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Host Rose Cox, Transformational Coach and Business Strategist, shares inspiring and thought-provoking conversations for sensitive entrepreneurs wanting to grow profitable online businesses in a way that feels exciting and aligned with their soul. Rose and her expert guests share science-backed advice, sound strategies and the systems they use to succeed in their businesses and their lives.


Mastering the Art of Saying No as a Highly Sensitive Person
In this final episode of season one of The Sensitive CEO Show, I delve into a topic that many sensitive CEOs, including myself, struggle with – setting boundaries and mastering the art of saying no in our own businesses.As an HSP, running my business has been both a blessing and a challenge. I emphasise that boundaries are crucial for maintaining a healthy and successful business. Throughout the episode, I provide valuable tips on identifying my priorities, learning the power of saying no gracefully, and using "I" statements when declining opportunities. I share my personal journey of struggling to say no to collaborations that didn't align with my values and how setting boundaries allowed me to prioritise my energy and invest it in meaningful projects. I encourage my listeners to view boundaries as a form of self-respect and remind them that it's a continuous journey of self-awareness and growth.💝 Key TakeawaysBoundaries are essential for protecting our energy and well-being as a sensitive CEO.Identifying your core values and prioritising what aligns with your business vision keeps you true to yourself.Practice saying "no" with grace and firmness, declining opportunities that don't resonate.Acknowledge your feelings and use "I" statements when declining offers.Setting boundaries is a journey of self-awareness and growth.Overall, this episode empowers sensitive CEOs like myself to embrace our sensitivity, confidently set boundaries, and say no when necessary for a thriving and fulfilling business and personal life.🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
09:21 9/10/23
Embracing Sensitivity: Building a Soulful Business - Jenny Blake (crossover episode)
This week on the podcast, the tables are turned and I am interviewed by one of my all time favourite podcast hosts, Jenny Blake, for a crossover episode on her Free Time podcast.We engage in a heart-to-heart conversation and dive into the world of highly sensitive people (HSPs), empaths, and introverts in the business world. The discussion centres around building a successful and sustainable business that aligns with one's energy and soul, while embracing the strengths and challenges of being a sensitive CEO.💝 Key TakeawaysEmbracing Sensitivity: Understanding that sensitivity is not a weakness, but a trait to be honoured and integrated into one's business approach.Setting Boundaries: Overcoming people-pleasing tendencies and prioritising healthy boundaries to protect emotional well-being.Working with Fellow Sensitives: The power of connecting with like-minded individuals and running businesses that cater to HSPs, empaths, and introverts.Intuition as a Superpower: Developing and leveraging intuition to make important business decisions and find alignment with personal values.The Decision to Pause: I share my journey of deciding to take a break from my podcast and slow down, making space for some personal projects and self-care.Nature's Influence: The role of nature in nurturing creativity, intuition, and providing a calming space for self-reflection.Giving Permission: Encouragement to remove email and social apps from the phone, setting boundaries between personal and business life for enhanced well-being.Jenny Blake is an award-winning author, podcaster, and keynote speaker who runs a media and licensing company. She loves helping people move from friction to flow through smarter systems, powered by Delightfully Tiny Teams. In 2022 Jenny released her award-winning third book, Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business (Ideapress, 2022). Jenny is also the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One (Portfolio, 2016), winner of the Axiom award for Best Business Book in the Careers category, and co-creator of Googles’s global drop-in coaching program, Career Guru. She hosts two podcasts with over 1 million downloads combined: Free Time with Jenny Blake for Heart-Based Business owners, and Pivot with Jenny Blake for navigating change.📚 Resources Mentioned035: An HSP's Guide to Podcasting with Jenny BlakeFree Time PodcastPivot PodcastBFF - Online CommunityFree Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business (Ideapress, 2022)Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One (Portfolio, 2016)🔗 Where You Can Find JennyWebsite: jennyblakenycFacebook Profile:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
38:07 9/3/23
The HSP Awakening Summit with Josh Speraneo
In this episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, I'm thrillecd to chat with previous podcast guest Josh Speraneo. Josh is the organiser of the much-awaited HSP Awakening Summit, along with co-host Jen Corcoran.The summit, scheduled for the first week of October, brings together a diverse group of highly sensitive people from all over the world to share their insights and expertise.The event aims to raise awareness, foster understanding, and encourage an awakening to the power and potential of high sensitivity.💝 Key TakeawaysThe HSP Awakening Summit is for everyone, catering to highly sensitive individuals and those interested in learning more about high sensitivity.The summit features around 24 HSP speakers, renowned leaders and experts in various fields.Daily themes include Learn (understanding high sensitivity), Grow (conscious parenting and supporting children), Sell (marketing and entrepreneurship for HSPs), Lead (embracing leadership as highly sensitive individuals), and Thrive (finding success and fulfilment as HSPs).The intention is to awaken participants to the gifts of high sensitivity, offering a positive perspective and empowering self-discovery.The event aims to create a supportive community, connecting attendees with like-minded individuals and experts in various fields.The summit hopes to impact younger generations, empowering them to embrace their high sensitivity from an early age and thrive in all aspects of life.📚 Resources MentionedThe HSP Awakening SummitEpisode 041: Success and Survival Skills for HSPs, Empaths, and Introverts with Josh SperaneoEpisode 027: Linked in for HSPs with Jen Corcoran🔗 Where You Can Find JoshWebsite: https://thesuccesscycle.comLinkedIn:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
