Welcome to New Health Club podcast. This is where the conversation around the new age of mental wellness begins. I think, that psychedelics will play a big part in this and there is a lot of scientific research happening, plus an industry growing around the topic, as we speak. But what are LSD, magic mushrooms, psilocybin and MDMA or Ketamine exactly doing for our mental health and personal progress in the future? On the “New Health Club Podcast” I talk to real innovators, thought leaders and disrupters from the emerging new world of psychedelics and mental wellness. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Dr. Carl Hart - The Autonomy of Body & Mind
I wrote 40 e-mails to Carl Hart to ask him for a podcast. and I would have written 50.To me he is one of the most fascinating scientist that came on the radar in the context of the psychedelic renaissance a few years ago. Finally two weeks ago, I was able to talk to him at Neue House in New York. Dr. Carl L. Hart, Ziff Professor at Columbia University and former chair of the Department of Psychology. is is one of the world's preeminent experts on the effects of so-called recreational drugs on the human mind and body. Dr. Carl Hart is open about the fact that he uses drugs himself, in a happy balance with the rest of his full and productive life as a researcher and professor, husband, father, and friend. In his book Drug Use for Grown-Ups, Hart draws on decades of research and his own personal experience to argue definitively that the criminalization and demonization of drug use--not drugs themselves--have been a tremendous scourge on America, not least in reinforcing this country's enduring structural racism.Dr. Hart did not always have this view. He came of age in one of Miami's most troubled neighborhoods at a time when many ills were being laid at the door of crack cocaine. His initial work as a researcher was aimed at proving that drug use caused bad outcomes. But one problem kept cropping up: the evidence from his research did not support his hypothesis. From inside the massively well-funded research arm of the American war on drugs, he saw how the facts did not support the ideology. The truth was dismissed and distorted in order to keep fear and outrage stoked, the funds rolling in, and Black and brown bodies behind bars. "Drug Use for Grown-Ups" is controversial, but Carl's way of talking about the war on drugs and how it brought us here where we are in terms of body autonomy, is fascinating. In this podcast we discuss all kinds of things around drugs, but mainly we talk about the autonomy of body and mind. @carlhart Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
114:13 2/29/24
Guy Simon & Demian Halperin from Safe Heart - Trauma and alterd states of consciousness
This episode was not very easy to do. It was a difficult conversation. Very open, very vulnerable, but it was a conversation I wanted to have with a the Safe Heart foundation- A Professional support for the survivors of the music festivals on October 7th in Israel. We decided to keep this episode as little political as possible. So we would be able to take about what happened on and after the rave with the people attending the rave, where the got attacked and how their trauma played out in the aftermath of the event. Safe Heart is a mental health organization bringing together a professional network of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychotherapists and qualified clinical instructors, all of whom have experience working with severe traumatic experiences and in the field of psychedelic harm reduction and integration.I am talking to Dr. Demian Halperin Head of psychiatric support MD, Board-certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist. And to Guy Simon, Board Member, Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Committee M.A, M.S.W, PhD(c), Psychotherapist with expertise in trauma. Clinical Director at Impulse. Specializes in relational psychoanalysis and Buddhist psychology. We talk about how to work around a special traumatising experience of the people being attacked while partying, while being on a psychedelic substance. We talk about how the whole experience of October 7th can influence everyone on a global level and what this could mean for a treating trauma with psychedelics. I am very proud of this conversation, we managed to stay informative, yet being able to voice pain, trauma and the effect the event had on the jewish community. If you know someone who could use help after the events, please get in touch here. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
81:45 2/22/24
David Orren from SENTIA - How to disrupt alcohol
My guest today is David Orren CEO and Co Founder of Gaba Labs. David and his team are producing a drink called Sentia,Sentia has been created with the research support of Professor David Nutt, one of the most important psychedelic researchers contributing to the new psychedelic industry and science. (check out his organization DRUG SCIENCE)A drink that gives us everything we want from alcohol, but without the alcohol. With over 40 years experience, David is one of the world’s foremost experts on alcohol and its effects. David co-founded GABA Labs in order to achieve the vision of bringing greater choices to adult social drinkers. Sentia is the first consumer-facing brand to evolve from this breakthrough work. It’s kind of the third way: neither alcohol nor alcohol-freeSentia is a so called GABA Spirit, the world’s first truly functional alcohol-alternative category, a blend of functional botanical ingredients, designed by the science team at GABA Labs to offer that 'two drink sweet spot’. So Sentia enhances your Gaba receptor, no alcohol involved.It is designed to create the togetherness and celebration we are used to experience with alcohol.But what if we would not use alcohol any more to connect? Also Sentia has been created with the research support of Professor DAVID NUTT, one of the most important psychedelic researchers contributing to the new psychedelic industry and science.With over 40 years experience, David is one of the world’s foremost experts on alcohol and its effects. David co-founded GABA Labs in order to achieve the vision of bringing greater choices to adult social drinkers. Sentia is the first consumer-facing brand to evolve from this breakthrough work. Its kind of the third way: neither alcohol nor alcohol-free.David and I talk aboutwhy we drink and how drinking is part of our communication system- why new molecules will replace our “old” ways of stimulating our brains and bodies, without being psychedelicswhy human beings will always look into celebrations and substances to support a collective “party” experienceshow the alcohol industry might changewhy starting a psychedelic journey makes you stop drinking alcoholAnd just for you. Please use code : ANNE15 for 15% off for your Sentia order (Code expires 31st March 2024)Instagram: Sentia Spirits Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
82:38 1/20/24
Amber Capone & Johnathan M. Lubecky "MDMA therapy for wartrauma in civilians and veterans”
