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This is a podcast dedicated to recounting the compelling stories of Law Enforcement. Our mission is to put a human face upon those who serve behind the badge and hold that thin blue line between peace and anarchy. This podcast was not created to glamourize the police profession, but to tell their story, sometimes in their own words, so we may recognize and appreciate their sacrifices and service. We cannot bridge the ever-widening chasm between society and our police unless we understand each other, and we cannot begin to understand each other until we realize that law enforcement officers are not products of government, they are citizens, American citizens, chosen by us from amongst us to do a thankless, stressful, difficult and deadly job,...and they have a right to be heard. After all, how can we understand others if we do not listen? Welcome to Voice of the Blue.


The Many Hazards Faced By the Blue Line
In this episode, Royce references multiple articles to show the hazards, tragedies, triumphs and sorrow of police work. Please share with your friends and family.The Deadly Path: How Operation Fast & Furious and Bad Lawyers Armed Mexican Cartels: Forcelli, Peter J., MacGregor, Keelin, Murphy, Stephen: 9798888452646: BooksSupport the Show.
23:26 3/26/24
Federal Officer Peter Forcelli
Peter Forcelli began his career as a New York cop, with a desire to remove bad people from the mean streets there.Later, he joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, again with the same desire to take down evil people who hurt others, especially with firearms. He was a highly respected federal agent in New York City, where he made an impact on violent crime by successfully targeting some of the city’s most violent street gangs by using federal racketeering and continuing criminal enterprise statutes in conjunction with federal prosecutors. In early 2007, he was promoted to a supervisory position in Phoenix and quickly discovered that federal prosecutors were not charging criminals for violating federal firearms laws, even in instances where they knew guns were being trafficked to ultra-violent drug cartels and then used in crimes that were shocking to the conscience. When those very same prosecutors spoke about possibly indicting John Dodson, a special agent who blew the whistle on Operation Fast and Furious, this man courageously stepped forward and contacted Congress. He became a whistleblower himself, detailing how federal prosecutors in Arizona not only failed to prosecute gun traffickers, but allowed a man who was making hundreds of hand grenades for the Sinaloa Cartel to continue his operations unabated for years. At that moment, those prosecutors and officials from the Department of Justice came after him, leading to a nearly four-year battle for this man to clear his name. Peter's book link: The Deadly Path: How Operation Fast & Furious and Bad Lawyers Armed Mexican Cartels: Forcelli, Peter J., MacGregor, Keelin, Murphy, Stephen: 9798888452646: BooksSupport the Show.
36:29 3/24/24
The Stress of a Gunfight
Some of the most incredible stressors on the planet are inflicted upon our police officers on a daily basis. Take, for instance, a wild shoot-out between a cop and a Ganster Disciple who had sworn to kill any police officer he saw in the wake of his robbery of a local bank.That cop was Officer Tim Gramins. The suspect charged Gramins with a 9MM as soon as he was stopped, shooting with murderous intent. Worse than that, Officer Gramins hit him 14 times with a .45 ACP during the gunfight, six of which were "fatal shots" (one heart, one in each lung, also liver and kidney) and the 37 year-old 'gangsta' was still trying to kill him.This is what our fellow citizens in blue have the potential to face on an average work-day as a sworn police officer, and what we require of them. This ain't child's play.Support the Show.
21:55 2/19/24
How About A Little Respect?
Royce calls for RESPECT between law enforcement and their fellow citizens, and no, the onus of the burden does NOT lie with law enforcement. Are there issues on both sides (i.e. LEO's and their fellow private citizens)? YES, and Royce makes a balanced effort to deal with issues from each side. Pray for our fellow citizens on that thin blues line. Support the Show.
20:49 2/4/24
Law Enforcement Leadership
Previous guest John Blackledge authored a very timely book titled “Law Enforcement Leadership, Management & Supervision”, and he discusses with Royce the necessity of the principles of leadership therein.Tune in and share!Support the Show.
31:50 12/6/23
John Blackledge Discusses Qualified Immunity
John Blackledge joins Royce in the studio again to continue the conversation on Qualified Immunity that began with Sarge Lindsley on October 19th. John has a way of making the complex simple and he does so masterfully in this episode.Tune in and share!Support the Show.
38:42 12/6/23
Copline: For Cops In Crisis
Meet Chuck (former Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy) and Stephanie of Copline, a fantastic organization that helps officers in mental and emotional crisis. Tune in to hear these two caring professionals speak about the multiple causes and types of such afflictions upon law enforcement officers and how Copline works to alleviate the many issues associated therewith.Hit the link to learn more about Copline and/or to make a donation. Your generosity will help with their mission and may very well save someone's life.  CoplineSupport the Show.