27:49 8/27/23
From Vulnerabilities to Victories: Embracing Sensitivity as a Superpower in Business - Jemma Broadstock
In this week's episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, I have the pleasure of talking with Jemma Broadstock. We discuss how vulnerability is celebrated, and sensitivity is hailed as a superpower. Join us as we explore the transformative journey from vulnerabilities to victories, and learn how embracing sensitivity can unlock hidden potential and pave the way for extraordinary success.Through this thought-provoking conversation, we'll delve into the ways sensitivity can be harnessed as a superpower in the business world. So, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone who wants to celebrate the beauty of sensitivity, this episode is a must-listen.Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and armed with the tools to create a truly remarkable journey of your own.Jemma is a seasoned business coach and mentor who brings a unique blend of expertise in psychology and entrepreneurial experience to the table. With a Master's degree in Psychology and a wealth of knowledge gained from working closely with numerous business owners, Jemma has honed her skills in guiding others towards success.Having started her own business at the young age of 16, Jemma understands the challenges and triumphs that come with building and scaling a venture. Her entrepreneurial journey led her to establish a successful virtual assistant agency, equipping her with firsthand knowledge of the intricacies involved in running a business.Jemma's true passion lies in empowering fellow entrepreneurs to realise their dreams and live their best lives. By providing unwavering support and guidance, she helps her clients transform their businesses into thriving enterprises that align with their personal visions.What sets Jemma apart is her holistic approach, blending strategic methodologies with her deep understanding of psychology. By delving into the underlying mindset and emotional dynamics, she empowers her clients to make impactful shifts and embrace transformative growth.Jemma's own pursuit of an extraordinary life led her to relocate to the beach with her boyfriend—a testament to her belief that business success and personal fulfilment can harmoniously coexist. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to living her best life, Jemma is dedicated to helping fellow business owners achieve the same level of fulfilment and freedom.💝 Key TakeawaysEmbracing your uniqueness: Finding your voice and personal power to stand out in the business world.Building an extraordinary life: Balancing business success with personal fulfillment and designing the lifestyle you desire.Nurturing a growth mindset: How to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a positive perspective on the entrepreneurial journey.🔗 Where You Can Find JemmaWebsite: http://theultimateceo.coInstagram: and Group:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
21:35 8/20/23
High Responsiveness Training - Randy Grasser
In this week's episode on The Sensitive CEO Show, we have a special guest, Randy Grasser, joining us to shed light on a fascinating topic - High Responsiveness Training. Whether you identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or not, this discussion will provide valuable insights into the world of high responsiveness and its impact on personal and professional growth.Randy Grasser's expertise and unique perspective will provide valuable knowledge and practical advice that can help you unlock your own potential for high responsiveness. Get ready to embrace your sensitivity and discover how it can become your greatest asset in both your personal and professional life.Randy is a Professional Life Coach, Adventurer, Author and a Highly Responsive Man.💝 Key TakeawaysWhat the term High Responsiveness means for both HSPs and non-HSPs.Why there is a need for High Responsiveness.Many of the benefits to being Highly Responsive, not just for HSPs but also for others.🔗 Where You Can Find RandyEmail Address: HSP@thelivingadventurer.comWebsite: http://www.thelivingadventurer.comFacebook Group:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
30:16 8/13/23
Unleashing Your Potential as an HSP: Transforming Doubt into Confidence with 3 Key Mindset Shifts in Business
In this solo episode of The Sensitive CEO Show, I share the crucial role mindset plays in achieving success in business. While strategies and tactics are essential, it is our mindset that forms the foundation for all other aspects of our entrepreneurial journey. I specifically address the challenges faced by HSPs, introverts, and empaths in building confidence and overcoming doubt in the business world.I talk about the three key mindset shifts that can help transform this doubt into confidence for sensitive entrepreneurs:Embracing Vulnerability and Reframing Failure: Vulnerability is seen as a strength, and failure is viewed as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than something to be feared.Cultivating Self-Compassion and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Sensitive individuals often struggle with self-doubt and feeling like they don't belong. I encourage you to treat yourself with kindness and celebrate your unique strengths and abilities.Adopting a Growth Mindset and Embracing Learning Opportunities: The advantage of HSPs lies in our introspective nature and thirst for knowledge. By adopting a growth mindset, we can see challenges as opportunities and continually develop our skills and expertise.I share some practical strategies to implement these mindset shifts, such as practicing vulnerability, seeking supportive communities, engaging in self-care, challenging the inner critic, and actively pursuing learning opportunities.In a nutshell, as sensitive entrepreneurs, we possess unique superpowers, and by embracing these mindset shifts, we can unlock a world of endless possibilities and rewrite the narrative of the business world to celebrate diversity, authenticity, and compassion.🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs 