Todays opic might seem like a harsh one. PTSD Post traumatic stress syndrome and how it could be healed with MDMA therapy or ibogaine soon. But the world should be informed what this looks like, especially in the current state. Civilians and veterans are suffering. We are exposed to a whole new situation of trauma and war, even just watching what is happening can cause re traumatisation. As heavy as this topic is, I firmly belief the knowledge around healing modalities should be out there. My guests today are real experts on the topic.Amber Capone is the Co-founder and Executive Director of VETS Inc. (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, Inc. Co-founder and Executive Director ) a pioneering organisation providing resources, research, and advocacy for U.S. Special Operations veterans seeking psychedelic assisted therapies abroad. Amber has served as the engine behind the dynamic success of the VETS mission since it’s inception in 2019, raising funds to support hundreds of veterans, spouses, and Gold Star spouses, while also spearheading research and legislative initiatives at both the state and federal levels. A natural born complex problem solver, Amber is committed to fighting as hard for other veteran families as she did for her own following a tumultuous return to civilian life after her husband, Marcus’ 13 year career as a US Navy SEAL.Jonathan M. Lubecky, U.S. Army SGT(R) , is the founder of Lubecky Strategic Direction, Veterans & Governmental Affairs Liason for MAPS, and VP Communications at Apollo Pact. He is a 12-year retiree of the U.S. Armed Forces, serving in both the Marine Corps and the Army. He has been a freelance journalist since 2014. Since 2016 he has been a Strategic Communications & Governmental Affairs Consultant advocating for psychedelic medicine and Veterans. Jonathan returned from a deployment to Iraq in 2006. Shortly after returning, he was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a traumatic brain injury. While battling PTSD, enduring multiple forms of treatment, and taking dozens of pills per day to manage symptoms, he attempted to take his life five times. While recovering from that fifth attempt in the hospital, he was instructed to “Google MDMA PTSD”. Beginning exactly 8 years after being released from active duty from Iraq, Jonathan began MDMA-assisted therapy in a MAPS Phase 2 study and completed the protocol in early 2015. As of November 22, 2022 he has been healed of PTSD as long as he had PTSDJon was appointed the National Veterans Director for the Rand Paul for President campaign. Realizing the potential of psychedelic medicine to heal his fellow veterans and the millions of Americans suffering as he once did, he has been involved in media, politics, and government affairs, with a focus on the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Media ever since receiving MDMA therapy. @marcus_amber_capone@jonathanlubecky Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
85:36 12/20/23
Sandra Statz & A.P. Chem - About psychedelic skincare and destigmatizing with a brand
Today I talk to Sandra Statz, Founder and CEO of A.P Chem. Sandra is Beauty executive. Chronic pain navigator. Mother. Sandra is a business leader and brand creator with more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry working with brands including La Mer, Guerlain and Clinique. She’s also a ketamine advocate – an educator and confidant for those exploring psychedelic treatment. She is also a member of the board for The Ketamine Fund and KetaMD. A.P Chem's mission is inspired by her journey following a life-changing medical diagnosis that led to her discovery of psychedelic treatment.The goal here is to break down taboos, destigmatize health conditions and illuminate options. A.P Chem creates a safe space to explore and share varying points of views while respecting everyone’s path to wellness is unique and deeply personal. We talk about a psychedelic brand, how Sandra’s skin care can raise awareness for psychedelics and how working with adaptogenes in your skin care is amazing for you skin, we address Sandra's healing journey with Ketamine and how the future of psychedelic brand building can look like. : apchembeauty Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:42 11/23/23
Sherry Rais & Enthea - Psychedelics in the workplace and healing on the job
Just imagine, you are running a company. And you would like to offer a better mental health care for your employees, maybe psychedelic therapy? Sounds crazy? It is not. It is it already working. In the coming years, companies will have to change to supoort their employees differently. I finally have Sherry Rais on the show, a fascinating founder and CEO of Enthea.A company that provides access to safe and affordable psychedelic therapy for everyone who can benefit. Established in 2022, Enthea is a mental health company dedicated to providing access to safe and affordable psychedelic-assisted therapy, beginning with ketamine therapy. As a public benefit corporation, we are prioritizing the removal of health equity obstacles that impede people from receiving impactful mental healthcare services. Sherry Rais, MSc, has helped dozens of startups, non-profit organizations, academic/research institutions, and small businesses raise funds, operate according to their mission and values, and implement processes that enhance their overall efficiency. Sherry believes in living and working in alignment with purpose and is currently focused on expanding access to psychedelic-assisted therapy to alleviate human suffering.Before this, Sherry consulted for over 10 years with the United Nations and World Bank, implementing cash transfer programs at the national level in over 35 countries. Sherry holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and International Development from McGill University. She also completed the Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research from CIIS in 2021. In addition to being Enthea's CEO, she is the Executive Director of the Boston Psychedelic Research Group and the Grants Manager for CIIS.We talk about, why poverty is trauma related, why offering healing as a founder and a company owner be important and why new tools and psychedelic “incentives” are here, how this works compliance and data wise, why we won’t be able to live without new healing modalities and an idea of new health, on the job and at home.WEBSITE: RAIS: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
53:47 11/8/23
Bien Health -The Post Anxiety Revolution
We are finally back! Today I talk to Suzanne Khan and Alice Policand, founders of Bien Health, Suzanne is a biochemist engineer who worked for L’Oreal, Alice is a luxury marketing specialist who worked for LVMH. But then they met and decided to build a great looking micro dosing brand from Paris. To me their brand was one of the first psychedelic brands that look really chic, I could see it carrying around in my handbag.It feels "normal" to carry truffles round that way. Will this be our future? Will we experience a post anxiety revolution?We talk about a growing community of micro dosing fans, why people are actually looking into it, how a psychedelic brand can and should look like these days and we talk about Alice and Suzanne's personal journeys, and how a scientist and a fashion and luxury expert got the world of psychedelics. And yes, we met in Paris and had the best eclair ever.Website US ON INSTAGRAM:@the.newhealthclub@philippianneAND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
89:41 11/1/23
Psychedelic Morning Show Vol 2 Live from Denver. Let's talk drugs, coffee and the weather!
