Show cover of Flourish Women: Unapologetically Becoming A Better Me

Flourish Women: Unapologetically Becoming A Better Me

Nicckay Natson Global was birth out of Dr. Nicckay and founded upon Esther 4:14 If you keep silent deliverance will arise from another place perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.  An original podcast of L.I.F.T International (Ladies In Faith Together) Women's Ministry with Dr. Nicckay Natson. This is a podcast to empower, shift, uplift and impact women to be better and become the authentic person that God has destined them to be. Those that need inner healing, have soul issues and have experienced trauma and need inner peace, deliverance, mental stamina, mental stability, encouragement and prayer Nicckay Natson Global is pure passion birth from pain and redemption. Where God took what the enemy meant to harm this precious woman of God with God turned it around for her good so he could get the glory. So in return Dr. Nicckay is helping other women to be over comers from an authentic place and flourishing in every area of their lives as whole women.


Embracing Your Uniqueness: Dare to be Different
Dr. Nicckay discusses the power in you becoming you and you embracing your change and not walking in the labels someone else placed on you.
40:27 07/05/2022
Unmasking Narcissism and Jezebel
Dr. Nicckay unmasks the deception of the Narcissist and the Jezebel and how it manuvers and manipulates the wounded and the rejected.
44:11 06/20/2022
Becoming A Better Woman
This episode is on how to become better as a woman and be authentic in your becoming. Dr. Nicckay give tips and strategies on how to become better unapologetically.
33:38 06/06/2022
Trailer to Unapologetically Becoming A Better Me
Hello, everybody I'm Dr. Nicckay Natson and I am excited to help you become the authentic you unapologetically. Introduction of what the podcast will be about.
01:51 05/21/2022