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How Leaders Can Enhance Employee Engagement with Derek Lusk, Ph. D
In this episode, Thom Fox is joined by Derek Lusk, Ph. D, Head of Executive Assessment at AIIR.  In his role, Derek leverages his background in psychology and statistics to forecast success in top leadership roles. One of the aspects influencing a leader’s success is their ability to inspire and motivate others, which impacts employee engagement. According to the Gallup organization, in the United States 32% of full- and part-time employees are engaged, while 17% are actively disengaged. We delve into how the movement toward a decentralized workplace, accelerated by the advent of remote and hybrid opportunities, impacts employee engagement, as well as how this revolution has changed the mantle of leadership.  Despite the challenges, there are ways to enhance engagement and build a culture with a strong sense of purpose, and Derek offers his thoughts and advice on how leaders can evolve to meet the trials ahead.  If you’re working to build a more cohesive culture or build your leadership muscles to better engage a decentralized workforce, this episode offers perspective and actionable advice to get you started.
33:22 09/30/2022
The Power of Bringing Teams Together with Carole Streicher
In this episode, we bring you an insightful conversation on the power of bringing teams together from AIIR Consulting’s Webinar Series. AIIR Head of Team Effectiveness Dave Gloss joins Carole Streicher, U.S. Deal Advisory and Strategy Leader at KPMG, to talk about why bringing teams together is the key to equipping them to succeed in an environment of constant change. From modest beginnings scooping ice cream to becoming the first woman to lead KPMG’s deal advisory and strategy group, a team of 2,300, Carole brings a wealth of experience and expertise to both her role and the conversation. Dave and Carole dig into the power of a great leadership team, and a leader’s role in creating conditions for their team’s success in uncertainty. If you’re working to build a more effective team, or leading people through change, this episode provides wonderful advice to get you grounded.
31:24 08/03/2022
The Importance of Inclusive Leadership with Gigi Gilliard, Celebrated Coach and Speaker
On our inaugural AIIRWaves Podcast, AIIR Heads Thom Fox and Stephanie Thomas welcome Gigi Gilliard for an insightful conversation about inclusive leadership, and how to get it right. As Gigi shares, her Ikigai [or sense of purpose] is helping to create belonging, and that is what she has been doing in her work as a trainer and executive coach. Gigi’s firsthand experiences with bias and discrimination shaped her approach to DEI and have guided organizations to embrace inclusive leadership. We discuss what exactly makes an inclusive leader, how to become one, and the benefits this approach brings to teams and organizations. Gigi and the rest of the AIIR team also touch on the pitfalls of taking a halfhearted approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, and what happens when you get things wrong all together. If you’re working to build a more inclusive culture, or simply curious about what great inclusive leadership truly means, this episode is for you.
36:39 06/13/2022