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Professional comedians with so-so STEM pedigrees take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring hosts Matt Kirshen, Andy Wood (and sometimes Jesse Case or Brooks Wheelan) along with a rotating cast of special guests from the worlds of comedy and science.


Episode 532 - Ron Lynch
Comedian, actor and host of The Tomorrow Show Ron Lynch (@ronlynch1) checks in with Matt, Jesse and Andy to talk about the groundbreaking show Home Movies, Ron's geology degree, microplastics in your balls, Terrence Howard's magnificent bullshit, reducing the carbon footprint of cement, using the Sun as a giant telescope and of course To 29 and Beyond, coming to Outpost 29 June 7-8.
66:04 5/25/24
Episode 531 - Omid Singh
Comedian Omid Singh (@omid_singh) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about Omid's Lil Special, the recent additions to the To 29 and Beyond lineup, including Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero's Endless Honeymoon podcast and Rhys Darby, southern indifference to northern lights, Omid's dream song, Dubai construction projects, The Line in Saudi Arabia, red flags in the AI world, repurposing coffee grounds for construction projects, supercapacitors and the future of energy storage and the photoplayer mechanical orchestra.
69:08 5/16/24
Episode 530 - Shane Mauss
Comedian Shane Mauss (@shane_mauss) returns to the podcast in the midst of his A Better Trip tour to talk with Matt and Andy about having his van broken into, his new line of plant activated products, the connection between Amanita muscaria mushrooms and Mario and Santa, the trendiness of ketamine, a psychedelic toad venom that may have therapeutic uses (and that, of course, Shane has already tried), a wounded orangutan using a plant as medicine, and discount presale passes for To 29 and Beyond that are available until the May 10th announcement of some big lineup additions!
66:24 5/9/24
Episode 529 - Sierra Katow
Comedian Sierra Katow (@sierrakatow) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about her new standup special Funt, the upcoming appearance on Roots of Comedy with Jesus Trejo, the underrated Earth to Ned, Sierra's computer science background and childhood obsession with Neopets, Andy's head-scratching interaction with Anthropic's Claude AI, deadly pathogens that are attracted to human blood, the importance of robot insurance, the security issues raised by quantum computing, online Oregon Trail, a black hole lurking surprisingly close to Earth and To 29 and Beyond, coming to Outpost 29 on June 7-8, with Bobcat Goldthwait, NASA's Farah Alibay, stargazing, trivia, live music, karaoke and more, sponsored by Visit 29, Merch Kitchen and Sky Watcher Star Tours. For 15% off a Sky Watcher stargazing tour, use the code "29BEYOND".
65:14 5/2/24
Episode 528 - Bec Hill
Comedian Bec Hill (@bechillcomedian) joins Andy, Matt and Jesse to talk about What3Words, Bec sneaking dicks into things, a surprise from decades-old cans of salmon, ghost particles, a possible Stonehenge moon connection, ancient Stonehenge feasts, Willy's LA Chocolate Experience, A Problem Squared, Enemy In Paris and of course To 29 and Beyond, coming to Outpost 29 on June 7-8, with Bobcat Goldthwait, NASA's Farah Alibay, stargazing, trivia, live music, karaoke and more, sponsored by Visit 29, Merch Kitchen and Sky Watcher Star Tours. For 15% off a Sky Watcher stargazing tour, use the code "29BEYOND".
66:51 4/26/24
Episode 527 - Joshua Snyder
Comedian Joshua Snyder (@nerdyvirgin) joins Matt, Jesse and Andy to talk about Bobcat Goldthwait headlining To 29 and Beyond, Jesse's love life, building a guitar, a lack of solar eclipse whimsy, the Star Trek punk on a bus, toxic epi-pens in space, a mouse with legs instead of genitals, dog comprehension, the great podcast Free With Ads and a SPATS update.
69:26 4/14/24
Episode 526 - Carmen Morales
Comedian Carmen Morales (@TheFunnyCarmen) joins Andy, Jesse and Matt to talk about Matt's chipped tooth, the pros and cons of home dentistry, a nuclear fusion record, CRISPR and HIV, Andy's friend's Pioneertown-to-Big Bear breakdown, a million mice eating seabirds alive, letdowns from CBD, Carmen on HBO, updates from the Large Hadron Collider and our live event To 29 and Beyond, taking place June 7th and 8th.
72:43 4/3/24
Episode 525 - Marcus Monroe
Comedian/juggler Marcus Monroe (@marcusmonroe) joins Jesse, Matt and Andy to talk about inventing the knorch, siteswap juggling notation, getting banned from Delta Airlines, a Montana man pleading guilty to creating massive franken-sheep, getting helium from the moon and To 29 and Beyond, now taking place June 7th and 8th.
