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In The Company of Creatives is a podcast about creativity in all its wonderful forms. Through interviews with inspiring creatives – writers, artists, musicians, creative entrepreneurs – we’ll learn about their lives and their work, their creative process – to find out how to live more creatively, overcome obstacles that so often inhibit us – from imposter syndrome to fear of failure, from procrastination to perfectionism. Hosted by Charlotte Wells, a creative coach and writer based in the UK, the podcast explores ways to put creativity firmly in the centre stage of daily life.


Exploring Your Voice with Nic Redman
Episode #6“A lot of us take our voice for granted. We only realise how powerful and  important it is when we lose it. Which is why I try to get out as much as possible so people understand their voices."Today, I’m speaking to Nicola Redman. Nic is a voice and accent coach who works with narrators, podcasters and actors – “voice users”, as she calls them – helping them reach their speaking, recording and performance goals. On top of having recorded voiceovers, she has also taught at some of the top drama schools & theatres across the UK. Nic hosts the Voice Coach Podcast, co-hosts The Voice Over Social Podcast and she runs the Voice and Accent Hub on Facebook.She’s originally from Northern Ireland and is now based in Cumbria. I wanted to speak to Nic because as creatives, we’re often expected to talk about our work quite naturally  – with ease and confidence. We should be able to stand up in public and just blurt something out. But for most of us, that’s not the way it is. Our voice won’t come out the way we’d like it to – it cracks, it doesn’t sound quite right or maybe our accent is off. We feel self-conscious and lose confidence. Speaking with impact doesn’t come easily for most of us. So it’s helpful to understand how the vocal system works so we can learn to play our instrument more fluently. And today I’m speaking to someone who teaches just that.  She shared her thoughts on: How the vocal system works How to look after your voice How to find your authentic voice Links mentioned in the episode: Nic's websiteNic's Instagram Account Nic's Facebook GroupThe Voice Coach PodcastThe Voice Over Social Podcast For more detailed episode notes, go to my website 
33:54 09/16/2022
Building Your Brand with Meg Fenn
Episode #5“Visual brand designers can't create something unless we understand what it's meant to do,  what it's meant to communicate and who it's meant to be for."Today, I’m speaking to Meg Fenn, an American visual brand designer based in the UK. She has over 20 years of experience working across a variety of roles in graphic design. She studied Fine Art, worked as an internet designer and later specialised in brand design.She is a fountain of knowledge on graphics and she mentors business owners, with a focus on diversity. I wanted to interview Meg because she has such a breadth of expertise and as creatives, we often need to learn quickly how to communicate about our work – build website, come up with social media strategies, etc. and this was the opportunity to ask her how to go about that.  She shared her thoughts on: Where to start when you're communicating about your work Who does what in the visual design space and in branding How to find the right kind of support How to find the best people to work with Links mentioned in the episode: Meg's websiteMeg's Newsletter Meg's Twitter Account Meg's LinkedIn Profile For more detailed episode notes, go to my website 
37:30 09/02/2022
Writing Non-Fiction with Oliver Burkeman
Episode #4 “I’ve done two books from the ground up, and in both cases, […] it was a question of finding the right container for a whole lot of things that I was already really interested in. […] It needs to be the right washing line to hang the stuff off”Today, I’m speaking to Oliver Burkeman, the author The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking and The Sunday Times Bestseller Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. He wrote the weekly psychology column – This Column Will Change Your Life – for the Guardian for over 12 years. His work has also been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Psychologies and New Philosopher.He shares his thoughts on: His passion for journalismWriting non-fiction Finding the right heading for his books Finding his topicsHis writing styleThe role of writing in his lifeHow he uses Twitter Links mentioned in the episode: Oliver's website and newsletterOliver's booksOliver's interview on This Jungian LifeFor more detailed episode notes, go to my website 
