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A Psychology & Psychotherapy podcast. Get a therapist's perspective on a variety of topics, some silly and some self-helpy. the Broken Brain is an organized panel discussion, an hour (ish) of therapeutic POV for you.


Thursday This-Story: Lobotomobile
In the 1960s, Walter J Miller travelled around the USA performing lobotomies for the media and the public, as well as training staff in psychiatric facilities. As the inventor of the Transoptical method of lobotomy, Miller unfortunately caused thousands of people to receive this dangerous, and often very damaging, procedure. This episode is the monthly dive into mental health history. These episodes are released every Thursday on The Broken Brain's Patreon feed, 
27:58 4/11/24
Cultural Impact of K-pop, with Sharon Blady
You know (and love) Sharon, frequent cohost and All-Things-Marvel Correspondent for The Broken Brain. She is here today to share all about K-pop, her invovlement and interest in this movement, and how it has culturally and politically had an impact in Western culture. As a former politician herself, Sharon understands the nuances of advocacy and has seen movements has heavy influence on young people and voters.  Follow Sharon's work at Consider contributing to the Broken Brain by visiting to see how you can get invovled.
74:44 4/9/24
Growing Up with an Alcoholic Parent, with Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is the author of the new book "We Are All Made of Scars," which tells the story of the extreme difficulties caused by living with his mother's alcohol addiction, and how this caused pain for him and for her. His story is one of vulnerability, pain, trauma, and healing.  ---- If you would like to contribute to the podcast, please share your story or questions at  You can also find ways to support the show and become part of the Broken Brain patron community. 
47:51 4/2/24
Dance & Movement Therapy Training by Ande Welling, CMHC
Ande Welling is a fantastic therapist and expert in Dance & Movement Therapy. A while back she gave this wonderful training for Mental Health clinicians, and I was lucky enough to rediscover this recording I made of her presentation. ---------- Consider becoming part of the Podcasting action by filling out a survey, contacting directly, or supporting the show. Go to to learn more.
45:21 3/26/24
Adventure, Eustress, and Video Games with Joe Schaeppi
Joe Shaeppi is a therapist who uses adventure and adrenaline to amplify trauma recovery. This triggers a type of stress known as Eustress, or healthy stress. He also discusses the use of technology in psychological assessment, and the research behind the heathy aspects of playing video games. Follow his work, or use the free assessment tools on his website: -------------- Consider supporting The Broken Brain, get bonus materials, and promote access to mental health care by visiting 
76:59 3/19/24
Thursday Thistory: The Mario Effect
Happy Mario Day! March 10, or MAR10, is a day to remember and celebrate our favorite Italian Plumber, and his expansive squad of characters. This episode focuses on psychological benefits of approaching the world the way we play video games, which some psychologists call the Mario Effect.  This episode is a Thursday Thistory, a weekly feature for Patreon subscribers which appears once per month on the regular feed. Hope you enjoy this sample! Subscribe to the entry level Brainiac level to hear the rest, as well as other bonus materials. 
13:55 3/14/24
How Your Relationship with Yourself Affects You with Sheleana Aiyana
How we feel about ourselves has a powerful effect upon what choices we make, our quality of life, and the relationships we have with others. Our self-to-self relationship can amplify happiness, health, or create obstacles. The way we relate to ourselves is also heavily influenced by experiences and treatment from others.  Sheleana Aiyana is an expert in trauma recovery, healing from childhood events, and self-concept. She is the author of Becoming the One: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Relationship Patterns, and Come Home to Yourself, as well as a companion workbook with self-healing principles & exercises.  Consider supporting and participating with the Podcast by visiting See the various was to get involved, gain access to bonus materials, and help promote access to mental health care.
47:57 3/12/24
Violence Related Trauma with Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis is a Psychologist, Author, and Survivor of family violence. When he was 28 his father murdered his mother, and then killed himself. Tim shares the story on the podcast, and in his book "Daddy: A Son's Reckoning with Personal and Collective Trauma in America." Tim has routed the energy from his trauma into studying, educating, and providing treatment for those with complex trauma and PTSD. This is a powerful episode focused on recovery and survival.  Learn more about Tim's work at his website,, and read his book for more information about systemic and individual trauma.   
