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EP 533 | Living in the Power of the Ressurection Lifestyle
In this episode of "Living in the Power of the Resurrection Lifestyle," we look at the profound impact of Christ's resurrection on our perspective and outlook on life. Join us as we explore how the resurrection brings hope, renewal, and a fresh sense of purpose to our daily experiences.
55:02 4/4/24
Happy Spring!
Join us for an enlightening moment on Daily Spark with Dr. Angela, as we pause for #renewal, #growth, and #hope.  A short but impactful message of springtime and its spiritual significance.Don't miss out on this opportunity to nourish your soul with #inspiration and #encouragement.Whether you're seeking #spiritualguidance or simply looking to uplift your spirits, this episode is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Join the conversation using #springrenewal and #faithjourney as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.Be sure to visit us on Facebook @dailysparkwithdrangela and be part of the conversation.Website:
03:05 3/25/24
EP532 | Jackie Gaines: He Thought. She Thought. They Thought
Are we committed to following our heart's desire? Are we making our dreams come true? We must decide for ourselves what we want for ourselves. The only thing that can stop our advancement in life is our not being ready to move. How you start is not how you finish.Get your copy on Amazon:
28:31 3/21/24
EP 531 | Selected Stories by Xue Mo
Xue Mo, writer and cultural scholar from Gansu, China. In 2015, he was named as one of China’s Ten Persons of the Year, and has served on the faculty at Gansu Writers Association, Fudan University, and Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies.At the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair and 2023 London Book Fair, Xue Mo and his work “Into the Desert” ranked No.1 in the list of top topics in international media, becoming the most talked-about figure.Contact online:
29:35 3/7/24
EP 530 | Foundations of Christian Spiritual Wellness: Dr. Angela Chester
Christian spiritual wellness refers to the holistic well-being of an individual's spirit, encompassing aspects of faith, inner peace, and a deep connection with God. It involves nurturing a relationship with the Divine, seeking spiritual growth, and aligning one's life with biblical principles.
28:22 2/15/24
EP 529 |Tee Jackson: The Cross Has Spoken
Join me as I speak with author Tee Jackson.
30:00 2/1/24
EP 528: Unwrapping Tradition 2023 Christmas Message from PASSIONAIRE Magazine
Sharing a Christmas message from PASSIONAIRE Magazine as found in the Holiday episode. Wishing each of you and happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!
06:54 12/21/23
EP 527 | A Walk of Faith with Ken Stallings
Join me as we talk with author Ken Stallings about his new book "A Walk of Faith Is Not a Blind Path."
30:24 11/30/23
EP 526 | Thanksgiving Message
Listen in as we share a Thanksgiving message.
31:37 11/23/23
EP525 | Show Me How to Love Again with Anthony McMaryion
Join me as I talk with author Anthony McMaryion about his book "Show Me How to Love Again."
30:18 10/26/23
EP 143 | The Daily Designist with Chhavi Singh
Join me as I talk with Chhavi about interior decoration and design. Using a digital platform for designers, artists, and entrepreneurs, Chhavi shares her passion. (Aired October 2019)
44:05 10/18/23
EP524 | Universal Spiritual Laws and Healing with Ronald Cole, MD
Join me as I talk with Ronald Cole, M.D. about his book, "Univeral Spiritual Laws and Healing."
30:55 10/10/23
Twice Blessed with Joseph McGee | EP 523
Join me as I talk with author Joseph McGee about his book, Twice Blessed: First Century Christians in a Twenty-First Century World.
29:55 9/21/23
Gems of Encouragement with Sybil Brodie | EP 522
Join me as I talk with Sybil about her new book "Gems of Encouragement." A devotional guide that offers hope, comfort, and strength to face life struggles.
