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Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls from The Steve Harvey Morning Show


GEM (Gods Eyes Ministries)
What exactly is a GEM? Is it really an acronym for a governing body in the church? Fool #1 is onto something!See for privacy information.
09:19 3/1/24
Limo Bank Job
$150 get away driver. Need help robbing a bank, call the limo service. Fool #1 is crazy!See for privacy information.
09:30 2/29/24
Your Doors
What happens when your contractor forgets to pay for your doors?  Do the rest of your doors become collateral or nah?See for privacy information.
09:30 2/28/24
You Gave Us Directions To The Wrong Grave
Directions need to be on point or else! Tommy may have outdone hisself today.See for privacy information.
08:13 2/27/24
$1800 of merchandise is missing and this could be an inside job and Fool #1 is on the case.See for privacy information.
09:10 2/26/24
The Plumber
Nephew Tommy is unhappy with the job that the plumber did!See for privacy information.
09:20 2/23/24
Mobile Baptismal Pool
Brother Springwater has a mobile service where baptizes people at their homes, mainly the front yard.  See for privacy information.
09:20 2/22/24
Debra K
Fool #1's auntie has hair issues and Tommy is now going in on the woman who touched her hair last.See for privacy information.
09:21 2/21/24
Don't Let These White Folks Get Yo Ass Whooped
Fool #1 has some serious accusations and the person on the other side ain't scared!See for privacy information.
09:20 2/20/24
Johnson's Freedom Papers
There is an immigration issue in The State of Tennessee. Fool #1 only wants to help.See for privacy information.
09:17 2/19/24
You Spent My Credit Card
Fool #1 finds a credit card and returns to its owner. Problem is he swiped it a few times. Good Samaritan or nah?  See for privacy information.
09:20 2/16/24
You Ain't Married
Your marriage may not be valid because the minister involved at your wedding has never been ordained.  The two of you have you have been living in sin.See for privacy information.
09:20 2/15/24
Number 2's Need Valentines Too
Fool #1 inadvertently told a woman about her husbands plans with his jump off for Valentine's Day.  See for privacy information.
09:29 2/14/24
Valentine's Day Delivery
A Valentine's delivery from the ex-husband????  See for privacy information.
09:29 2/13/24
Edible Fruit Delivery
Fool #1 has a valentine delivery for a man from his ex-wife that he is physically delivering to his current wife.See for privacy information.
09:30 2/12/24
Super Bowl Party
Is a neighbor who is not invited to the Superbowl party allowed to feel some type of way or nah?See for privacy information.
09:20 2/9/24
Valentine's Day
The husband and work boyfriend make sure that they don't buy the same gift for V-Day. How does that happen without a fight?See for privacy information.
09:20 2/8/24
Valentine's Day Gift Card
Fool #1 crossed the line when he sent another man's wife flowers for Valentine's Day!See for privacy information.
09:29 2/7/24
Surrogate Mother
Fool #1 is asking a man if he can borrow his wife to be a surrogate mother. The catch is the process must be natural. All bad!See for privacy information.
09:20 2/6/24
Superbowl Trip
Is a woman really going to visit her sick auntie or stay in a honeymoon sweet for Superbowl weekend?See for privacy information.
09:29 2/5/24
Side Job Cleaners
Fool #1's side job sounds too much like the exterminator business and it's suspect.See for privacy information.
09:29 2/2/24
Black History Month
Tactless, Inappropriate and most certainly DISRESPECTFUL!See for privacy information.
09:48 2/1/24
That Ain't My Brother's Baby
Fool #1 accuses a woman of illegally taking child support from his brother who ain't the daddy of her kid.See for privacy information.
09:26 1/31/24
The office gossip is so bad that Fool #1 is having a hard time telling an employee that he has bad breath. On top of it all, Tommy has the audacity to offer oral hygiene advice. All bad!  See for privacy information.
09:20 1/30/24
They Moved Big Mama
How could the cleaners move big mama's remains?  Totally unprofessional!See for privacy information.
09:15 1/29/24
Paper Clips
Who in the blue hell steals 5000 paperclips? Better yet, why?  See for privacy information.
09:29 1/26/24
Cake Lady
Tommy calls the cake lady to tell her she made a huge mistake!See for privacy information.
09:29 1/25/24
Hot Checks At The Church
Do not accuse a member of the church for writing bad checks.See for privacy information.
09:19 1/24/24
'Bout To Turn Your Lights Off
If you don't pay your bill, we will cut your lights off. At least that is what Tommy said.See for privacy information.
09:28 1/23/24
Chopper Funeral At The Club
Fool #1 calls Mr. Chopper's friend to suggest that his funeral should not be in the church.See for privacy information.
09:28 1/22/24

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