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Consistently maintaining an elevated vibration should be the aim of anyone seeking to evolve and attain their ultimate potential. To help our listeners achieve that aim and maintain a state of positivity, every Wednesday, the original Positive Head, Brandon Beachum, interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. On the other weekdays, Brandon and Dr. Erica Middlemiss take turns hosting solo episodes as they feature clips from various philosophers and teachers, take questions from listeners, features Mystic Manor retreat guests, and dig into a plethora of mind-expansive topics that will help to expand your perspective and keep your soul fed on a regular basis. Occasionally, Alexa Houser steps in on Friday's to highlight what magical things some of our listeners are up to in the world on the (p)HeAd Posse episodes. It's a daily conscious effort and it takes a tribe to help us all keep a Positive Head, which is why we’re here to help you keep your consciousness elevated five days a week!


1482: Keeping Past Wounds Alive Has a Cost (Flashback Episode) 30:22 06/19/2021
1481: There is No One Better Than You and There is No One Less Than You 21:17 06/18/2021
1480: Soul-share with Feminine and Masculine Coach, Madelyn Moon 60:22 06/17/2021
1479: Nothing is as it Appears 37:23 06/16/2021
1478: Zoom Key Conversations Recording from 6-13-21 60:11 06/15/2021
1477: Can I Be The Space For This (Flashback Episode) 24:43 06/12/2021
1476: Thinking Like Our Higher Self 30:53 06/11/2021
1475: Brandon on the Master Mind, Body and Spirit Podcast 81:53 06/10/2021
1474: Learning to Let Go from the Patterns in Nature 25:40 06/09/2021
1473: Your Life Can Only Be Given Away 28:50 06/08/2021
1472: Wisdom Begins in Wonder (Flashback Episode) 31:09 06/05/2021
1471: Just Listen to Yourself! 25:25 06/04/2021
1470: Soul-Share with Channel Brandon Bozarth 70:52 06/03/2021
1469: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena 22:49 06/02/2021
1468: Not Getting What We Want is Interesting 23:56 06/01/2021
1467: Find the “Base Frequency” of the Views Others Try to Peddle (Flashback Episode) 33:01 05/29/2021
1466: You Are Amazing and So Loved! 23:55 05/28/2021
1465: Soul-Share with Empower-mentor, Robin Tala 59:00 05/27/2021
1464: Focus On the Bigger Picture 24:23 05/26/2021
1463: Is it Kindness or Staying Small? 24:43 05/25/2021
1462: Close the Gap Between You and Your Source (Flashback Episode) 41:18 05/22/2021
1461: Return of the Cat People 32:05 05/21/2021
1460: Soul-Share with Rainbow Brainksull Hour Podcast Host, Ramin Nazer 78:49 05/20/2021
1459: The Lesson on Self Love 26:50 05/19/2021
1458: May’s Monthly Zoom Meetup From 5-16-21 65:52 05/18/2021
1457: Going Deeper into the Art of Allowing (Flashback Episode) 40:38 05/15/2021
1456: Doing the Doing 23:54 05/14/2021
1455: Soul-Share with Love Serve Remember Foundation Director, Raghu Markus 82:32 05/13/2021
1454: Memories of the Past 30:18 05/12/2021
1453: Ways Spirits Connect with the Living 23:02 05/11/2021