17:04 8/6/23
Supporting Sensitive CEOs using EFT for Confidence, Abundance, Mindset and Other Goals - Dawson Church
Tune in to this week's episode on The Sensitive CEO Show where I have a wonderful conversation with Dawson Church.Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit. The Genie in Your Genes was the first book to demonstrate that emotions drive gene expression. Mind to Matter showed that the brain creates much of what we think of as “objective reality.” Bliss Brain demonstrates that peak mental states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness.Dr. Church did his undergraduate and graduate work at Baylor University, and obtained his doctorate at Holos University under the supervision of Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Norm Shealey, MD, PhD, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.Dr. Church has conducted dozens of clinical trials and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. Its largest program, the Veterans Stress Project, has offered free treatment to over 20,000 veterans with PTSD over the past decade.His groundbreaking research has been published in many prestigious scientific journals. Dawson Church is the editor of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, a peer-reviewed professional journal.He shares how to apply these breakthroughs to health and athletic performance through, one of the most-visited alternative healing sites on the web.💝 Key TakeawaysFor anyone unfamiliar with EFT, Dawson explains what it is and how it works.Discover some of the science behind the mindset and modalities that support EFT.How EFT and other tools can help sensitive CEOs overcome challenges related to confidence, mindset and business success.Dawson shares a simple yet effective technique to help with any stress by stimulating the vagus nerve.📚 Resources MentionedGet Your Free Gifts from Dr Dawson Church: in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of IntentionMind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material RealityBliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and JoyThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill🔗 Where You Can Find DawsonWebsite: Page:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
31:18 7/30/23
An HSP-specific Way of Trading Stocks - Erin West
If you'd like to know more about trading stocks, especially in an HSP-specific way, you'll love this week's episode on The Sensitive CEO Show where I talk with Erin West.An Ivy League graduate and lawyer, Erin found herself at a crossroads as her two decade marriage to her children's' father was ending. She could either continue on with a high-achieving life that left her exhausted, stressed and with challenging physical symptoms. Or she could redesign her life to be aligned with what made her feel most herself. She chose the latter. During what she calls her "blank slate" period, she traveled globally with her kids and began learning to trade stocks for income. Eventually her friends, who were still tired and stressed themselves, began to ask her to teach them how to trade. In early 2022, she began teaching them and has continued teaching women this sacred money tool from a perspective of ease, allowing, and compassion.💝 Key TakeawaysSome common perceptions of trading as being high stress, versus Erin's method, which she sometimes jokingly refers to as "yawn trading" which meets people where they are energetically and time-wiseWhy this method of trading can support sensitives and the types of students who have been drawn to her (un)classes.How Erin’s trading method and teaching style differs from other classes in an holistic sense.🔗 Where You Can Find ErinWebsite:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business School[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
29:38 7/23/23
Journaling - The Most Effective Tool in Your Personal Development Toolbox with Amanda Stern
In this week's episode, I talk with journaling coach Amanda Stern.Amanda helps ambitious professionals to journal their way to self-discovery, success on their own terms, and a life they don’t want a vacation from. She works with clients 1:1 and in groups to help them understand how to use journaling as a mechanism for growth, change, and transformation. She shares journaling inspiration and resources, as well as lots of journal prompts in her weekly newsletter and in her daily posts on LinkedIn.💝 Key TakeawaysDiscover how journaling can be the simplest, most effective and versatile tool we have in our personal growth and professional development toolbox.There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to journaling, and each of us get to find what feels good to us.While journaling might not be intuitive to everyone, everyone CAN learn to journal - and journal in ways that will yield the results you're looking for.Amanda shares many journalling prompts for anyone who needs some help getting started with their journalling practise.🔗 Where You Can Find AmandaWebsite: http://GoodThingsComeToThoseWhoJournal.comLinkedIn:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
25:59 7/16/23
Awakening Intuition: Empowering Sensitive Entrepreneurs through Trusting Your Inner Guidance
