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Textures is a podcast about art, design, and entrepreneurship hosted by Valerie Legras in New Orleans, Louisiana. Valerie chats with artists, designers, creators & innovators - the people who add textures to our world. In each episode, you will meet with creatives minds, discover their world, their work, and how they made it happen. Textures is an ongoing conversation about living and leading a creative lifeValerie Legras was born in Epernay, France, educated in Paris, and now lives with her four children in New Orleans, Louisiana where she acts as principal designer and founder of design firm Valerie Legras Atelier. As a mother, business woman, immigrant, and designer, Legras’s busy life has taken her all over the world and introduced her to countless creative personalities in New Orleans and beyond.Welcome To Textures of Art, Design & Entrepreneurship. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Shanan Campanaro 30:05 08/04/2020
Leslie Sinclair 43:33 07/21/2020
Kristina Larson 29:06 07/07/2020
Seamus McGuire & James Catalano 38:10 06/23/2020
Kara McGuire 30:39 06/09/2020
McKenzie Gibson 52:31 05/26/2020
Marianna Massey 38:10 05/12/2020
David Servan-Schreiber 44:14 04/28/2020
Jonathan Glatt 48:52 04/14/2020
Laurel Porcari 46:42 03/31/2020
Ann Marie Auricchio 39:03 08/20/2019
Madison and Mark Talley 58:58 08/13/2019
Jo Neiter 38:08 08/06/2019
Mary Singleton 38:41 07/30/2019
Crystalyn Aucoin 62:02 07/23/2019
Kathleen Currie 41:58 07/16/2019
Alex Geriner 33:15 07/09/2019
Jacqueline Marque 31:44 07/02/2019
Sarah House 34:48 06/25/2019
Valerie Legras 24:55 06/11/2019