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Talk 2 Brazil, a leading business podcast promoting entrepreneurs, business owners, business executives, sharing tips on business networking and relationship management. Tom Reaoch, creator and host interviews successful global business experts, sharing business opportunities and experiences. Talk 2 Brazil Podcast on major platforms.


Renata Thiebaut, COO Green Proposition, AI Ethics, China, UAE, India, Canada
Joining us again Renata Thiebaut COO Green Propostion, assists Governments & Brands to develop a strategy for E-Commerce, Digital Transformation and more recently AI Policy and AI Ethics. Green Proposition now has a footprint in United Arab Emirates, China, India and Canada and clients across the globe.
22:51 5/13/24
Alex Foessel, Market Technology Strategy Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA
There seems to be no end to the use of AI Innovation. Alex Foessel shares his view. Managing Partner at Balanced Engineering, a Market Technology Strategy Specialist, Ag Innovation and Off-Road and Connercial Vehicle Automation Expert.
16:55 4/26/24
Daniel Bland, Founder, Fleet Mobility Today, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Daniel Bland, a Business Insight Specialist, Corporate Communication Communication and Founder of Fleet Mobility Today. An analyst and writer, tells us about Fleet Mobility Today as a communication channel for Corporate Fleet & Mobility management. and LinkedIn
16:37 3/7/24
Tiago Faria, Digital Business Mentor, Lisbon, Portugal
What is Anti-Marketing? Tiago Faria, Business Mentor shares his insight, helps online entrepreneurs turn small audiences into high profits, without complex marketing strategies. Tiago spent 8 years as an international Growth Consultant at Google, Dublin.
20:46 1/26/24
Tom and Ajay, Chat 9, India Brazil, IndiaSoft 2024, New Delhi
We talk about the upcoming IndiaSoft 2024 International ICT Exhibition & Conferences in New Delhi Jan 17-19 and the Brazilian Trade Visit to the event organized by the India Brazil Chamber.
20:59 12/7/23
Khudania Ajay, Tom Reaoch, India, Brazil, Chat 7, Global South Leadership
In Special Series Chat 7, Ajay and I talk about the growing leadership of India and Brazil in the Global South expanding role in Global Economy, Development, Challenges, and Business Opportunities. Khudania Ajay hosts Global Podcast Show, The KAJ Masterclass Live
26:59 10/5/23
Kudania Ajay, Tom Reaoch, India Brazil Special Chat 6
Kudania Ajay from New Delhi, India and Tom Reaoch from Campinas, Brazil always talk about Business opportinuties in Brazil and India. Today Ajay, host of KAJMasterclass ,describes the Indian Space Research Organization launches to the moon and the sun. Tom talks about the Brazilian research facility CNPEM, the Sirius Laboratory and upcoming Orion Project.
25:42 9/5/23
Chat 5, India, Brazil, Ajay and Tom, Business Opportunities
Today is Chat number 5 with Ajay.Where we always talk about business opportunities in Brazil and India. Ajay describes many different regions in India and their specialties for business oportunities. You can watch the YouTube video chat at
37:29 8/17/23
Veronica Kirin, Founder AsteriskDAO, Berlin, Germany
Veronica Kirin, Founder of AsteriskDAO, revolutionaizing women´s non-reproductive health through research and femtech funding. A DAO, Decentralizaed Autinimous Organization, building a group of experts and advocates to advance women´s health initiatives wordlwide.
19:59 8/14/23
India, Brazil, Ajay and Tom, Chat 4
My friend and Business Networking partner Khudania Ajay joins from New Delhi, India. Ajay is host of The KAJ Masterclass Live Global Podcast Show. Today is Chat number 4 where we talk about more business opportunities in Brazil and India. India and Brazil as "Game Setters" and leadership in BRICs, the fastest growing economies that could dominate the global economy by 2050.
30:10 8/1/23
Khudania Ajay, Tom Reaoch, India Brazil Special Series Chat 3
Khudania Ajay joins from the KAJ Masterclass studio in New Delhi, India for Special Series India Brazil Business Chat number 3. Today coverng how small businesses can find and make connections in Brazil and India. Listen here or watch on YouTube at KAJ Masterclass Live or connect to Khudania Ajay on LinkedIn.
45:52 7/15/23
Khudania Ajay, Tom Reaoch, India Brazil Special Series Chat 2
Khudania Ajay, my friend and business networking partner joins us from his KAJ Masterclass Podcast Studio in New Delhi, India for episode number 2, Special Series India Brazil Chat today covering Business Opportunities. we talk about: size, challenges, GDP, market segments, Industrial, Agriculture, Services, exports ,imports are part of todays chat. Listen here or watch on YouTube at KAJ Masterclass Live.
27:46 6/22/23
Talia Jacqueline, Ditch the Pitch, Captivate People Beyond Your Words, Austin,Texas
Talia Jacqueline, CEO Visceral, Business Psychology and Communication Expert, TEDX Speaker shares her experience and TEDx Talk presentation: Ditch the Pitch: Captivate People Beyond Your Words.
25:50 6/14/23
Khudania Ajay, Tom Reaoch, India, Brazil Business Chat, New Delhi
Today is a Special Series Chat with Khudania Ajay, my friend and business networking partner joining us from New Delhi, India. Podcast Host of the Global Podcast Show, The Kaj Masterclass Live, Helping People Learn Better, Earn Better!
26:19 6/8/23
Sirisha Kuchimanchi, Sahita Global Community, Dallas, Texas
Sirisha Kuchimanchi, Founder of Sahita, a Global Community for South Asia Women to Achieve Career & Financial Empowerment. Sirisha is also an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host of Women, Career & Life.
