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True stories from women who have A LOT to say about love and dating. Ten minute Rom-com worthy shorts that will have you laughing, crying and realizing "Wow, that actually happened to someone else too!"


$150 Bucks an Hour
An oldie but goodie...A reluctant, highly budget-conscious husband is not exactly thrilled about the prospect of marriage counseling. But after 12 years, their marriage is strained on its very best days. Will one intense, no-holds-barred session ultimately help heal their union, or will it ultimately tear them apart for good?
10:21 8/8/23
I Have a Walmart Problem
One woman just needed to get some condoms. However, there were a few minor problems with her plan...The main one being she's a high school teacher in a relatively small town. Prying eyes are everywhere! Does she manage to successfully purchase a box of condoms? 
10:38 7/27/23
Hemingway's Nanny Problem
Is there such a thing as a typical male midlife crisis? This woman thinks so. She and her husband are heading to therapy to try and figure out the root of their problem--could it perhaps be the twentysomething he's sleeping with? 
08:30 7/7/23
Public Cervix Announcement
What women talk about when they talk! Three women, three takes on sex after a certain age. There are some things women definitely enjoy...and then there are other things that, well, we'll just let you listen. 
07:55 6/29/23
Bad Dad
Losing the "one" can be a really difficult experience to go through...just ask this woman whose partner of nearly three years just decided he wants to have kids--with another woman! 
06:12 6/15/23
Four Steps for Facing Down a Bear
What would you do if you were confronted by a bear? One couple has some pretty interesting ideas about how to react should you encounter a grizzly in the wild. Hmm--they sure about that? 
07:54 6/9/23
Happy Vernal Equinox!
Two sisters are chatting about life, love and all that "other stuff." One of the sisters is experiencing a rough patch in her marriage--should she stay or should she go? 
07:23 6/2/23
The Memories That Matter
When a particularly intense fight threatens a four-year relationship, one woman does the only thing she can do...she goes running. What she sees in the park that day opens her eyes to some hard truths. 
08:19 6/1/23
My Sugarboo
Mothers and daughters don't always agree...especially when it comes to love, dating and marriage. But will these two women find some common ground when it comes to music? 
07:51 5/26/23
The Known Parameters
How do you reenergize your marriage--that is, if it needs reenergizing? One woman and her husband embark upon a polyamorous experiment. How will that work out for them? 
06:13 5/25/23
A Handful of Mom
Some sibling rivalry, a displaced urn and one very hot lifeguard make for a laugh-out-loud story. What will they do with "mom"?
11:41 5/18/23
It Runs in the Family...
One woman has landed the role of a lifetime: she's going to play Hamlet. And he husband is eager to help. Boy does he help. Maybe it's better if there's only one actor in the family...
07:35 5/11/23
Subtlety Was Never Your Forte, Mom
A mother and daughter are chatting, about life, friendships, movies, and the fact that the daughter is nowhere even close to getting married. Mm-hmm, it's THAT conversation. 
06:13 5/5/23
Childfree By Choice
It's not about living your life in line with other people's plans for you, or their dreams for your future. It's about dreaming your own dreams and following your own path. For one woman this meant being childfree by choice...
08:59 4/27/23
The Tropics of Canada
Classic love story--two people meet at a salsa dancing lesson; they bond over their shared dance-step confusion; they plan for their future in the Tropics of Canada...Wait. What? 
07:36 4/21/23
The Thing About Skinny Dipping...
Two people want to spice things up in their marriage. Skinny dipping anyone? Check out Still-a-Frog's latest episode! 
05:11 4/20/23
I Still Love You, You Bitch
When a woman receives a strange package from her sister, who she hasn't spoken to in quite some time, curiosity definitely gets the better of her. Will the two women make amends? 
05:48 4/13/23
The Good Ol' Salad Days
Sitting in a laundromat because their washing machine is broken, a couple reminisces about their early days--the salad days. Was it better back then? A surprising interloper might add some perspective. 
06:39 4/7/23
Cape of Common Sense
The process of adoption can involve a rollercoaster of emotions. For one couple, the process really does test who they are as a couple and who they might be as parents. 
05:16 4/5/23
When two people discuss the possibility of camping in the woods, they have decidedly different viewpoints. For one, it's all romance and coziness. For the other...not so much. Can you guess who thought what? 
05:38 3/30/23
The Prize in the Crackerjack Box
What does the perfect proposal look like? Is there such a thing? One woman wonders what her boyfriend has planned...or maybe it's not what she thinks at all. 
05:19 3/24/23
I'm a Believer!
Getting a reading done can be exciting and also nerve-wracking. One woman is disappointed at what the fortuneteller reveals. Then again, maybe there's something else going on behind the scenes.
06:45 3/16/23
The Expiration Date
They're going to her parent's 40th-anniversary party. Must be a charmed marriage--or is it? What might good old dad be hiding? 
08:00 3/10/23
Meatloaf, Just Like Mom Used to Make
Ever meet that guy in a waiting room who just can't seem to take a hint? Yeah, so did this woman. The result: a pretty tough conversation to sit through. 
06:51 3/8/23
Could I Borrow Your Bra?
Helping her friend make his cheating wife jealous, she discovers a spark she never expected. Of course, it may mean sacrificing her undergarments along the way...
09:42 3/8/23
Happy Birthday Aunt Sharon
Having suffered through an abusive marriage and carrying the world on her shoulders, Aunt Sharon has always been on the uptight side. Now almost 70 years old, she’s in for the birthday party surprise of her life. 
10:51 3/3/23
My Vision Board
Will a vision board be the answer the woman seeks as far as finding true love? Or has she let the potential love of her life go? 
07:10 3/2/23
The Long Short Wedding Story
She's spent a year planning the perfect wedding. Problem is, he doesn't think it's shaping up to be so perfect. Do they go through with it? Or does he have something else in mind? 
08:34 2/28/23
White Lies, Constructive Criticism and One Night Stands
Is a white lie really a lie? How about constructive criticism...Is it meant to help or hurt? When it comes to the game of love and matters of the heart, those lines get blurry. 
06:33 2/24/23
We Need to Talk
The dreaded four words no one wants to hear...She had a one-night stand. Does it destroy their relationship for good? Or does he give her anther chance? 
04:37 2/22/23