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Tales from the Great Expanse

A sci-fi podcast series to take you out of this world. A unique story each episode delves into a different aspect of the wonderful world of science fiction. All episodes written and read by Alexander Evans


A hand picks up a book and reads the journal entries of a young hero who, after their scouting party is killed by raiders, must deliver the most important item in the land to the city center. Dealing with mutants, raiders, loneliness and radiation, will he make his journey, or will the harsh post-apocalypse claim his soul?© Tales from the Great Expanse 2022 Visit our website 
39:27 7/20/22
Faced with a room, a door, and what seems to be an endless series of staircases, one individual has their expectations shaken when a woman appears in the most unexpected of places. © Tales from the Great Expanse 2022 Visit our website
17:39 7/19/22
A story of a girl born small, who wakes up one morning having grown far more than she ought to.  As she continues to grow, she will have to deal with the reality of her size. When she eventually becomes bigger than Mount Everest, things start to spiral out of control.© Tales from the Great Expanse 2022 Visit our website
18:30 7/18/22
When a lonely mechanic is confronted with a mysterious note informing him to build a device, he must find his way back to his own time after being transported back to his adolescence with no way back to the future. © Tales from the Great Expanse 2022 Visit our website
24:27 7/17/22
When the protagonist is faced with an ultimatum forcing them to flee the starship, a course of events leads them down a path that will test their strength, sanity, and survival. An unlikely bond is formed when the most unlikely of coincidences occurs while they are... ADRIFT. © Tales from the Great Expanse 2022 Visit our website
29:52 7/15/22
Series Intro
This is a brief series introduction to Tales from the Great Expanse, a sci-fi podcast series where each episode is a unique story delving into a different sci-fi aspect. Visit 
00:50 7/15/22