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Comedian has Near Death Experience that changes everything. Artist / comedian Natalie Gray talks about comedy, entertainment, and the Holographic Universe. |


Ep 63 - Better is Coming | Kendall Renee
Singer / songwriter Kendall Renee has almost died several times due to a severe allergy to food – the kind where people are told not to eat peanuts on a plane kind of allergy. She has lived in a cocoon of isolation and suffers PTSD from the brutal medical procedures she endured as a child – that ultimately saved her life. Now gaining fast industry respect as an artist, she is committed to melding her journey of fear and trauma into a life of healing and transformation which she hopes to share with the world. This is a fun and inspirational episode. Natalie also shares the lyrics of a brand new song which percolates over the fragile terrain of mental health. Enjoy – and share – we all need to feel the hope that indeed… Better is Coming. p.s. Also Natalie looks horrible in the intro. xo
145:15 03/22/2021
Ep 62 - Can Creativity Heal You? | Natalie Gray
Lots of potentially life-changing stuff in this one! Perfect for all creatives and those who WANT TO BE ONE! Budding songwriter Adelynn Mejia interviews Natalie on how she has attained success in such a multitude of creative disciplines including art, comedy, shoe design, and most recently becoming a sought after lyricist. Spoiler alert: YOU CAN DO IT! Spoiler alert two: IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST A LOT OF MONEY! Had a traumatic life? Learn to be your own alchemist and turn trauma into creative fire. Bonus tidbits: ASMR, PTSD, Songwriting, Screenwriting, trauma, healing, freeform poetry, rap rhyme, writing lyrics. ENJOY - HEAL - and become WHO YOU WANT TO BE!
58:12 03/08/2021
Ep 61 - Enlightening in a Bottle, Chapter IV | Aura-Soma
Is it possible to heal past wounds and traumas and finally be the person you’re supposed to be? If it is, Aura-Soma co-founder Mike Booth may be the man to get us there. Mike explains how Mother Nature can help unravel the damage of 2020 whilst ensuring we come out better for it on the other side. Join Natalie and Mike for this inspiring episode.
121:10 02/08/2021
Ep 60 - The Energy Within | Dat Phan
They say comedy equals tragedy plus time. But what about trauma plus time? Comedian Dat Phan explores this alternate equation with Natalie as they discover they have more than a few things in common. It's OCD, PTSD & NDE. But it's more than that, it's Dat 'n' Nat! Oh, and a bunch of their juicy secrets too. Enjoy!
111:33 09/21/2020
Ep 59 - Thought Stories | Natalie Gray
What’s the most powerful force in your life? What both empowers and imprisons you? Natalie taps into her 2012 NDE to speak comfortably to you whilst sitting uncomfortably with herself. This episode is raw, imperfect and poetically lifts the veil on depression and PTSD. A warm welcome to those familiar with the rabbit hole and an excellent starter for those new to Natalie’s mind… which just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.
41:10 08/24/2020
Ep 58 - Pump Up The Volume... and live longer | John Stuart Reid
What kind of music helps you lead a longer, healthier and happier life? Classical right? Wrong! Find out as sound scientist and acoustic pioneer John Stuart Reid returns to spill the beans on how to heal yourself, defeat stress, crush fear and reprogram your DNA! Natalie and John also discuss whether the prophetic words of her 2012 NDE are actually scientifically valid. Here’s a clue - yes. This is a juicy one. Sit back and enjoy!
130:27 07/30/2020
Ep 57 - Special NASA Series | Ham Radio
Since there’s nothing like a pandemic to get people thinking about emergency communications, Natalie gets a visit from the ham radio guys of - NASA! Yep, Natalie doesn’t mess around. Phil Dolber and Kevin T Reilly of NASA Armstrong’s Amateur Radio Club ragchew on making your own antenna and getting on the air! Whether you’re a prepper, fancy bouncing signals off the moon or just have a curious mind, this is an episode not to miss!
136:11 06/29/2020
Ep 56 - Mrs Patmore in a Pandemic | Lesley Nicol
We learn which celebrities are obsessed with Downton Abbey in this fun but deep conversation with actress Lesley Nicol who plays the cult hit show's beloved Mrs Patmore. Tales of trauma, animal advocacy, being famous, and how to handle it when the tables turn and celebs turn stalker. Enjoy!
93:28 06/16/2020
Ep 55 - The One Where You Change Your Life | Jessa Reed
Natalie and former meth addict Jessa Reed have a battle of the near death experiences! Full disclosure: this episode requires a really open mind! Got one? Bring it! Today’s guest died and came back laden with insights into, well - everything! We go into real life-changing territory, exploring the nature of reality, how to hack the program, and wtf is going on? Oh, and there’s also stuff about Alien School. Yep. There’s that. Enjoy!