In this solo episode on The Sensitive CEO Show I talk about awakening intuition for sensitive entrepreneurs. I explore the transformative power of intuition and its profound impact on business and personal fulfilment. Through this episode, my aim is to empower you to tap into the incredible power of your intuition and unleash it as your secret weapon for success.So, whether you're a seasoned sensitive entrepreneur or just beginning to explore your entrepreneurial path, this episode is packed with valuable wisdom, actionable strategies, and inspiration to help you awaken your intuition, trust your inner compass, and step into your personal power.💝 Key TakeawaysUnderstanding intuition for sensitive entrepreneurs and the unique strengths and qualities that sensitive entrepreneurs bring to the table.Tips on how sensitive entrepreneurs can identify and differentiate their intuition from other thoughts or emotions.How to cultivate our intuition with practical strategies for developing and strengthening intuition.The importance of trusting and acting upon intuitive insights in business decisions.How to overcome common doubts or resistance that sensitive entrepreneurs may face when trusting their intuition.🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
29:21 7/9/23
Unleash Your Presence: Stepping Into the Power of Your Voice - Lauri Smith
Discover how you can unleash your presence and step into the power of your voice in this lively conversation on The Sensitive CEO Show with my guest this week Lauri Smith.Lauri is an intuitive public speaking and leadership coach. She helps visionaries on a soul-driven mission to stand in their power, speak their truth and Lead. Lauri is the CVO (Caring Visionary Officer) of Voice Matters and the author of Your Voice Matters: A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts. Her mission is to call forth more open-hearted leaders so they can do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity and courage. She envisions a world in which everyone shares the vibration of their soul’s purpose with the world through their voices and together, we reach global harmony.💝 Key TakeawaysThe essential qualities or "must-haves" for visionary leadership.How HSPs can embrace and harness our unique qualities to cultivate a powerful presence and confidently express ourselves through our voice.Some tips and strategies that HSPs can use to develop our presence and communicate effectively.How to navigate the challenges of public speaking and wearing protective masks yet still remain authentic.🔗 Where You Can Find LauriWebsite: Page: Group:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
27:07 7/2/23
Discovering your Purpose as an HSP with Willow McIntosh
As HSPs we have an advantage when it comes to discovering our purpose. Our ability to process the world at a deeper level allows us particular abilities. These abilities are intended and why the trait naturally occurs in 20% of the population.The way in which we each process the world from a sensory point of view is unique to each of us, yet it is happening for a reason. A reason that is linked to areas of life we each care deeply about.By exploring what matters to us most and considering how we have had particular callings since we were children, helps us to see how our sensory perception is actually designed to serves them. It is through this inquiry that we can begin to reveal innate areas of competence and how we can serve the world in a way that is deeply fulfilling. This in turn is how we can each find our area of interest and how this begins to reveal our purpose.In this episode with Willow McIntosh, we discuss all of this and more.Willow McIntosh is the founder of Inluminance and creator of the High Sensory Coaching Program. Unique circumstances during Willow’s childhood lead to the burying of his authentic self and complete misalignment to the work he was destined for. He began to carve his own path into understanding how people with sensory processing sensitivity can learn to use their genetic traits to their advantage. As an adult this lead to a lifelong enquiry and practise into learning powerful energetic alignment techniques to re-engage with the authentic self.Willow believes that all people with the trait have the ability to tap into a unique skill that draws on a deeper sensory perception. Founded in their own life experience and self development they have the capacity to facilitate great transformation and development in others. Willow is on a mission to awaken us to the responsibility we have to utilise the abilities it affords in business, governments and leadership.Having successfully facilitated the development of seven figure businesses Willow’s practise has taken him all over the world. Speaking internationally, training in a broad range of fields and facilitating others for more than twenty years. Willow now specialises in facilitating people with the trait to activate them into service in alignment with their gifts and purpose as highly skilled coaches, facilitators, consultants and healers.💝 Key TakeawaysHow being an HSP give us an advantage when it comes to discovering our purpose.Examples of the unique abilities that we as HSPs possess, that can help us in this process.As HSPs we often have callings from childhood that are linked to our purpose. Willow shares how someone might identify these callings in their own life.If you are still searching for your purpose, discover how you can begin to take steps towards finding it.Challenges that HSPs in particular can face when it comes to discovering our purpose, and how can we overcome them.How HSPs can use our unique perspective to make a positive impact in the world.🔗 Where You Can Find WillowClick here to find out more about Training to become a High Sensory Coach.If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can book an obligation free, discovery call with Willow🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
27:27 6/25/23
Bill Allen - Sensitive Men Rising movie
