Show cover of Ending Life Well. A podcast series for carers

Ending Life Well. A podcast series for carers

This series has been developed for New Zealand’s army of unpaid family carers who are looking after a loved one who is dying. Developed by the specialist palliative team at Otago Community Hospice and supported by Hospice New Zealand, the series provides reliable advice and information for carers.


Ep 16 - Guided Relaxation Technique
This six minute recording can help with feelings of anxiety or a busy mind.It can be listened to whenever is most convenient for you, however a good time is just before bed, or before something you expect to be challenging.Once you have become familiar with the recording you can start to practice the technique on your own so you can draw on it, even when you don’t have the recording handy.Additionally this is particularly useful for those dealing with COPD
07:01 08/10/2022
Ep 17 - Guided Relaxation and Visualisation
This relaxation and visualisation recording can help with feelings of anxiety or a busy mind. It is also particularly useful for those dealing with COPD.It uses imagery to create a positive experience in your mind and body. It can be listened to whenever is most convenient for you, however a good time is just before bed, or before something you expect to be challenging.We recommend listening to this a couple of times a day to begin with to help reduce existing background levels of stress. 
07:44 08/10/2022
Ep 14 - Covering Off Legal Matters
What you need to know about Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney, in New ZealandAn interview with Jenny Guthrie, a senior partner at Wilkinson Rogers Law. Jenny has also been involved with the board of Otago Hospice for the last 25 year.
20:02 06/09/2022
Ep 13 - Myths around Morphine and other Meds
There are plenty of myths around about Hospice and use of Morphine – but this episode explodes those myths, and details how meds work at the end of life.An interview with Dr Chris Hopkins, a palliative care doctor at Otago Community Hospice. 
28:32 06/07/2022
Ep 15 - Funeral Planning
Making some choices in advance is crucial, and can help your patient as well. Don’t leave this planning to the last minute, we’ve got lots of tips on how a funeral can be run.An interview with Clark Campbell, a fourth generation funeral director.
26:21 06/07/2022
Ep 1 - Carers - How To Keep Yourself Well
When looking after a loved one, looking after yourself is a priority too.An interview with Sue Walton, a palliative care nurse specialist at Otago Community Hospice 
16:12 06/07/2022
Ep 2 - Small and Tasty - Tempting Someone To Eat
Meals can become difficult at end of life – learn about the signs of when to encourage someone to eat, knowing when to let them be, and meeting the food desires of your patient.An interview with Dr. Sue MacDonell, a dietitian with a wealth of experience in palliative nutrition.
22:17 06/07/2022
Ep 3 - Pills & Potions - Managing The Meds
The meds on this journey can be confusing and overwhelming – we provide tips on managing new, different and changing medications.An interview with Nik Wild, a pharmacist for over 30 years who has been involved with hospice for over 15 years and has an l in-depth understanding of palliative and end of life medications 
12:23 06/07/2022
Ep 4 - Grief & Loss
Grief is different for everybody. There are no clear guidelines, but we have some advice for adapting to the grief you are feeling.An interview with Sue Lewis, a counsellor with a particular interest in working with grief and loss. 
22:49 06/07/2022
Ep 5 - Carer & Patient Fatigue
This is a very tiring journey – learn about why you as a carer are feeling so tired, and how you can manage your and your patient’s fatigue.An interview with with Christine Pacey, an occupational therapist and palliative care team leader in Central Otago. 
18:28 06/07/2022
Ep 6 - Rest, Relax, Sleep
You need to ensure that you rest, relax and sleep – we provide some ideas about how to fit this into your carer’s schedule, without letting your patient down.An interview with Christine Pacey, an occupational therapist and palliative care team leader in Central Otago. 
18:07 06/07/2022
Ep 7 - What To Expect At The End Of Life
What does dying look like? And what do I need to do at the time of death?An interview with Louisa Ingham, a Nurse Practitioner in palliative care. 
28:13 06/07/2022
Ep 8 - Advance Care Planning
Every decision you make in advance will help make everything easier later. This episode is a must listen for carer’s and family members.An interview with Glenda Hall,  a senior palliative care nurse and educator with a long-term interest in advanced care planning. 
17:09 06/07/2022
Ep 9 - What Does Grief Look Like
Grief has so many different forms of expression; it’s not always about crying. Learn to recognise how your and others grief is conveyed.An interview with Shireen Tresslor, a counsellor with a health psychology background and a long term interest in grief and loss, especially around chronic or terminal disease. 
20:32 06/07/2022
Ep 10 - Finding Meaning - The Importance Of Self
These days of caring for someone you love who is dying will be hard. But it is important to ensure you find some meaning in your day-to-day actions.An interview with Noeleen Christey, a spiritual care coordinator in palliative care, with a background of a Bachelors of theology. 
20:57 06/07/2022
Ep 11 - Breathlessness
Often patients will experience breathlessness; we give you tips and techniques for dealing with breathlessness, so you are prepared.An interview with Christina Bowen, an Occupational Therapist and Palliative Care Coordinator with a wealth of experience in managing breathlessness.  
24:02 06/07/2022
Ep 12 - Different Forms Of Grief & Some Helpful Tools
Your world has turned topsy turvy. This episode provides are some key actions to help you stay the right way up. An interview with Stefan Petersohn, a counsellor who works alongside both young people and with those dealing with grief. 
20:05 06/07/2022