118:10 05/28/2019
Ep 54 - Could We Be Artificial Intelligence? | Aurélie Jean
Natalie takes on brilliant MIT scientist and researcher Aurélie Jean with a brain extravaganza! Can you make yourself smarter? Is the true language of the universe music or mathematics? Could we be living in a virtual reality simulation and most importantly of all, could we be artificial intelligence?
80:56 05/20/2019
Ep 53 - Marilyn Monroe Declassified | Paul Davids
Did Marilyn Monroe really kill herself? Esteemed author, speaker, filmmaker and artist, Paul Davids, guests on The Gray Escape to discuss startling revelations featured in his documentary, Marilyn Monroe Declassified. Paul openly talks about CIA and mob involvement in the 1962 death of the movie star, reported as 'an apparent suicide'. Listen to hear what Paul is convinced is the truth behind the mystery of her tragic death.
57:31 12/03/2018
Ep 52 - How to Find Your Happy | Arnaud Collery
Life tips abound as Natalie and her very French friend, Ted speaker and happiness expert, Arnaud Collery have an invaluable conversation for anyone who feels they may have not tapped into their full potential in life! Arnaud has traveled thirty countries and now coaches people globally in the art of being happy. This episode features easy to understand and realistically doable actions you can take in your life to achieve change.
114:11 11/26/2018
Ep 51 - Natalie on Depression, Stand-up, and Being an Artist
Natalie unleashes unfiltered stream of consciousness into the mic to share personal experiences with depression, and what it means to be an artist. She ponders why stand-up comedy specials fill her with guilt, and whether or not she's written a sh*tty poem.
51:43 02/21/2018
Ep 50 - Nature of the Cage | John K Webster
Mind-bending episode with John K Webster of the documentary Strawman: Nature of the Cage. John dissects our legal and monetary system and shares startling insights into law and the legal system, dealing with debt and the role of police. This brain bonanza of juicy topics includes DMT, marijuana, parallel universes, conspiracy theories, the Mandela effect, the double-slit experiment, hypnogogic states, lucid dreaming and more!
161:00 02/12/2018
Ep 49 - Conversation Killer | Can Your Cell Phone Make You Sick?
Can your phone make you sick? Is the answer being hidden from us? Are kids the most at risk group? Or bees! Filmmaker James Russell of the startling documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency discusses the mind-boggling way cell phones are tested for safety. Amidst his shocking findings about cellular technology, James explores autism, children, the catastrophic risks facing bees and the connection between cell phones and cancer.
99:45 01/28/2018
Ep 48 - Sound of the Stones | Maria Wheatley
Author and expert Maria Wheatley joins Natalie to discuss ley lines, acoustic levitation, standing stone circles like Avebury and Stonehenge and the hidden knowledge rediscovered in the 80’s. Could our ancestors hear the stones? How did they move them and was their sound used for healing? If you want to understand how our ancient ancestors understood the metaphysical and physical properties of pyramids and stone circles, enjoy!
94:25 01/22/2018
Ep 47 - Natalie on Crisis, Mindfulness, & The Nature of Reality
It’s Natalie’s first solo episode! She tackles how to tune into your Higher self, Mindfulness, coping with crisis, Cymatics, Quantum Physics, her NDE, the Nature of Reality, how we all live unquestionably with a label - and her man-jacket.
51:57 01/16/2018
Ep 46 - Enlightening in a Bottle, Chapter III | Aura-Soma
Back by popular demand, it's spiritual VIP and chairman of Aura-Soma, Mike Booth! Mike opens up about his Near Death Experience, gives his opinion on Natalie’s NDE, including the lattice of energy grids she saw, so if you're a fan of Philip K Dick and the Matrix, some of this may already sound familiar! Mike shares insights into the Kaballah, Maya, Tesla, the Galactic Doorway of 2012, and what Vicky Wall had to say about God.
86:07 01/08/2018
Ep 45 - The Unexplained Explained | Howard Hughes
Host of the top rated podcast The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, today’s guest became one of the most recognizable voices in British radio. Howard talks podcasting gear, paranormal experiences, and topics range from David Icke, Uri Geller, Art Bell, and the Paul McCartney conspiracy to the evolution of accents in broadcasting, the hard knocks of entertainment and whether or not Howard, the consummate radio pro, is able to swear?
138:50 03/21/2017
Ep 44 - Are You a Computer Simulation, Part II | Anthony Peake
Part II of this mind-bending chat with Anthony Peake, explorer of consciousness and author of the book Opening the Doors of Perception. We delve into Tesla territory as we look at how the brain creates electricity, the significance of the pineal gland and Tony’s experience with the Lucia light machine. We find out Natalie’s theory on how we can see the future and learn what she believes could be the unlock code to consciousness!!
