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I'm Ruth Elisabeth Hancock and I'm an Author, Speaker & Host of Work Your Energy, a show for entrepreneurs all about our energetic universe, higher consciousness and how to thrive in this world. A few years ago I was struggling in my business, life and marriage and I truly didn't know how to get myself back on track. We had moved overseas, I was a new mum, and my mother had just died in the UK. My husband was working long hours and was never at home and I felt so isolated. In order to become a better mum for my children, I had no option but to piece my life back together and find solutions for everything. Now several years later I am incorporating what I learnt into my own business and life with remarkable results. What did I learn? I learnt how to manage, tap into and harness my own energy, and the higher consciousness or intelligence around me, something that I didn't even know we could do. This podcast is my passion project and runs alongside my new International Best Selling book, Work Your Energy: The entrepreneurs guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success. I try and include a lot of science to back things up because I have a rational and logical mind and what worked for me was understanding the science behind it. Suddenly it all began to make more sense and I am in awe of it all. It feels like magic to me, and I am enjoying life far more than I ever did before. My hope is that it will do the same for you too. Essentially, the more we wake up to our true energetic nature, and remove societal programming from our minds, the more we can step back into the best version of ourselves (and our authentic self). It's not 'woo woo' it's who we really are, and denying ourselves from this truth, is keeping us stuck in struggle, fear and shame - all far too low vibrational energies (emotions) to help us create a better life for ourselves. Step back into your energy world, and feel more empowered, confident, powerful, resilient, guided, supported, loved and purposeful....then watch as your life and success levels elevate. If you want to find out more about me then view my website here, follow me on social media @workyourenergypodcast (FB & Insta) @workyourenergy (Twitter) or send me an email to Looking for more energy tips, guidance and knowledge? Why not sign up for my online course Energy Mastery for entrepreneurs here (only $49) Looking for more Money Mastery then join my new Wealth Consciousness program here (still at $249) -


The Wisdom In You
This week's podcast looks more deeply into ancestral trauma, abuse and survival stories and where they get stuck in the body - the root chakra.  We take a look at our ancestors and the clues in our world as to where they came from, and then finish by looking at 3 things you can do now to start clearing your root chakra and ancestral trauma.  Links from this episode are:  Clearing and setting energetic boundaries for protection:- Wealth Consciousness Program -  
24:33 09/29/2022
The Hidden Story of Women in the Catholic Church
This week I have a fascinating (and very passionate) conversation with fellow researcher and author, Margaret O'Conner, about the hidden story of women in the catholic church.   She discovered that women used to be a fundamental part of the church, especially Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, but then this old knowledge became hidden by 1913.   She began researching and discovered that women not being allowed to become priests or be ordained, was never a religious thing, but a common law thing - which means it was cultural, not spiritual. Women were cut out on purpose, even though they had been a major part of it before.   So, why did the church ban women, and cut them out of the history books? Why indeed, which is what we explore today.   As I have a passionate dislike of the catholic church and the 'Skeksis', more commonly called Popes, I do go off on a few rants here and there, and appreciate Margaret's patience.   Nonetheless, it is a vibrant and fascinating discussion where we run through:-   1. the origins of the roman church and how it has nothing to do with god 2. the hijacked ego of the church leaders and how they 'jackbooted' their way around the world wiping out our ancient history and distorting the real truth of women in the church (I suspect this is where distortion of the truth and misinformation first began on a global scale in our world). 3. the role of women in the church and how they were the original priests 4. how thousands of male 'priests' got away with pedophilia and never even stood trial   And lots lots more.... Links form the show are: Margaret's book, Scandel in the Shadows - Margaret's website -         