66:23 3/24/24
Episode 524 - Tara Flynn
Actress/writer Tara Flynn returns to the show to talk with Matt, Jesse and Andy about having no sense of smell, Renaissance Faires, the magic of the Irish, fake Scottish Wikipedia, fake grunge slang, a death ray science project, a fish as loud as an elephant, boiling water to remove microplastics, a 13,000-year-old sand dune, Liver King, Oscar talk, To 29 and Beyond coming to 29 Palms on June 1st and Tara's podcast Now You're Asking.
70:46 3/10/24
Episode 523 - Adam Newman
Comedian/musician Adam Newman (@adam_newman) joins Andy, Matt and Jesse to talk about sweep picking, Antarctic scientists developing their own accent, Adam and Jesse's dreadlock pasts, Adam's upcoming special Jew Versus The Volcano, Purim talk, how humans lost their tails, the Willy Wonka AI experience debacle in Glasgow and its insane script, Wake Up and Smile, the upcoming live event To 29 and Beyond and Adam's podcast PuzzyBoyz.
80:06 3/3/24
Episode 522 - Wendy Liebman
Comedy legend Wendy Liebman (@WendyLiebman) joins Matt, Jesse and Andy to talk about Wendy and Jesse's Letterman overlap, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Wendy's psychology background and transition into comedy, the evolutionary advantage of ADHD, bizarre AI rat genitalia, using AI to advance fusion research, OpenAI's amazing/terrifying Sora breakthrough and Will Smith actually eating spaghetti.
64:49 2/22/24
Episode 521 - Jeffrey Baldinger
Comedian Jeffrey Baldinger (@Jeffbaldinger) joins Matt and Jesse to talk about earthquakes, Santa Claus' dad, a strange new type of star in the middle of our galaxy and distinguishing between earthquakes and nuclear tests.
76:14 2/10/24
Episode 520 - Matt Knudsen
Comedian, actor and author Matt Knudsen (@mattknudsen) returns to the podcast to talk about his new book Have I Seen You In Anything?, working on soap operas, being in an iconic I Think You Should Leave sketch, going back to school, learning to tap dance, testosterone reducing the Audience Effect and a bat that uses its huge penis as an arm.
66:22 2/4/24
Episode 519 - Leah Bonnema
Comedian Leah Bonnema (@LeahBonnema) joins Matt, Jesse and Andy to talk about Matt and Leah's road gig adventure, Jesse being snowed in, going to the bathroom outside, the science behind the munchies, Japan's Moon Sniper making contact with the lunar surface, Leah's love of Love Island, 45,000-year-old tools and bones found in eastern Asia, the Levallois technique and everyone's lack of awareness of Bill Knapp's.
64:44 1/21/24
Episod 518 - Moshe Kasher
Comedian and author Moshe Kasher (@moshekasher) returns to the show to talk with Andy, Jesse and Matt about his upcoming book Subculture Vulture, chronicling his deep involvement in the seemingly disparate worlds of Hasidic Judaism, deaf culture, comedy, sobriety, rave culture and Burning Man, as well as digging into the possible de-extinction of the dodo.
82:52 1/12/24
Episode 517 - Kim McVicar
Comedian Kim McVicar (@KimMcVicar) joins Andy, Matt and Jesse to talk about famous hecklers, Kim's dancing background, musicals and their parodies, coin flips not being as 50/50 as you think, neanderthal early birds, Daylight Saving Time talk, holiday penile fractures and the crazy waves hitting the west coast right now.
70:59 12/30/23
Re-release - AI Alignment with Dr. Stuart Russell
While the gang take a little holiday break, we thought it was worth revisiting Andy's conversation with AI researcher and UC Berkeley Professor of Computer Science Stuart Russell from wayyyyy back in 2019. Now that we're well into the era of generative artificial intelligence, it's interesting to look back at what experts were saying about AI alignment just a few years ago, when it seemed to many of us like an issue we wouldn't have to tackle directly for a long time to come. As we face down a future where LLMs and other generative models only appear to be getting more capable, it's worth pausing to reflect on what needs to be done to usher in a world that's more utopian than dystopian. Happy holidays!
60:43 12/23/23
Episode 516 - Shane Torres
Comedian Shane Torres (@shanetorres) returns to the show to talk with Matt, Jesse and Andy about his new special The Blue Eyed Mexican, his unique Covid experience, more SPATS chats, finding the lost space tomato, what happens when you take your gun into an MRI scanner, someone else who wasn't as lucky with the MRI, the most extreme rogue wave on record, and the sound that warns a tornado is coming.
70:42 12/18/23
Episode 515 - Ryan Conner
Comedian and author Ryan Conner (@rconnercomedy) returns to the show to talk with Matt, Jesse and Andy about his porn doppelganger, the process of researching and writing his new satirical novel The Party, an AI ProbSci ripoff, SpaceX rockets punching holes in the sky, deep brain stimulation to help TBI patients and a tree-dwelling shrimp found in the Cyclops Mountains.