Here is Volume 2 of our Psychedelic Morning Show! Our second episode is really insightful, watch out for new ideas, new approaches in psychedelics. Our guests this time are a great mixture which roles psychedelics can play in out future lives. Meet Tommasso Barba, PhD candidate at Center for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London talking about sex, psychedelics and connection. The topic will become extremely important in our disconnected times.Bob Wold, Founder of Cluster Buster, an advocacy group for people suffering from Cluster headaches had touching stories to tell, how to treat extreme migraine with psychedelics. Take a look at his conference, it is worth it! And finally Allison Hoots, Attorney at Hoots Law Practice and advocate; President of Sacred Plant Alliance is on the show. One of most interesting psychedelic lawyers in the US and expert in how to open and create an Ayahuasca Church. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
61:57 7/26/23
Psychedelic Morning Show Vol 1 Live from Denver. Let's talk drugs, coffee and the weather!
In today's episode I present you our first Psychedelic Morning Show, Vol.1. A great live podcast collaboration I did with Joe Moore, from Psychedelics Today at the Psychedelic Science conference by MAPS in Denver, this June. To me, it was an incredible joint venture of two podcast. And a community service at a very early time of the day! (We kicked off 7.30 am, like good morning show does!) And we tried to keep it… fun! Trying to talk about drugs, weather and coffee, like you do in a morning show. Our first episode is wild. We had Julie Holland American psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, and author plus Daniel Goldberg, Co- Founder of the Palo Santo Fund on the show, both famous for their highly entertaining conversations. Plus Melissa Lavasani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Psychedelic Medicine Coalition, Founder and President of Psychedelic Medicine PAC and Tracy Tee, founder of Moms on Mushrooms: watch out for their March of Mums in Washington next year. And the great Hadas Alterman, Director of Government Affairs | American Psychedelic Practitioners Association. Please enjoy Volume One! Volume two is one the way in 2 weeks! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
57:24 7/12/23
Finn Age Hänsel - Why we should stop using the word drugs.
This episode is in German, and there are reasons why. Since my guest today is Finn Age Hänsel, founder of Sanity Group, I thought it was time to give an update in german, what actually has happened and maybe will be happing in a near decriminalised cannabis and psychedelic future. Finn and I talk about how cannabis could treat ADHD in grown ups and I am very grateful that Finn is sharing his own story here. We talk about why are Germans terrified of substances and compounds and why we should stop using the word DRUGS all together. We also talk about why every Cannabis and Psychedelic company has the duty to help destigmatizing cannabis and psychedelics Finn himself is a German consultant and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Berliner Berg brewery and Sanity Group, the former CEO of the moving company Movinga. He is also a member of the federal board of the Bundesverband Deutscher Start-ups e.V.Finn was born in Flensburg, he founded his first company at the age of 17 with an online store for secondhand sportswear He joined the Junge Union and after graduating from high school in 2001, received a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which he used to study business administration at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. In 2010, Hänsel founded the online retailer The Iconic. He also took on the position of Marketing Director at the investment company Rocket Internet in Australia the following year. After returning to germany, Finn worked for high end accelerators and consulting companies. Since 2002 Finn had campaigned for the decriminalization of cannabis as a member of Junge Union. After cannabis and cannabinoids were approved as medicinal products in Germany, Hänsel entered the distribution of medical cannabis. In 2018, he and Fabian Friede founded Sanity Group, which supplies pharmacies and drugstores with cannabidiol products. Two years later, the company joined forces with Aphria and Cannacare to launch the industry association Pro CBD, which they use to raise awareness about cannabis. And yes, Snoop Dog is one of his investors! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
72:21 6/15/23
Why do AI and Psychedelics love each other?