58:56 09/22/2022
Grounding and earthing for more happiness and success
Welcome to the first episode of Season 4, all about grounding and why it's so beneficial to us.  This week we take a look at the science behind this phenomenal, effective and free tool that anyone can use and understand more about how it works, why we should do it and what happens if we don't.  When we walk on the grass or stand on the earth our body literally absorbs electrons into it which in turn reduces inflammation, generates ATP (the energy currency for the cell) and heals the body. According to grounding experts ALL inflammation is due to not doing grounding in our lives.  We live in a plastic world with plastic shoes, plastic buildings, insulated houses and cars and can go for weeks without our feet touching the earth. This is what is causing the disease in our bodies. We also look at metaphysical grounding, because energy and matter are interchangeable at the quantum level and two sides of the same coin.  Then we end with a bit about our ancestors; how they knew about this phenomena (because they understood the laws of physics) and how they incorporated it into their lives for longuevity, good health and wellbeing. They were far more advanced than us and understood how the planet worked in harmony with our electromagnetic fields.  Links from today are:- Amazon best selling book - Work Your Energy: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success. Website - Instagram and Facebook - @workyourenergypodcast 
22:13 09/15/2022
Season 4 - Work Your Energy
Hello and welcome to a brand new season! Season 4.  This season we are going to dive even more deeply into the invisible field of energy and light, and drill in on some specific areas.  After taking a break in August and running polls, asking listeners and accessing my own intuitive guidance, the following areas have come up:- 1. The science behind spirituality Most people asked to hear more about the science behind spirituality so this will be the main focus again, as I look at more sciency guest speakers and also research the ever growing science behind the spirit.  2. Mental health and emlimitating depression  With the aftermath of the pandemic, lockdown and loss of earnings, many of us are feeling depressed, so there will be neuroscientists and mental health gurus, as well as my own experiences and what worked for me.  3. Esoteric wisdom and ancient knowledge  The growing evidence of advanced ancient civilisations living on this planet thousands of years ago has to be discussed if we are to thrive as a species moving forward. How can we thrive if we don't know where we came from or who we were in the past.  I will also talk about Wealth Consciousness as I am launching my money re-program course again in January, and I am already interviewing guest speakers to come on and talk about all things energy, consciousness, multidimensional living and ancient knowledge.  We will launch next week with Why Grounding is Essential (and what it is and how to do it).  In the meantime have a great week  Love Elisabeth x Links are:- Work Your Energy: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success - My website - Social media @workyourenergypodcast (Instagram & FB)  @workyourenergy (twitter) 
07:52 09/08/2022
Resistance & The Quantum Field
This week I talk about the resistance I experienced when my book launched. It was obviously both a stressful and exciting time and as such it created a lot of resistance, thought-forms and electrical hiccups that created physical effects in my business and life.  Things went wrong, electrical and technology glitches occured and more, but we don't tend to see things from an eletrical or energetic point of view.  We get frustrated because we perceive lots of things to be going wrong in our lives when in reality we have caused them ourselves, albeit from an energetic level.  Everything starts as energy, and eventually manifests physically, and when we remember this, we are then more equipped and empowered to make the necessary changes.  Getting annoyed doesn't help, it just brings our vibration down. Staying positive and journaling to find the part we played in it is what we can do.  All Frequency Starts With Us..... Links from the episode:- New Book, Work Your Energy: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success   - Energy Mastery Online Course - Contact:- @workyourenergypodcast (FB and Instagram)  @workyourenergy (Twitter) 
09:20 07/28/2022
Can you be spiritual and still make money?
