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From July 2020 to June 2021, two guys named Jared and Josiah made a podcast. After they stopped, one of them forgot to update the hosting to keep the show up. So Josiah is uploading all the old episodes for those that want to hear them.


my God has two arms
The season finale! In today's episode, Randy (Josiah's dad) joins Josiah to talk about his faith journey from drugs and rock music to Golden Dawn occultism, on to a born again conversion to Christianity during the 90s. We discuss the rise of the charismatic movement bringing him to Reformed theology, and the impact all of this had on Josiah's faith growing up. PUBLISHED 6/28/202116 Shells from a 30.6 - Tom Waits Dig, Lazarus, Dig!! - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Flood - Jars of Clay Entertaining Angels - Newsboys You Are The One - Keith Green Reality - Newsboys The Church's One Foundation - The Scottish Festival Singers Tonight - The O.C. Supertones There is a Kingdom - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
100:58 06/26/2022
religion is not for everyone
In today's episode, Monikpal (@MonikpalSingh) joins Josiah to discuss Sikhi, interfaith, and the divide between Eastern and Western religions. He clarifies some major misconceptions about the faith, and we talk about the similarities and differences between Sikhi and Christianity.PUBLISHED 6/21/2021Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck Skin Game - DIIV Expect the Bayonet - Sheer Mag I'm On Fire - Electrelane Sikhi video "What is God?"
86:04 06/26/2022
God is one
In today's episode, Kyle (@mma_marxian) joins Josiah to talk about his recent conversion to Islam. We trace his journey from southern evangelicalism (both charismatic and reformed) into agnosticism, Buddhism, and mainline Christianity before eventually coming to the conclusion that God is one.PUBLISHED 6/14/2021Every Thought a Thought of You - mewithoutYou Wolves at the Door - David Bazan Allah Allah Allah - mewithoutYou
79:06 06/26/2022
gay jewish christianity
In today's episode, Sam (@motherenergy__) joins Josiah to discuss her religious journey from orthodox Judaism to Episcopal Christianity, liberal Christian anti-semitism, and the weird communities that the internet fosters.PUBLISHED 6/7/2021Green - Young Jesus Christian Brothers - Heatmiser, Elliott Smith
50:01 06/26/2022
overthrowing physics (the soulism episode)
In today's episode, Lennox (@coolzonepod) and Shea (@shea_said) from Cool Zone join Josiah to investigate the incredibly obscure political philosophy, Soulism: a form of anarchism that seeks to abolish and/or overcome the laws of physics themselves.Special thanks to Elis for the interview at 1:00:20PUBLISHED 5/31/2021Are Friends Electric? - The Dead Weather Force of Habit - Paris Texas Let's Write a Book - Field Music Wave of History - Downtown Boys LinksPolitical compass Meme that Josiah loved r/serioussoulism is the primary subreddit we explored There is also r/soulism101 and r/soulism In Service of the Mute God by u/notbob17 Soulist-Eternalism Logic: the Uncovering of Quintessence Redcat's Twitter Jackson (@jhussy42) Burgundian system
84:06 06/26/2022
nested issues (the one about jack chick)
cw: talk of sexual abuse / child abuse. In today's episode, Joseph (@Gross_Online) joins Josiah to discuss Jack Chick, the legacy of Chick Publications, his theological influences, and a tract that even Chick himself would later find distasteful. PUBLISHED 5/24/2021I Wanna Believe - Jennie Lawless A Quick Death - Paris Texas I Walk This Earth All By Myself - Ekkstacy Covered in Chrome - Violent Soho LinksPalestine Emergency Appeal and Intransitive (charities from Joseph's plugs) Underunderstood God's Cartoonist (2008/9) John Todd Alberto Rivera Rebecca Brown (no Wikipedia page for her, only RationalWiki. Sorry) Fat Cats No Context Chick Tracks or @No_Context_JTC Lisa (content warning)
64:55 06/26/2022
don't be realistic
In today's episode, Alien (@1newaymirror) joins Josiah to talk about Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism. We take a journey into the strange evolution of Nick Land and the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit before getting into Fisher's perspective on what's wrong with the world right now, and how you can see it in bureaucracy and depression. Don't forget to check out Mammonburg, now streaming wherever you get your podcasts.PUBLISHED 5/17/2021The Vanishing American Family - ScubaZ Living in Hell - Cobra Man Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins
83:36 06/26/2022