46:17 08/19/2022
Finding Your Voice with Dr Trevor Weston
Episode #3"The reality of what makes innovation is when people say “This is just how I do it and I’m doubling down on expressing myself in the way that I see the world”. And that’s where the risk and where the innovation always come from. […] But that’s the most difficult thing in life – being your true self. "Today, I’m speaking to Dr Trevor Weston. Trevor is an American composer based in Brooklyn. He’s currently a Professor of Music at Drew University, Madison in New Jersey and teaches in the MAP and pre-college programs at the Juilliard School. In this episode, we discuss: How to find your voice The trappings of originality The importance of bringing your whole self to your art Tips for aspiring composers Find Trevor's work here as well as some things we discussed: Dr Trevor Weston's websiteAshes by Trevor Weston performed by the Choir of Trinity Wall StreetJuba for String Quartet by Trevor Weston, performed by the American Symphony OrchestraMagnificat by Trevor Weston, performed by A & P Choir Trevor's channel on Spotify IRCAM websiteMiserere Mei by Allegri performed by King's College, CambridgeFor more detailed episode notes, go to my website 
44:09 08/05/2022
Home and Away with Jessica Mudditt
Episode #2“The impulse I get to put pen to paper, is something that I think the readers may have not seen much of and that really tickled my fancy when I first saw it.”Today, I’m speaking to Jessica Mudditt. Jessica is an Australian journalist and author based in Sydney. Her articles have been published by the BBC, The Economist Intelligence Unit, GQ and Marie Claire, among others. She worked as a journalist in England, Bangladesh and Myanmar, before returning home in 2016. She recently published “Our Home in Myanmar”, her debut memoir about her four years living in Yangon in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. I asked her about her writing process and it was fascinating to hear how she managed to build a life as a foreigner and operate as a journalist in one of the most politically closed countries in the world, while her editor was in jail. We talked about how what started out as a light read about living in a country as it opened up, became more of a historic depiction of the few short years of democracy from 2012 to 2016.In this interview, I ask Jessica about how she uses place for inspiration, how she grounds herself in foreign places and what it’s like to be living in her home country again.She shared her thoughts on: How being away from home helps sharpen your lensHow to frame rejection and look for the right home for your ideasHow to find your creative path How to approach pitching as a freelance journalistHow to learn from editorsYou can find Jessica's work here, as well as the books she mentioned in the interview:Our Home in Myanmar by Jessica MuddittFinding George Orwell in Burma: Larkin, Emma ...From the Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey by Pascal Khoo ThweJessica Mudditt's websiteJessica's Twitter Account Jessica's Facebook AccountJessica's Instagram AccountFor more detailed episode notes, go to my website 
38:29 07/29/2022
Telling Your Story with Musa Okwonga
Episode #1 “ I’ve always believed that the  best artists are the bravest… so I would always say to myself “write in the direction of your fear” ”Today, I’m speaking to Musa Okwonga - a writer, musician and broadcaster based in Berlin.He shares his thoughts on: How to create powerful workHow he found the motivation to write deeply personal stories How he shifts between genres to best capture his subject matter How to overcome writer’s blockThe importance of having a solid support systemFind Musa's work here: In The End, It Was All About Love.One of Them: An Eton College MemoirWinter becomes summer playlist Musa’s Twitter account Musa’s Instagram accountThe Stadio podcast For more detailed episode notes, go to my website 
33:44 07/22/2022
Welcome to In The Company of Creatives – the podcast about creativity in all its wonderful forms. I’m Charlotte Wells, a creative coach and writer based in the UK. In each episode, I’ll be speaking to inspiring creatives – writers, artists, musicians, creative entrepreneurs – about their lives and their work – to find out how to live more creatively, overcome obstacles that so often inhibit us and explore ways to put creativity firmly in the centre stage of daily life. We'll be discussing: Procrastination Collaboration Imposter syndrome Fear of failure Fear of successMotivation LonelinessOriginalityAnd many more topics.I hope you will join me on this hugely enjoyable adventure into the heart of creativity.
01:23 07/13/2022