradise is the story of a silly little guy, Gabimaru the Hollow, a ninja who has been sentenced to death after being tossed to the wolves by his ninja master father-in-law after Gabimaru reveals to his father-in-law that he's actually a big wife guy and wants to stop being a homicide machine. The problem is Gabimaru, despite saying he wants to die, just won’t die by execution. During his last execution, he is offered a pardon by the shogun if he joins an expedition with his executioner and other death row convicts. The expedition to heads into the depths of a tropical island in pursuit of the immortality-granting Elixir of Life. On this lush island of Paradise and/or Hell is a host of crazy monsters like butterflies with human faces that turn you into flowers. Will Gabimaru and his new friend and executioner Sagiri survive and find the elixir of life or will they succumb to the island's dangers, the hands of the other convicts, or even each other? Find out by reading Hell’s Paradise! Dan and Jake also talk about the new Resident Evil 4 remake and how while they enjoy the franchise's lore, it is not the thing they are looking for. For example, Dan doesn't want to be afraid but rather wants to make the monsters afraid of him. While Jake just wants to use big swords in Devil May Cry. But Leon Kennedy is a pretty cool guy.
58:22 4/5/23
The Gang Plays D&D
Are you ready to experience an actual play GateCrashers episode? We sure hope you are because we are finally covering Dungeons & Dragons! In part one of our Dungeons & Dragons special, Patrick and Dan talk about Dungeons & Dragons history. They talk about the roots of the TTRPG phenomenon and its current cultural impact such as its HUGE presence in Stranger Things plus its own film out in theaters this Friday! Patrick and Dan talk about where they got into the series and what they like or don't like about Dungeons & Dragons. Dan gives his thoughts on the film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and how much you need to know about D&D to enjoy it. (Which is nothing, go see it.) We explain what you will need to play Dungeons & Dragons but we also suggest a few other tabletop role-playing games that you may want to check out as well! D&D isn't for everyone and that is okay but there are lots of other options out there. In Part 2 of the episode, Patrick runs a GateCrashers canon one-shot! After the events of GateSlashers 2, Dan and the Grave Robber were thrown into the multiverse. After a long time of slipping between multiverses, some of which you get glimpses of here today, Dan has finally found a way to stay in one for enough time to make a stand. In order to do that, he has summoned Amanda, Ashley, Ethan, and Jake to help him in his fight. That's right, everyone is playing as themselves but fantasy-fied versions. Everyone is a bit different except Ethan who is still Welsh. No amount of magic and multiverse jumping could change that. But with the gang reunited, do they have enough power to stop the Grave Robber and the Necronomicon once and for all?
271:05 3/29/23
Yeah, I'm thinkin' We're Talkin About John Wick
On this week’s podcast join Dan and Ethan as they dive deep into their love of the coolest films around, the John Wick series. If you’ve never seen a John Wick film worry not as we give a quick breakdown of everything you need to know to bring you up to speed. But if you want to jump right into our full discussion, here’s a quick back-of-the-box blurb to get you prepped: John Wick, also known as The Baba Yaga, is a retired assassin played by Keanu Reeves, who, after his dog is killed by criminals, returns to the world of assassination to enact revenge, getting caught up in the machinations of the mysterious High Table. This has been going on for 4 films now. Once The Baba Yaga sets his mind to something, he doesn’t stop. We talk all things Wick in this week’s podcast; our favorite kills and set pieces, ranging from a kneck-breaking book to the world’s most casual shootout (feat. Common), to a discussion on the awesomeness of character names throughout the series, and why John Wick: Chapter Three - Parabellum is the only film in the series to have an admittedly dope title. We also chat about the power of neon lighting, dive into the brilliant, over-the-top world-building of the films, including The Continental hotel, and remember the once-in-a-lifetime talent that was Lance Reddick. And if you want to know all the non-spoilery details about this week’s John Wick: Chapter Four, first, make sure to check out Dan’s review right here on the site tomorrow, then listen in as he tries to explain the sheer coolness of this newest entry, and why not only is it his favorite film in the series, but maybe his new favorite action film. There’s all that and more on this week’s pod covering all things John Wick.
