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Mammonburg is a godless capitalist hellscape. We are your guides: Jackal, Finch, Phil, and Josiah.


Three Podcasters Accuse Each Other of Heresy (9/24/2022)
In this episode without Phil, your tour guides argue about Calvinism and Rome, before discussing Martha's Vineyard, how people don't eat together as often, exorcisms, demons, and Spawn. Also Jackal should make a Letterboxd.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsWhatever - 80 HorseJulius Caesar from HBO's RomeWelcome to Protestant HeavenExplaining TULIP from Hardcore (1979)Protestantism in Monty Python and the Meaning of LifeCoffee (Prod. Riddiman)Hail Paimon from Hereditary (2018)Ron DesantisThe Exorcist (1973)Downtown Café - Homie Cat
87:25 09/25/2022
We Watched a Jesus Movie (9/17/2022)
In today’s episode, your tour guides discuss Rodrigo Garcia’s Last Days in the Desert (2015).Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsDowntown Café - Homie Cat
73:28 09/20/2022
Mammonburg After Hours (9/10/2022)
In today's late night episode without Finch, your tour guides hang out with Caleb (@theboghog) and shoot the shit. They talk about the Queen dying, the ocean being crazy, their personal spirituality, Phil's bitterness toward Disney, and Jackal's bitterness toward AI art.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Follow our guest on TwitterAudio CreditsJazzDowntown Café - Homie Cat
94:55 09/12/2022
The Gang is Back (9/5/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides are back together to mostly dick around. We talk about an insane active shooter drill in Omaha, the death of Gorbachev, the floods in Pakistan and Mississippi, and a few other news updates. Welcome to season 3.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsCourt room musicFly Away (Prod. Coffeyshop) Can you imagine a world without lawyersI'm the helldudeLaw-talking guyDowntown Café - Homie Cat
71:23 09/06/2022
The Finchening (8/27/2022)
In today's episode, Finch returns while Jackal is gone to discuss student debt forgiveness, Shia LaBeouf converting to Catholicism, the assassination of Darya Dugina, and some updates on the Mar-a-Lago investigation.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsAve MariaNoah - The JubalairesLofi Ave MariaA Ancient ManWe're Just Normal MenChildhood Imagintion - Homie CatDave Ramsey is happy for youForgive us our debtsWill you shut up manGregorian Chant Rap Beat - sero.kTrad Youtuber Joe McClane talks about Shia LaBeoufBishop Barron is a traditionalistVatican IIScorseseDowntown Cafe - Homie Cat
73:23 08/28/2022
Eating Crudité in the Metaverse (8/20/2022)
pIn today's episode, your cohosts tackle the issues of the day: Dr. Oz's crudité, Sanna Marin having too much fun, Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse picture, Andrew Tate getting banned, Indira Sheumaker suing the cops, and Marjorie Taylor Greene trying to ruin trans folks' lives.Iowa News update brought to you by Seth Cloe & the Silver LinersFollow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsHailNoah - The JubalairesCountry Boy - BensoundSerenity (Prod. Riddiman) Dr. Oz's CruditéDr. Oz in VietnamKim Quindlen Dr. Oz videoGood Times – Grizzly Beatz Sanna Marin BBC clipMetaverse slapped for ugly graphicsMetaverse videosReady Player One clipThe Butlerian JihadAndrew TateVideodromeAnd So It Begins - Artificial MusicBLM responds to DMPD lawsuitIndira Sheumaker sworn inVote these mfs outTucker Carlson3 signs you're going to hell
92:19 08/21/2022
Deep Fried Nail Gun (8/13/2022)
In today's episode, Josh joins your tour guides at this special state fair time of year to talk about the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid and also some asides on New Jersey drivers, Far Cry 5, the #Resistance Lib moment, and Salman Rushdie getting stabbed.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow Josh on Twitter.Follow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsOur State FairWhatever - 80 horseDon't Know How to DriveCorn dogButter cowFried butterFly Away (prod. coffeyshop)Dandruff EmailsAliensGuidelines for Confidential Info2020 free lofi hiphop – Midsummer Bri Joy GrayLie on the internetNail gunDowntown Cafe - Homie Cat
109:12 08/15/2022
Better Call Jackal, Also This is Not Episode 50 (8/6/2022)
In today's episode WHICH IS NOT EPISODE 50, your tour guides catch up and hang out with some light topics like Errol Musk, Alex Jones, and also some Nicolas Cage movies.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsIt's Not Unusual - Tom JonesWhatever - 80 horseNic CageElevator Bossa Nova - bensoundsChill music 202 Meenix Up Yours Musk on SimpsonsBiscuit (Prod. by Lurembo)SaulAlex Jones clashes with Eric AndreYour attorney messed up Talking to mediaDowntown Cafe - Homie CatNetwork (1976)Nick Lutsko's Alex Jones song