I was thrilled to talk for second time on The Sensitive CEO Show with William Allen. Our last conversation was one of the very early episodes on the podcast, episode 8 where we discussed HSP Men in which Bill is quite an authority. He has written two books on this topic and began his blog titled 'The Sensitive Man' in 2016.In this week's episode we discuss the Sensitive Men Rising movie which is due to premier next month. This is the first documentary on male high sensitivity processing sensitivity and is turning the lens on the billion men who have this trait.💝 Key TakeawaysBill shares with us a brief overview of the Sensitive Men Rising movie.How the movie may be received by men who are not highly sensitive and any expected pushback on the topics this film will touch.What the term "sensitive men" means and how it differs from traditional notions of masculinity.What viewers can hope to take away from the film and how Bill believes it will impact conversations around sensitivity, specifically for men.The role sensitive men can play in creating positive change in the world.We discuss Bill's experiences from his involvement in the film and the video shoot he did with Dr. Tracy Cooper.How men who are interested in exploring their own sensitivity can begin to do so.📚 Resources MentionedEpisode 8: HSP Men with William AllenFind out more about the movieConfessions of a Sensitive Man: An Unconventional Defense of Sensitive Men - William AllenOn Being a Sensitive Man: Success Strategies for Harnessing Your Highly Sensing Nature - William AllenThe Highly Sensitive Person - Elaine AronThrive! The Highly Sensitive Person and Career - Dr Tracy CooperThrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person - - Dr Tracy CooperThe Highly Sensitive Man - Tom FalkensteinThe Vulnerable Man: Break your patterns. Master your emotions. Reclaim your life - Thomas AndersonSensitive: The Hidden Power of the Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World - Jenn Granneman and Andre Solo🔗 Where You Can Find WilliamWebsite: http://www.thesensitiveman.comFacebook Profile: Page:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
24:00 6/18/23
Research Supporting Your Intuitive Connection - Bonnie Casamassima
Combining over a decade of research-driven experience, her highly sensitive intuitive empathic mediumship abilities, and collaborative approach, Bonnie Casamassima founded Intuitive By Nature to support people in connecting more fully with their innate intuitive abilities to nurture their wellbeing, productivity, and intentional quality of life.Her support focuses on primary research, one-on-one intuitive readings, and research-rooted speaking engagements. She is a researcher and former Professor holding a Master of Fine Arts degree within Design focusing on Biophilia (healing science of nature) & Environmental Psychology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Design and two 250+hour holistic intuition training certifications.She lives in Knoxville, TN with her partner and his two incredible kids, 3 chickens, 1 dog, and 1 turtle. She enjoys traveling, pottery on the wheel, dancing to live-music while wearing costumes, and a good belly laugh.💝 Key TakeawaysBonnie shares her personal experience from research professor to highly sensitive intuitive empathic medium.Details on the research project Bonnie undertook on connecting with intuition and some of the most interesting findings that emerged from her interviews with over 50 people.How intuition differs from other forms of knowing and decision-making.An example of how intuition has played a role in Bonnie’s own life and work.Ways to tap into and develop our intuition.How can a community can play a role in supporting us on our journey of connecting with our intuition.🔗 Where You Can Find BonnieWebsite: http://www.intuitivebynature.comInstagram: Profile:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
29:05 6/11/23
Success and Survival Skills for HSPs, Empaths, and Introverts - Josh Speraneo
Josh Speraneo is a certified Master Life Coach on a mission to change the way the world views high sensitivity.His deepest desire is to help highly sensitive people, empaths, and introverts live vibrant and fulfilling lives where they make the most of the many gifts that come with these traits.This desire led him to create his unique coaching program called The Way of the Phoenix, as well as his innovative goal-achievement model called The Success Cycle.💝 Key TakeawaysAwareness: The life-changing discovery that comes with learning we're HSPs and empaths.Understanding: Discovering and utilizing the innate gifts that come with these traits.Shattering Stereotypes: Paving the way for a new perspective on high sensitivity. Shifting from the outdated view of HSPs as being weak or frail, to one that focuses on the incredible strengths that come with the trait: innovation, resilience, and astonishing empathy.🔗 Where You Can Find JoshWebsite: https://thesuccesscycle.comLinkedIn:📚 Resources MentionedFree Personality TestHSP Self-TestSelf-Assessment Empathy TestsThe Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People - Dr Judith OrloffPersonality Isn't Permanent: Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs and Rewrite Your Story - Benjamin Hardy🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
36:59 6/4/23
What You Don't Know About ChatGPT
Tune in to this week's solo episode where I dive into all things ChatGPT. I share some interesting tips that I've picked up over the past few months and how I've been using the power of ChatGPT in my business.💝 Key TakeawaysHow you can sign up for ChatGPT at cost price.Ways to train ChatGPT to become your very own AI buddy.I share many examples of useful prompts you can use in your business.📚 Resources MentionedChatGPT Prompt GuideSign up for your free or paid ChatGPT account here: Free Demos to show you a powerful use of ChatGPT for all your marketing needsPlaigarism and AI content detectors:CopyLeaksGPTRadarZeroGPT🌹 Other ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episodeNote: I'd like to credit both Andri Peetso and Menekse Stewart for giving me ideas of what to share in this episode.
