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Lost in the Stacks: the Research Library Rock'n'Roll Radio Show

Every Friday, librarians and archivists from the Georgia Tech Library pick a theme and free-associate an hour of music, interviews, and library talk.


Episode 599: Didn't You Get The Memo? Part II
Guest: Kim Powell, Research Impact Informationist, and Jennifer Townes, Open Access Librarian, at Emory University Libraries. First broadcast April 19 2024. Playlist here "The question is kind of 'what didn't happen?'"
57:39 4/19/24
Episode 598: Yes And the Classroom
Image: By Frankie Fouganthin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Guests: Professor Cameron Winter of the Georgia Tech Writing and Communication Program and Hannah Eppling of Little Characters Theater Company and Theater Delta.  First broadcast April 12 2024. Playlist here "It's the vulnerability."
62:18 4/12/24
Episode 597: Intellectual Property Digest
Guest: Philip Burrus of the Burrus Intellectual Property Law Group in Atlanta. First broadcast March 29 2024. Transcript at Playlist  here. "Its purpose was to identify The Nuge."    
58:40 3/29/24
Episode 596: Archive Atlanta
Guest: Victoria Lemos of Archive Atlanta. First broadcast on March 15 2024. Transcript at  Playlist here. "As long as they do proper research!" 
60:54 3/15/24
Episode 595: Representation and Recognition
Guest: Thera Webb of MIT Libraries First broadcast on March 8 2024. Transcript at  Playlist here "That was a nuclear bomb situation."
61:43 3/8/24
Episode 594: Librarians Represent
Guest: Alex Brinson, ACRL Diversity Resident at the Georgia Tech Library. First broadcast March 1, 2024. Transcript at  Playlist "I know we're not supposed to talk about puppets..."
59:30 3/1/24
Full interview from Episode 592: What's on the Price Gilbert Windows?
Guests: Tristan Al-Haddad, owner and creative director of Formations Studio, and Gerry Chen, Phd candidate in Robotics at Georgia Tech. Recorded January 18 2024. Transcript at 
50:55 2/26/24
Episode 593: Old Friend, New Job
Guest: Wendy Hagenmaier, Software Preservation Program Manager at Yale University Library. First broadcast February 23 2024. Transcript at  Playlist "I guess I came for advice."
60:17 2/23/24
Episode 592: What's on the Price Gilbert Windows?
Guests: Tristan Al-Haddad, owner and creative director of Formations Studio, and Gerry Chen, Phd candidate in Robotics at Georgia Tech. First broadcast February 16, 2024. Transcript here:  Playlist "We're going to dematerialize the library."
61:53 2/16/24
Episode 591: Historic Harlots of Old Atlanta
Guest: Dr. Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, head of Research Data Services at the Georgia State University Library, and creator of  First broadcast February 9 2024. Transcript at  Playlist here "We'll keep it public-radio friendly, of course."
58:48 2/9/24
Episode 590: How to be a Liaison
Guests: Lauren Haberstock and John Knox, liaisons for the ACRL Digitial Scholarship Section. First broadcast on February 2 2024. Transcript at  Playlist "I think about that question every day."
59:45 2/2/24
Episode 589: Who Made That Chair?
Guests: Kevin Adams and Maria Planansky of Alfred University. First broadcast January 26 2024. Transcript at  Playlist here "I knew it was going to be a bummer."
61:42 1/26/24
Episode 588: Making Virtual Reality a Reality
Guests: Alison Valk of the Georgia Tech Library and Ximin Mi of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta about their book "Making Virtual Reality a Reality." First broadcast January 19 2024. Transcript at:; Playlist is  here "What is reality, or virtual reality?"
61:11 1/19/24
Episode 587: Southern Industry, Family History