72:56 12/7/23
Episode 514 - Dustin Ybarra
Comedian Dustin Ybarra (@dustin_ybarra) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about the recent Formula 1 race in Las Vegas, Erdős–Bacon numbers, the first mammal embryos grown in space, space travel's effect on erectile dysfunction, trying to deter orcas with heavy metal, a message laser-beamed from 10 million miles away, the rise of 6G and the ouster and return of OpenAI's Sam Altman after a rumored AGI breakthrough.
82:08 11/28/23
Episode 513 - Jenny Zigrino
Comedian Jenny Zigrino (@jennyzigrino) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about skunks, the Vegas F1 race, smelling in stereo, the upside of anger in completing tasks, dominant eyes, Iceland volcanos and the ultra-creepy hamster test or sperm penetration.
76:55 11/18/23
Episode 512 - Steve Benaquist
Comedian Steve Benaquist (@stevebenaquist) joins Andy, Matt and Jesse to talk about Halloween, Unversal Monsters, neck bolts, Frankenstein's Doug, sandbagging, goldbricking, carpetbagging and teetotaling, a radioactive toy from the 1950s, an unfortunate pig heart update, people who can't feel pain, Frozen Dead Guy Days, physics-defying sperm, a wind-powered car that goes faster than the wind, a tiny particle accelerator and Andy's Airbnb.
70:24 11/5/23
Episode 511 - Aparna Nancherla
Comedian Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) joins Matt, Jesse and Andy to talk about her new book Unreliable Narrator, the ubiquity of impostor syndrome in Hollywood, childhood memories of carob, a new insanely hot pepper, roosters recognizing themselves in mirrors, a drunk dude fighting his reflection, and AI besting humans at Street Fighter.
68:43 10/28/23
Episode 510 - Dave Hill
Comedian, musician and now author Dave Hill (@mrdavehill) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about his lifelong love of hockey, his new book The Awesome Game, bowling lane oil patterns, figuring out how cats purr, bespectacled chickens, and the first-ever fine issued for space junk.
72:40 10/20/23
Episode 509 - Kevin Kataoka and Brian Malow
Andy's away, but Matt and Jesse are joined by Kevin Kataoka and returning guest Brian Malow to talk about pseudolegal grifts! Why you shouldn't talk to the police! Scientists who've grown a human embryo!  Brian May side projects! Hedy Lamarr's inventions! Military subterfuge and ghost armies! And sailing a satellite out of orbit! You can join our Patreon to hear a bonus story about NFL jersey numbers.
68:25 10/11/23
Episode 508 - Pallavi Gunalan
Comedian/biomedical engineer Pallavi Gunalan (@PallaviGunalan) joins Matt, Jesse and Andy to talk about her path from science to comedy, working on open-source ventilators, the oldest living skydiver, the oldest surfer, growing human kidneys in pigs, the surprising intelligence of jellyfish and a misread of one of Newton's laws.
62:11 10/6/23
Episode 507 - Andy, Jesse and Matt
Andy's back from Burning Man to give the gang an update on how not big of a deal the rain was and to talk about Jesse's love of the band Ghost, middle-age music obsessions, the viral sensation "Sitting" by Brian Jordan Alvarez, debunking a Da Vinci tree rule (and figuring out what, exactly, bunk is), the greatest-ever opening line of a textbook, the risks of eating a single super-hot chip and how much you'd have to pay Jesse to do it.
67:09 9/27/23
Episode 506 – Jesse Joyce
Comedian, Kimmel writer and now author Jesse Joyce joins us to talk about his new book about the killer of Lincoln's killer! Plus live brain worms! The Indian moon landing! Unimpressive household robots! And who should go to Mars! Click here for a free trial of Scribd and read/listen to Jesse's book.
62:47 9/15/23
Episode 505 - John Fugelsang
Comedian, actor and host of The John Fugelsang Podcast and SiriusXM's Tell Me Everything John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about Prince's showstopping Beatles solo, reconciling science and the Bible, Russia crashing a lander into the moon, the steampunk LK lunar module, warnings of the submersible implosion, the 1970s SoCal Hurricane Kathleen, the reason it takes a while for a tan to show up and a view of Hurricane Hilary from the ISS.
62:13 8/22/23
Episode 504 - DeAnne Smith
Comedian DeAnne Smith (@DeAnne_Smith) joins Matt, Andy and Jesse to talk about DeAnne's new special Chiweenie in a Tank Top, getting Canadian citizenship, advances in pig-human transplantation, the possibility of regrowing human teeth, the game Pizza Party and the Radiolab episode about Alpha Gal.
65:03 8/20/23

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