This week I decided to answer some questions that I was asked recently, which are:- 1. Can you be spiritual and still make money?  2. Is it possible to immediate manifest? And how long does it take?  3. Can you walk the spiritual path and still run a successful business?  It's a brief overview where I give my answer to each question.    Links are:- My International best selling book - Work Your Energy Energy Mastery online course Contact:- @workyourenergypodcast  @workyourenergy 
14:44 07/21/2022
Altered States of Being & Psychic Abilities
This week has been a bit of a passion episode as I decided to channel and then just see what came out.  We run through the energy body, altered states of being, accessing different brainwaves and dimensions, and tapping into our innate psychic abilites.  Links from the episode are:  New Book Social Media  @workyourenergypodcast  @workyourenergy    
31:27 07/14/2022
Connecting Back To Your Soul Frequency
This week we take a closer look at our soul frequency and the higher mind. I walk you through what it is, how to connect with it, and then end with 6 tips to help you to connect back to it more deeply. 1. Meditation 2. Guided Meditation 3. Being your authentic self  4. Connecting to your passions  5. Energy Work  6. Energy Healing  Links from the episode are:- Connecting the Higher Mind meditation - Energy Mastery online course - New Book - @workyourenergypodcast  
22:16 07/07/2022
The Transformational Benefits of Psilocybin
There are those times in my podcast journey where I stumble across a really interesting guest, and Jonathan De Potter the founder and CEO of @behold_retreats is one of those people. We have a fascinating and organic conversation about everything from consciousness, to how psilocybin physically alters the brain, to how we are changing the collective consciousness together and even to the nature of reality.  Jonathan also shares his own story with us - giving up the corporate world a few years ago to try and find his own path to a more fulfilling life. He found his transformational path through psychedelic retreats but noticed that there were few companies who provided the level of support needed when dabbling with psychedelics. So, he decided to set one up - Behold Retreats. And the rest is history. If you want to connect to Jonathan you can do so via his website - Or his social media accounts: @behold_retreats    If you want to reach out to me, Ruth Elisabeth, then my website is - You can purchse my new Amazon Best Selling Book here - UK Amazon   US Amazon  
33:01 06/30/2022
The 6 Steps To Wealth Consciousness
This week I take a deeper look at Wealth Consciousness, and that is for two reasons. First because I have had a few people comment on how useful my previous episode on Wealth Consciousness was and secondly, because I am launching a group program about money next week.  I've been wanting to open a group program for a while now, but didn't know exactly what to run it on, because I have so many qualifications, certificates and experiences I could do it on a ton of things, but decided on money, whilst I was writing my book. Amazon - Its' something we are always having to work on, and I have been working on mine in another money mindset group for 5 years now, so it seemed to make sense to do this. I also feel that after covid this is what the world needs right now, as many are struggling.  So the 6 steps are: - 1. Energy first  2. Be intentional  3. Work on your beliefs  4. Financial tracking  5. Habits and lifestyle  6. Patience    Links from the episode are:- Money Group Program - Podcast episode for Energetic Sales - @workyourenergypodcast  @workyourenergy  
26:32 06/23/2022
The Pro's & Con's of Channeling
This week I take a closer look at channeling and dive into some of the science behind it, in a bid to help reduce the fear around it, whilst discussing my own experiences.  I am currently reading Helane Wahbeh's book The Science of Channeling, who is also the Director of Research at The Institute of Noetic Sciences (established by Dr Edgar Mitchell when he came back from the Moon). I not only used some of her quotes to back things up, but I also notice that she uses the same science that I use in my own book, called Work Your Energy - Consciousness, non-locality, remote viewing, quantum entanglement, superposition and more - there is so much science out there now, its hard to be prejudiced to the truth of who we are anymore.  In this week's episode, we look at what channeling is, the origins of it, the science behind it and ten end up with 4 positive benefits to my life and 2 areas where we need to be more careful.  Links from this episode are:  PODCAST EPISODE - What is Higher Consciousness Part 2 NEW AMAZON BEST SELLING BOOK! Work Your Energy - WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS PROGRAM SOCIAL MEDIA  @workyourenergy @workyourenergypodcast    
35:11 06/16/2022