summer camp theology (a week away)
In today's episode, Phil (@CryptidDirector) joins Josiah to discuss A Week Away (2021), our experiences with summer camp, and whether or not this film believes in God. Don't forget to check out Mammonburg, now streaming wherever you get your podcasts.PUBLISHED 5/10/2021Trailer The Great Adventure - The Cast of Netflix's Film A Week Away Campfire Cheers from A Week Away Best Thing Ever (Reprise) - The Cast of Netflix's Film A Week Away Dive - Stephen Curtis Chapman
113:14 06/26/2022
make monsters scary again
In today's episode, Finch (@FinchOWar) joins Josiah to talk about vampires and zombies, their origins in folklore, their literary meaning, and how we can make them cool again. Don't forget to check out Mammonburg, now streaming wherever you get your podcasts. This episode was brought to you by Colonial Zombies and Capitalist Vampires.PUBLISHED 5/3/2021Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But... - Arctic Monkeys Alabaster - All Them Witches Hybrid Moments - Helvetia
79:10 06/26/2022
having fun on the computer
In today's episode, James (@cigarette_liker) joins Josiah to talk about evangelicalism, leaving and returning to Christianity, Twitter, irony poison, and how our beliefs are irrational (and that's okay).PUBLISHED 4/26/2021Life is Suffering - Deerhoof Lord I've Been Changed - Tom Waits Long Distance Conjoined Twins - Home Is Where
78:05 06/26/2022
portraits of war gods
cw: sexual violence, gore, and racism/racial slurs. In today's episode, Jackal (Mammonburg! @JackalJester) joins Josiah to discuss Caravaggio, Goya, and the Haitian Revolution. This disparate combination of topics began to synthesize into a visual history of modernity, war, colonialism, religion, and revolution from Napoleon to Aristide. The show notes for this episode are pretty helpful since a lot of our discussion focuses on visuals, and of course don't forget to check out Mammonburg, now streaming wherever you get your podcasts.PUBLISHED 4/12/2021World Destruction - Time Zone, John Lydon, Afrika Bambaataa The Painter - I'm From Barcelona Cruel Summer - Bananarama Dambala - Exuma Money is King - Leyla McCalla Mèsi Bondye - Leyla McCalla You Don't Know What's Going On - ExumaLinksGeneral content warning: a number of the paintings linked below contain violent or disturbing content. Caravaggio Painting no. 1: Saint Jerome Writing, Caravaggio Kim Jung Gi Claire's Redbubble with flat art Goya Judith Beheading Holofernes, Caravaggio Judith taking revenge on rapist, Artemisia Gentileschi Francisco Goya Charles IV of Spain and His Family, Goya The Garotted Man, Goya The Peninsular War The Second of May 1808, Goya The Third of May 1808, Goya The Haitian Revolution First episode of Mike Duncan's series on Haiti Mike Duncan, History of Haiti after the Revolution Disasters of War, Goya series This is Worse, Goya A heroic feat with dead men, Goya For a clasp knife, Goya The same, Goya Invasion of Haiti The body of Charlemagne Péralte (cw: photo of a corpse) Ogou(n) Philomé Obin The Crucifixion of Charlemagne Péralte for Liberty, Obin Duvalier dynasty Jean-Bertrand Aristide The People's Church (or Ti Legliz) movement. There isn't even a Wikipedia page for it. Ernst Prophete Recrucifixion of Charlemagne Péralte, Prophete (I misspoke, there are two sources of this painting I've found, here is the other) Henry Ossawa Tanner The Annunciation, Tanner Nicodemus, Tanner Haiti books referenced The Faces of the Gods - Leslie Desmangles The French Revolution in San Domingo - Lothrop Stoddard (very racist, probably don't read) The Black Jacobins - C. L. R. James Silencing the Past - Michel-Rolph Trouillot The Rainy Season - Amy Wilentz Our Lady of Class Struggle - Terry Rey
128:53 06/26/2022
making up a guy
In today's episode, Leo (@LCDickens) joins Josiah to talk about the discourse: Lil Nas X, Dr. Seuss, "cancel culture," evangelicals, exvangelicals, and why the internet sucks but can sometimes be good.PUBLISHED 4/5/2021Modern Guilt - Beck Fuck Off - The Frogs Sure As Spring - La Luz
106:36 06/26/2022
rose 2: roses reloaded
In today's episode, Rose (@Rose_In_Ivy) and Emily Rose (Idle Curiosities! @EmilyReineke) join Josiah to discuss reboots, sequels, nostalgia films, and 'comfort food' art. Is it good? Does it represent the death of our culture? What role does copyright law play in all this? Can Josiah make this about some philosopher he likes? Should cola go in coffee? Should Emily Rose be allowed to have a soundboard? All this and more on Very Legal Very Cool.PUBLISHED 3/29/2021Jesus is the One - Zack Fox The Atlantic Ocean - Richard Swift Memory Lane - Eddy Current Suppression Ring