57:21 3/22/23
Danny Cage Talks Wrestling and Monster Factory
Typically, I set up interviews on my own. I either have to somehow connect with the person on social media, go through a PR company, or send a cold email to hope for the best. This interview isn't that. This is an interview with someone from my home town who knew my parents before I was even born. So this is a very different interview for me, personally. Danny Cage is someone who's The Monster Factory car I've seen at a bar down the street and have heard about for a long time. My step-mother was the one to make the connection so shout out to Megan for that. Danny is on the show today to talk about Monster Factory which is available now on Apply TV+. Check out Dan's review here! Danny Cage is one of the most authentic people I have ever gotten the chance to speak with. He talks from his heart and leads with it in his work and his conversation. As you will see in the show, some people read his personality as someone who may be a bit too forward but to me, it's the best type of person on the planet. It's just something about people from the North East, we say what we think and we will do whatever we can to help others. We talk about our area's deep connection to the wrestling world and why it is. We get into how the show came about and the story of everything that came to be. Danny talks about his stipulation on filming and how it snowballed into something much bigger. Danny Cage also goes out of his way to make sure he talks about the people who helped the show come to be. There is a level of vulnerability in this conversation that I don't typically get to have in interviews for projects as big as a show. Danny Cage talks about how important crying is to being human.
33:03 3/17/23
Violet Evergarden
On this week's episode, Jake, Ashley, and Matt are covering the emotional (and occasional tear-jerker) anime, Violet Evergarden. It was originally conceived as a Japanese light novel series by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase that ran from 2015 to 2020. Because of the novel's success and unique plot, animation company Kyoto adapted the series for television in 2013 with a 13-episode arc that subsequently went on to include a bonus episode and two films.  Violet Evergarden is a gorgeous and sentimental story following the life of a young girl who is trying to assimilate to normal life after experiencing first-hand the horrors of war. As a child, Violet Evergarden is nameless, living on the streets of an island being besieged by soldiers. After a violent altercation, this child is the last one standing, drawing the attention of naval officer Dietfried Bougainvillea. Dietfried passes on this new find to his younger brother, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. Gilbert sees this young girl as more than just a tool for war, and takes guardianship of her. He names her Violet, and encourages her to see and experience the beauty in life, in spite of the military battles they both take part in. Gilbert is the first person to ever care for Violet, and she becomes emotionally attached, even when she doesn’t have the words for her feelings. Eventually, their luck runs out in combat, and both Gilbert and Violet find themselves grievously injured.  “I love you.” These are the last words Violet has from the only source of comfort she’s ever known in her life. Violet Evergarden the anime series charts a course through the life Violet builds after her injuries, and the people and situations she encounters while trying to discovering the meaning of Gilbert’s final words to her.  Visually stunning and emotionally captivating, Violet Evergarden explores a multitude of themes and storylines to interest any viewer. Join us this week as week take a deep dive into the world of Violet Evergarden!
69:25 3/15/23
Cruisin' into the Dawn of DC with Joshua Williamson
With DC Comics entering a new chapter as a whole, it was about time that we were once again joined by one of the main architects of the universe, Joshua Williamson. Our first two deep dives into the DC Universe cruised through the Infinite Frontier and dived into the Dark Crisis before it started. With each interview, we had the chance to talk about what DC's universe was going to look like for the time ahead with Joshua. We talked about all the series he was working on and what some of the major characters were up to. This time is no different. Joshua Williamson and Dan dig a bit into post Dark Crisis questions about how it feels with the series wrapped. Joshua talks about how he feels after writing a Crisis and how others who have penned them before have felt similarly. We get into the theme of legacy which was a hot topic of conversation in our last interview. Discussion of Nightwing's place in the world and the most important Robin, Damian Wayne, comes up as well. Joshua Williamson is current at the helm of the self titled Superman which recently launched as a new number 1. The series has been a huge hit with the book returning to print at the time of our interview. Joshua answers the burning question that everyone has been DYING to know... Who is Superman's canonical favorite AEW wrestler? The depth of the answer may shock you. They also talk about the title itself and Jamal Campbell's incredible art. Joshua talks about the discussion Campbell and he had about how large Clark Kent would be outside of the costume. We get the chance to talk about the upcoming Green Arrow series which is the heroes first title in some time. Joshua gives some of his essential runs that he loves. We also talk about some of the returning characters who have been absent from the DC Universe for some time. As a capstone, Joshua gives a taste of whats to come in Knight Terrors which is DC's horror event coming this summer. Joshua drops some teasers of whats to come. But confirms the amount of involvement that Sandman, Wesley Dodds, has in the event.
