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Harris Science and Technology Podcast 0008 25 Years of Planning on How to Survive a 90 Percent Lethal Smallpox Global Pandemic 128K 08-04-2023
For over 25 years starting with my work with Doctors for Disaster Preparedness on of the big scaries was a Weaponized release of a bioweapon engineered by the Soviets onto the world such as smallpox, ebola, tulremia, plague, etc...   I mean WEAPONIZED as in highly pathogenic and highly lethal.  Not your normal garden variety disease.   In most cases, this was by far worse than a nuclear attack.   We had a saying back then: The nice thing about a nuke is that you know when one has gone off.   You do not know when Times Square has had an aerial release of a bioweapon from someone in the 53rd window of a building over it turning a temperature inversion when the morning population is at its highest.    Take the current/past pandemic and multiply it by a few million or ten million and you are near the scale of what I am talking about.   I'm talking about the stuff that Ken Alibek designed and did for the Soviet Union by the metric TONS of disease, tens and hundreds of metric tons of disease, that he documented in his book Biohazard from 1999.    He emigrated/defected to the USA after the USSR fell.    This is truly the stuff of apocalyptic nightmares that 99.99% of you have NO concept or imagination ability for.   It's beyond anything you have heard saw in Hollywood or any TV show.   I do not accept the no-win scenario and we developed a method to survive such a horrible thing.  As we now know, no disease will be limited to the area its released.   It will go around the world, 100%.   These are plans I developed in the late 90's and have updated ever since, so, easily over 25 years.   They are updated and current and really this podcast is an example in difficult thinking.   Planning for how to do something that seems impossible where there are roadblocks everywhere and your resources are removed from you that you want to use.   Its an examination of history, the future, and what we can do with what we have.  Its a further podcast on NO BOX thinking that I do.    If you think this one is interesting, wait till you see the rabbit hole podcast 0009 will go down.  That one will warp your mind.   Most of my podcasts deal with history, and thus the future, and thinking with no box, not out of the box, not differently.  The next podcast, is some really really difficult and different thinking.  Finding reasons to, not reasons not to.   What is gone and what do you have.  
249:10 8/13/23
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0007 Disruptive Technology, Change and People. Evolve or Die in Business 12-23-2022
I cover Distruptive Change and the Disruptive Technology that makes this Change happen. These are things in history and in the future, and close to present day, that will change the way entire industries and businesses are done or operate.   Its a fabolous look at what has changed, why it did, what it did, how the world was different and what is changing next and why.   I not only cover Disruptive Tech and Disruptive Change but Disruptive People.   These are the people that bring Disruptive and New and Exciting Ideas that no one has heard of, thought of, into a coroproation or business, or the world, and how you shoud 'herd these cats.' for they are unique people and are generally passified in a company or thrown out, or they move on, and the company continues onward towads asemtopic stagnation and then decline and crash and burn and I  give many examples of companies that are dead and gone that did not change.  Refused to change, refused to look forward and to not only embrase change but to usher it in and thus they suffered the fate of Evolve or Die, and they died.  This is happening right now, and its probably happening to you.   This episode is not only for those who are history or future buffs but for those who enjoy deep thinking. 
191:45 12/25/22
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0006 3D Printing and Real Wealth Creation Plus What Sux-is Awesome-100x Faster and The Future 10-22-2022
I go into details on 3D Printing and its state of the art today and what it does and WHERE it will be.   I cover the utter DILLUSION people have of it today as well of where and how 3D Pritnt TODAY can be a real wealth creation tool.   Where people TODAY struggle to make 40 parts in 2 weeks I show you with 3D printing how to make 5000 parts in 1 SHIFT with real manufacturing methods that START with 3D print.  I cover how this will relate to 3D pritning when its 100x faster and I cover 3D printing with many metals as well as plastics as well as investments and many other concepts.  This will blow your mind on 3D printing and how it applies to rapid protoyping as well as rapid light speed production in 2023 and beyond.