106:47 06/26/2022
the animals episode
In today's episode Ross (Mr. Hands episode! @guyrespecter) and Caleb (the ocean episode! @theboghog) join Josiah for an absolute train wreck of an episode that begins with the subject "animals" and eventually becomes about a guy that tried to do trial by combat with his ex-wife. We discuss some terrible prank calls Josiah did as a child and a stupid purchase Caleb made as a child, all while working through a list of questions to ask on dates or 'for fun.' I'm sorry. Today's episode was brought to you by Bird Law.PUBLISHED 3/22/2021Wake Bake Skate - FIDLAR Animals - Maroon 5 715 - CR∑∑KS - Bon Iver Rock 'n' Roll Can Rescue the World - Electric Eel Shock
142:21 06/26/2022
bullying your childhood bully
cw: homophobic slurs, bullying. In today's episode, Solomon (@solomonjohng) and Kellar (@rallekat) join Josiah to talk about their rocky childhood friendship, the Boy Scouts pinewood derby, the depravity of theater, why stand up comedy sucks, and our different but equally tense relationships with Christianity. Also we try to say positive things about each other.PUBLISHED 3/15/2021Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas - Beach Slang It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys
106:10 06/26/2022
at last, two guys talked about adam curtis on a podcast
With Jared taking the week off to focus on work, Josh (@GnomeChamsky) from Odd Splice joins Josiah to talk about Adam Curtis' new documentary series and also Sigmund Freud and the existence of evil. PUBLISHED 3/8/2021Revolt & Recharge - The Raveonettes Where Were You - Mekons You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve - Johnny Boy
88:40 06/26/2022
our mental state (quizzes 3)
With overwhelming schoolwork and overwhelming regular work, the gang decided to do a small bonus episode today in lieu of a full length episode. We decide to take some online tests and also talk about bad experiences donating blood. CW: mention of rapePUBLISHED 3/1/2021
31:11 06/26/2022
we were kids feat. josiah
In today's episode, Michael (@MichaelTaber) from Sh*tty Christians joins the gang as a host, with Josiah as the guest to talk about his recently released album "We Were Kids." We discuss Josiah's evangelical upbringing and divorce, and why his album really sucks.PUBLISHED 2/22/2021 Cry Your Guts Out - Josiah Sutton Get Through Anything (Pawn Shop) - Josiah Sutton I've Never Been To Oregon - Josiah Sutton Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam Anniversary - Josiah Sutton
114:24 06/26/2022
flat art goya paintings at local coffee startups
In today's episode, the gang is joined by Claire (@clayohr) who Josiah met by stealing her artwork one time. We start off with a discussion about startups and venture capital, which Jared attempts to defend alongside his stance that social media and journalism should have more fees. From there, we eventually go into a conversation about working at bad local coffee shops, and then spend about an hour on the end segments. Special thanks to our diverse and conflicting sponsors this episodes.PUBLISHED 2/15/2021Oulala - Vundabar Get Found - Bass Drum of Death
128:05 06/26/2022
why the christian metalcore bands became godless satanists
In today's episode, James (@cigarette_liker) joins the gang to discuss Christian metal(core) artists such as Underoath, As I Lay Dying, Demon Hunter, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and more. We discuss how many of these musicians went on to lose their faith, and how one went to prison. Also there's an intermission where James and Jared make poop jokes. Special thanks to our sponsor today: The Church of Satan.PUBLISHED 2/8/2021Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste - Norma Jean The Sound of the Truth - As I Lay Dying Writing on the Walls - Underoath The Deaf Policeman - The Chariot
119:57 06/26/2022
a troublesome episode
In today's episode, Chris Barker (@barker_cm) teaches the gang about The Troubles and explains why he thinks it might be an interesting allegory for what's coming soon in U.S. politics. After that somber conversation, Jared reads us the rule book for a masturbation contest. Also a surprise guest pops in for a few minutes. Special thanks to our sponsor today: The American Monarchists.PUBLISHED 2/1/2021U2 Live, Rattle and Hum Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello & the Attractions Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 When It Kicks In - Iain Archer
136:26 06/26/2022
podcast lucida
