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The Chronicles of Rolling Hills (Dog Psychiatrist + Zombie Lawyer)

The Chronicles of Rolling Hills is a comedy fiction podcast about a town of people with way too much history together... is it any surprise they get on each other's nerves?


Introducing Wallace Sprague: Dog Psychiatrist, a comedy fiction podcast
Send us a Text Message.Find out what happens when Hudson Jellik (Chris Tipp) travels to the idyllic town of Rolling Hills in search of his vacation romance. Instead he meets Dr. Wallace Sprague (Tyler Bunch), the town's only psychiatrist... who surprises him by turning into a dog. Visit us at the Show.
02:43 4/15/22
Season 1, Episode 1: Miss You Like Crazy
Send us a Text Message.Wherein we meet Hudson Jellik (Chris Tipp), a young man who travels to the town of Rolling Hills in search of his lady love, Julia. Instead he meets Dr. Wallace Sprague (Tyler Bunch), the town psychiatrist, who undergoes a startling transformation right before Hudson’s eyes. Visit us at the Show.
24:13 4/22/22
Season 1, Episode 2: Daylight Comes
Send us a Text Message.The next morning brings bright sunshine but no further light for Hudson (Chris Tipp). Meeting other “friendly” residents of Rolling Hills (Kiera Allen, Stephen Bel Davies, Tom Bozell, Alana Rader) he soon becomes a suspect in a most curious missing person’s case and still can’t find anyone who’s heard of Julia. Visit us at the Show.
28:38 4/25/22
Commercial for Linens by Francois! (Bonus)
Send us a Text Message.Everyone's favorite linen supplier, Francois (Jim Newman), has a special deal... but only for the ladies. Visit us at the Show.
01:00 4/27/22
Season 1, Episode 3: Keep Your Sarong On, Hudson
Send us a Text Message.Hudson (Chris Tipp) and Buddy (Tyler Bunch) meet the town vet, Maggie (Ruth Nightengale), who manages to shed some light on the reason Wallace is, well, shedding. Visit us at the Show.
22:26 5/6/22
Season 1, Episode 4: What is the Next Step?
Send us a Text Message.Mayor Butterbea (Tom Bozell) and Chief Gideon (David Arrow) struggle to keep things quiet in town. The twins (Kiera Allen, Alana Rader) see something that causes them to draw dramatic conclusions about their father and Hudson (Chris Tipp) makes a commitment to work with Maggie (Ruth Nightengale)… for now. Support the Show.
20:58 5/13/22
Season 1, Episode 5: Karaoke Night, Part One
Send us a Text Message.The whole town is excited to participate in Chief Gideon’s (David Arrow) weekly karaoke night. Hudson (Chris Tipp) is desperate to text Julia back but Buddy (Tyler Bunch) would like a word. All the while, an ill wind starts blowing through Rolling Hills. Support the Show.
25:14 5/20/22
Commercial for Chief Gideon's Karaoke Night (Bonus)
Send us a Text Message.Everyone loves karaoke... don't they? Chief Gideon (David Arrow) and Officer Jerry (George Sheffey) explain why.Visit us at the Show.
01:56 5/25/22
Season 1, Episode 6: Karaoke Night, Part Two (Season 1 finale)
Send us a Text Message.In the wake of a seriously rambunctious Karaoke Night, the once-idyllic town of Rolling Hills is in very bad shape - and everyone is on Chief Gideon’s (David Arrow) last nerve. Then things really start getting weird. Visit us at the Show.
19:02 5/27/22
It's All Your Fault (Season 2 Trailer)
Send us a Text Message.Get a big old whiff of what happens in Season 2! Visit us at the Show.
02:26 6/2/22
Season 2, Episode 1: Stick (Season 2 premiere)
Send us a Text Message.Laurette (Jennifer Prescott) and Buddy (Tyler Bunch) inch toward better communication while Maggie (Ruth Nightengale) scrambles. Nick (Jon Peacock) finds himself in a compromising position, Jerry (George Sheffey) discovers a new talent and Hudson (Chris Tipp) decides he’s had enough of Rolling Hills… for reals. Support the Show.