The Basics Of Energetic Sales
This week we take a roller coaster ride through energetic sales which in my opinion splits into 3 areas:- 1. Intention 2. Emotions (energy)  3. Beliefs  And then finish up with 7 things you can do now to start feeling into the energy of yourself, your sales and your customers when you sell.  1. Set Your intentions before the call so that you are directing your energy - intentions direct energy 2. Connect with your conscious beliefs around why you are selling it and whether you passionately believe in it. Heart is everything.  3. Be really clear and specific about your product, benefits and how you can help your customer with it.  4. Leave the fear, worry, desperation and struggle behind because people can 'smell' it, or in this case it becomes the energetic signature of your sales call.  5. Get heart focused and heart centered so you can sell with love and compassion and step onto the high vibrational platform of creation.  6. Practice daily journalling so you can get into your subconscious mind and find out what limiting beliefs you are really operating from. Do you have limiting beliefs around poverty, shame or unworthiness? If so, they may be sabotaging you or tripping you up.  7. Thoughts are energy, so beware of those negative thoughts, negative feelings and the inner critic that can pull you down into that low vibrational place and take you away from heart centered focus (and power).  Links from this episode:- Instagram & Facebook - @workyourenergypodcast  Twitter - @workyourenergy 
23:40 06/02/2022
The Heart Is The Seat of Your Power
This week we take a closer look at the heart and in particular blockages in the heart, which I believe is something that most of the modern or western world is suffering from. I talk about the chakra system in the body and how it plays a central role in the successes of our physical world. I also describe how I intuitively 'see' these blockages in the heart and which metaphors are shown to help me understand more, so we can clear away blocks, ancestral trauma's and limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck in low self belief, struggle or lack. I also refer to Karma again, and how I believe it is more of a vibrational level of consciousness that determines which level we incarnate into, as well as inherited ancestral traumas which are affecting our collective world.  I am particularly passionate about this topic because we are what we believe we are, and whatever we believe is true, is then what we will create, so its important to dispell beliefs that are stopping us from living better lives.  Its clear to me that we need to step out of fear, and karma keeps us stuck in fear. We need to step into love, and do things for the right reasons, not because we are too scared to do anything else.  Links from this week's episode:- 5 Day Challenge Contacts:- @workyourenergypodcast  @workyourenergy    Links for this episode are:- @workyourenergypodcast (FB & Instagram)  @workyourenergy (Twitter)   
25:20 05/26/2022
Self Love & Unlocking the Truth of The Heart
This week I talk to Sirin Ortanca about the wisdom of the heart and how learning to love ourselves can unlock the secrets to a better life. The heart is the seat of all power, wisdom and intuition in the human body and yet most of us don't understand this. Sirin passionately talks about how she helps women unlock their heart and learn to love themselves, wholly, completely and deeply, so they can live a life filled with joy, creation and love. The Human capacity to love is endless, but first we have to learn the lesson of loving ourselves.
34:59 05/19/2022
Conversations on the Multidimensional Self
This week Aimee Boswinkle, intuitive business coach and I have an organic conversation about the multidimensional self, higher consciousness and lots more.  Aimee also talks us through her story of childhood abuse, trauma and PSTD which led to addiction. Not being able to find the answers in conventional therapies she found her way into alternative health and energy medicine, and turned her life around.  Links from podcast:- Aimee Boswinkle FB:   IG:    Website:    Email:   Ruth Elisabeth Hancock    FB @workyourenergypodcast  IG @workyourenergypodcast  Tw: @workyourenergy   email:   
36:24 05/12/2022
Energetically Taking Control of Your Life
This week I interview Linda Binns, who is an energy coach helping people to energetically transform their life.  Talking through all things energy, consciousness and how taking responsibility of your life can shift things so fast, we have an organic conversation about life, work and transformations.  Episode Links  Linda's Website - @lindabinns Elisabeth's Website - @workyourenergypodcast  
43:20 05/05/2022
What is Higher Consciousness? Part 2