31:18 11/12/23
Qualified Immunity, From a Cop's Perspective.
Scott "Sarge" Lindsley joins Royce in the studio at the American Police Hall of Fame in Titusville, Florida to discuss the doctrine of Qualified immunity from a police officer's perspective. You definitely don't want to miss this one!Support the Show.
36:25 10/19/23
The Truth About Police Training
Special guest Bob Combs (former patrolman and later Detective with Palm Bay PD) joins Royce again in the studio at the American Police Hall of Fame in Titusville, Florida to talk about why some police officers make wrong decisions during critical incidents.Bob's commentary is frank and honest and exposes the unintended shortcomings of police training.Support the Show.
33:43 10/15/23
The Human Element, Part Two
Royce continues and concludes this two-part series regarding the humanity of police officers and the struggles they deal with on a daily basis.Support the Show.
21:08 10/12/23
The Human Element, Part One
Royce refers to an article written by Matt Funicello titled "Humanizing the Badge: Cops are Humans Too", which dovetails with the mission of the Voice of the Blue podcast. Tune in and share.Support the Show.
18:41 10/10/23
Royce answers some of his critics regarding his defense of the law enforcement profession and uses current incidents to exemplify his points. Tune in and share!Support the Show.
22:07 9/19/23
Squeezed From Both Sides
In this episode, Royce flies solo and speaks from his heart about the devastation of the police profession he sees in America today.Tune in and share.Support the Show.
27:07 7/13/23
John Gamerl, Melbourne PD
It was Royce's privilege to interview John Gamerl, a former Marine whose career included serving as a Florida Highway Patrol officer, City of Melbourne cop and lastly Melbourne Airport Police officer.Tune in and share!Support the Show.
30:58 7/8/23
Joel Hodges, Clay County Sheriff's Office
Joel Hodges, presently regional manager for Glock, Inc., served with the Clay County Sheriff's Office in Florida, serving with a man who would one day becomes Sheriff of Brevard County, Wayne Ivey.Share this around!Support the Show.
31:27 5/8/23
Raul Rivas
Raul Rivas served in the armed forces prior to his entering the law enforcement profession.  A dedicated man, he progressed in his field and eventually became a member of the Orlando Police Department SWAT team. Little could he have known that one of his most defining missions would be to enter the Pulse nightclub with his fellow team mates and neutralize the murderous threat there.Raul joins Royce in the Voice of the Blue studio to recount that horrific scene as only one who had been there could do.Support the Show.
30:37 4/25/23
Andre Dall'au
Andre Dall'au (Dah-low), freelance writer for Athon Outdoors publications and many others (including Glock Magazine) has been imbedded many times with various law enforcement agencies across America and he brings his unique perspective and anecdotal stories to Voice of the Blue.Support the Show.
30:40 4/11/23
Kevin Fain
Kevin Fain served with the Melbourne Police Department for 27 years, and has some powerful perspectives on race and law enforcement. Don't miss this one!Support the Show.
26:57 4/11/23
"Look at the Dirt" An Interview with BP Agent Paul Eberle
From dangerous drug cartels, to poisonous snakes, to four-legged threats, to unsupportive supervisors and false narratives in the press, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Paul Eberle (pronounced "Ebb-ur-lee") and his fellow agents have been up against it all. His book, "Look at the Dirt", is loaded with riveting accounts of life as a border guard!  Buy it today at (also available on Amazon), read it, and share it around.Support the Show.
27:46 3/23/23
Jim Paddock
Jim Paddock served on the mean streets of NYPD for 20 years, was involved in countless physical altercations with unruly suspects, and three shooting incidents. Jim is a man's man and a cop's cop and he tells things like they are. You don't want to miss this episode of Voice of the Blue.Tune in and share!Support the Show.
31:06 2/9/23
Dave Canonico
Dave Canonico began his law enforcement career while serving in the U.S.  Air Force, and then spent the rest of his 25-year career on the mean streets of New York City and as a county cop.Dave is a true American patriot who loves his country and serves his fellow man with a tough but kind heart.Tune in and share!Support the Show.
25:22 2/6/23
Robert Combs
Robert "Bob" Combs served in Royce's old stomping grounds of Plam Bay, Florida for 25 years, serving with and becoming one of the many living legends of the profession.  Bob has the heart of a true servant, and still serves the community by training incoming officers in the local academy. Tune in and share!Support the Show.
