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Physician's Guide to Doctoring

"Everything we should have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb's cycle." Otolaryngologist Bradley Block interviews experts from a wide-range of fields in this personal and professional development podcast for physicians.


Put Yourself First with Simon Maltais, MD 36:02 08/09/2022
Physicians Who Love to Smoke - with Jimmy Turner, MD, Physician Philosopher 32:41 08/02/2022
Why Don’t You Have a Remote Scribe Yet? with Terry Ciesla 35:37 07/26/2022
Stories from Women Physician Leaders with Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, MPH and Deborah M. Shlian, MD, MBA 35:48 07/19/2022
How to Tell What’s Real and What’s Hype with Nina Shapiro, MD 46:08 07/12/2022
Rerelease: Secrets to Being a Happy Doc from the Happiest Doc, Taylor Brana, DO 49:20 07/11/2022
Endometriosis and the Bigger Health Picture with Laurence Orbuch, MD 47:52 07/05/2022
Rerelease: Size Matters Not: Tiny Habits for Big Changes, Part 2, with BJ Fogg, PhD 31:04 07/01/2022
Let’s Go On a Hippocratic Adventure with Ashwini Bapat, MD 33:24 06/28/2022
Rerelease: Size Matters Not: Tiny Habits for Big Changes, Part 1, with BJ Fogg, PhD 37:31 06/24/2022
Create and Market Your Online Course Worldwide with Chester Zoda, MD 44:12 06/21/2022
Rerelease: Choosing the Right Financial Advisor with Ryan Inman, MBA 52:30 06/17/2022
Doctor, Make Your Money Move with Altelisha Taylor, MD, MPH 36:16 06/14/2022
Rerelease: Cardiac arrest for pathologists to podiatrists with Jeff Jarvis, MD 42:11 06/10/2022
Using Your Medical Training for Multiple Income Streams with Naomi Lawrence-Reid, MD 44:02 06/07/2022
Rerelease: Physician’s Guide to Trauma-Informed Healthcare Approaches with Megan Gerber, MD, MPH 44:06 06/03/2022
Everyone Needs a Virtual Assistant or Three with Steven Kupferman, DMD, MD of 30:08 05/31/2022
Give Credit by CMEfying Your Content with Brian Cohen, MD 47:51 05/24/2022
Rerelease: Rheumatology Made Ridiculously Simple with Adam Brown, MD 38:03 05/20/2022
Noisy Breathers and Snotty Noses: Pediatric ENT with Gopi Shah, MD 61:19 05/17/2022
Does Everyone Have Pencillin Allergy? Does Anyone? with Payel Gupta, MD 29:20 05/14/2022
How to Build a Winning Team with Aaron Fritts, MD, of Backtable 57:49 05/10/2022
Get Organized for Better Work-Life Balance with Sarah Hart-Unger, MD 38:30 05/02/2022
Docs Should Borrow from Doc2DocLending Now with Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA 34:34 04/29/2022
How to Become the Next Millionaire Next Door 49:14 04/28/2022
This Pediatrician is a Sci-Fi Writer with Teresa Fuller, MD, PhD 24:02 04/22/2022
Doctoring Through the Shouldstorm with Alison Escalante, MD 33:24 04/19/2022
Make Your Work Days Happy Days with Lara Hochman, MD, of Happy Day Health 24:33 04/15/2022
Physician Mortgages - Home Buying for Doctors with John Ramey, MD, of DrMoves 42:21 04/12/2022
Writing to Soothe Your Weary Soul with Jack El-Hai 29:42 04/08/2022