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Erica Jennings on Courage
In this compelling episode, we delve into the profound realm of courage with Erica Jennings. Erica started her career as a lead singer in a band called Skamp back in the '90s. She continues to inspire people through her work as a musician, speaker, coach, and mentor. Whether on stage, through her writing, or in one-on-one interactions, she continues to spread a message of hope, resilience, and empowerment.In this episode, Erica delves into the complexities of courage. She challenges conventional notions and invites listeners to redefine what it means to be brave.
35:17 4/16/24
On Success
Discover the dynamic nature of brand success and its connection to personal growth. Learn how to expand your creative horizons with the Bloomerang Light Game and define success using Brand Canvas. Regular check-ins help you celebrate achievements and nurture your inner creator. Join us on a journey where your brand's success mirrors your personal growth.
08:07 11/28/23
Attunement to the Ocean
A sound experiment to attune to the energy of the ocean. Enjoy ✨🌊
02:07 11/8/23
Tune up the Bloomerang Game
Before you start playing the Bloomerang Game, listen to this attunement in order to get into the right space and make the best of the game. Let's calibrate before you play! ✨
10:34 10/28/23
On Collaboration
Discover the power of collaboration and building your creative community. Explore the art of selecting the right team members, fostering trust, and ensuring alignment in values and vision. Join us as we share valuable insights on forming your creative family and propelling your ideas to new heights.
08:46 10/24/23
On Experimenting as You Move Forwards in Life
Unlock Your Creative Potential: Embrace Imperfection and Discover Authenticity. Explore, Learn, and Evolve on Your Unique Journey.
02:58 9/28/23
On the power of play
Rekindle the essence of your childhood, of carefree exploration and insatiable curiosity. It can breathe new life into our adult existence.
03:42 9/6/23
On Diffusing Life's Noise to Create Space for Wonder and Growth
Learn the art of letting go of life's noise, making space for true growth. Get inspired to cross the bridge of uncertainty, emerge transformed, and embrace a fulfilling, purposeful life. Get ready for a captivating adventure filled with joy, hope, and the power of self-reinvention!
07:42 7/20/23
On Excitement and Expansion
Reflect on the exhilarating moments of adventure and constant change, and delve into the transformative journey of personal growth. Discover how embracing challenges and unlocking hidden potential leads to awe-inspiring experiences. Immerse yourself in the enchanting dance of excitement and expansion, where every step brings you closer to new dimensions of bliss. 
06:22 7/10/23
How to Establish Trust with Your Brand
Discover the secrets to establishing trust for your brand and gaining confidence from customers and collaborators. Refine your brand with patience, and watch it shine brightly in due time. 
03:34 6/28/23
How to Know if You're Going in the Right Direction in Life? ✨
When you're living an authentic life aligned with who you truly are, you need to develop a few senses out there to help you navigate it better. How do you know if you're going in the right direction? Here's my tip for you.Check out our Self-Reflection Cards and come play the Bloomerang LIGHT game in Factory Lisbon until mid-July. ✨Wishing you all the best in living your life to the fullest 🙌🌊✨
02:29 6/21/23
On Establishing your Bliss Meter
Reflect on your level of creative and general bliss on a scale of zero to 10. Envision a thermometer-like tool to measure this bliss.  Regularly check in with yourself and monitor it, this simple ritual will enhance daily routines and bring abundant joy!  
02:32 6/13/23
On Attracting your Ideal Clients
Discover how you can level up to become the ideal service provider. We'll also explore the importance of nurturing relationships and share a tool, the Bloomerang Light game, designed to help you grow and improve. 
03:16 5/31/23
On Establishing Structure in your Creative Process
Learn to balance spontaneity and structure as a creative person. We need structure to ground us and turn ideas into reality.
09:22 5/17/23
On Comfort Zone
Routine is important, but don't forget to step out of your comfort zone and explore new directions and opportunities in life.
03:15 4/19/23
Finding Your Unique Format of Creative Expression
Finding your unique format of creative expression is ongoing. Just like surfing, it's a journey that requires patience and persistence. You don't just fall into your creative groove right away, you have to wait for it. But once you catch that wave, the ride is exhilarating! 