This is one of the nerdiest episode at the TNHC so far, but also one that’s really necessary right now. In this episode I am talking about AI and Psychedelics with the amazing AI expert Nicole Büttner, Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum. Merantix believes that to unlock the profound potentials of AI, a collaborative approach is needed. My second guest is the great Sergio Pérez Rosal, MD, part of the MIND Fundation and the CEO and Medical Director at OVID Clinics in Berlin, an established clinic in Berlin that works with Ketamine. What is the connection between psychedelics and AI? Is there one? It seems pretty much so. “Sam Altman, chief executive of OpenAI, is chairman of a start-up (Journey Colab) that aims to tap into the promise that psychedelic drugs have shown in clinical trials — and make them broadly available for people who suffer from mental health and drug-use disorders. The man bringing artificial intelligence to the masses through the viral chatbot ChatGPT wants to revolutionise mental health care and addiction treatment with psychedelic drugs”. writes The Washington Post.There are more things to address which I did with my great panel happening at Soho House Berlin a few weeks ago. So the three of us talk about if we need psychedelics to understand AI. And if AI will be a really productive drug developer ? And there is more: Can AI give you a spiritual experience? And will we need additional dimensions and tools to understand out future all together ? God, there are so many questions. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
45:23 5/11/23
Lauren Taus - Why Ketamine is fascinating
Lauren Taus has become quite a name in the psychedelic world. She is based in Los Angeles and is a licensed psychotherapist practicing Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in Los Angeles, California. She integrates modern science and ancient wisdom to support personal transformation and much needed systemic change. She started “Inbodied Life” as a private psychotherapy practice, and it blossomed into a group practice that is also a platform for education through in-person, experiential trainings and retreats. Lauren sits also on the advisory board of Journey Clinical, an amazing psychedelic company based in NYC. To me, Lauren is one of the most interesting and also important people in the new psychedelic space. Her social media language is really speaking to me, since she has a great way to really get into the important questions around psychedelics: how does change actually look like? On a daily basis ? Why do we all need TO, which means “time out” and how psychedelics can support us with that. We address Laurens way from anorexia to healing and her way through the 12 steps program, we talk about her about her acid trip with her dad, a doctor, who now works with her And how it works, if your family is starting to look into psychedelics too. And of course we talk about how a psychedelic journey can bring fun to our lives. Something I feel we should also talk about more often and with Lauren this is possible. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
71:51 4/27/23
Christoper Dawson & Andrew Galloway - How TNHC and Dimensions will build psychedelic retreats in Europe.
We finally can reveal what we were working on last month, besides the first TNHC retreat.Together with the Canadian company Dimensions, we will Co-Create psychedelic retreats in Europe, starting this autumn in the Netherlands with magic truffle experiences. Dimensions offers safe and legal plant medicine-assisted experiences for personal growth and well-being.In December last year I was a guest at the Dimensions retreat and this changed my perspective on the topic of psychedelics, cannabis, retreats and the importance of somatic work. I Do think that cannabis can offer psychedelic insights too, helping you to heal on a really deep level. Let me quickly introduce Dimensions. This is a place to reconnect, an opportunity to heal and a path to lasting transformation. Whatever your intention. Dimensions invites you to unlock your potential for well-being while experiencing warm hospitality in luxurious natural settings.So of course I wanted to chat with the CEO of Dimensions, Christopher Dawson and the COO Andrew Galloway about their personal plant medicine journey, the idea of Cannabis retreats and cannabis as a ceremony, the importance of science informed and trauma informed retreats and of course we will outline how the New Health Club and Dimensions and the Co-Creation for a strong network of retreats in Europe can look like. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
107:21 3/30/23
Cindy Gallop - “I describe myself as boringly drug resistant. Then I took magic truffles…”
My guest today is Cindy Gallop or Lucinda Lee Gallop. And she is quite something! I wanted to have Cindy on the show, because she engaged on a psychedelic journey (with 62) not because of mental health reasons. She embarked on a truffle journey, just out of very simple curiosity. And lust for life. And resetting perspectives. To me Cindy’s case also has an element for future ideas around longevity: what happens, if we keep our brain young? And how will this affect our body? Cindy says about herself to be “boringly drug resistant” but after her experience , things, aka her life changed. Cindy says. “ What it did just reinforce for me was a sense of history and the broadness of humanity. And the importance in the future, looking into the void, of finding light and connections.” Cindy Gallop I would say, is a real de-stigmatisation pro, a genius if it comes to tell it like things are. And then make them market ready. You guessed it, Cindy was an incredible advertiser, a female Don Draper, and we had many conversations over dinner about the rebranding or re-naming of psychedelics. Cindy studied English literature at Oxford University, receiving an MA in English language and literature. She was an English advertising consultant, founder and former chair of the US branch of advertising firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty, worked on accounts like Coca Cola, Ray Ban and Polaroid, In 2003, Gallop won the Advertising Woman of the Year award from Advertising Women of New York She is also the the founder of the companies IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn. According to the TED blog, Gallop's TEDTalk "Make Love Not Porn" was one of the "most talked about presentations'' at the 2009 TED conference. She founded her own brand and business innovation consultancy, Cindy Gallop LLC, in 2006. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
69:09 3/16/23
TNHC Panel Talk - What the h... is psychedelic leadership?
This is our second life recording at Soho House Berlin. This time, we are talking about a topic that is just developing as we speak. Psychedelic leadership.What does it actually mean? Does it mean C Level people will engage in psychedelic experiences to look for better leadership practices and transformation? Does it mean at one point companies can offer psychedelic therapy to their employees? Does it mean we will look into psychedelics for inspiration if it comes to business or creative ideas? Or does it mean we are looking for a new leadership style all together, with the support of psychedelic experiences?Also, could we resolve epigenetic questions? Long standing political conflicts ? Many things to address and I was lucky to have a pretty good panel to reflect on all these questions In this episode I am joined by Jörg Reinboldt, MD at APX Axel Springer Porsche, entrepreneur, investorDr. Gesa Miczaika, General Partner at Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund, PhD Dmitrij Achelrod, Helping leaders thrive at Evolute Institute. |And Achim Feige,.Co -Founder of Vertical Development, Transformation Architect I Human Potential Coach. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
85:29 3/2/23
Dr. Molly Maloof - Love, Sex and Psychedelics.