93:43 08/07/2022
Jackal in 3D (7/2/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides talk about the issues: the Supreme Court sucking more, EPA, the dismantling of democracy, Pritzker, Fetterman, the future of the left, conservatives being groomers, Finland and Sweden abandoning the Kurds, and also Josiah rants about Sean Wilentz and Jackal tells people to stop being racist online.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsThe Politicians and the Egalitarians by Sean Wilentz, narrated by Joe BarrettJohn Brown's Body - Pete SeegerNorm Macdonald Boondocks White Heaven5-4 theme songJust Roll With It - DJ QuadsTucker Carlson talks to Mark Paoletta about Clarence ThomasCNN Supreme Court on Electionsalchemist x j dilla type beat - LiadiiiiiiJanuary 6 hearingDowntown Cafe - Homie Cat
94:54 07/03/2022
At Least It's an Ethos (6/25/2022)
In today's episode without Phil, Josh (@gnomechamsky) joins your tour guides  to talk about how Supreme Courts suck and how the right wing is fighting the culture war from Calvin University to the cult around Ashli Babbitt. They also talk gas prices, white evangelicalism, Hunter S Thompson, and the possibility of a better world.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow Josh on Twitter.Follow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.Audio CreditsWhatever - 80 HorseStickers blaming Biden for gas prices appear on pumps in St. Louis area5-4 theme songBiscuit (Prod. by Lukrembo)Excerpt from Sniper episode of Unclear and Present DangerProtests break out outside US supreme court after ruling overturns abortion rightsBig Lebowski excerpt Coffee (Prod. Riddiman)Succession excerptHunter S ThompsonDowntown Cafe - Homie Cat
96:40 06/26/2022
Villain Monologuing About Juneteenth and Pride w/ Chris Barker (6/18/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides are joined by Chris Barker (@barker_cm) to talk about Juneteenth being a recognized holiday, the monopolization of film, Christopher Rufo, the continued rise of anti-queer rhetoric, and the right's attacks on family.Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow Chris on Twitter.Follow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.
107:25 06/20/2022
Years of Lead Poisoning (6/11/2022)
In today's episode featuring Alien (@1newaymirror), your tour guides discuss the national lifeguard shortage, the January 6 hearing, the seeming spike in political violence, Egbert v. Boule, and gatekeeping caviar bumps.Border mapFollow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow Alien on Twitter.Follow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.
63:10 06/12/2022
Puriteens in Geriatric Empires (6/4/2022)
In today’s episode, Josh (@GnomeChamsky) joins your tour guides to discuss puriteens and psychotic online fandoms before sending Finch off to Rome for the summer. After that, they discuss the Platinum Jubilee, gun violence, living in a dying empire, and some good news for Mennonites and Episcopalians. Also Josiah tells Soviet jokes from the Brezhnev eraFollow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow Josh on Twitter.Follow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.
102:23 06/05/2022
Who Do They Protect? (5/28/2022)
In today's episode without Josiah, your tour guides cover two heavy topics in a bit of depth: the Southern Baptist sexual abuse investigation and the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Follow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.
82:40 05/29/2022
Taps for Cawthorn (5/21/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides say goodbye to Prayer Guy and Madison Cawthorn before discussing the allegations against Elon Musk, troops in Somalia, Bush's gaffe, NATO, the PKK, and the Buffalo shooting. Also Breaking Bad spoilers.Check us out on Truth SocialFollow us on Twitter @MammonburgpodFollow the hosts on Twitter: Jackal, Finch, Josiah, and Phil.
89:16 05/23/2022
Cryptocurrency, Islamophobia, and Apartheid w/ Keanu Heydari (5/14/2022)
In today's episode without Jackal, your tour guides are joined by Keanu (@WoeToChorazin) to tackle current events: the new Fantastic Beasts movie, Crypto crashing, Elon Musk stalling on buying Twitter, the murder of Shereen Abu Aqleh, and the subsequent attack on her funeral. NOTE: Today's episode was recorded on the morning of 5/14, before the news about the Buffalo shooting broke. Due to this, we were unable to discuss the matter, but we will cover it next week. Our prayers go out to the victims and their mourners.