Guests: Jacob and Nina Elsas, co-owners of The Patch Works Art & History Center, and Jody Thompson, Head of Archives at GT Library First broadcast January 12 2024. Transcript at:; Playlist at "I think Alex is now officially a producer."
57:44 1/12/24
Episode 586: So, Now What?
First broadcast January 5 2024. Transcript at; Playlist here. "Did I get the tone right?"  
58:06 1/5/24
LITSmas 2023
59:42 12/22/23
Episode 584: Three Themes
First broadcast December 15 2023. Transcript at:; Playlist  here "I'm sorry I laughed at you."
60:28 12/15/23
Episode 583: What Happened?
First broadcast Friday December 8 2023. Transcript at:; Playlist at "Wha' happened'?"
61:00 12/8/23
Episode 582: Critical Race Theory in Libraries
Guests: Dr. Mónica Colón-Aguirre and Dr Nicole Cooke, professors in the School of Information Science, University of South Carolina. First broadcast December 1 2023. Transcript at:, Playlist at "Surviving out of sheer spite."
60:06 12/1/23
Episode 581: The AI4Libraries Conference
Guest: Anu Moorthy, Electronic Resources Librarian at the Georgia Tech Library. First broadcast November 17 2023. Transcript:; Playlist at "You've reached your quota!"
60:28 11/17/23
Episode 580: Quietly Refusing To Quit
First broadcast November 10 2023. Transcript:; Playlist at "That's the way we do things around here."
58:28 11/10/23
Episode 579: New Job, New Faculty, New Everything
Guest: Raven Davis, the new Research Scientist in Data Analytics at the Georgia Tech Library, discussing her new job and how she got there.  First broadcast Nov 3, 2023 Transcript:; Playlist at "Everyone wants you on their project!"
59:02 11/3/23
Episode 578: Open Rules for Cataloging (ORC)
Guests: Ann Kardos (UMass-Amherst), Denise Soufi (UNC-Chapel Hill), and Sonya Slutskaya (Emory) discussing the Open Rules for Cataloging project.  First broadcast Oct 27, 2023 Transcript:; Playlist at "I want catalogers to feel like we're experts. We're not just people who open up a book and follow some rules because someone told us to." Orc image by @demonickingdomrealms, CC-BY-NC-SA
59:31 10/27/23
Episode 577: Creative Disorientation
Guests: Mark Wentzel (Atlanta artist) and Stuart Romm (Professor of the Practice in the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech) First broadcast October 13 2023. Transcript:; Playlist at "Charlie doesn't like it when we talk about libraries and cathedrals in the same breath."
60:20 10/13/23
Episode 576: Banned Books Week in Georgia
Guest: Nan Brown, advocacy coordinator for the Georgia Library Media Association, discussing book banning efforts in Georgia's public schools.  Transcript:; Playlist at:  "You never know what difference a book is going to make...or not having access to a book." Image by florian.b, via flickr, CC-BY-NC.
59:27 10/6/23
Episode 575: Feedback and Focus
Guest: Dr. Carol Subiño Sullivan of Georgia Tech's Center for Teaching and Learning. First broadcast September 29 2023. Transcript at:; Playlist at "It's called an early classroom feedback session."
59:57 9/30/23
Episode 574: Bringing the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills to the Library
Guests: Alex McGee, Kirk Henderson, and Connor Lynch of the Georgia Tech Archives. First broadcast September 22 2023. Transcript at:, Playlist at "Pirates, really."
60:26 9/22/23
Episode 573: Digital Instruction, Digital Learning
Guest: Justin Ellis, Digital Learning and Instruction Librarian at Georgia TechFirst broadcast September 15 2023. Transcript at:, Playlist at "Per se."
60:11 9/15/23
Episode 572: Free Cut!
First broadcast September 8 2023. Transcript file at:; Playlist at "I heard the exclamation point."
59:21 9/8/23
Episode 571: Anyone? Anyone?
First broadcast August 25 2023. Transcript: Playlist at "the three of us, here in this studio, all... proud... GenX-ers."
59:18 8/25/23

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