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Tracy Leonetti- Moving, Living and Business in France

Reporting for Riviera Radio in the South of France, paperwork professional Tracy Leonetti shares these 5-minute reports on what to expect in moving to, and finding your life in the south of France. This Podcast is for expats in France or planning on moving to France. Have you always dreamed of moving to France? Are you put off by the planning and paperwork? Are you not sure if you have what you need? Following Brexit, would you like to know more about visas and what is best for you?Where there is a dream to work and live in France, there is always a way with our paperwork proffessional, Tracy Leonetti.


Episode 9- Top tips for learning the lingo
In episode 9,  Tracy takes a look at learning this wonderful French language, the mistakes made and the beginning of her relocation business.  So many people are moving to France and the language is often top of the list to start with but just how to keep that enthusiasm going? Tracy shares her experiences and top tips on how you can get a learn the lingo and have some fun at the same time.If you are considering relocation, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team via
05:39 10/03/2022
Episode 8- Living your dream life in France -Making it Happen
Do you dream of living in France? In this episode, the paperwork professional, Tracy, explains what motivates her to take care of the stresses of paperwork for a full relocation to a driving license file. She feels she has a part to play in you being able to live your dream life in France. She celebrates two big anniversaries this year- 30 years in France and 10 years in business. She is celebrating making it happen for herself and alongside her brilliant team, making dreams happen for her clients too!If you have been dreaming of moving to France, why not contact us at and arrange a consultation to discuss a relocation package that suits you.
06:01 09/19/2022
Episode 7- Schooling in France
It’s ‘La Rentrée’ in France and like every September, it begins with the rush of parents getting their children to school. The children have had 9 weeks off, and we as parents have managed another year of planning the logistics of it all. PHEW! There is a sigh of relief and also the sense of accomplishment, alongside the wonder of how another summer has gone by so fast. Sound familiar?In this episode, for the week of return to school in France, Tracy shares her experience and tips on the education system in France.For more information or guidance on any of the paperwork in relation to your children's schooling, we are happy to help- go to and contact our team.
07:38 09/05/2022
Episode 6- Finding your dream home
When moving to France, the first thing that gets you dreaming is finding that perfect home... This is the exciting aspect of moving to France. Maybe you’ve watched many of the programs on the TV, or been to online events for moving to France, you’ve gathered lots of information, joined facebook groups and  it seems almost dreamlike but the reality can be actually quite a challenge.  In this episode, Tracy talks you through housing in France, the do's and don'ts, who and what to look out for on your search for your dream home.
06:05 08/22/2022
Episode 5- Business in France - are you asking the right questions?
When starting a business in France, most people ask many questions and speak to many people including experts- and still don't know where to start!Sometimes procrastination can be a fear of getting started. What questions should you ask yourself, and how can you move steadily toward your goals?If you believe in yourself, your clients will. Growing a business is largely about mindset, and so Tracy shares some of her suggestions based on experience along with some practical tips on how to get started.If you want to start a business in France and need some help with the paperwork, just reach out to one of our team at
05:31 08/08/2022
Episode 4- Accessing Healthcare
The CPAM is the healthcare affiliation organisation, and it has become very complicated since the covid restrictions moved everything online. There was a time when you could just walk into your local office and ask a question. There was no Carte Vitale, no automatic reimbursements, and no Ameli online accounts- it was all done in paperwork and it was regularly lost! (Ok, maybe that still happens sometimes) Although we have come a long way, moving everything online over the restrictions has made it very challenging for most. In this episode, Tracy talks you through what you will need depending on your circumstances. As always, if you have any questions or if we can help make this less of a headache for you, contact us at
05:00 07/25/2022
Episode 3- Residency cards, your options.
When discussing visas, there are solutions and which solutions depend largely on your long-term objectives.Do want to be a tax resident of France?  Do you just wish to have more flexibility in your movement in the EU?  Do you wish to work in France, or even remotely?  These are the types of questions we need to go through to find the right visa for you during our one on one consultation for your move to France.  This episode, Tracy goes through some of those questions and the answers to help you understand your options. For more information on residency cards and the application process, we are happy to help. Go to for more information 
04:44 07/11/2022
Episode 2- Visa's for non residents
Since Brexit,  it has become more and more frustrating for secondary residents wanting to spend more than 90 days in their French home.  In the second LBS Report for Riviera Radio, Tracy Leonetti explains the 90/180 rule and highlights solutions for spending more time in France.If you have a home in France, or you are thinking of moving to France from the United Kingdom, this could be the information you have been trying to find or understand. For more information on UK visas or changes for UK citizens abroad since Brexit, contact one of our team at
05:11 06/27/2022
Episode 1- Preparing for your Move to France
Moving to France is a wonderful and exciting experience but it can also be very challenging.  What documents do you need to move to France and why?   In this first LBS Report Tracy Leonetti highlights the different documents needed for the processes you may encounter for your move to France.The first step is always your paperwork footprints.
03:25 06/11/2022