Dr. Molly Maloof, physician and entrepreneur, kind of the female pendant to Andrew Huberman, is finally on the show today! Molly Maloof is one of the first people I read about, in terms of the new psychedelic space. Molly is one of the people in the psychedelic space, who marries science, medicine and psychedelics. Working on future topics in psychedelics, he has a pretty impressive track record of engagements in the new health space. She is the Founder & CEO, Adamo Bioscience, working on biological, psychological, psychedelic, and technological solutions to become the foremost scientific company perpetuating the power of love. She was a lecturer at Stanford University, taught the course “Live Better Longer: Enhancing Healthspan for Longer Lifespan” within the Wellness Department of the School of Medicine. (She received the highest student ratings in the department) She is the founder of, a modern health and wellness media brand that inspires, educates, and motivates people to make the rightlifestyle choices so they can actualize their potential. She is the medical advisor: for Neurohacker, Drugs over Dinner, Osmind ect. Now, Molly has just released her new book “The Spark Factor”.“A breakthrough program for women to revive their lost energy and vitality, developed by a leading biohacker and physician. In her book, Molly talks about the spark we are all looking for on a daily basis. With cutting-edge biohacking insights, strategies for personalized nutrition, hormonal health and stress management, The Spark Factor is the book women have been waiting for to help them reclaim their vitality and achieve lasting health.”Molly and I talk aboutsupplement overkill and pill fatiguethe redefinition of stress and healththe possibility to address sexual trauma with the support of psychedelicssexual psychedelic therapy for the masses, the limitations of classic couples therapy and why we share so many phantasies around love drugs and love potions.More Info: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
57:32 2/16/23
Rock Feilding - Mellen - Psychedelic assisted therapy & guided entheogenic ceremonies will be our future tools.
This is the last episode for 2022 and what a year it was. But before 2023 starts, we have a great episode for you, which gives you a taste of what’s to come at TNHC in 2023: live podcasts and events with an audience. I find this such an energetic experience to have an audience in the room and also provide room again for live Q & A. My guest was Rock Feilding-Mellen. He is from the family of Beckley organisations in the UK. And one of these companies is Beckley Retreats, which he co-founded with his mother, Amanda Feilding, who is also the founder and CEO of the Beckley Foundation, a great friend and inspiration to me. The Beckely foundation spear-headed much of the most groundbreaking scientific research upon which the new psychedelic renaissance is being built right now. But being the son of the “Queen of the Psychedelic Renaissance” likes Forbes calls Amanda, wasn’t always easy for Rock. In this episode Rock talks about his route, via business and politics, to the realisation of how transformational and healing psychedelic assisted therapy can be. And how Europe will play a big part in the current booming psychedelic renaissance. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
62:07 12/14/22
Patrick Cox - about shoes, celebrity, trauma and how 5-MeO-DMT saved his life.
My guest today is Patrick Cox and I have to say, he is a very special guest, because I bought his shoes to be cool. Patrick’s shoes made you belong to the so called cool Britannia in the 90ties: The band Oasis wore them, glamorous DJs and rockstars, cool Londoners, the cool nightlife world wore them. More than that. The whole fashion world liked Patrick’s fashion taste. Patrick was a design super star, his nickname, Janet Jackson gave it to him, was "Party Pat". And Party Pat had everything. Celebrity friends like Elton John lots of money, charm, party stamina, talent, humour, until these things turned out to cover up his old trauma, the one that he experienced at age 4. Patrick never thought about it any more. But a few years ago, Patrick lost everything, his company and his ability to ignore the old trauma with his certified tools: travelling, partying and ignoring. So he tried everything, to save his mental health, but nothing worked. He even told his friends about a possible suicide. Before it was too late, he found toad venom, aka 5 MeoDMT. Toad Venom is found in the poison of Bufo alvarius, a toad native to the Sonoran desert in Mexico. After a few experiences, Patrick said, he didn’t hate himself any more. he found out, there was nothing wrong with him. The only question was, who would he be now? Patrick and I talk about how an intervention form Elton Johns feels like, how alcohol lost it’s so called cool, why heavy partying and depression are siblings, how generation X never leaned anything about healing. And how trauma, you have experienced so long ago, will catch up with you, even if you have everything you think we should have. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
78:30 11/17/22
Tobias Silberzahn/ McKinsey - On mental health 3.0 in your company.