10:27 4/4/23
Branding Power in the Fifteenth Century
Come along with Sam Wood as he explores how Sultan Mehmed II rebranded himself after he has conquered Constantinople and the Roman Empire came to an end. Enjoy the listen! 
05:42 3/29/23
On Creating From the Mode of Overflow
Here are a few thoughts on the starting point of how we create things, and what makes the journey fun and inspiring. Come play the Bloomerang Game with me for more!
05:25 3/22/23
On Adjusting Your Dream to Reality
Here are a few tips on making adjustments when you are creating your dream in life. Come play the Bloomerang Game with me for more!
04:22 3/16/23
Tosin Oshinowo on the Cultural Influences in Design
Meet Tosin Oshinowo - a globally-recognized Nigerian architect, product designer, and creative entrepreneur based in Lagos, Nigeria. During this talk on creativity, we dive with her into her career path, the design scene in Nigeria, and her work "Freedom to Move" that's featured in our Style Cards Vol.2.Read the full talk on our blog.
17:34 3/14/23
On Weaving in Your Inner Qualities into Your Brand
Here are some tips for those of you who are striving to weave in your inner qualities into the brand in order to be better aligned with your brand and stay authentic. For more goodies like this, play the Bloomerang Game.
04:00 3/7/23
Design Rewind: the 80s design
What comes to your mind when you think of the 1980s?Do you imagine big, elaborate hairstyles or oversized shoulder pads? Do you hear upbeat music? Or perhaps, you think of color. If so, you might be onto something.From multicolor and technicolor, to no color at all, there is no other decade in which color was more counted upon as it did in the excessive and eccentric 1980s.Design is not an isolated manifestation of creativity but rather a response to what is happening around us. So, in order to understand the palette of the eighties, we must first remember the decade itself.Written and recorded by Yenia Hernández Fonseca.
05:03 2/22/23
On Freedom
FreedomInner freedom steers us forward showing us the way. As we slowly let our guards down, remove our masks, and set ourselves free from everyone else’s expectations, we start stepping into our authentic selves. This strengthens our core and enables us to withstand the winds, the wild oceans, and the rollercoasters of life. Stepping into your true nature and acting from that place will release so much energy giving you new wings. Ready to take the next step inwards to fly higher up?
03:23 2/16/23
Can you create a brand without getting attached to it?
Letting go of the end result in your vision will open more doors for you. They might take you to places you've never even imagined before. I am not propagating "bumming around and seeing where you'll end up", mind you. I'm simply inviting you to always keep an open mind, enjoy the process, and always strive to do your best. The rest will fall into their places when the time is right. 🙌
03:20 2/2/23
Transforming the past to move forwards
Letting go of the past in the way that you "delete it" and it never comes back is not really possible. What we can do, however, is transform the past by bringing it into the new light, softening in, and integrating it into the "new you" that's starting to shape up.
04:20 1/27/23
Persian Paradise
Our adventure in the Persian paradise with Sam Wood continues. Have a listen to this wonderful audio story. Read the full story on our blog.
03:46 1/3/23
Branding The Art Of Beautiful Living With James Kirkup From An Open Understanding
In this episode, Egle Karalyte talks to James Kirkup, a London-based designer who runs an Open Understanding Studio. Kirkup offers a distinct perspective in commercial storytelling using elegant compositions of typefaces, whimsical imagery, and color. Enjoy the listen!
24:06 9/7/22
Next-Generation Ideas: The July Rewind
Here's our rewind of the best ideas from July in the world of brands, design, web3, and our society. Enjoy!
14:16 8/2/22
David And Max On the Art Of Collaboration, Type Design, and Augmented Reality
Listen to the interview with David and Max. David Rindlisbacher is a graphic and type designer, currently based in Lisbon. Maximilian Mauracher is an award-winning graphic designer and art director based in Berlin, plus the co-founder of New Standard Studio—a sustainable and environmentally conscious communications design studio. Read the full interview here.
24:40 7/28/22
Next-Generation Ideas: The June Rewind
Here's an overview of the best ideas from the world of brands, design, web3, and our society that we discovered in June. Stay on the beat with us 🙌
15:30 7/8/22