In today's episode, the gang is joined by photographer and friend, Kipp Paulsen (@kipppaulsen), to discuss street photography, photojournalism, the ethics of taking a picture, and the autobiographical side of art and gear. Special thanks to our sponsor: Big Photography.PUBLISHED 1/25/2021Her Majesty's Midwestern Islands - Defiance, Ohio Old Soul Song (For The New World Order) - Bright Eyes
129:26 06/26/2022
food, PR, and local politics
In today's episode, the gang is joined by Iowa's most infamous journalist, Aaron Calvin (@aaronpcalvin), to discuss everything from local media's coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests, to the role of food journalism in local politics, to people's bizarre attachment to 2007 Runescape. Jared brings up some stuff about health care, and we enjoy going through some tweets from folks freaking out about Donald Trump's online ban. Special thanks to our sponsor this episode: Food.PUBLISHED 1/18/2021Honest - Three Man Cannon Constant Headache - Joyce Manor
103:16 06/26/2022
elon musk and donald trump don't exist
In today's episode, Jared and Josiah are joined by Dr. Zeke Jarvis (@zekjar). A casual conversation leads us through a discussion of the January 6th coup attempt, the role evangelical media played in developing American Christofascism, how Elon Musk and Donald Trump are the results of storytelling brands, and why you should study the humanities even if you like math.PUBLISHED 1/11/2021Check the Rhime - A Tribe Called Quest Rät - Penelope Scott I See A Darkness - Bonnie "Prince" Billy
93:39 06/26/2022
we got worse, somehow
cw: brief mention of domestic abuse. Our worst episode yet. With Jared visiting Josiah for New Years, the gang hangs out with Evan (@memesbreader) and Ross (@guyrespecter, the Mr. Hands episode) to aimlessly discuss 2020 ending, our resolutions, MF Doom dying, why John Lennon sucks, and why the only bit on this show is adding "two" at the end of random words.PUBLISHED 1/4/2021Saliva - Viktor Vaughn Doomsday - MF Doom
93:53 06/26/2022
what a terrible year
Alternate title: The Value of Shitty Art.Today the gang comes together for the last episode of 2020. Jared cooks dinner while Josiah aimlessly looks for previous guests to join the show. Rose (@Rose_in_ivy) joins the gang to endeavor in a long discussion about the meaning of work, the struggle for structure throughout the pandemic year, and how that relates to Josiah and Jared's divergent political dispositions. After that, Nate (@NateT93) and Ross (@guyrespecter, the Mr. Hands episode) join the gang for a long Twitter News segment which is mostly about Eve 6. PUBLISHED 12/28/2020Ice of Boston - Dismemberment Plan Auld Lang Syne - Sufjan Stevens Inside Out - Eve 6 the end of It's A Wonderful Life (1946)
121:03 06/26/2022
santa claus facts (a christmas special)
Alternate title: "obama made christmas muslim." In today's episode, the gang decides to ask what an episode would be like if it was just a really dragged out cold open, and guests are invited on impromptu. Nate (@NateT93) and Leo (@LCDickens) joins them to hear some fun facts about Santa Claus and some weird or racist holiday traditions. PUBLISHED 12/21/2020MusicDon't Shoot Me Santa - The Killers Carol of the Bells - August Burns Red
104:03 06/26/2022
a mural in peoria
After recording episode 23, Jared decided to share a quick story with Josiah and Will (@william62572975).PUBLISHED 12/14/2020
03:29 06/26/2022
podcasting in the time of corona
In today's episode, Will Powell (@william62572975) joins the gang to talk about our 2020 experiences, the plethora of conspiracy theories about the pandemic, the monoliths, meta-conspiracy theories, the internet being terrible, and Cyberpunk 2077.Josiah would like to thank the following people for beer money: Anastasia Geffe (@anesthesiaCG), Anna Kucera (@AnnaKoochairuh), and Leah Johnson (@leah_johnson007).PUBLISHED 12/14/2020Music Government Flu - Dead Kennedys Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked - Stephen Paul Taylor Down with the Sickness - Disturbed
108:19 06/26/2022
fear and loathing in the podcast studio
CW: discussion of rape, semi-detailed description of a suicide, and some discussion of transphobia during end segments. In today's episode, the gang  tackles the late Hunter S. Thompson: his run for sheriff of Aspen, the death of the 1960s, the 1972 presidential campaign, the 1998 movie, and his death in 2005. Also, Jared talks about a strip club in Peoria, IL.PUBLISHED 12/7/2020Viet Nam - Minutemen Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum
106:39 06/26/2022