“The workplace & mental health 3.0”Tobias Silberzahn is a Partner in McKinsey’s Berlin office where he is a member of the Healthcare Practice and the Innovation Practice. McKinsey, called “The Form”, is one of the most famous management consulting groups and supposed to know it all. They charge corporations top dollar to help them run with state-of-the-art efficiency. McKinsey gets called in when things are good or bad to help bosses make difficult decisions. Over the last 13 years with McKinsey, Tobias has served mainly digital health startups, established healthcare companies and ministries of health. He lead McKinsey's global Health Tech Network, a community of >1500 digital health companies. His focus area is healthcare innovation and health-tech business building where he supports clients on R&D, commercialisation and scaling questions, he also hosts the McKinsey MedTech R&D Roundtable, the Pharma Technical Development Forum. Within McKinsey, he co-leads the health & wellbeing programs for employees in Germany and Austria, focused on sleep, nutrition, stress management and fitness. So Tobias needs to look into new mental health tools if it comes to employees, but at one point he might look as McKinsey into psychedelic pharma companies. Tobias and I talk about the great resignation, the idea of health that Generation Z, Millennials and generation X has developed and the future of a corporate mental health can look like. And, as you can imagine, I try to engage with Tobias in a conversation about how psychedelics will enter a future work space, since all the current corporate companies are really challenged and need to change from within. Lets see, how. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
66:10 10/6/22
Dr. Gabor Maté - Our healing is always in the present.
I can finally welcome Dr. Gabor Maté on the show! One of the most empathic, unapologetic and science driven people in the mental health space. I love that combination! And yes, we are also talking about psychedelics and trauma, but what I really like about Gabor is that he sounds like a contemporary, cool philosopher, helping to explain the exciting and disruptive times we live in. Dr. Gabor Maté is a Hungarian-Canadian physician and author. He has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development and trauma and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on autoimmune disease, cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addictions, and a wide range of other conditions. Maté's approach to addiction focuses on the trauma his patients have suffered and he looks to address this in their recovery. We address, how most psychiatrists today are trained in a narrow fashion, Gabor’s ayahuasca ceremony and how he learned about his closed heart, the deepest pain and the deepest love and that our healing in the present and within ourselves. I can highly recommend really all of his books.In the Realm of hungry ghostsWhen the Body Says No; The Cost of Hidden Stress;Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder; and (with Dr. Gordon Neufeld)Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than PeersThe Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
56:28 9/1/22
Jamie Wheal - About bliss junkies, epiphany whores, new alchemy and ethical cult building
Jamie Wheal is the author of Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death In a World That's Lost Its Mind, and the Pulitzer-nominated global bestseller Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work. He is the founder of the Flow Genome Project, an international organization dedicated to the research and training of human performance. His work and ideas have been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, Wired, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc., and TED. He has spoken at Stanford University, MIT, the Harvard Club, Imperial College, Singularity University, the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, the Bohemian Club, and the United Nations. Jamie and I talk about the collapse of meaning in the the last decades and how meaning 3.0 could actually look like. What a modern “Alchemist Cookbook” is and why ethical cult building could be interesting. Plus: Jamie explains how flow looks like and what is has to do with the six neurotransmitters. And of course we talk about the current state of psychedelics and how to avoid “bliss junkies and epiphany whores,” as he says. But still, will the future be your and my brain on psychedelics? note also: The New Health Club is now a proud supporter of International Therapeutic Psilocybin Rescheduling Initiative, a global coalition working to reschedule psilocybin under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. With partner organizations such as MAPS, the Beckley Foundation and Drug Science. ITPRI is working bring down barriers to advancing psychedelic medicine. Please check them out at and consider donating to support their work. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
91:31 6/23/22
Robert Bent - Just a psychedelic trip won’t change anyone.
Robert Bent works with the VC fund Vine Ventures and is co-founder and CEO at Othership, a global community to improve mental health in an accessible way. Othership combines beautiful social spaces that deliver peak experiences and a mobile app that teaches breathwork. Prior to Othership, Robbert was Ecosystem Growth lead at the Ethereum Foundation. He graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business.Roberts story is a modern one. By late 2013, after being super successful, Robert hit rock bottom. He felt burnt out, low, tired from his career in finance, was struggling with a substance abuse problem. He escaped to Israel, tried a ten day Vipassana retreat, finally went to Peru to try Ayahuasca.From here, Robert's life changed: he engaged in breath work practices, joined Vine Ventures and co-founded “Othership".Roberts vision, as he says,” is to create space that encourages openness to the awe, belonging, and interconnectivity that animates the human experience for a more joy-filled life and living.” He is building a platform that includes physical spaces, a mobile app, a concert tour and a global community. Robert and I talk about the Othership to use ice bathing and sauna to keep reflecting on your psychedelic experience, why people stop consuming alcohol once they engaged in psychedelics and how a future life with an integrated idea of psychedelics looks like. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
56:52 5/19/22
Dr. Julie Holland - Psychedelics make us look at the world with fresh eyes.
Julie Holland is an American psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, and author. She is an really important voice in the new psychedelic world, we are just creating. She is the author of five books, including Moody Bitches, Good Chemistry, Weekends at Bellevue: Nine Years on the Night Shift at the Psych ER, a memoir documenting her experience as the weekend head of the psychiatric emergency room at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. She is an advocate for the appropriate use of consciousness expanding substances as part of mental health treatment, she is a medical monitor for MAPS studies, which involve, in part, developing psychedelics into prescription medication.Holland sits on a few advisory board, for example Palo Santo and to me, she is one of the most inspiring people in the space. What I like about Julie? She is non judgemental, she always sees the bigger picture in the psychedelic renaissance, and she is a lot fun to talk to. Please enjoy! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
61:41 4/14/22
Mario Brandenburg , FDP - Politics, Psychedelics & the State.