165:39 10/24/22
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0005 Tesla Electric Vehicles with Stirling Power for Grid Integration of Intelligence 10-03-2022
A very detailed and INTERESTING episode where I go into what it takes to make an EV or a Tesla go 1000 to 2000 miles in one go and how this all integrates with an intelligent home power system and intelligent grid all of which is capable of being done with TODAYS technology let alone improvements on todays methods.  I hit multifuel Stirling Engines IN DETAIL along with how the vehicle integrates with home power, the grid, other forms of energy input and the methods of manufacture and hook up and things to do with heat that you never ever heard about that makes this a Tesla EV with Stirling CO-Generation..... and you get some fun stories and lessons from Steve.   One of the best Episodes I Think, and it builds on what I did in 0002 with the Amazon vehicles and the APS theory for an Amazon business only this time I target Elon Musk, Space X technology and Tesla technology
177:30 10/3/22
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0004 Speed to Market Engineering for Gold Mining on Mars and Chrysler Stories 09-17-2022
You wrote to me and said you LOVED hearing about how we did outrageous engineering at Chrysler with side stories so I had some time this AM, and I'm finishing up my notes for the BIG EV Podcast I'll be doing, but I made this podcast on how would you apply speed to market engineering to mining gold on mars.   I talk about it as if I sat down with Freddy Dodge from the Discovery Channels Show GOLD RUSH and we talked about how to engineer a gold recovery plant that is the reverse of the way its done now and it would work on marks and there would be zero fluid loss and it would be faster, more effecient and the automation of ones here on Earth and Mars and .....  well, there is even more facinating stuff in there because I refer back to EP0002 on Amazon and Electric Delivery Vehicles and more 
121:55 9/17/22
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0003 Methane Clathrates The Future Energy Europe and the World will RUN TO Next Because of Russia War and More 09-02-2022
Russia and other stupidity just cut off ALL their natural gas to Germany and France and ... well..the whole area will be affected.  There is political stupidity and people are cutting down trees for heat this winter and all of this IS going to create the NEXT Drill Baby Drill but its NOT going to be for oil but an energy source that is 800x richer than all our known energy deposits we have now.   Cold, Hungry and Death is how nations get overthrown and change happens very very quickly and all 3 are coming to Europe and other places in the world this winter.  Hold on tight because I take you for a ride on what happened in 2010 in the USA and what will be happening in 2023 for much of the WORLD.    You can be a part of it or sit there and watch cat videos (I like cat videos).  Come with me as I take you through history, technology distrupters, what has happened, and why and what is about to happen and I teach you about something you've probably never heard of before.  Mehtane Clathrates / Hydrates.   
96:31 9/2/22
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0002 Amazon Wont Listen to Harris So You Get the My Energy Tech for Free 08-09-2022
Well I tried and tried to get a hold of amazon regarding being helpful and it was just impossible so I tell the whole story and give you all of the energy technology (and other stuff) I was gonna give to them but maybe you can benefit from it yourself.   Plus, I have some huge teachable 'concept' moments in here regaring Gutenberg Moments, Speed to Market, No Box Thinking and the 1800 pound (not 800) Gorilla.  There are some good Harris stories in here, a side bar with Juliet and more of what you expect from Harris
160:15 8/9/22
Harris Science and Technology Podcast_0001 Natural Gas and Its Role in Human Life 07-31-2022
There is a crisis and a war on Natural Gas right now both in the USA and Europe and around the entire world.   Nautral gas makes all of the Nitrogen based fertilizer that we use for crop yield that feeds the entire planet and all of our explosives used for mining come from it.   Since EVERYTHING in your entire LIFE is either grown or mined the price, availability, laws, regulations, control on natural gas affects all life on the planet and you right down to the level of what is on the shelf at your local store.   This is the Science and Technology of Natural gas and we do not dumb it down for 'people' we raise you UP and explain the details so you understand all the apsects of the Science and Technology and how it affects you and how you never knew. There is a famine coming upon the world from this and you are going to feel it. 
98:25 7/31/22
Harris Famous FREE Family Preparedness Class MP3 from NWSS Site
Harris Famous FREE Family Preparedness Class MP3 from NWSS Site
175:26 3/7/22
Harris 3 Real Methods of Wealth Creation Class Promo
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16:14 1/11/22
Harris Hydrogen Sale DEC 2021 LAST CHANCE
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37:17 12/4/21
Harris House Feb Michigan Winter Bugout Simulation
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08:07 9/29/21
Harris on 58 Minute 2lb Loaf of Bread Emergency Food Production
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08:55 9/29/21
Harris on Egg Storage in a Bucket with NO Refrigeration
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08:28 9/29/21
Harris on Pre-Disaster and Pandemic LOCAL Shopping
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09:32 9/29/21
Solar Charging for Home and Mobile Battery Bank Harris Overview
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11:41 9/14/21
DC to DC EVERYTHING and AC WAGO Connectors Audio Overview
DC to DC EVERYTHING and AC WAGO Connectors Audio Overview
05:46 9/14/21
The Electric Briefcase for ALL Your Electronics and Power for Them Overview
The Electric Briefcase for ALL Your Electronics and Power for Them Overview
07:37 9/14/21
Home and Mobile Battery Bank Overview by Steven Harris
Home and Mobile Battery Bank Overview by Steven Harris
19:18 9/11/21
SEHPS Overview From HARRIS What it is and Does NOW
SEHPS Overview From HARRIS What it is and Does NOW told by the author Steven Harris himself.  
06:36 9/11/21
Harris OVERVIEW of Home and Mobile Battery Bank
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04:01 8/17/21