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Is AI going to replace your career?!
AI is gaining even more steam recently and that means the fear is as well. Join us this week as we muse on exactly what that is going to mean!
05:09 2/3/23
The conundrum of being content
Being content is fine......if you aren't like me. I refuse to be content. I want to hit my goals and then hit bigger goals. I want to surround myself with people who want to hit their goals and then hit bigger goals. Join your host, Kyle Slaymaker, as he looks at why he doesn't like being content!
08:42 1/27/23
Objection handling!
Handling objections is a crucial skill whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet. Find out the roadmap Kyle has used to close over $15,000,000 in revenue over the years!
19:33 1/20/23
AI in sales
ANOTHER AI EPISODE?! Yes, it is. It is important! This week, we talk about what AI will do to the sales industry and for you!
03:40 1/16/23
Celebrate those damn wins!
Let me get right to the point. Don't let somebody bring you down because they see you celebrating your wins. Tune that shit out. Be proud of what you have done and here is why!
10:34 1/13/23
Get in the right room!
Are you the smartest person in the room? Do you relish being in a place where everyone thinks you are a genius and wants your advice? That's cool. That's great. But you will NOT grow in that room. You will stagnate in that room. So where should you be? What rooms should you be placing yourself in to ensure you are learning and growing at all times? Join us to find out!
12:43 1/11/23
Changes are afoot!
You may have noticed a lot of changes with us, recently. Let's address them!
12:32 1/6/23
Jeff Giagnocavo and The Big Ticket Life
We are joined today by a true powerhouse in Central Pennsylvania business, the one, and only Mr. Jeff Giagnocavo! Part owner fo Gardners Mattress and More, 13 years in a row readers choice award winner, and the Big Ticket Life, Jeff brings decades of experience and knowledge to our listeners!
55:46 1/4/23
Best Books in Business
Reading?! Oh no! Join us as we discuss why you NEED to take time to read every single day and give you recommendations on some of the best books out there to skyrocket your business. Enjoy our short episode that is jam-packed with value that you will thank us for!
11:09 12/30/22
Qualifying your leads
Not qualifying your leads is a sure-fire way to ensure that you are wasting more time than you are closing deals. Join us as we discuss why it is important to qualify the leads you are going after and how to do so!
11:17 12/23/22
Maximizing your time when you feel like you have none
It is incredibly easy to think you can't do something because you don't have time. Then you see these people who build empires and more while seeming to lead very busy lives outside fo their professional lives. How? Let's find out!
09:29 12/16/22
WWE Superstar and Entrepreneur Ricardo Rodriguez?!
Today we are joined by a very well-known name in the world of professional wrestling who is also paving his own way as an entrepreneur. Jose Rodriguez has wrestled all over the world in front of hundreds of thousands of fans as Ricardo Rodriguez. He sits down with Kyle and talks about his time in the ring, getting sober, and why he decided to put down some roots in Lancaster, PA, and start a business!
39:40 12/15/22
Overnight Success Stories are OVER
Overnight success. The coveted American dream where you are broke one day and by morning you are worth millions and then some. Guess what? Doesn't happen anymore. Find out why and what you need to REALLY do to be able to call yourself an overnight success!
13:18 12/9/22
Who needs personal development?!
Personal development is something that I never really saw the importance of. I never thought that I needed to develop because I thought I liked myself. Tune in to find out when I found out that was bullshit and where it has taken me!
09:08 12/2/22
The greatest sale I ever made
The sale that changed my life. This is a story that changed the entire trajectory of my career and life. It landed me in Selling Power and my books as bestsellers. Tune in to find out what was learned when a little old lady hobbled into the dealership.
15:52 11/25/22
When you need to fire a client
It is never an easy thing. Walking away from money coming into your business. But what happens when that money isn't worth it? When the client becomes more trouble than they are worth? Time to get serious!
09:12 11/18/22
The RIGHT kind of confidence
Being confident in any facet is important. But, why? Can our confidence really lead us to make better decisions? YES! Tune in to find out more with Kyle Slaymaker
13:57 11/11/22
The power of the book
Writing a book is an often overlooked way to bring serious credibility to your brand. Join Kyle Slaymaker as he breaks down how to do this in a way that is fun, quick, easy, and profitable!
11:12 11/4/22
Being the AUTHORITY!
In today's business environment it is no longer enough to be knowledgeable in your field. You need to be an AUTHORITY. Join Kyle Slaymaker for a solo show where he takes a deep dive on the importance of being an authority and HOW to be an authority!
11:15 10/28/22
Why you need core values in business
Dialing in your company's core values may very well be the most important foundational step you can do when it comes to starting, scaling, and exiting a business. Join Kyle Slaymaker as he breaks down exactly what core values are and why you NEED them.
12:59 10/21/22
How to lead like nobody else
Leadership. it can be a fickle thing and make or break a company's culture. Join Kyle Slaymaker as we take a deep dive into how to lead from the front in a way that ensures your employees will appreciate you and be proud to work for your business!
19:31 10/14/22
Thank You!
We are pleased to bring you this special episode dedicated specifically to those of you who have helped get us to where we are! Thank you!
09:47 10/7/22
Beautiful Branding!
Wondering what it takes to build a successful brand? A TRULY successful brand? One that triggers thoughts of satisfaction and happiness when the prospect hears the name? let's find out how!
08:43 9/30/22
Adam Kremer!
Somebody his age is just barely learning how to live and operate on their own. Not Adam. he started a company, is scaling it, and is an automation wizard. Join Kyle Slaymaker and Adam Kremer as they discuss the ins and outs of his journey and how you can use what he went through to grow your business!
38:20 9/23/22
Value Statement Vortex
Having a rock-solid value statement can be the difference maker between getting your foot in the door and getting thrown out of the door. Join Kyle as he discusses how to raft a value statement that will have your prospect begging to sit down and meet with you!
13:01 9/16/22
Christina Diehl of Lancaster Homegirl
Join us as we interview Christina Diehl of Lancaster Homegirl and bestselling author! Talk about value!
60:24 9/9/22
The Silverback stops by!
Mike Claudio is, simply put, a powerhouse in a category all itself. There is no better motivator of this magnitude and you are about to hear why straight from the gorilla's mouth. Join Kyle and Mike Claudio, audio issues and all, as we show the audience why we only bring on the best guests!
50:31 9/5/22
What's the deal with coaches?
What is the deal with coaches?! Yes, your host and highly respected business coach himself, Kyle Slaymaker, lets loose about exactly what he HATES about the coaching industry and calls out all of the coaches who have placed the cash before the client and not given a shit about the results their clients achieve. This one is sure to ruffle a few feathers so grab the popcorn!
14:59 9/2/22
TRIGGER WARNING: Jake and Joe Sharp on battling grief and mental health
This was a hard one for us to record. Jake and Joe Sharp, two young brothers who are fitness coaches in Arizona . Identical twins who are crushing it in their space in their early twenties. But this podcast quickly goes away from business and goes into dealing with the loss of a little sibling. Jake and Joe lost their little brother, Sam, to suicide when he was sixteen. Join us as the three of us go down a dark rabbit hole and grieve together, heal together, and hopefully help at least one of our listeners some help and hope for those who have lost someone.
73:34 8/30/22
TRIGGER WARNING: Michelle Hill of All Junked Up
Sometimes we record episodes that go in entirely different and unexpected directions. This is the best example of that. Join us as we interview Michelle Hill and things take a very unexpected turn!
72:19 8/26/22