24:15 5/28/23
Emotional Regulation - The Key to Building Connected Relationships - Manisha Tare
Manisha Tare is an Embodiment Coach and Mentor for Highly Sensitive Women. She utilizes a trauma informed, somatic approach to help them regulate their emotions and stop people pleasing so they feel confident setting boundaries and speaking up for themselves in relationships.💝 Key TakeawaysThe importance of mindfulness in being more present in our relationships.How understanding our emotions helps us navigate difficult conversations.How knowing your needs allows you to set boundaries and build healthier relationships.The things that are unique to Highly Sensitive People with regard to emotional regulation.📚 Resources MentionedEnergetic Boundaries MasterclassSchumann's resonance🔗 Where You Can Find ManishaWebsite: Page: The Transform Your Relationship Podcast:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
26:15 5/21/23
Harnessing your Authenticity in Business to Accelerate Growth - Mallory Musante
Mallory Musante, affectionately known as The Small Business CMO, is a fractional CMO and marketing strategist for small businesses and online service providers.After working in a toxic agency environment and then walking away from the branding, web design, and social media agency she spent 5 years building, she not only realized she was completely out of alignment in her professional life but also that there was a massive disconnect in how small businesses market themselves.She decided to combine her 12+ years of experience with her experience of starting 7 different businesses herself to help small businesses create sustainable and effective marketing strategies. Her focus is on harnessing her client’s authenticity and strengths and pairing it with strategic marketing foundations to create a magnetic presence that naturally attracts and connects her clients with their ideal audience for easier and more effective marketing.💝 Key TakeawaysWhat can happen when you don't lead with your authenticity.How leaning into your authenticity can accelerate your business growth.Learn how to infuse your authentic self into your brand by identifying your unique value proposition, brand values, and developing key messaging.📚 Resources MentionedBrene Brown's Living Into Our Values🔗 Where You Can Find MalloryWebsite: http://www.mallorymusante.comInstagram:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
24:49 5/14/23
Getting Visible as a Highly Sensitive Person - Stacey Hagen
Stacey Hagen is a marketing and visibility coach for purpose-driven coaches, healers, and creatives who want to share their soul gifts with the world and make a positive impact. Through a mix of coaching, consulting, strategy, and somatics, Stacey guides her clients through the inner and outer work of truly getting visible in business, so they can show up confidently, connect with those they are meant to serve, and do more of what they love.💝 Key TakeawaysWhy visibility is challenging for us as HSPs.Why visibility is so necessary to sharing our gifts and doing what we love.How to get visible in a way that is aligned with our highly sensitive gifts.Stacey shares some tips to protect our energy.Discover strategies to avoid distraction on social media.📚 Resources MentionedFree Guide - Fear of Being Seen🔗 Where You Can Find StaceyWebsite: Group:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
22:21 5/7/23
How to Achieve True Freedom as a Coach and Entrepreneur with Andrea Tessier
Andrea Tessier is a Certified Master Life Coach and personal freedom coach. She is committed to supporting women entrepreneurs, coaches, and health and wellness experts to overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that are standing in the way of the impact they desire, so they can fully embody their potential, fulfil their mission, and lead a life of their own design.Too often women leaders struggle with feelings and patterns of not-enoughness, low self-worth, self-doubt, and sabotage, and this consistently stands in the way of them fulfilling their dreams. Andrea’s magic is in supporting them to do the soul work so they can make their goals work in business, life, and relationships.💝 Key TakeawaysThe definition of true freedom.Various ways to cultivate true freedom.Some practical tools and tips to take away.How to make peace and how to include all of your parts.📚 Resources MentionedDo Less Make More freebie🔗 Where You Can Find AndreaWebsite: Profile: Page: Group:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode 
26:13 4/30/23
An HSP's Guide to Podcasting - Jenny Blake
In this wonderful conversation I have with Jenny Blake, we talk about podcasting as an HSP. Jenny hosts two podcasts with over 1 million downloads combined and currently publishes 12 episodes every month so I can’t think of anyone better to share these tips with you today.Jenny Blake is an award-winning podcaster and the author of three award-winning books, including Pivot (2016) and Free Time (2022), with a podcast for each. Jenny is also the co-creator of Googles’s global drop-in coaching program, Career Guru.💝 Key TakeawaysHow to set up a podcast production process that tracks the life of a podcast episode.How outsourcing ensures you’re not the bottleneck in your business.Learn about the ‘Fiji Test’ and the mindset behind setting up successful SOPs – standard operating procedures.How much depth can be conveyed through having your own podcast as well as listening to others’ podcasts.Jenny shares some brilliant ways to come up with podcast ideas and how she sets up collection buckets to help keep track of these ideas.Why trusting that you’re attracting the right listeners to your podcast is more important than worrying about building a huge following as soon as possible.How to find great guests and using your intuition to help you.📚 Resources MentionedA day in the life of a podcast episode – Loom videoNotion for Idea Collection – Loom videoThis Is the Voice by John ColapintoStoryworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life through the Power of Storytelling by Matthew DicksHow I Run My Business Without Social Media – podcast episodeFreetime Operations DashboardBFF – Online Community🔗 Where You Can Find JennyWebsite: jennyblakenycFacebook Profile: Time Podcast: Podcast:🌹 Rose’s ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
