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"The Martialist," Phil Elmore, talks martial arts, self-defense, combatives, and more.


(Livestream) Do Women Hate Self-Defense? (Episode 064)
Do women hate self-defense, or is there some other explanation for the self-defense industry's treatment of women?
26:29 12/1/23
(Livestream) 5 Pieces of Bad Self Defense Advice (Episode 063)
Phil Elmore offers 5 pieces of self-defense advice that are TERRIBLE (and explains why).
42:55 11/19/23
(Livestream) Self-Defense Gatekeepers (Episode 062)
Phil Elmore looks at people who very much want to prove their special (and better than you) using martial arts.
20:32 11/17/23
Ryan Carson - "Knife Defense is Impossible!" (Episode 061)
Ryan Carson stabbed to death in NYC: Phil Elmore looks at what we can learn from this preventable tragedy.
32:52 10/5/23
Too Stupid To Shop For Knives Online (Episode 060)
Some people are too dumb to be customers.
27:14 9/19/23
5 Rules for Fragile Knife Guys (Episode 059)
If you're a tough-guy knife-wielder navigating the Internet with an eggshell-thin skin, I have bad news for you.
27:59 9/6/23
Ninja Ron Collins Update - Martial Arts Copers (Episode 058)
Why do people pretend to be martial artists, sometimes for decades? Phil Elmore explains.
38:23 8/27/23
INSECURE Martial Artists (Episode 057)
Phil Elmore highlights some more of the stupider martial arts comments made on The Martialist's YouTube channel.
31:50 8/26/23
"Just Run" Is DUMB Advice (Episode 056)
Phil Elmore explains why telling people to run away is stupid self-defense advice.
34:00 8/19/23
Airsofting Satanist HEMA BJJ Guy Wants to Fight Me (Episode 055)
Phil Elmore discusses 5 red flags for fight challenges.
42:09 8/7/23
In Defense of the Americanized Tanto (Episode 054)
Phil Elmore explores the lore of this misunderstood and not-very-Japanese blade style.
28:34 7/21/23
TOLPAR Russian Knife Fighting: What Is It? (Episode 053)
Phil Elmore explores this system of "universal" Russian knife fighting that seems to have been briefly popular around 2011-2014.
32:44 7/4/23
Self-Defense from All the Wrong Angles (Episode 052)
Phil Elmore looks at why the mentally ill shouldn't teach martial arts.
30:00 6/7/23
Is 52 Blocks Real? (Episode 051)
13 years after I first wrote an article on 52 Blocks or "Jailhouse Rock," people are still complaining about my opinion.
38:26 5/8/23
Is Piper Knife... Any Good? (Episode 050)
Phil Elmore looks at the Piper Knife Fighting system.
25:23 4/30/23
Chrispy Things [EDC], Illegal Knives, and Clickbait Fearmongering (Episode 049)
In which I very gently criticize an EDC YouTuber and TikToker.
33:48 4/23/23
Stop Being Nice (Episode 048)
"Street People Strategies," my new book, explained in detail (with a nod to the people who hate me for writing it).
25:35 4/12/23
I Trained with a COWARD (Episode 047)
Would you still be comparing yourself to someone you trained with 15 to 20 years later?
31:32 3/17/23
How Dumb Are These "Alternative" Home Defense Weapons? (Episode 046)
When you don't or can't have a gun, are these REALLY good options?
30:03 3/8/23
So I Woke Up And Grabbed My Machete (Episode 045)
A bump in the night taught me a lot about no-warning emergencies...
29:38 3/5/23
The Death of the "Action Library" (Episode 044)
The "Action Library" is dead. Long live the... action Internet?
42:37 2/26/23
All Urban Firearms Instructors Are Frauds (Episode 043)
There are always exceptions, but here are 5 warning signs of fake gun instructors targeting the inner city.
34:11 2/19/23
Confessions of An Internet Self-Defense O.G. (Episode 042)
An original gangster of the 1990s and early 2000s self-defense forums speaks out.
32:23 2/10/23
How to Be a Bully (Episode 041)
Stories of bullies and counter-bullies.
39:52 2/2/23
This Girl Got Knocked Out and I Met Tony Todd (Episode 040)
Because most of the time, YOU are the reason you get victimized.
29:53 1/18/23
3 True Stories of Self-Defense (Episode 039)
I know, because I was there.
31:35 1/3/23
Do Traditional Martial Arts Just STINK? (Episode 038)
What do TMA and MMA have in common? As it turns out, a lot...
37:38 12/31/22
Anonymous, Weak Coward Writes Hate Mail (Episode 037)
Some people get very upset when you tell them they're wrong.
29:40 12/14/22
Why "Icy Mike" (Hard2Hurt) Is Always Wrong (Episode 036)
People who hate the tactical and EDC communities shouldn't be your source for information on these communities.
33:02 12/9/22
Internet Tough Guys: 5 Red Flags (Episode 035)
Ninja Ron Collins goes back behind bars, and his brief time out of prison highlights the ongoing problem of Internet Tough Guys.
41:04 12/7/22

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