44:44 3/8/23
The Gang Talks Rocky and Creed
Ethan, RJ, and Jon step into the ring to discuss the Rocky/Creed franchise. During their time spent going the distance, they discuss how this series truly is for everyone, as well as discussing Ethan’s first time viewing the series. They also give truly terrible Stallone impressions, heap praise onto the Creed films, and discuss why certain people on this website/podcast from the Philly area should definitely watch it cough Dan cough. They also spend time revealing RJ’s family’s connection to the original Rocky, which 80s action star would be a good opponent for Stallone in the ring, and visit an alternate timeline where 7 year old Apollo Creed killed 7 year old Rocky’s dad. So catch those chickens, get your baby oil ready, and  lift your arms up in victory, it’s time for the Eye of the Tiger. Be sure to check out our review of Creed III which is the best sports anime film of all time.
74:16 3/3/23
Dennis Culver Talks Unstoppable Doom Patrol
The Doom Patrol are a DC Comics team that are very near and dear to many readers. From the iconic runs with the greatest creative teams of their generations to a television show with a huge following, people cannot get enough of the Doom Patrol. But since the end of the Young Animal Doom Patrol run, the team has been pretty widely absent from their original home of comics but that is changing in March! DC Comics is bringing the Doom Patrol back with Unstoppable Doom Patrol. The series is being written by Dennis Culver, with art by Chris Burnham, colors by Brian Reber, and letters by Pat Brosseau with Ben Abernathy as editor. The series FOC cut off is Sunday March 5th so make sure to tell your store you want to add this to your pull list. If you don't have a local store, check out Third Eye Comics who ships internationally! On this epsiode, we got the chance to sit down with Dennis Culver to discuss the series and his approach to these characters. Dan and Dennis talk about where the Doom Patrol fits into the full spectrum of the DC Universe. Previously, the team has always been in the DC universe but has never really been involved. They aren't the Justice League or any team that you see at the forefront of every story. But now with this series, the team is going to find their footing in the foreground of the DC Universe and what their place is. Dennis Culver and Dan also talk about the new designs for the team. Dennis explains the meaning behind them and the reason they are using an orange color rather than the classic red. It's a great bit of information that gives insight into who the team is now. One of the major themes of the series seems to be moving past a found family into building a community which is a main theme of the conversation as well.
38:39 3/1/23
Alex Kugelman Talks Don't Trip
On this episode we are joined by Alex Kugelman who is award winning writer and director who’s written jokes for the People’s Choice Awards, and The Oscars. His scripts have ranked on The Black List, his films have won awards at Indie Shorts Fest, Tuscan Film Fest and LA underground Film fest and he’s worked on productions for Netflix, Warner Brothers and Blumhouse. He joins us to discuss his currently running Kickstarter for his film Don't Trip. Don't Trip is a horror/comedy feature film about a struggling screenwriter who falls into a dangerous relationship when he befreiends a powerful producer's eccentric son. Alex and Dan discuss the choice of Kickstarter for Don't Trip and the freedoms it allows. They discuss how films like this may not be made when it comes to the typical Hollywood film making process. They also talk about Alex's approach to horror and what horror experiences have stuck with him the longest. The also talk about how Steven Spielberg had no idea what E.T. was going to be until that little freak showed up on set day one. From there they let that little wrinkly freak do whatever he wanted and bam, blockbuster. GO SUPPORT THIS MOVIE.
47:28 2/28/23

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