33:44 4/23/23
5 Tips To Show Up Powerfully For a Live Event
Feeling nervous before starting something new? You're not alone!Tune into this week's solo episode as Rose answers a submitted question "I'm doing a live webinar and I feel really nervous and not confident. What advice have you got?"Rose shares her tried and tested steps that helped her turn her nerves and doubts into a feeling of pumped excitement before doing live events.These five tips that Rose shares can be helpful for both online and in person events.💝 Key TakeawaysHow to trick your mindset into believing that the live event was a huge success, even before it's begun.Creating a playlist of happy, upbeat songs to change your energy.Why including daily energy routines can cleanse, ground and protect you when showing up live.The importance of planning and clearing your schedule ahead of time.How to use the energy of the moon cycles to your advantage.🎶 Songs MentionedWorld in Motion - New OrderBest Day of My Life - American AuthorsPraise You - Fatboy SlimHappy - Pharrell WilliamsI've Got a Feeling - Black Eyed PeasLet's Get it Started - Black Eyed Peas📚 Resources MentionedDonna Eden - Daily Energy RoutineDavid Router and Sarah McCrum - Morning and Evening Grounding ExercisesLunar Living with Kirsty Gallagher🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
15:32 4/16/23
Five Steps to Empathic Mastery - Jennifer Moore
Supporting intuitives, lightworkers, and creatives to use their abilities for good, Jennifer Moore, is passionate about helping highly sensitive, empathic women. As one of 21 of the United States’ 21 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) International Master Trainers and a mentor and healer, she has made her way to the Amazon Bestseller list as the author of Empathic Mastery. Along with this, she hosts a must-listen podcast The Empathic Mastery Show.💝 Key TakeawaysJennifer's definition of an empath and how we differ from mediums, psychics and other people with extrasensory awareness.How we are so affected by other's energies that actually come from outside ourselves and why we so often struggle with the same things as other HSPs and empaths.The 5 essential steps to go from an emotional hot mess to a thriving success.🔗 Where You Can Find JenniferBook: empathicmasterybook.comWebsite: http://empathicmastery.comInstagram: Page:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
30:05 4/9/23
Applying the Science of Wellbeing, Positive Psychology, to HSP Flourishing with Lauren Wild
Lauren Wild is a Wellbeing psychologist, trauma-informed hypnotherapist and HSP specialist coach. MSc distinction in MAPPCP through UEL. DIP.HYP. with over 20 years experience helping women to overcome limiting beliefs, reprogram their mind for success, find their purpose and love in alignment with their high sensitivity.💝 Key TakeawaysThe foundations of HSP wellbeing that underpin your ability to flourish.Daily wellbeing practices that allow you to thrive in alignment with your sensitivity.How to stress-proof your wellbeing in order to thrive in a healthy body and mind, even through difficult times.Why it is important for HSPs to take a combined mind/body approach to their well-being.What is environmental mastery and how can we cultivate it to further improve our wellbeing.🔗 Where You Can Find LaurenWebsite: http://www.laurenwildwellbeing.comInstagram: Profile: Page: The Sensitivity SanctuaryLinkedIn: The Lauren Wild Podcast🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
28:42 4/2/23
Boundaries and Building an Inner Circle as a Sensitive - Jessi Michel Agadoni
Jessi Michel Agadoni is a Natural Sensitive Guide and Restorative Healer. She teaches Sensitives how to rebuild their calm and resiliency to create sustainable health so that they can cultivate success without succumbing to constant overwhelm, anxiety, depression, auto-immunity, or any other body imbalance that could prevent them from having the impact they are called to have on this world.💝 Key TakeawaysThe progression of boundary creation and holding over time.How to create, hold and savor a life-giving Inner Circle.How authentic boundaries and a healthy inner circle allows Sensitives to cultivate calm resilient bodies.How to determine and understand Natural Sensitivity (HSP) vs developed sensitivity.📚 Resources MentionedAuthentic Calm Method🔗 Where You Can Find JessiWebsite: http://merfleurwellness.comInstagram: Authentic Calm Podcast🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
34:34 3/26/23
5 Lessons Learned Being an Online Business Owner
In this week's solo episode, I'm answering a question that a client recently asked me on a coaching call. She asked if I could share any lessons I've learned as an online business owner, specifically an HSP business owner.I've been running online businesses since 1999, so naturally, I've learnt many lessons in that time! I've distilled it down to five, though. Otherwise, this episode could be quite long!I hope you find these lessons useful, and learning about them now, will save you time and energy in your HSP business.If you've been following my podcast for a while now, you'll notice this is a slightly new format for my solo episodes. I get so many questions from clients and my community that I thought it would be useful to answer them for my wider audience.If you have a question you'd like me to answer on an upcoming episode, feel free to submit a question here.💝 Key TakeawaysWhy getting the right support early on is important and the three different types of support I recommend.How investing in the right tools and software can save you a ton of time.Focusing on a signature offer and getting that running smoothly will set you up for sustainable success.The importance of taking enough downtime, especially as an HSP in business.Why you don't need to be an 'expert' to start a podcast.📚 Resources MentionedSign up for the Free Masterclass - How to Attract More Clients Without Having To Work Longer or HarderFree Time by Jenny Blake 🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for Thriving HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