22:34 6/3/22
5 Questions with Sweetie and Tallulah! (Bonus)
Send us a Text Message.Rolling Hills favorites, twins Sweetie (Alana Rader) and Tallulah (Kiera Allen), have a podcast now! Because seriously, why wouldn't they? Visit us at the Show.
06:08 6/5/22
Season 2, Episode 2: In the Soup
Send us a Text Message.Paul (Stephen Bel Davies) introduces Hudson (Chris Tipp) to the local cuisine with messy results. Maggie (Ruth Nightengale) thinks she knows what’s going on with the twins but finds a dead end instead. Laurette (Jennifer Prescott) is forced to reflect on her own life choices as Sweetie (Alana Rader) makes a mistake that endangers everyone.Visit us at the Show.
19:49 6/10/22
Flashback! Jerry's first performance review (Bonus)
Send us a Text Message.Wherein we visit a time long ago: when Jerry (George Sheffey) was a rookie cop,  eager for Gideon's (David Arrow) approval. Visit us at the Show.
10:52 6/15/22
Season 2, Episode 3: I Don't Work for Ray, YOU Work for Ray
Send us a Text Message.Maggie (Ruth Nightengale) and Paul (Stephen Bel Davies) clash over loyalty as Hudson  (Chris Tipp) reveals a helpful skill. Tallulah (Kiera Allen) comes clean to Ray (Brad Bradley) about Julia while Jerry (George Sheffey) discovers new limits. We listen in while Roger (Tom Bozell) has a fairly satisfying therapy session with Buddy (Tyler Bunch).Visit us at the Show.
20:35 6/17/22
Season 2, Episode 4: We Have No Choice
Send us a Text Message.The residents of Rolling Hills are at each other’s throats with fights breaking out all over town. Laurette (Jennifer Prescott) comes to Tallulah’s (Kiera Allen) rescue, Ray (Brad Bradley) finds a new ally, and Jerry (George Sheffey) might actually be everyone’s last hope. Visit us at the Show.
22:51 6/24/22
Season 2, Episode 5: Assassins
Send us a Text Message.A strange wind kicks up in Rolling Hills. Ray (Brad Bradley) drafts the unsuspecting Cora (Aubrey Dion) to do some of his dirty work. Laurette (Jennifer Prescott) discovers an important fact about the twins. Jerry’s (George Sheffey) instincts inconveniently surface while Maggie (Ruth Nightengale) brews up a solution which, unfortunately for everyone, attracts some serious predators. Visit us at the Show.
23:31 7/1/22
Season 2, Episode 6: Reservoir Dog (Season 2 finale)
Send us a Text Message.In this special DOUBLE EPISODE we learn the  reason behind the chaos that has befallen Rolling Hills. Buddy (Tyler Bunch) makes a big decision, Jerry’s (George Sheffey) loyalty to Gideon (David Arrow) is tested and Tallulah (Kiera Allen) and Sweetie (Alana Rader) make peace. Hudson (Chris Tipp) shows up when it counts. And then there’s Julia…. Visit us at the Show.
45:50 7/8/22
Bonus Episode 1: A Show is Born
Send us a Text Message.A brand new bonus season from Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist! Somehow Gideon (David Arrow) and Jerry (George Sheffey) have their own talk show called "Live! From Rolling Hills with Gideon and Jerry." Who would be stupid, er, smart enough to agree to that? Visit us at the Show.
15:10 7/15/22
Bonus Episode 2: Live in 5, 4, 3...
Send us a Text Message.Listen in as Gideon (David Arrow) and Jerry (George Sheffey) launch their new show. The format’s a bit shaky – which could be due to their spot near the recycling bin – but they are determined to bring you a fun, informative show! Visit us at the Show.