And just like that, there will be a whole new generation of politicians working on integrating psychedelic assisted therapy in the healthcare system and into new laws. How will the BTM (Betäubungsmittelgesetz in Germany) look like? Will we see a decentralization of mental health care? Why is pretty much everyone microdosing, although it is still really illegal? I am thrilled to talk to Mario Brandenburg from the FDP party today about the coming years, psychedelics and yes, Germany.Mario Brandenburg, born in Rhineland-Pfalz, is a spokesman for research, technology and innovation for the Free Democrats FDP ( Brandenburg is in the German Bundestag, chairman of the Education and Research Working Group, deputy member of the Digital Agenda Committee and memberof the german Bundestag, Last year, he was one of the first politicians in Germany, who started to look into the possible rescheduling of psilocybin and made a request, how the old government under Angela Merkel could be encouraged to spend more money on clinical trials in terms of psychedelics. Now, since the election, Brandenburg is part of the new government and might be one of the german politicians engaging in making psychedelic assisted therapy available in Germany in the coming years. In May 2021, Brandenburg and some FDP colleagues submitted a so-called "Kleine Anfrage zu Medizinische Forschung mit Psilocybin und anderen psychedelischen Wirkstoffen in Deutschland”, in which he presented a list of questions to the federal government at the time, on the basis of which the government had to provide information about the current assessment of psilocybin as a therapeutic agent. We talk about legalization of cannabis in Germany and the decriminalization movement in the US, the decentralized mental health models and what would happen if you don't have to wait months to see a psychiatrist or therapist, the War on Drugs, why FDP leader Christian Lindner is talking about ending the criminalization of users and 'draining the black market’, why the Germans are afraid of microdosing and Silicon Valley why after the pandemic and Covid, we might need a speedy decriminalisation of new psychedelic tools and therapy that will help us to really cope with the massive wave of mental health problems. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
65:12 2/10/22
Journey Clinical - How to decentralize treating depression
Journey Clinical, Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes, is my guest today. VCs named their company one of the top 15 startups in the psychedelic field. Journey Clinical is a turnkey telehealth platform that enables licensed psychotherapists to include legal, evidence-based Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapies (PAP) in their practice, starting with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Their novel decentralized clinic model provides member psychotherapists with unprecedented access to a KAP-trained medical team, as well as a robust care management platform designed to deliver personalized treatment plans for enhanced clinical outcomes. Myriam describes the new clinical system as a triangle.In the first corner is the patient, in the second the journey clinical doctor, who is able to describe and administer the ketamine, in the third corner is the Journey Clinical member psychotherapist, vetted and often independent, who works with the patient after the treatment. Jonathan describes the company as a “one stop shop where all the required treatments get offered to you”. Which means, as a patient, you would not have to run around to physicians, psychiatrists or therapists,who would eventually contradict each other in their diagnosis or where at least one party would not be open to Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy. Journey Clinical is your new psychedelic in house doctor. Both founders have a background in finance and both have experienced how their lives have transformed with psychedelics. Jonathan, working in hedge funds, suffered from a heavy burn out and undiagnosed PTSD and addiction condition, he looked into an ayahuasca and MDMA experiences. Myriam is a firm believer in plant medicine, she had her own psychedelic healing story.We talk about, how therapists join the network, can access educational videos , then join peer consultation groups and then can start referring patients to the ketamine therapy, how Ketamine can support tapering off antidepressants that patients will still need to take, how repressed feelings and underlying topics of patients made their way to the top during COVID, which amplified peoples crisis and depression even more, how with a few Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions things start to bubble up, how the modern psychedelic clinic can look like very soon. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
52:39 1/27/22
Sa’ad Shah- COVID was an enforced Vipassana Meditation
My guest on The New Health Club Show today is Sa'ad Shah, managing partner of the Noetic Fund. Saad basically grew up all over the world, went to the JFK School in Berlin, worked in real estate banking, corporate credit, and derivative sales & trading.–and he holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University.The Noetic Fund is a powerful investment group in the new psychedelic field, a group of venture funds launched by Grey House Partners GP Inc. to invest in emerging and early-stage wellness, therapeutic and pharmaceutical companies around the globe, The fund has $170 million in assets under management and is one of the venture-capital firms that's deployed the most funding into the psychedelic industry. The firm has invested $56 million in psychedelics since early 2020, when Shah started the fund. (Companies like Beckley Psytech,Gilgamesch, Bexson, ASRI, CaaM/Tech, Eleusis)Sa'ad and I talk about his interest in theology and mysticism as an investor and eventually taking ayahuasca in Brazil: his own classic hero’s-journey type of story. We address how his own interest and fascination with psychedelics became his new path in life, and what he is looking for, when he invests in a company How to nurture the “the scientific advancement of mental, emotional, psychological and physical health by investing in alternative therapies, modalities, and sciences that are committed to optimising our human experience” which is the Noetic vision and no small plan.( Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
48:31 1/13/22
Couples & Truffles. Is psychedelic assisted couple therapy our 2.0 version?