50:19 3/5/24
Control vs Empowerment
What makes family? How do we define connection, and what are the actions that separate those that care from those that simply claim to care?  Marvel's new series Echo showcases these issues, and much more. Join Sharon and Dwight discussing things like family, relationships, power dynamics, culture, and colonialism. Sharon also shares her experiences working with the indigenous people in Manitoba while she was the Health Minister, and differences between saviorism and true empowerment.
65:24 2/28/24
The Nocebo Effect, with Mike Bernstein
You've heard of the Placebo Effect, which is the tendency to experience improvement in disease or complication because we expect it to get better. But do you know about the Nocebo effect? Turns out we also experience negative side effects and health problems more often when we expect them. This psychological dynamic has implications for counseling, medical care, parenting, and more. Michael Bernstein is a researcher and co-editor of "Nocebo Effect: When Words Make You Sick." He joins the show to tell us more about this important part of our lives, of which we are often unaware. Goto to participate with the show and support mental health advocacy.
46:54 2/20/24
Thursday Thistory: Crisis Help Lines
Welcome to Thursday This-story, a dive into the history of mental health practices. This is a new feature for the podcast, appearing once a month on the main feed, and every Thursday on the Patrons Only Bonus Materials. Today's Thistory lesson is a look into the history of the mental health crisis or suicide help line. A practice since the 1950s, the creation of telephonic ways to cope with mental health needs has an interesting history, a partnership between spiritual and secular programs, and a precursor for modern telehealth.  To hear bonus materials like this, goto and become a Brainiac patron!  
20:12 2/15/24
Meet Your Heroes on The Marvels
Sharon & Dwight are focused on "The Marvels" today, discussing issues like relationship repair, hope, self-image, and what it's like when your concept of someone is nudged one way or another. 
37:05 2/13/24
Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury with Kelly Tuttle
A long overdue return to the topic of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Kelly Tuttle is an advocate, expert, and author who joins the podcast to give guidance about life with TBI, including her own story of recovery and acceptance. You can read more in her book "After The Crash." Check out the ever evolving resources and materials at, related to the show and supports for mental health.
64:32 2/8/24
Healing Through Grief with Audrey Laura White
Please be aware, this episode deals with issues related to a case of murder-suicide. Audrey Laura White is an expert in grief, loss, and major life trauma. She shares her story about coping with extreme loss due to violence, as well as the myths, research, and reality of healing through grief over the loss of loved ones.  Visit to view the resources, programs, and episodes of the podcast, as well as ways to support the show and people in need of mental health treatment.   
78:53 2/1/24
Moving Purposefully into 2024 with Brian Bachand
Brian Bachand is a friend of the show from way back. He is a specialist in motivation, making difficult decisions, creating plans, and aspects of how  human beings experience change. He is also active in nonprofit, charity, and fundraising work with many different organizations. In addition he's a cool guy and a great person who uplifts those around him. What should we do headed into a New Year? Let's find out! Visit to learn more about Brian's work. Go to to learn more about The Broken Brain, support the show, and find an ever expanding bunch of resources for fun, education, and self-empowerment. 
47:47 1/16/24
Helping Others & Community Healing, with Selwyn Jones & Liz Darden
Selwyn Jones is a Community advocate and the Uncle of George Floyd. Liz Darden is a City Councilwoman in Harrison, Arkansas, called by some "the most racist town in America." They are the founders of the Nonprofit Organization Hope929, organized to help promote racial equality and community opportunities to disenfranchised individuals. They join today to share information about their approach to "Helping people UP instead of just helping them OUT," finding treatment, vocational rehab, and housing opportunities for those in need. Follow their work and listen to their podcast "Setting it Straight With Selwyn Jones." Goto to find free resources and to support the show, and check out the new Substack: 
49:08 1/9/24
Physics & Psychotherapy with Mel Schwartz
Mel Schwartz is a Psychotherapist who applies principles of Quantum Physics in his practice. Examining dynamics of matter and energy has helped Mel to develop techniques for anxiety reduction, healing from trauma, and much more. To learn more about Mel's work visit  Learn about how you can support the Broken Brain: Thanks for listening!