21:41 3/19/23
3 Ways You Should Be Supporting Your Neurodivergent Clients - Megan Dowd
You likely know someone who is neurodivergent, but you may not know what that means or how to accommodate a client that is.In this episode, I have the pleasure of talking with Megan Dowd, who shares ways to support our neurodivergent clients.As a neurodivergent entrepreneur, Megan takes steps in her business to ensure she accommodates all walks of life.Brand therapist, Megan Dowd is a neurodiverse entrepreneur, business strategist, coach, and storyteller. With her Human First, Biz Second approach, she is helping new and seasoned business owners build a better human connection with themselves and their clients—leaning into who they are and what they stand for.After nearly a decade as a professional actress and a Jill of all trades in that industry, Megan decided to go into business for herself. There she learned that the skills she acquired in acting reciprocated into business. She started MD&Co in 2018 and celebrates leveraging her client's strengths, transparency, values, and building a connection. She also built Hello, CEO in 2020 to help support neurodiverse entrepreneurs build where they can thrive in a business world that isn’t one size fits all.💝 Key TakeawaysWhat it means to be neurodivergent, that it’s not scary or complicated.Ways to accommodate someone that is neurodiverseHow to work within their energetic boundaries.🔗 Where You Can Find MeganWebsites:http://withmegandowd.com profiles:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode
31:15 3/12/23
Copywriting and Brand Voice for HSPs: Writing Effective Copy Without Faking a Loud Persona - Krista Walsh
Sometimes it can feel like every copywriter and internet famous business owner you see advocates for this really strong, extroverted personality in their writing (super jokey, irreverent/not serious, loud, bold style). But a lot of HSP CEOs don’t write like this and don’t talk like this. They’re more serious, nuanced, careful with their language, and often, more to the point.So you can feel like you have to change yourself in your copywriting to be noticed, and effective, and get people to like you and not be boring. But introverted ways of writing copy can also be effective! And may, in fact, be more appealing to some people.In this week's episode, you'll learn some of these introverted and HSP-friendly ways from my guest Krista Walsh.Krista is a website copywriter and strategist helping client-based businesses turn their websites into lead-generating machines. She’s the person you call when you want your website done right from the ground up.💝 Key TakeawaysWhere to start in finding your voice as a sensitive business owner and how to come up with effective ideas to write about.Krista shares some HSP-friendly ways of writing your copy.Six strategies for copywriting that feel more aligned for many HSPs.🔗 Where You Can Find KristaWebsite:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP EntrepreneursAsk me a question for an upcoming solo episode 
27:19 3/5/23
LinkedIn for HSPs with Jen Corcoran
Jen Corcoran, known as the Super Connector helps introverted, empathic and highly sensitive female coaches, consultants and solopreneurs attract more and better clients on LinkedIn organically. She takes them on a journey from being invisible and hiding on LinkedIn to helping them confidently toot their horn resulting in their ideal clients knocking on their door.Jen helps them super boost their LinkedIn profiles and attract clients using her 4-stage PACT Framework which helps them to create a LinkedIn profile which truly represents them and a holistic approach to networking which aligns with their human design. They will be left feeling reinvigorated, confident and raring to go and excited to tap into all the opportunities this amazing platform offers them.💝 Key TakeawaysHow to make the best use of your time on LinkedIn and how you can spend just 3 half hour blocks each week to create new leads for your business.Types of content to post each week to keep your audience interested and engaged.The importance of spring cleaning your LinkedIn connections to best preserve your energy and enjoy your LinkedIn experience.📚 Resources MentionedLinkedIn Group: (Networking Tips with My Super Connector)Free 20-minute LinkedIn Game Plan Call:🔗 Where You Can Find JenWebsite:🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
27:49 2/26/23
Marketing to Your Strengths as a Sensitive with Christina Frei
Christina Frei is a marketing consultant and author who helps solo business owners find their voice, market to their strengths, and get the right clients consistently. A recent TEDx speaker, Christina is the creator of the Generosity Practice mindset work and the Innate Marketing Genius tools and method. In between, she chases her dog around with a stuffed animal snake, meditates on a pink couch, cold plunges like Wim Hof in the ocean, and obsesses over the perfect cup of green tea, all in a seaside town north of Boston.💝 Key TakeawaysWhat the five marketing archetypes are and the strengths of each one.Where this model of the marketing archetypes originated.How to tell a great story based on your marketing archetype.How knowing your marketing archetype can help you as a sensitive to get more clients by telling your story.Christina shares the Generosity Practice that her TEDx talk is based around and how this can help you as an HSP to feel both grounded and expansive at the same time.📚 Resources MentionedWhat is your Innate Marketing Genius assessmentThe Generosity Practice Book: 40 Days to Unstoppable🔗 Where You Can Find ChristinaWebsite: Profile: Page: Marketing for Humans 🌹 Rose's ResourcesThe HSP Business SchoolWork With Me[FREE] UpLevel Your Business Mindset Hypnosis[FREE] HSP Archetype Quiz[FREE] Facebook Community for HSP Entrepreneurs
29:51 2/19/23