32:30 9/14/23
Eschatology with Dr Sandra Washington | EP 521
Eschatology: The Signs of the Times of Jesus Christ's Soon Return His Coming Is Closer Than You Think"Eschatology: The Signs of The Times Of Jesus Christ's Soon Return" was originally a title of a thesis that Rev. Washington was inspired to publish into a book format. She was inspired to alert the readers that Jesus' coming is closer than they think and that it is important for them to be aware of the signs of the times that tell of Jesus Christ's close return especially for those who receive His salvation. This book will include the events that will occur during the Rapture, the Great Tribulation, The Millennial Age and the Perfect Age, define the meaning of each Age and discuss the signs setting the stage for each Age to come. This book will also prove the validity of the Bible that contains prophecies that were spoken and written by the prophets in the Old and New Testaments. Some of the prophecies proclaimed of what will happen in the end-times by the prophets of old such as, Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah, Jesus Christ, John, the Apostle, Paul, etc., have already come to pass during the Church Age and during the history of Gentile nations until this day.
33:57 8/31/23
Poetry in Motion with Raymond Quattlebaum | EP 520
Join me as I talk with author and poet Raymond Quattlebaum about hi newest book "Poetry in Motion."
31:39 8/17/23
More Hair Naturally with Mahryah Shain | EP 519
Mahryah Shain, CEO at More Hair Naturally. He’s been an executive with More Hair Naturally since 2003. He was also an actor that has played multiple roles from 1999 to 2017.
29:42 8/3/23
Is Your Ancestor A Monkey with Clifford Fry | EP 518
Join me as I talk with author, Clifford Fry about his book "Is Your Ancestor A Monkey?"
31:03 7/27/23
The Power of Worship: Unlocking Heaven with Tymesia Butcher | EP 517
Pastor Tymesia Butcher is married to Pastor Tony Butcher and they have 2 beautiful children. They are the founding pastors of Building Faith Christian Center. Pastor Tymesia is a prophetic psalmist and songwriter, intercessor, and mentor.
45:47 6/26/23
Greatness with Robert Lawson | EP 516
Join me as I talk with Robert Lawson about stepping into personal greatness.
22:36 6/2/23
Janet Taylor and Miss Freddye | EP515
Join me as I talk with professional organizer Janet M Taylor about getting ready for the Season changes.I also spend time with award-winning singer Miss Freddye.
33:16 5/26/23
A Simple Man's Study with Chuck Robertson | EP 514
Join me as I spend time with author Chuck Robertson.
23:07 5/22/23
Placing Australians on the Fast Elevator to the Future with Eric Gribble | EP 513
Placing Australians on the Fast Elevator to the Future. Eric Gribble, who has spent his life in New Zealand and Australia, explores why Australians do not embrace personal empowerment and responsibility.
26:19 5/22/23
The Angels’ Guide To Happiness & Prosperity with Katrina Blecher | EP512
Take a journey with Kate who offers an informative and personalized approach to connecting mind, body and spirit. It’s as though you are with the author in person, as she guides you through the self-healing process. An excellent and unique read! —Katy Curtin- The Katy Curtin Multiple Sclerosis FoundationAbout the AuthorKate Blecher holds an economics degree from Barnard College, Columbia University. She began a career on Wall Street, becoming a top ranked bank analyst. While Kate adored the work, the long hours and travel took a toll on her health, wherein she entered her second career as a professional patient. She excelled in this field as well, picking up over 50 conditions. Working with her angels, Kate honed her healing skills, which helped her survive four terminal illnesses. In 2013, she was certified as a professional hypnotist and founded Kate's Holistic Healing. She lives in New York with her husband, Tony, and their cat, Rinny.
30:17 4/20/23
JESUS is Coming with Isabel Radebe | EP 511
Join me as I talk with author Isabel Radebe about her book "Jesus is Coming." Available on Amazon or where books are sold.
28:31 3/17/23
Today's Verse with Connie Brown | EP510
Join me as I talk with author Connie Brown about her book "Today's Verse."
27:20 3/10/23
Passionaire with Rich Shaw | EP 509
Join me as I talk with entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author Rich E. Shaw, about his book "Passionaire."
30:17 12/15/22
One Lifetime Is Not Enough with Rex Greenwald | EP 508
Join me as I talk with author Rex Greenwald about his new book " One Lifetime Is Not Enough."
28:40 12/13/22
Blossom and Her Friends with A.G. Sinko | EP507
Join me as I talk with A.G. Sinko about her newest book, Blossom and Her Friends. Join me as we talk about this kids book.
30:41 11/15/22
Poetry Power with Rashad Gibson | EP506
Join me as I talk with Rashad Gibson about his book Poetry Power.
30:13 8/31/22