82:52 11/30/2016
Ep 43 - Are You a Computer Simulation, Part I | Anthony Peake
It’s a consciousness bonanza in Part 1 of this action packed session with Anthony Peake, author of the brand new book Opening the Doors of Perception. This mind-bending episode asks profound questions like where is consciousness, is everything an illusion, and could we simply be brains living in a vat? Topics include schizophrenia, hallucinations, UFOs, entheogens like DMT, and more! Time to break on through to the other side!
80:56 11/29/2016
Ep 42 - Enlightening in a Bottle, Chapter II | Aura-Soma
Aura-Soma’s self selective healing therapy involves choosing 4 out of the 115 Equilibrium bottles currently available. The bottles are believed to illuminate many aspects of your life including your purpose and greatest gifts. Bring your open mind as Natalie gets emotional with Aura-Soma CEO Shaun Sargent in this philosophical discussion of how we should live our lives, what is happiness, and the frequency that fights depression!
107:40 11/18/2016
Ep 41 - Time For The Truth Part III | Bonus Extras
Natalie shares her experience with BREXIT, then it’s spontaneous discussion of the philosophical kind as author Crichton Miller asks deep questions like, is the internet our new God? What is the pursuit of happiness, and does the Bible speak of UFO’s? Is our financial world merely an algorithm, and if we had global warming 12000 years ago, how do we survive future floods? It’s Stonehenge, bees, consciousness, and much, more!
90:55 06/20/2016
Ep 40 – Time for the Truth, Part II | The Nature of God
Author Crichton Miller’s research indicates that the Celtic Cross and Crusifix were tools of navigation. In Part II of this conspiracy theorist’s wet dream he goes deeper, from ancient pyramids and the 2012 Mayan Prophecy to Freemasons and secret societies. Crichton defines consciousness vs. materialism as he and Natalie explore the nature of time and reality. Is time God? What is DNA? And are we celebrating Xmas on the wrong day!
84:27 06/09/2016
Ep 39 - Time for the Truth Part I | Hidden Knowledge
Part 1 of a 2 part episode on hidden knowledge with Crichton Miller who puts forth staggering information from the origins of money, religion and even the Crucifix to how the Pyramids, Freemasons and the Knights Templar may have hidden the secrets of Time all around us. The former RAF military air traffic controller discusses UFO’s, the Egyptians and ancient beings, banks, secrets inside an apple, and the question: Is Time God?
98:45 05/23/2016
Ep 38 - Extraterrestrial Well-Being Part II | Proof of Contact
Are aliens trying to heal us? In Part II of this out of this world story, scientist Pier Rubesa details his near death experience and extraordinary encounter with what he believes was an extraterrestrial being! A being that gave Pier scientific information which has now fueled his inventions! In this incredible account Pier also describes the physical evidence, his Octastone, that was given to him and how it is not of this Earth!
69:15 05/06/2016
Ep 37 - Extraterrestrial Well-Being Part I | Sounds and Vibrations
Electronic musician turned scientist Pier Rubesa had a near death experience followed by an extraterrestrial encounter that led to scientific downloads which fueled his inventions, including the Bioscope which shows awareness in plants, and AudioVitality system which heals people with sound. We learn of structured or Vortex water, the rainbow body, subtle energies and the disturbing reason the Exorcist soundtrack was so scary!
97:31 05/06/2016
Ep 36 - Enlightening in a Bottle | Aura-Soma
Mike Booth is the revered Chairman of Aura-Soma, a line of therapy products created by Vicky Wall that contain the energies of crystals, plants and color. Mike details the incredible story of Aura-Soma and the transcendent experience in Scotland that paved the way for his current role in healing the planet using Biodynamic Farming. They also discuss the creative process, depression, and how George Bush almost crushed the company.
103:48 04/23/2016
Ep 35 - The Startling Secrets of Sound | John Stuart Reid
Natalie joins sound scientist and cymatics pioneer John Stuart Reid in his Cymascope lab for some mind-blowing info that takes us from decoding dolphins and the Nazi 432 conspiracy to the Da Vinci Code and sound healing! Discover how walking by the sea heals you, how we’re like astronauts, how thoughts influence our body and hear John’s theory on the possible origins of hieroglyphics and whether the Egyptians were high tech!
154:41 04/17/2016
Ep 34 - An Atheist in Heaven | Paul Davids
It’s mischief and mediums as Paul Davids talks about what he believes to be evidence of life after death. Paul shares information that he feels proves that he was contacted from beyond the grave by his mentor and friend Forry Ackerman, a lifelong atheist. Paul’s brand new book, An Atheist in Heaven, has hefty scientific support, including co-author Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, a Ph.D. from Harvard who was a tenured Professor at Yale.
60:35 04/03/2016