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Pilgrim's Progress Reloaded

Pilgrim’s Progress is a classic allegory. It’s also a story with no robots, space marines, or talking platypuses. So we fixed that. You’re welcome.


Chapter 1 The Day the Oni Awoke
An evil space marine finds out he's evil. Hijinks ensues. 
31:02 06/28/2022
Chapter 2 The Four Soils of The Apocalypse
Christian and Obstinate have a thoughtful discussion. I mean gunfight.
28:27 07/06/2022
Chapter 3 Nakama is Magic
The objectively best character in the book is introduced. 
28:36 07/14/2022
Chapter 4 Ruins of Academy City
Christian attempts to explore the city of morality. Zealot attempts to shoot it. 
34:09 07/21/2022
Chapter 5 Goku's Folly
The story turns into a horror movie for some reason.
42:31 07/28/2022
Chapter 6 The Knight of the Blood Oath
Truth's date goes about how you would expect.
26:21 08/04/2022
Chapter 7 Van's Nemesis
Truth sues someone for copyright infringement.
22:58 08/11/2022
Chapter 8 Hacking into the Gate
Christian reached The Gateway and there are a LOT of monsters
37:52 08/18/2022
Chapter 9 Jaune Arc's Folly
Christian tries to learn how to pilot a standard transmission Holy Ghost mech. 
28:46 08/26/2022
Chapter 10 Erech
Christian arrives at an ancient palace. Zealot immediately starts a fight. 
28:23 09/03/2022
Chapter 11 The Mystery Box
Truth gets mad at a Platypus
30:25 09/10/2022
Chapter 12 Zuko's Quest
Love tries to stop a theological gang war. 
21:39 09/20/2022