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Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH)

We focus on bridging the gap between rigorous research and best practice relating to children's mental health. We hold a body of knowledge and act as information hub for sharing best practice to benefit all of those who work with children. Visit our website ( for a host of free evidence-based mental health resources.


Adventurous Play: A Prevention For Anxiety 29:47 08/01/2022
Early Trauma and the Importance of Early Relationships 29:39 07/25/2022
Transmission of Experiences of Racism, Anxiety, and Depression in Families 31:05 07/18/2022
How to Communicate With Children 21:28 07/11/2022
Youth Substance Use and Co-occurring Mental Health Concerns 24:10 06/27/2022
Supporting Child Refugees in Educational Settings 33:35 06/24/2022
WACIT; Refugee Mental Health and the Impact of Trauma 19:15 06/22/2022
Therapeutic Engagement with Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Minors 27:37 06/20/2022
COMET; Student Mental Health and Single-Session Interventions 26:21 06/06/2022
Language Regression, Communication Development, and Autism 16:26 05/23/2022
Adolescent gender diversity: sociodemographic correlates & mental health outcomes 23:29 05/09/2022
Late-diagnosed Autistic Children: Mental Health & Social Difficulties 31:29 05/03/2022
Destigmatizing Perceptions About Black Adolescent Depression 26:56 04/25/2022
Climate change-related worry, engagement, and mental health 22:32 04/19/2022
Pupil size and pupillary light reflex in early infancy 16:00 04/11/2022
ADHD, Comorbidity, and Longitudinal Research 26:42 04/04/2022
Sluggish Cognitive tempo; circadian preference, sleep, and daytime sleepiness 21:53 03/28/2022
Creative Methods and Digital Media: Supporting Psychological Therapies 24:44 03/21/2022
Adolescent Sleep: Stereotypes and Misunderstandings 31:15 03/14/2022
Student Mental Health and What CAMH Professionals Need to Know 29:59 03/03/2022
From University to Research: A Conversation with an Aspiring Academic Psychiatrist 18:01 02/28/2022
Fire starting; early intervention and education 33:26 02/21/2022
The long-term cost of childhood conduct problems 12:41 02/14/2022
CAMH services, integrative methods, and quality improvement 20:35 02/07/2022
Parenting for lifelong health for young children 29:40 01/31/2022
Mental Health Inequality, and Disparity, in an Unequal World 21:44 01/24/2022
Open Science, Rapid Publication, and Collaboration 25:34 01/17/2022
Early Intervention, Maternal Depressed Mood & Child Cognitive Development 29:30 12/16/2021
Combined polygenic risk scores, & predicting psychopathology 29:56 12/09/2021
Adolescent well-being amid the COVID-19 pandemic 16:58 12/02/2021