35:32 1/31/23
Jason Parrish
In this episode, Royce interviews a personal friend of his, Jason Parrish, community relations officer for Satellite Beach PD (Florida). Jason is very instrumental in augmenting the bond between the community and his department by bringing autism awareness to his fellow officers, enabling them to understand people afflicted with therewith, greatly reducing the chances of a negative interaction between them and any responding officer that they encounter.Jason knows the effects of autism first-hand, as he has a son who is autistic. Tune in and share!Support the Show.
33:14 1/29/23
Delf "Jelly" Bryce
It was said of Jelly Bryce that he grew up teething on his father's .38 Special because of his uncanny marksmanship and shooting abilities.  After hearing this podcast you'll probably also be convinced of such,...especially since his sister actually confirmed that rumor.From his days as a police officer to finishing out his career with the FBI, Delf "Jelly" Bryce was involved in multiple gunfights with very bad men, one of whom was a gangster he shot that gave Delf his nickname with his dying breath: "I can't believe I was killed by a jelly bean like you!"Support the Show.
20:13 1/24/23
John Faldorf
John Faldorf has the reputation of being a deliberate man, and that quality served him and the community of Dayton, Ohio, very well for 27 years as a sheriff's deputy. From pulling his service pistol on a crooked judge and his bailiff to a car seat delivery that turned into shots fired and an unbelievable aftermath, you don't want to miss out on this interview with John.Support the Show.
33:15 12/28/22
Fernando "Zep" Zeppieri
Zep served with Orange County Sheriff's Office (FL) for 21 years, serving as a motorcycle cop, patrol officer and even undercover narcotics deputy. Being a man of audacious disguises served him well and led to a productive career. Tune in as Zep discusses the rigors, frustrations and days both good and bad on the job as a law enforcement officer.The American Police Hall of FameVisit the American Police Hall of Fame Museum and Shooting CenterSurvive First, Help for Cops in CrisisHelp for Cops In CrisisDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the Show.
28:56 12/12/22
Frank Hamer, Legendary Texas Ranger
Frank Hamer, well know for taking down the infamous duo Bonnie and Clyde, had a long and storied career as a law enforcement officer. Carrying his Colt single-action revolver that he'd nicknamed "Old Lucky", he survived more than 50 gunfights against many desperados, was wounded 17 times, and on four occasions was left for dead.Tune in to hear the remarkable story of Frank Hamer, legendary Texas Ranger.Support the Show.
23:10 12/6/22
An Interview with Doug Monda
The mental and emotional toll that the law enforcement profession takes on even the most stalwart police officers can be debilitating. Such was the case with Doug Monda, a hard-charging, heavy hitting SWAT team leader for the Cocoa Police Department in Brevard County, Florida. In spite of being a triathlete and born for police work, he was badly affected by the daily scenes he was called to and the lack of basic humanity in the criminal element of society. After being badly injured and told he'd never run again, the pressures became too great, and he attempted to take his own life. Thankfully, he failed. He now runs an organization he founded called Survive First, which comes to the aid of cops in crisis, and he has been directly instrumental in talking many of his fellow cops "off the ledge", so to speak.Tune in to hear Doug's incredible story and journey and share it around. While you're at it, make a donation to help cops in crisis at , and we thank you in advance for your generosity and care.Survive First, Help for Cops in CrisisHelp for Cops In CrisisThe American Police Hall of FameVisit the American Police Hall of Fame Museum and Shooting CenterDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the Show.
31:58 11/29/22
Dave Shearman, Outside the Wire in Blue
Dave Shearman (former USMC), having served as a police officer on the mean streets of Los Angeles in the Rampart Division CRASH anti-gang unit, headed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a LEP (Law Enforcement Professional) to be embedded in military units in order to use his policing skills to run interdiction of terrorists and their money, drug and weapons smuggling.Being part of that strategic program, he and his fellow LEP's were wildly successful in discovering, confiscating and destroying vast amounts of drugs, weapons and explosives. You can read about it in the book he co-authored with JT Taman titled "Outside The Wire In Blue".You can find the book at the Show.
29:59 10/24/22
Dave Shearman, Viper-One-Six
Dave Shearman served in the Rampart Division of LAPD, working in a CRASH anti-gang unit. He explains the dynamics of gang activity and the generational aspects of it in a riveting story that only a man of his experience can tell.What's more, his success in the CRASH unit eventually led him into service with the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan, embedded with special units and using his anti-gang skills to assist in wildly successful interdiction of terrorist activity!This is Part One, you definitely don't want to miss Part Two!Support the Show.
29:26 10/24/22