91:08 05/15/2022
How to Unsubscribe from a Mailing List w/ Caligula & Phil's Fiancé (5/7/2022)
In today's episode, Caligula (@TheHolyKnife) and Phil's Fiancé (@muckpuppy) join your tour guides to discuss the news: Roe v. Wade, Word on Fire, Madison Cawthorn, Meghan McCain, and Sinn Féin's victory in Northern Ireland.
89:21 05/08/2022
Critical Race Terry w/ Shaan (4/30/2022)
Today's episode is an exclusive listen to Mammonburg's most successful black conservative radio program, Critical Race Terry, hosted by Terry Owens (Jackal) and Blacker Carlson (Shaan, @shaanx). They tackle the issues. Don't worry, the other tour guides make appearances.
60:38 05/03/2022
Brave Mickihadeen Fighters of Disney World (4/23/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides discuss the French presidential election, Ron DeSantis declaring war on Disney World, the Libs of TikTok cancel culture freakout, Johnny Depp defamation trial, Yakub, and more. 
80:58 04/24/2022
The Easter Special (4/16/2022)
Your tour guides talk about large rabbits for about a third of the episode before discussing Easter, the Resurrection, and why Christ is pretty cool.Charlemagne Péralte's bodyCrucifixion of Charlemagne Péralte
76:56 04/18/2022
Unions? In this Economy? (4/9/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides tackle the economy. And by that we mean the recent explosion of organized labor in Amazon and Starbucks, as well as the continued student loan pause. Also Elon Musk joining Twitter's board of directors and a quick Madison Cawthorn update.Matt Bernico article
81:26 04/10/2022
Yakub's Special "Get Together" ;) (4/2/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides talk about the potentially good bills that passed in the house with a million asterisks, Madison Crawthorn talk about Republican "get togethers," Alex Jones getting into some legal trouble, the Oscars scandal everyone's talking about, and some other important news items. Also Finch joins halfway through to do some on-the-ground reporting.
61:05 04/03/2022
Aliens Gave Everyone a Brain Prion (3/26/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides tackle the domestic front: the Ketanji Jackson Brown confirmation hearing, critical race theory, anti-LGBTQ legislation, Disney, J.K. Rowling being compared to Russia, and Trump suing Hillary. Also Phil unveils his new character, "Phallus Jones."
86:37 03/31/2022
Midnight Mass Spoilers with Caligula (3/19/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides are joined by Caligula (@TheHolyKnife) and discuss how long they would last on the Midnight Mass island, whether Tom Boys and muscular women are biblically mandated, occult stuff, Varg Vikernes, war in Ukraine, and... I don't know. This one kind of goes off the rails. Do people even read these show notes anyway?
81:50 03/24/2022
The Portuguese ML Borat, Rike (3/12/2022)
Your tour guides are joined by Rike (@rikeyboi) who tells them that Americans are dumb. They talk about gas prices being high, JayStation selling his soul to the devil, and Jackal gets mad at astrology.
90:35 03/17/2022
Intercontinental Ballistic Tweets (3/5/2022)
In today's episode without Finch, your three tour GUYS talk about the threat of nuclear holocaust, boy boss Zelenskyy, war being bad, and the recent burst of vile anti-trans laws throughout the country. Also Phil cooks up a new bit called "Maoist Carl Wheezer."
82:29 03/10/2022
War Criminals Go to Hell (2/26/2022)
Your tour guides needed to talk about the invasion of Ukraine. Of course. Since they missed last week's episode, and since the events in Ukraine are unfolding so rapidly, we decided to release this episode very early -- the same day they recorded. Enjoy.
59:13 02/26/2022
Our Dumb, Sexy Guest, Caleb AKA the Bog Hog (2/12/2022)
In today's Valentine's Day special, your tour guides are joined by Josiah's brother, the CEO of sex himself, Caleb Sutton (@theboghog) who answers some relationship questions our listeners submitted.
71:00 02/17/2022
Joe Rogan and Todd Erzen have a Covfefe Moment (2/5/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides discuss the debacle surrounding Joe Rogan and the various artists pulling their work from Spotify. After this, Josiah introduces us to a guy, the Iowan Conservative Wife Guy, who he officially declares war on. Disclaimer: we recorded this episode the morning of February 5, meaning the news about Spotify removing numerous episodes of Joe Rogan's show because of racial slurs had not dropped. 
81:36 02/10/2022
Peace, Love, & Ice Cream in 2025 (1/29/2022)
In today's episode, your tour guides lead you through 2025 (2021), a German masterpiece about COVID-19, communism, and Christianity. Folks, this was a rough one.
113:08 02/03/2022