The second part of my Higher Consciousness Mini Series looks at how I use, and benefit from, accessing higher consciousness in my own life. And the life of my family.  I discuss how I use it myself, to heal my body, get rid of aches and pains, and even make my hair grow thicker. And also how I use it with my children. In particular my daughter who experienced immediate healing on her body, when she was plagued with mollusks.  As usual its a very normal, but sciencey discussion around energy work and consciousness and I give a lot of advice on how to direct consciousness in order to create, and manifest, the life that you wish for.  Links for this episode are:- Energy Mastery 4-week Online Course 50% off. Now $49 - Money Mindset & Manifestation 4-week Online Course. $499 (join my email list for regular discounts). Contact Details:-  FB & Instagram -@workyourenergypodcast  Twitter - @workyourenergy   
35:22 04/28/2022
What is Higher Consciousness? Part 1
Because a large part of my book covers higher consciousness I thought it made sense to explain what it was, why it's beneficial to us, and how we can tap into it for a better life.  It's not only our connection to the energy field but it is who we are; the higher (and probably) better version of us.  In this episode I refer to Mary O'Malley's 6 Levels of Consciousness to give a broader and wider view of what consciousness may be, quote Eckhart Tolle and skirt around quantum physics, neuroscience and altered states of brainwaves, to try and give a more scientific perspective.  But as we cannot see it, we have no real evidence of what it is, so I talk you through how you can connect to it - by feeling it.  Higher consciousness, is ultimately, a state of being, and this is its real power. When we begin to understand that all of our life's experiences are simply perspectives, created by our ego. Life can change fast.  Get beyond the ego, or mind, and you can connect to higher consciousness, and the best version of you. @workyourenergypodcast @workyourenergy  
22:41 04/21/2022
Business & Life At The Level of Fear
This week we look at Dr David Hawkins levels of consciousness chart, and drill down on the level of fear.  According to Dr Hawkins 85% of the planet are below the level of courage (207) and in the levels of anger, shame, guilt, manipulation, fear etc. and certainly I have worked with many entrepreneurs who are in the level of fear. It's fearful running your own business. But how can this fear affect our business success?  In this episode I provide 6 tips and techniques to help you step out of fear and into the higher vibrations available to us all on this planet.  1. Leading from the heart and operating from the levels of love and compassion.  2. Knowing yourself, and accepting yourself.  3. Operating from the level of acceptance, which takes you nearer to the peak performance level of reason.  4. Walking barefoot on the grass everyday for 20 minutes, enables you to pull up electrons and replenish your body.  5. Belief structures and how our beliefs are shaping our reality. The fastest way to change your life, is to change your beliefs.  6. A visualisation technique using the white healing light so you can banish those negative thoughts, doubts and the inner critic.  Links from this episode: @ruthelisabethhancock @RuthelisabethH  
20:17 04/14/2022
Experiencing More Happiness & Success
This week I introduce you to a simple 3-point model that I use in my business to help clients understand their place a bit more in this energetic universe we exist in.  The Ego, The Self (identity) and The Energy or Quantum Field.  As I talk through each area I focus in on how unhelpful the ego can be in our lives, and how it can be tapped into by others. It is a piece of software, albeit software of the mind, and thus can be hacked into.  Developing a strong sense of self and keeping the ego in check can really help you to thrive in this bizarre world we live in.  Links from this week's episode are: Energy Mastery 4-week online course -  
27:53 03/31/2022
Work Your Energy
An introduction to my new podcast name and why I changed it, plus some new things coming up over the next few months.  My book has changed its name (at the very last minute) so of course my podcast - which runs alongside it - needs to change too! The content will remain the same, and is all in my new book too.  I'm looking for people to interview who have had a supernatural encounter or experience. AND. I'm also looking for people who have turned their life around in some way and can use their story to inspire others.  Email me on  I now have a Facebook group that runs alongside my new book, so simply buy a copy of the book and then join the group to ask more questions, learn more and connect with others. And lastly I have set up a Speak Pipe account so if you want to comment on any episodes or ask questions, you can do so on this link. Contact details:  @ruthelisabethhancock (FB & Insta) @RuthElisabethH I'm also on SoundCloud too! Look forward to connecting with you 