54:58 1/2/24
Sharon & Dwight Tell Santa Stories...Including Marvel Comics?
Sharon Blady was kind enough to stop on by the virtual studio to record an episode about Santa, the myth, the legend, and why people do what they do with this tradition. Including a peek into (surprise) the world of Marvel which Santa uses his powers as a powerful mutant to help and protect children. Wow. If you like RPG play then please download the free gift of a simple one-shot tabletop game "A Bunch of Santas," at You can click the picture of Santa hats to get the pdf of the game rules and character sheets. 
73:19 12/22/23
Ruin Your Holiday with Food & Body Issues
Holiday times are a time of food, folks, and fun. They can also be times triggering for body issues, food concerns, and Eating Disorders. Some of these feelings make us unhappy, and at a certain level can even be life-threatening.  Kwint & Gina Kemp are the cofounders of The Greator You, a coaching service for all aspects of health based in Positive Psychology and skill-building. With background in Physical Training and Psychotherapy, they share their wisdom with me today about non-restrictive eating, positive self-regard, and healthy acceptance.  Enjoy your holiday and be emotionally and mentally healthy! You deserve it!  You can learn more about Kwint and Gina's work at
35:00 12/19/23
Age of Audio A Podcast Documentery by Shaun Michael Colon
This episode is for all you Podcast lovers and/or Podcasters out there. Shaun Michael Colon is an independent filmmaker, creator and director of the documentary "Age of Audio," now in post production. This documentary looks into the phenomenon of podcasting, the role it plays in our world, and what the future might hold. Shaun's past work include "Fat Wreck," a deep dive into the pivotal Punk Music label Fat Wreck Chords. Please consider supporting or participating in the podcast by going to Lots of love to all of you Brainiacs, with an extra dose of love to you patrons of the show. 
62:37 12/13/23
To Mom is To Love with Valerie Probstfeld
Valerie Probstfeld is a Nurse Practitioner, Author, and Host of the podcast "To Mom is To Love." Her specialty is working with issues of motherhood, including Post-Partum depression, health management, self-care, fertility, and much more.  Follow her work by listening to her podcast and follow her on Instagram @valerie_probstfeld The Broken Brain is made possible by your support. Check out to see all the ways you can help with the show.
48:20 12/4/23
Hiding Behind Achievement with Nick Jonssan
The pursuit of external validation, titles, or wealth can contribute to problems such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationship stress. It can even get in the way of achieving the goals that drove us in the first place.  Nick Jonsson joins the show to discuss how achievement can mask pain. As an athlete & corporate leader, Nick found himself crashing into addiction and depression. In recovery now, he helps others assess how chasing accomplishment at all cost can affect mental health. Follow Nick's work at www.nickjonsson.comFollow Nick's work at The Broken Brain is supported by you wonderful listeners. Go to to get involved
52:18 11/29/23
Breaking Patterns and Making Hard Choices in Loki Season 2
Loki Season 2 recently became available, and you know what that means! Dwight & Sharon are back to talk about the psychological elements of this run of episodes about our favorite God of Mischief. This episode focuses on breaking toxic patterns, failing better, and figuring out which hard decisions are the right ones to make. Through her experience in government, as Manitoba's Health Minister, Sharon offers some special insight into making balanced decisions for the needs of others.  If you would like to support the show and find cool free and bonus patron materials check out, or simply share this episode with a friend or two. 
79:44 11/22/23
Anton in Japan
Anton Wormon, @anton.injapan on Instagram, has gained a huge following online from his videos chronicling his experience renovating his home in Japan, in a place largely without renovation culture. His new book "Free Houses in Japan," tells his story of immigrating from Sweden and creating  a home in a new community.  Anton's story is an example of turning a dream into a goal, pursuing that goal and taking a task that is entirely new and making something beautiful. Consider supporting the Broken Brain by going to For Patreon members this week enjoy a new episode of The Broken Chat, talking about AI, Ahsoka, and of course a little about podcasting. 