Hans van Wechem & Jeanine Souren from FieldToday I am talking about couples and (magic) truffles, and yes, I mean psychedelic assisted couples therapy. So why could this type of therapy be groundbreaking for the coming years? Why could it be a version of therapy 2.0? And if so, what would it look like? Who would you and your partner be, if you met without the trauma you might carry with you? Today, we got two experts, who are executing an interesting version of truffle assisted couples therapy. I talk to the therapist Jeanien Souren and psychiatrist Hans van Wechem, both are in charge of couples therapy at Field Trip in Amsterdam. With an extensive professional career in mental health, Jeanine Souren holds degrees in psychology, psychotherapy, clinical sexology and couples & family therapy. She is accredited and licensed in the Netherlands and has worked as a lead clinician in several mental health settings. She is passionate about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in combination with psychotherapy. Jeanine believes that by tapping into the deep psyche through psychedelics, suppressed patterns, emotions and beliefs can be made conscious again, allowing for healthy change.Hans van Wechem has almost 30 years of experience in psychiatry and started his career as a registered couples and family therapist before specializing in (group) psychotherapy of patients with early childhood trauma and attachment disorders. After a life-changing psychedelic experience, he recognized the potential of psychedelics in therapy. He now contributes to projects such as MAPS in their efforts to investigate MDMA for the treatment of PTSD and has a wide network in the psychedelic community. His main interest lies in contributing to a future in which the use of psychedelics will become widely accepted, both as an evidence-based treatment and as a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
56:02 12/16/21
Onur Yildirim/ Field Trip Health - Inside a legal, safe & vetted truffle experience
My guest today is Onur Yildirim, Director of Field Trip Health Amsterdam, a place that offers legal, safe and vetted experiences and possibilities to rediscover life through psychedelics. Field Trip Health stands for scientifically supported, legal psychedelic experiences that liberate and inspire you, and works with a step-by-step, professional approach to the use of psychedelics. This includes preparatory sessions and integrative therapy sessions. In Amsterdam Field Trip is working with truffles, in The US and Canada with ketamine. Onur, who leads a team of experienced therapists and psychiatrist at FT; was originally trained in clinical psychology and worked as a psychologist during the first years of his career. Later, Onur earned his PhD in neuroscience from Radboud University and worked in the R&D and MA of established pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Novartis, where he championed the research of psychedelic molecules as potential antidepressants. After his time in the pharmaceutical industry, he began his entrepreneurial career which eventually led him to Field Trip. Onur and I talk about what happens if you make the decision to engage in a psychedelic journey at FT, who are the people that are interested in this and why the times of Covid are encouraging people to look into psychedelic support systems, if possible. And full disclosure, I have done a guided Truffle experience at Field Trip in Amsterdam and it brought me many new insights. I decided to engage in a truffle experience twice year - a tool to support my own life's and founder's journey. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
59:20 11/25/21
Ester Bruzkus & Peter Greenberg - Can we heal traumatised buildings?
My guests today are the architects Ester Bruzkus and Peter Greenberg and you might wonder: what will we talk about in a podcast like this one, if not about psychoactive compounds and psychedelics? And where does architecture comes in?Founded in 2002 in Berlin, Ester Bruzkus Architekten is an internationally established architecture and interior design practice with global ties, but based in Berlin. They are well known for extensive experience with design at many scales: from the design of tables and furniture to exquisite residences and workspaces to international theatres, restaurants and hotels. Ester was named as one of Architectural Digest’s “Top 200 Influencers in the Design World,” Growing up in Berlin, she studied architecture at Berlin’s Technical University and later at the School of Architecture in Belleville, Paris. Before founding her own Berlin office in 2002. Peter received his Master of Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and graduated cum laude with Distinction in Architecture from Yale University where he also studied philosophy and the history of art. He is a licensed architect in the United States in Massachusetts and New York and is a certified Interior Designer. Since Peter has become Partner, the firm has won several international design competitions, has won many design awards, and has completed several significant projects, including the restaurants Remi and Villa Kellermann Tim Raue, and projects for Relaxound, Volkswagen’s Autostadt, and the PSD Bank. As you can see, here are two pros to talk about trauma, but this time not in brains, but in buildings and houses. The question is though, can buildings be as traumatized from severe historic incidents, as much as brains? And could this have an effect on people living in these buildings? Of course, the follow up question I am asking myself would be: could the trauma and the aura of a building be transformed, if these buildings might host psychedelic treatments and can we help buildings to heal? And redefine them? ? But let’s ask Ester and Peter, the experts on room karma and real building therapists. ( Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
56:54 11/18/21
Patrick Moher - What you want from a psychedelic conference.
My guest is Patrick Moher, CEO at Microdose Psychedelic Insights and creator of the Wonderland Psychedelic Conference in Miami. Patrick is an entrepreneur working in Psychedelics and Cannabis. He is a passionate and unapologetic environmentalist, founded Ethical Image, co-founded a couple of companies. I have met Patrick many times last year, mostly on Air Table, where he hosted the Micro Dose conference virtually. With Microdose online, one was able to see, what was happening in the incredible new field and the big names of the psychedelic renaissance all made their appearance.But now, Wonderland is near, the first big IRL conference in Miami, where most people in the psychedelic world will meet the first time. (Who knows, maybe Wonderland might become the Art Basel Miami for Psychedelics? )The event will certainly be an important meeting of science, capital and entertainment, meaning names like Mike Tyson and Lamar Odom speaking about their personal healing with the support of psychedelic therapy. A new development in the recent entertainment world, that I think is becoming very interesting, helping to destigmatize the psychedelic topic. Patrick and Wonderland are providing the first IRL experience for the psychedelic world in years. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
37:10 11/4/21

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