25:06 5/9/23
Aubrey Wallace, Dandelion Branding, Nuenen, Netherlands
Aubrey Wallace, Co-founder Dandelion Branding helping organizations dedicated to social and environmental sustainability, elevate their impact, step into their brand identity, through holistic content marketing. Aubrey Wallace is also Podcast Host at "EnvironMental with Dandelion Podcast", available on Spotify.
28:49 5/3/23
Alex Foessel, Agro Technology Expert, Pittsburgh, PA
Alex Foessel, Managing Partner Balanced Engineering, Dubuque, Iowa , Agro Technology Expert, Market Technology Strategist, Expert on Aerial Autonomy and Aerial Inspection, PHD in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Co-owner of a cattle ranch in Chile, Expert Agri Market Brazil, recent participant at the AEM Association of Equipement Manufacturers in Cincinati, OH. www.balanced.LLC
24:39 4/28/23
Renata Thiébaut, Digital Transformation Expert, Shanghai, China
Renata Thiébaut, E-commerce Expert, COO and B2G Relations at Green Proposition Consulting, UAE, providing B2G solutions for Digital Transformation, SME empowerment and E-commerce operations. Author of "Alibaba Behind The Curtains" on Amazon. Talks about backstage stories of the largest e-commerce company in the world.
33:45 4/19/23
Timothy Hughes, Social Selling Expert, London, England
Why Companies still fear Social Sellng? Timothy (Tim) Hughes shares insights. Tim is 16th Most influential Marketer in the World, CEO, Co-Founder, Content Creator, Digital Leadership Associates DLA Ignite, Author, "Social Selling- Influencing Buyers and Changemakers".
32:48 4/14/23
Natalia Gindler Corsini, Global Compliance Expert, Florida, USA
Natalia Gindler Corsini shares insight to Compliance Program Implementation challenges. Natalia Gindler Corsini Global Corporate Compliance Expert, Founder and Managing Director, Strategic Compliance & Risk Advisor at Prae Venire Compliance, Florida, USA. Advising and suporting Multinatinal corporations on the design, administration of National, Global Compliance and Risk Management Structures.
31:38 4/11/23
Cindy Rand, A Grateful Mind International, Founder, Atlanta, GA
Cindy Rand, Founder "The Grateful Mind International" a non-profit Community Outreach Services Agency providing Emergency Crisis Assistance and Educational Resources to the Homeless and Impoverished. Cindy is Senior Executive Partner at Envision Business, known as the Busy Woman´s Cheerleader.
30:08 4/6/23
Alicia Butler Pierre, CEO Equilibria, Speaker, Podcast Host, Atlanta, GA
www.eqbsystems.comAlicia Pierre shares the 4 questions leaders should answer before scaling Business. Author, World´s First book on Business Infrastucture, Founder & CEO Equilibria Inc. Speaker, Podcast Producer, Host, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Instructor at Purdue University.
35:28 3/23/23
Kumbirai Chipadza, CEO DeutschConnect, Co Founder Kuchera Global, Berlin, Germany
Kuchera assists Mining Operators to optimize transport efficiencies. Kumbirai Chipadza shares the portable non intrusive, plug and play, telematics solution for the mining industry. Comments on global growth strategy.
27:41 2/23/23
Termas de Ibira, Unique Health Tourism, Termas de Ibira, SP Brazil
I share some of the history behind the Holy Ground, Capital of Health called Termas de Ibira in Brazil. A truly unique location home of the therapeutic use of curative vanadic mineral waters of Termas de Ibira.
05:06 2/9/23
Priscilla Shumba, Reinventing Perspectives Podcast Host, Rosebery, Tasmania, Australia
Priscilla Shumba, Founder, Helping Early Entrepreneurs Win at Business, Author, Podcast Host at Reinventing Perspectives Podcast. Talks about Change, things that change, things that stay the same. https://linktr:ee/PriscillaShumba
26:46 12/19/22
Irina Castellano, Foster Care Coach, Speaker, Sydney, Australia
Irina Castellano, Certified Foster Care Coach, Speaker, Accredited Foster Carer, Care Teacher, Community Services, Mental Health Facilitator and Author of a Chapter in the book "Elevate Your Performance"
25:50 12/12/22
Kathryn Elliott, My Breast Friend, Melbourne, Australia
Founder of My Breast Friend and The Alcohol Mindset Coach. Kathryn posted an article on LinkedIn "Breast Cancer and Alcohol: The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about." Kathryn tells us why!
26:04 11/7/22
Stacey Webb, Author, The Intuitive Detective, Australia
Listen to Stacey Webb, an "Imperfectly Perfect Human Being", Intuitive Trauma Release Mentor and Award Winning Author of "The Intuitive Detective". Shares her journey and plans for the future.
26:21 11/3/22
Alison McGowan, Founder Florence Latin Jazz House, London, England
Alison McGowan, Founder of the Florence Latin Jazz House in Islington, London. The Florence Latin Jazz House showcases some of the best musicians passing through London, Non-profit, & Exclusive Pop Up concerts with top South American musicians. Alison was founder of Hidden Pousadas Brazil and shares her transition from Pousadas in Brazil to Pop Up Concerts in London.
22:03 7/22/22
Sam Welbeck, Academic Director, Transformational Leader, Cairo, Egypt
Sam Welbeck. Academic Director, School Principal, transformational leader, builder of positive workplace culture, supportive, visionary leadership style and drive permeates through organizations. Public Speaker and Co-autor of two books on the use of AR Augmented Reality in the Classroom. Shares a story of how a 4-year old made an oficial complaint about the use of his photo in a school poster without his permission!
25:42 7/21/22

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