04:03 03/10/2022
You Are Not Your Terrible Thoughts
This week we take another look at the collective consciousness, emotions and those negative thoughts that pop into our head, in a bid to try and understand what they are....and who they belong to. I don't believe they all belong to us, and I provide many tips to help you understand yours and how to get back to more positive ones.  The episide starts with 4 assumptions I make about the invisible world, and ends with 4 tips to help you understand which ones are your thoughts and which ones aren't. And how to clear them.  Links from this week's show are:- My positive feeling visulization technique to get yourself back to happy again. Energy Mastery online course with 50% discount. Contact Details:  @ruthelisabethhancock  @RuthElisabethH  
15:51 03/03/2022
My Spiritual Awakening Journey
This week is a longer episode as I document my spiritual awakening journey in a bid to help you on yours.  Although I have always been spiritual (not religious) and there are many periods of my life I could have used, I have chosen to use the transformational period, upon discovering energy techniques. In particular after I had hypnotherapy, and when I began working with a shaman because I wanted to learn to channel.  It's a very honest, oopen and rational account as I explain what the weird stuff is, and how to step past the fear.  This was a dream of mine that took around 2 years to achieve (and then 12 months to process!) because I wanted to step back into my authentic self - which I believe is all of our authentic selves.  It's who we really are - a spiritual being having a physical experience.  Links from this episode:  How I got myself back to Happy (Positive Feeling Technique) How I learnt to Channel Energy Mastery Online Course (50% discount)  
43:59 02/17/2022
Getting Beyond The Black Fog
This week's episode is all about resistance, procrastination, lethargy, apathy and more and is what I call the black fog. I call it this because this is what it feels like to me, and I have found it can really affect your success levels.  If life or business feels like wading through treacle backwards then maybe you have built up too many thought forms, egregores or low vibrational energy that is making it hard for you to flow through life?  In today's episode I talk about this 'black fog' as I call it: Where it comes from and how to start clearing it from your energy field so you can become more productive and energetically aligned again. I give you 6 tools and techniques you can start using today to begin changing the energy around you, and get back to your own authentic self, so you can thrive again.  Links for this episode are:  Energy Mastery online course (50% discount) - Get Back to Happy Blog - Free download, Guided Meditation (scroll down page) - Email Me: 
17:13 02/03/2022
A Soul's Purpose
I have been obsessed with our soul's purpose for as far back as I can remember, and it has taken my whole life to understand mine.  As I talk you through my take on it, I categorise them into 5 (or 6) different categories in a bid to help you realise yours, but as I write this I can already see that part of our collective consciousness is probably to remember who we are.  1. Learning and teaching  2. Healing and creativity  3. Technology and innovation  4. Sound, song and dance 5. Have children  6. Remember who we are and where we come from  Listen to each category and see which one feels like yours.  Talking about extra-terrestrial DNA, epigenetics and deep memories the soul is far greater than we could have even imagine.  If you want to reach out then feel free to email me:-   
18:00 01/20/2022
Change Versus Comfort Zone
This week I take a look at what can stop us from achieving our dreams, as we move into 2022. The monkey mind wants us to stay in our comfort zone, and can make it hard for us to get out there and do what we came here to do. So, we look at 4 things that I believe are stopping many of us from moving forward in life and achieving what we want.  1. Fear & Procrastination  2. Self Sabotage 3. Exhaustion  4. Resistance & Egregore's Walking through each area I also provide tools and techniques as we go through so you can start achieving more of what you want in 2022.  Email - How to get yourself back to happy - 2022 Energy Forecast Blog - Insta & FB - @ruthelisabethhancock  Twitter - @RuthelisabethH
14:39 01/06/2022
Wealth Consciousness