13:55 7/16/22
Bonus Episode 3: Feel the Burn
Send us a Text Message.Feel like getting in shape? Tune in as the town’s personal trainer, Chablis Klemmerer (Kiera Allen), shares her very challenging fitness moves with the Live! hosts… and you’d better be ready.  Visit us at the Show.
10:32 7/17/22
Bonus Episode 4: Re-election
Send us a Text Message.Today’s guests: Mayor Roger Butterbea (Tom Bozell) and his owl husband Paul (Stephen bel Davies). Roger discovers he has an unlikely rival in the upcoming mayoral election: Francois the linen supplier (Jim Newman)!  Jerry (George Sheffey) and Gideon (David Arrow) get a whiff of the past… and it doesn’t smell good. Visit us at the Show.
11:55 7/18/22
Introducing Jessica Darby: Zombie Lawyer! A ye olde comedy fiction podcast (Season 3 trailer)
Send us a Text Message.The follow up to Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist  launches September 26!  Get a little "taste" of the next chapter in the wacky adventures of Rolling Hills in the Jessica Darby, Zombie Lawyer  trailer. Featuring Tyler Bunch.Visit us at the Show.
02:23 9/7/22
Season 3, Episode 1: Darby, Doyle, Ketchum & Pike (Season 3 premiere)
Send us a Text Message.In the season 3 premiere of The Chronicles of Rolling Hills, ultra-successful attorney Jessica Darby (Amber Paul) ponders the true cost of scallopini: a clingy boyfriend (Will Manning). And oh yeah, a new case that strains logic, reason, time... and Hudson (Chris Tipp).Visit us at the Show.
16:23 9/26/22
Zombie Lawyer surprise bonus material!
Send us a Text Message.Here's a little amuse bouche we cooked up... very successful attorney Jessica Darby (Amber Paul) returns to her law school to give the commencement speech but she is in a mood...Visit us at the Show.
03:49 9/30/22
Season 3, Episode 2: A Fine Day For A Beheading
Send us a Text Message.Arriving in Rolling Hills, Jessica (Amber Paul) comes across a very different way of life, meeting the humble Wallace (Tyler Bunch), the not-so-humble Gideon (David Arrow) and the royal family of the good Lord Paul (Stephen Bel Davies, Kiera Allen, Jennifer Prescott, Alana Rader). Check us out at the Show.
21:30 10/3/22
Season 3, Episode 3: An Actor's Life
Send us a Text Message.Jessica (Amber Paul) attends a play - at least that's what she's told it is - and makes a new acquaintance: Jerry (George Sheffey).Visit us at www.zombielawyerpodcast.comSupport the Show.
24:01 10/10/22
Season 3, Episode 4: A Woman Scorned
Send us a Text Message.Jessica (Amber Paul) is offered a case by a mysterious stranger  (Marca Leigh).  A career hiccup for Hudson (Chris Tipp) reunites him with an old friend (Tyler Bunch). Featuring Kiera Allen, David Arrow, Stephen Bel Davies, Jon Peacock, Jennifer Prescott and Alana Rader.www.zombielawyerpodcast.comSupport the Show.
19:44 10/17/22
Season 3, Episode 5: Everyone Is Lonely
Send us a Text Message.Whilst many in Rolling Hills contemplate their love lives, the troublesome undead make themselves known in a most gruesome manner. Featuring Amber Paul, Kiera Allen, David Arrow, Stephen BelDavies, Tom Bozell, Brad Bradley, Jennifer Prescott, Alana Rader and George Sheffey.Support the Show.
22:16 10/24/22
Season 3, Episode 6: Beware the Thicket! (season 3 finale)
Send us a Text Message.Sir Ray (Brad Bradley) makes an unexpected move, Wallace (Tyler Bunch) and Hudson (Chris Tipp) bond over critter, and Jessica (Amber Paul) gets closer to the zombies - too close. Featuring Kiera Allen, David Arrow, Stephen BelDavies, Jennifer Prescott, Jon Peacock, Alana Rader and George Sheffey.Support the Show.
26:22 10/31/22