42:11 11/14/23
Enjoying Comedy with Paul Morrissey
Comedian Paul Morissey joins the show today to discuss the importance of laughter, comedy, and the ways we connect through humor. He also shares his own philosophy of living and working as an artist.  Among Paul's professional appearances are his work on Dry Bar Comedy, The Late Show with David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and headlining the 4th of July Armed Forces Entertainment Tour for US Troops in Iraq.  This episode is cohosted by London Smith, Actor, Podcaster, Comedian, MD, and creator of the Jock Doc Podcast. 
57:02 11/9/23
Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with Chris Tittle
The use of psychedelic substances in mental health treatment has been studies for many years. Modern use of Ketamine, explored in past episodes, has become common enough to be evaluated as a best practice treatment and is beginning to gain ground with insurance reimbursement. The use of MDMA and Psilocybin mushrooms in treatment of Depression, PTSD, and other disorders is showing fascinating results in research.  Chris Tittle is a psychotherapist in Sisters Oregon, and is educated and certified in the use of psychedelics in mental health management. He joins the program to discuss current theories, research, and training for mental health clinicians in this area.  Follow Chris' work and private telehealth practice at  --- Follow the Broken Brain on Facebook and Twitter @breakabrain, or on IG @brainiacsahoy. If you want to help keep the virtual lights on, check out 
46:01 10/30/23
EMDR in Practice with Kathleen Brennan
What will it be like when I walk into my first session of Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy? Why would I look for this? How can it help me?  This episode is a theoretical and practical description of how EMDR is conducted, what issues it addresses, and what you should expect from this powerful technique in healing from trauma.  Kathleen Brennan is a trauma-informed psychotherapist who practices EMDR Therapy in Nashville Tennessee. She is a frequent guest on The Broken Brian. You can follow her work at Consider becoming a patron of the arts by helping The Broken Brain! Check out options at 
56:29 10/25/23
Nonprofit Work with Karly Beaumont
Karly Beaumont returns to the show to discuss the ins and outs of working in the Nonprofit field. We discuss how nonprofit organizations identify, address and solve problems, tips about working in a challenging field, and the way that Karly brings her talent for filmmaking and podcasting to help in her specific work. This episode is ideal for anyone curious about how nonprofit agencies work, those already working in the sector, or those interested in pursuing a career in nonprofit or human services work.  Karly is the founder of the Core Temp Arts network of podcasts, the network that includes The Broken Brain. She is also the host of "That Pop This Life" and "Talking Shondaland," which you can follow at
68:38 10/2/23
Addiction representation in film with Ryan Luis Rodriguez
This is a segment that was pre-recorded for the live event for Opioid Awareness on 8/31, but was not used that day due to a time crunch. You can also view the full video of this interview on the Broken Brain YouTube channel: Ryan Luis Rodriguez, friend of the show, is here to talk about the depiction of addiction in movies, specifically when it is done respectfully or more accurately, to discuss the problematic use of substance abuse in fiction, and share specific movies that deals well with this complex issue. Ryan shares his own feelings with addiction while sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of cinema.  Follow Ryan's podcasts, "One Track Mind" and "The Reels of Justice."
46:47 9/26/23
Insecure Attachment Styles with Thais Gibson
Attachment theory and understanding our own styles of attachment are foundational to mental health, and one of the most important elements of our psychology. At the same time very few people outside the mental health field talk about it, and unfortunately does not come up in treatment circles often enough.  Thais Gibson is a Pastoral Counselor, Therapist, and expert in Attachment Theory. She provides education and techniques for people to understand their own attachment styles, and what to do when an attachment style is insecure from trauma or life experiences. She joins the program today to share her techniques and perspectives.  To learn more about Thais and her work go to: If you would like to support The Broken Brain go to to see the various ways you can help the show.  
62:11 9/21/23

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