This week I take a look at wealth consciousness and what I determine the 6 aspects of the collective consciousness. Breaking each area down I give you tips and techniques all the way through so that you can start shifting your limiting beliefs around money (which we all have).  1. The Conscious mind and intentional thinking  2. The Subconsciousness mind, epigenetics and tackling yours and your ancestral limiting beliefs.  3. Quantum entanglement with those closest to you. As Jim Rohn says we are the product of the 5 people we spend the most time with and changing ourselves can change our spouse too.  4. The collective consciousness of the city we live in, and how there are abundant cities and debt culture cities. Which one are you living in?  5. Global consciousness and how 93% of the world have limiting beliefs or are sabotaging themselves around money. Working on our own limiting programs around money can help change the world, as well as using our energy to channel consciousness and raise the vibration of the global collective.  6. Cosmic consciousness, and how thinking big in this world can help us all to step out of debt and into a more abundant and prosperous life. We have so much power in our own bodies and around us in this universe we live in, and learning to tap into this can change reality for all of us.  We have all created this global reality and we can change it, together, as soon as we step into the mindset of it.  As always email me on  or contact me on @ruthelisabethhancock on Instagram 
31:13 12/22/2021
Negative Entities & The Invisible World
This week looks at the science behind what negative entities could be in terms of life forms that live in different dimensions. Maybe they are simply life forms, that we don't understand yet, and are living off us a petrol pump?  I have been researching this area for 2-3 years now and I do believe we are living in a multidimensional universe, and as we can't see 99% of our universe, we essentially don't know what's there.  Seeing negative entities as something scary, is not helping us to evolve, because it's stopping us from looking at the larger energetic universe around us, and is keeping us trapped in low vibrational and fearful thinking.  As soon as we wake up to the reality that we are in charge of everything to do with our body and energetic space, our lives will improve two-fold.  We have been giving away our power - both physically and metaphysically - for centuries now, and its time for us all to take it back.  You are a multidimensional being and are so much more than this physical reality. Now we can embrace all aspects of us, in this larger energetic universe we exist in. Energy Mastery Online course    
18:31 12/15/2021
Mental Health & The Energy Field
This week I talk about my own experiences with mental health, and how learning to manage my own energy and the energy around me, helped me to step out of depression (over time). ⁠ ⁠ It is my belief that much of what we call mental health or depression is us, not recognising the energetic aspects of us. When we understand this multidimensional aspect of our being - mind, body and energy field we will be able to step out of depression forever. ⁠ ⁠ It's actually not our natural state and yet so many of us depressed. ⁠ Studies using psilocybin (magic mushrooms) have shown that some participants can eliminate depression in as little as 6 weeks. How? Possibly because it allows us to connect to the energy field in a powerful way that biologically upgrades our body. ⁠ ⁠ In a sense this can heal our body, as it brings high vibrational energy into us, but also because it creates a 'wow' factor in our minds, which literally quantum leaps us into a 'new' person. NDE's are thought to work in the same way and there are even some theories that say this is how we evolved so quickly. ⁠ ⁠ This constant interaction with the higher energies of the energy field, changes us from within, so we then start to perceive reality in a different way, that is more beneficial to us. ⁠ ⁠ Although I didn't use clinically managed magic mushrooms to eliminate my depression, I did use many energy tools and techniques, which I talk about in this week's help you thrive. ⁠ Join my email list and receive a free guided meditation to help you run and clear your energy every day - Join my new online course - Energy Mastery here - Email me on Social media - @ruthelisbethhancock P.s please note that this is taken from my previous podcast, hence the introductory title is not the same. I have now combined both my podcasts under this name, which is in line with my heart, my soul and my new book. 
31:42 12/07/2021
Resistance & low vibrational energy
Welcome to first episode of my new show, which is all about resistance and low vibrational energy, and how it can get stuck in our energy body and make things hard for us in our lives. If your life isn't working for you in the way that you want it to then you may have resistance or energy that needs clearing.  As always this is a practical episode, full of tools and techniques to help you create awareness of what's in your field and then clear it using your subconscious mind and intentions to direct the energy out.  P.s this is taken from the old title of The Energetic Universe, hence the opening introduction, but it's still useful content so I transferred it over. 
35:44 12/07/2021